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Answer the following questions and share your responses in the forum.

Try to use the

vocabulary given in the box. Please avoid the use of translator.
What is your favourite movie?
My favourite movie is thats my boy.
Why do you like it?
Because is comedy movie very enjoyable with good scenes
When did you see it for the first time?
I first saw the movie "THAT'S MY BOY", I was 20 years old
Which character did you like the best?
I like the character, Donny Berger
What did you think of the plot?
The plot of the movie is comical, enjoyable and charismatic but too is insightful
Did you like the cast?
The cast is first rate, great!
What was your favourite scene?
My favorite scene is when the dad want regain the love of his son
What is the worst movie you have ever seen? Why?
Paranormal activity - all no account with something new and final is the worst



thats my boy is more

exciting than super
babies: baby geniuses
thats my boy, is more

super babies: baby
geniuses 2
is less exciting than
thats my boy
"super babies: baby

longer than super baby:

geniuses 2

geniuses 2" isles longer

than "thats my boy"


thats my boy, is most

interesting than super
baby: geniuses 2


thats my boy, is most

dramatic than super
baby: geniuses 2

"super babies: baby

geniuses 2" is less
interesting than
"thats my boy"
"super babies: baby
geniuses 2" is less
dramatic than "thats my


thats my boy, is most

satirical than super
baby: geniuses 2


thats my boy, is
Better than super baby:
geniuses 2

"super babies: baby

geniuses 2" is less
satirical than "thats my
"super babies: baby
geniuses 2" is less
better thats my boy"

What is a synopsis?
A synopsis is a brief summary of the major points of a subject or written work
or story


Description of the movie TOY STORY


Andy Davis's room

Main characters

Andy, Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky

Dog, Mr. Potato Head, Betty, Jam, Marciano
In Toy Story specifically, the looming problem is
that the moving van is getting away while
Woodys options for reuniting with Andy are
becoming increasingly slimmer. When RC Cars
batteries run out, Woody tries to light the rocket
with the match. When the match fails, he uses
Buzzs helmet as a magnifying glass to light it.
The rocket strategy almost doesnt work either,
but just as disaster seems imminent, Woodys final
option is to trust someone else to be in charge for
once (when Buzz uses his wings to let them fall
with style back to Andy)

Main problem

-Woody is young Andys favorite toy.

However, he feels replaced when Andy
brings in a new action figure, Buzz Lightyear. - While both toys are heroic figures,
Buzz has more flashiness to his appearance
than Woody. -Buzz Light-year has wings
with blinking lights, a glowing laser
Compare woody and buzz lightyear

beam that comes out of his wrist. Woody

on the other hand, has a cowboy badge, a
hat, and a pull string attached to his back
that causes him to utter his catch phrases.

Unknown vocabulary

-Worry : Preocupacion
-Helmet: Casco
-Weapon: arma


Kids/Family, Animation

How long is the movie

81 minutes.

Is the movie

This Movie is Comical for enjoy in family

Planning chart

that's my boy

Place .


Main characters

Donny, Berger, Mary, Todd, Jamie, Vanilla


Main problem

The main problem has to pay a debt of

money or go to jail, going to meet his son
who had abandoned when he turned 18


Dreadful: terrible Licking: paliza, derrota

Infuriate: enfurecer


comedy Film

Running time

One hour and fifty-four minutes. 1 hour. 54


Directed by

Sean Anders

What happen in the movie

A teenager named Donny Berger has sex

with his teacher Mary and leaves her
pregnant. Mary is stuck in jail and Donny
rearing the child, calling Han Solo Berger.
Donny turns out to be a lousy father, so Han
Solo when they turn eighteen, leaves
Donny, the name is changed by Todd

Peterson and becomes a big businessman.

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