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India Association Summer Sports – 2010

This year we have thought of implementing a new method in which summer sports can be held.
The whole system is explained below

 A survey was taken to see how many people are interested in playing what all different
sports. We have got an excellent response i.e. to be exact; we have got around 90
 There was another survey in which each person has to rate himself in each sport from a
scale of 0-10.
 Now these 90 people have been divided into 3 groups each having 30 odd people.

System in detail
A computerized system has been devised which will decide which person will go into
what group and the system will take into consideration the following points:

 Equal no. of players in each group.

 Players who have rated themselves in the high end (7, 8, 9 and 10) will be divided
equally among the 3 groups considering all 10 sports
 Hence each group is equally strong in all sports
 Remaining players are divided in such a way that the cumulative ratings of all the
groups are almost equal
 Selection is done on the basis of individual preferences from the survey.
 Members can be added, swapped or removed from a team representing a group in a
sport at any point of time from within the group only, and the schedule planned for
the summer sports will not be changed. For e.g. Ina cricket match if one player is not
available then another player from amongst the group can be selected provided he is
not playing for another team representing that group in that sport.

Now once the 3 groups are formed, let’s say we have the following 3 groups
red, white and black.

Individual Sports
 Now just consider one single red group. We have 30 players in red group. In
singles sports like badminton, squash etc. each person in the group can participate
in any sport.
 There are 2 choices for doubles and mixed-doubles (Depends upon the
participation from girls) that each individual can make. Either he/she can have a
partner from his/her own red group, in which case if they win say, badminton
finals, then 10 points will be given to red group.
 Else he/she can select a partner from white or black group, in which case if they
win the badminton finals, then red group will get 5 points and the other group will
get 5 points. This decision can be solely taken by the individual player.

Team Sports
 Now for team sports like cricket, 30 Playersof each group can decide how many
teams they want to field in the tournament. Let’s say one cricket team will be
having 9 players. Then it’s the decision of 30 people from one red group to decide
how many teams from red group will take the field in cricket tournament. It can
be 1, 2 or even 3 teams (where in 27 people out of 30 are ready to play cricket)
from each red, white and blackgroup.
 Now since people may go to India in the middle of summer sports, it is better to
keep say 12 people in a cricket team even though say only 9 people will be
playing in a match. So, it’s better to keep substitutes for each team sport. The
substitutes can also be used for rotation of players as each player might not be
available for each game.
 One more important thing is that: Consider Red group has 2 cricket teams which
areparticipating in the cricket tournament. Let’s say one of the cricket team from
the Red group crashes out in the knockout stages and the other team from the Red
group qualifies for the next round, then, players from the team which has lost
(which is not qualified to play in the next stage i.e. it has been knocked out
completely)and has played all its matches (Even though the match may not have
any importance on the future scheduled matches) can be incorporated into the
team which has qualified for the next stage.
 As we all know, LAN games can be enjoyed only if played with a particular team
with whom we have practiced a lot and hence LAN games will be played with the
team of each person’s choice and there will be no points for LAN games. It’s just
for fun.
 Number of players in Team sports are as follows:
1. Cricket  9 Players on each team
2. Football  9 Players on each team
3. Volleyball  6 Players on each team
4. Throw ball  6 Players in each team (If we have 6 women participants
from each team) or else we will have mixed throw ball team comprising 3
boys and 3 girls
Group Organisation
 One Group Coordinator will be assigned to each group from amongst the Executive
committee or else the coordinator can be chosen by the Players of the group itself.
 It’s the responsibility of the group to decide how many teams will participate in each
sport and who will be the captain in each team sport.
 The decision taken by the India Association executive committee will be final and

The main reason for this to be implemented is as follows:

 The group with the highest cumulative points (Points will be awarded to the team
which wins 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in each sport…. Points table is given in the next
page) will win the Championship Trophy.
 This Championship trophy will be continued in the coming years and will pave
way to bringing friendly competition in all sports.

The points table for each sport is given as follows:

1st place for individual sports like badminton (for men’s, women’s -singles &
doubles) will each get 10 points

Sports 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

Cricket 80 50 25
Football 80 50 25
Volleyball 80 50 25
Throw ball 80 50 25
Badminton 10 6 3
Table tennis 10 6 3
Squash 10 6 3
Racquetball 10 6 3
Chess 10 6 3
Carrom 10 6 3

The final call on the interpretation of the rules is at the discretion of the executive committee
of India Association.