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Agrupamento de Escolas de Infias, Vizela

Ficha de Avaliao de Ingls - 11ano V.B
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Answer the following questions:


Comment on the picture.

How do you feel about discrimination?


(12 pontos)

Read the text attentively and perform the following tasks.

The narrator, a disabled job-seeker who moves around in a wheelchair, is about to take his
first job interview.

It is unseasonably warm for a morning in early June. Breakfast is over and is now
burning a hole in my stomach. I go over my answers to interview questions they always
ask you. Ive been assured these questions will come up in almost every job interview,
and Ive programmed carefully crafted answers to these queries. I imagine the interviewer
asking, What will you be doing in ten years? I have two answers to this question. In the
interview I will smile broadly and proclaim, I shall be the information manager of a small
but vital company. I know the answer I want to give. I hardly know what Ill be doing next
week, let alone in the next decade! But this might be perceived as hostility and lack of
vision and goals on my part. Better stick to the safe answer.
As I roll in, my heart is pounding, my antiperspirant is breaking down and I have a great
urge to vomit. In short, everythings on course: I feel like a first-time job candidate. Sit
right over here, Mr. Williams. Ill tell Mr Brown youre here. I watch her fade into a distant
office. The space Im sitting in is enormous. Long shelves of books and other materials
stand in rows throughout the room, and at the head of it all there is a large desk where the
smartly dressed woman sits and keeps watch over everything.(...)
He keeps looking at my resum; he seems to be searching for something to say. I wait
for the first question, but it never comes. Finally, he asks me about a professor I may have
had at the university, and at that moment it all comes crashing down on me. I realize that
he is not going to interview me. There will be no summer internship for me; no opportunity
to prove myself in a paid position. It will be an endless summer of pain and self-hatred. I
am filled with rage, but theres nowhere to put it. Quiet civility and a quick exit seem the
best course. I turn around and head out the door. There are no protests from Mr Brown; no
inquiries into why Im leaving. There is only the sound of my wheelchair moving softly
across the carpet. The woman rushes over and holds open the heavy portals.
Out on the streets, I find myself filled with the hot breath of shame. I want to cry, but
theres nothing to do but hold my head up high and get in the van for the long ride home.
In the months that follow, I wait for a letter of rejection. It never comes.
Perhaps my first job interview would have been very different had I been as confident as
I am now. I just dont know, but I do know that I remember the humiliation and pain of that
first job interview more than 20 years ago as though it had occurred yesterday.
Ficha de Avaliao

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Source: Michael B. Williams, Beneath the Surface

A- Find a synonym of the words below in the text (paragraphs 1 and 2).


2. widely

3. desire

4. disappear

B- Answer the questions about the text. Use your own words whenever possible.
1. How did the writer feel about the interview? Justify your answer by quoting from the text.
2. What type of discrimination is present in this text? How did it affect the job candidate?
3. Explain the following sentence in your own words.
Ive programmed carefully crafted answers... (line 3)
C- Complete the sentences based on the text.
1. When he left the office he felt so
2. Although the interview happened a long time ago ...
A- Rephrase the sentences below making all the necessary changes.
1. He talked to the country so that he could explain the new measures against discrimination.
He talked to the country in order

She opened her mail box. She wanted her friends to see the discriminating

She opened her mail box so that

2. I have never seen such a prejudiced person!

People say that life is hard for disabled people.

Express your opinion on ONE of the following:

(use 140 to 180 words)

Keeping in mind the incident in the text, we realise that modern society is not that
modern. At least some mentalities continue to be prejudicial and not treat everyone as
equals. Why does this happen? What can/ should be done? Is this going to go on

Ficha de Avaliao

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2. Comment on the following picture

Ficha de Avaliao

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