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The UNU.

The United Nations is an organization of sovereign States. States join

voluntarily United Nations to collaborate for world peace, promote friendship
among all Nations and support economic and social progress. The Organization
was officially born on October 24, 1945.
At the time of its creation were admitted as members 51 countries; Today, with
the recent inclusion of South Sudan at the regular session of the General
Assembly, on 14 July 2011, 64 193 countries are members of the United
The name "United Nations" was used for the first time by Franklin D. Roosevelt
in the 'United Nations Declaration"on January 1, 1942. Also was used during the
San Francisco Conference, held on April 25, 1945 to June 26 of the same year,
where he was born the organization.
The Organization of them Nations United was founded the 24 of October of
1945 by them 51 members that signed it "letter of them Nations United" in the
second war world against them countries of the axis and is became in
successor legal of the society of Nations in 1946.De agreement to the letter,
can be members of them Nations United all them countries lovers of the peace
that accept them obligations planned in she and that According to the
Organization, they are able to meet those obligations and are willing to do so.
The Organization of them Nations United is a forum or place of meeting that
practically includes to all the Nations of the world and provide the mechanism
that helps to find solutions to them controversies or problems between
countries and to adopt measures in relation to almost all them issues that
interest to the humanity. These issues are analyzed according to a series of
principles set out in Chapter 1 of the "Charter of the United Nations", having as
a aims and purposes:
Save succeeding generations from the scourge of war
To reaffirm faith in the fundamental rights of man
Create conditions to maintain justice and respect for international treaties
Promote social progress and better standards of life
Although sometimes he described them as a "Parliament of Nations", United
Nations are neither an entity above the States nor a Government of
Governments. They do not have an own army and not raise taxes. The
organization is subject to the political will of its members to the implementation
of the decisions and depends on contributions from its members for the
implementation of the activities.
Under the Charter, the official languages of the UN are Chinese, the Spanish,
French, English and Russian. Also added the Arabic language social and official
of the General Assembly, ECOSOC and the Security Council.

The United Nations play a central role in several issues of general interest such
International tensions
Prevent conflicts
Put an end to the hostilities that have already occurred
Legislation on the environment, the space outer and those funds marine
Eradicate diseases
Increase food production
Serve and protect refugees
Fight illiteracy
React quickly in situations of natural disasters
Set global standards in the field of human rights
Protect and promote the rights of all persons
By this work and them large achievements of the Organization and its agencies
specialized, as well as various characters related with the UN, is les has
recognized with the prize Nobel of the peace.
The Organization of the United Nations covers six principal organs:
General Assembly
Security Council
Economic and Social Council
Trusteeship Council
International Court of Justice
Various programmes, funds and specialized agencies are also within the United
Nations system.
Currently, in order to increase the efficiency of the Organization, there have
been various proposals for reform of the United Nations, of which many have
been conducted, achieving higher saving of resources and better performance
of the work of the organization.