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Eligibility of Participants

A team is composed of exactly two members; each must be a bona fide

Student from a Computer Science and Network Admin degree program of Holy Angel
University and officially enrolled at the time of the contest.

Alternates will not be allowed.

A team must have their own TEAM NAME
Team members must bring their Certificate of Registration (COR) or
Certificate of Enrolment (COE) and Identification Card (ID) on the day of the
event for validation.
Registration is free.

Contest Environment

The programming language that will be used to solve the problems are
restricted to Java, C+ and C#.
Each team is provided with 1 PC.
All teams will be provided a stable Wi-Fi connectivity.
Electronic devices, such as cellphones, calculators and handheld computers,
are not allowed. These items must be kept inside their bags throughout the
duration of the contest.
Scratch papers and writing materials will be provided and given as needed.
Browsing code solutions is strictly prohibited and is subject for

Practice Session

Prior to the contest proper, a practice session will be held for 30 minutes, in
order for the contestants to be familiar with the contest environment, as well
as to address any technical or logistical issues that might arise.

Contest Proper
(1) The contest will run for three (3) hours, with ten (10) problems to be solved.
Submissions from teams for judging are called runs. Submissions will be handled
using the HackerRank platform.
(2) Each problem will be given two (2) sample test cases which are given on the
problem statement (not included on checking), and a maximum of ten (10) hidden
test cases (included on the checking). All test cases must be answered by the
submission correctly to consider the submission ACCEPTED.

Each test case will be automatically checked by the online judge as either
ACCEPTED or REJECTED, and the team will be notified of the results right
after. A rejected test case will be reported as one of the following:
Compile Error
Runtime Error (program terminates improperly during runtime)

Time Limit Exceeded (program runtime exceeds time limit for the
Wrong Answer (output not the same as judges output), or
Presentation Error (minimal errors in formatting such as extra spaces)
In that order of precedence.
Teams can also submit clarification requests to the judges, and if the
clarification is deemed valid, the judges will send clarification reports to all
the participating teams.

Teams are ranked according to the total number of problems solved. Teams with the
same number of problems solved are then ranked according to least amount of total
time. If a tie still exists, teams will be ranked according to the time of the first
accepted run.
The time consumed for a problem solved is the time elapsed from the beginning of
the contest to the submittal of the accepted run plus twenty (20) penalty minutes
for every rejected run for that problem regardless of submittal time. There is no
time consumed for a problem that is not solved.
Individual certificates will be given to all the participants.
The winning teams (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will receive additional certificate plus prizes
from FEU Institute of Technology.
Participants can ONLY claim their certificates and prizes on the awarding ceremony.
Failure to comply will void their attendance on the contest.
Participants MUST wear either their school uniform or organization shirt and school
IDs at all time for proper recognition.
During the contest proper, contestants are not allowed to converse with anyone
except members of their team and personnel designated by the contest director. All
questions must be addressed to the contest judges through the HackerRank
Eating and drinking inside the contest venue is strictly prohibited. Teams will be
given ample time for lunch.
While the contest is scheduled for three (3) hours, the contest director has the
authority to alter the length of the contest in the event of unforeseen difficulties.

Should the contest duration be altered, every attempt will be made to notify
contestants in a timely and uniform manner.
A team may be disqualified by the contest director for any activity that jeopardizes
the contest such as dislodging extension cords, unauthorized modification of
contest materials, distracting behavior and other improper activities and behavior.