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Animals in Danger

_______ is a province that is rapidly changing. New ____ are being

built, roads are being ____, and land is being cleared for _______ and
________. Alberta Fish And Wildlife is concerned about the impact
these changes are having on the _______ in Alberta. They have asked
you to create a project of your choice about an _______ ______ that
has been affected by these changes. You will begin by _________
your animal carefully, using a variety _______. These sources may
include the _______, classroom, community, and computer-based
resources. After your research you will complete a _______ that will
be used to help people _________ more about this animal.
Step 1: Choose an animal
Swift Fox
Piping plove
Burrowing Owl
Sage grouse
Step 2: Do your research (Make sure it includes the following points
[ ] A description of your animals habitat
[ ] Its basic needs
[ ] The environmental conditions that allow it to live there
[ ] An explanation of how changes in the environment can threaten
your animals safety and survival
[ ] Reasons why your animals habitat should be preserved
[ ] Ways that people can help your animal survive
Step 3: Choose a method to present your information:
Movie / Commercial
Comic strip
Powerpoint / Prezi
Write an editorial page of a newspaper (1 paragraph)
If you think of another method you may run it buy me for
Good luck! The safety of your animal depends on you!