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Handbook 2015

Ms. Xiaoqian Wen, Choral Director

Email: xiaoqianwen@email.arizona.edu
Phone: 520-818-8881

XYZ High School


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January 2015
Dear Parents and Choristers,
Greetings! Welcome to the XYZ High School choral program. I am anticipating to get to
know you and in making music with you this school year. With our choral programs
history of excellence, and I am committed to guaranteeing a quality learning experience
for all of our singers.
This choral handbook is crafted to provide vital information about the program,
expectations, and additional choral opportunities, among others. Supplementary
information will be sent to your homes throughout the school year and/or posted on the
school website.
Please affix your signatures and return the choral contract placed at the end of this
handbook. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at
(telephone numbers and email address).

Ms. Xiaoqian Wen

Choral Director
XYZ High School

Program Objectives

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The aim of the choral music program is to assist every student cultivate and
reinforce musical theories and abilities allowing him/her to become a self-governing and
self-determining musician for life. In this program, students will learn and practice
respectable vocal procedure, Solfege sight-reading method, music historical narratives,
and music theory and apply these to an assortment of musical collections. Members will
have the opportunity to perform as individuals, small bands and as a full chorus. With
this program, students will learn the art of collaboration, responsibility and the ability to
coordinate. It is hoped that the choir will be a significant highpoint of every students
high school experience.
The XYZ HS Choir is an ensemble committed to attaining quality and distinction in the
professional, musical, and performance aspects of a show ensemble. Members will be
zealous in its pursuit towards professionalism (attendance, attitude and cooperation),
musicianship (music reading and practice, vocal production, and ensemble
participation) and performance practice (showmanship, style, and choreography
execution). Each member will exhibit an approach of constructive collaboration,
solidarity and determination. The XYZ HS Choir will be a remarkable public ambassador
and representative of XYZ High School. Inordinate maturity and behavior extended
beyond the rehearsal room will be expected of every member.

Class Outline
This course is crafted to advance and develop students voice skill including
deportment, breathing management, quality of tone, and diction; music literacy abilities
such as cadenced reading, sight singing, hand signs, note articulation, and tempo;
auditory talents like intonation, balance, and expression; knowledge of music history,
multicultural music, and rehearsal and performance decorum. Since learning music is
more than just knowing the notes and the rhythm, it necessitates learning about the
music and how to perform as a group. Being a shared process, rehearsals, attendance
and participation are indispensable to the procedure of learning.
Materials Needed for Class

A student is expected to have pencil and paper everyday in class. It is

recommended that students keep materials in their assigned choral folder slot.

Students are encouraged to take the music back to their homes and practice.
The materials are expected to be placed intact in their separate folders ready for
the next days activities. At the end of the semester, any lost or damaged musical

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materials or folders will lead to a fine which will be determined by the retail value
of the music and/or materials.
Grading Policy
Daily Participation Grades
* 50% of grade will be determined by daily participation in rehearsals
* Must have music binder and a pencil for every rehearsal
* Missing materials, tardiness, breaking choir rules and doing homework during choir
hours will lead to a lower daily participation grade
* Enthusiastic participation in rehearsal is expected daily
Concert Attendance
* 25% of grade will be determined by concert attendance
* You are expected to attend ALL concerts
* If you have a job, you must request, well in advance, days off for performances
* Singers missing agreed upon performances are required to submit make-up work
A one-page concert review, such as a middle school or church choir concert
A one-page review of a CD that primarily consists of choral music
Other assignments agreed upon between conductor and singer
Assignments and Quizzes
* 25% of grade will be determined by assignments and quizzes
* Music theory and solfege quizzes
* Rhythmic dictation assignments
* Melodic dictation assignments
* Ear training assignments
* Listening journals
* Vocabulary tests
* Random pencil and music binder checks
*Exams will be given at the end of each 12 week trimester
*Exams are based on the repertoire, assignments and quizzes given during the
* Exams will either be singing, written or a combination of both
If a student is absent at any time during the week for any reason, such absence
can be offset by attending, outside of class, any cultural event and filling out a Patron of
the Arts Form. Not more than three (3) make up forms per quarter will be accepted.
If for some reason a student is not capable of participating, maybe due to an
illness which makes singing impossible, he/she must inform Mrs. Roberts at the

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beginning of the rehearsal to receive the Rehearsal Observation form and other

As a member of the XYZ High School chorus program, each student is
anticipated to attend ALL performances for the ensemble(s) of which he or she is a
member. Every individuals contribution is significant to the overall success, thus, her/his
presence to all choir-related activities is a must.
Students are expected to arrive on time in class and in all performances, and all
ready to learn. On time means a student is seated when the bell rings, ready with all
XYZ HS agenda book and with all necessary paraphernalia intact. Books, bags and
jackets/coats should be stored beneath the students chair. Likewise, students are
expected to use the bathroom before or after class and not during class hours.
Take note of the compulsory rehearsal and performance dates included in this
handbook. Share these dates with family members, employers, coaches, and private
teachers for proper coordination.
More importantly, students are expected to take part in all facets of each
rehearsal and actual performance with a positive attitude.
On Talking
Singing in a choral group is a collective effort; any untimely or unwarranted
discussions interrupt the rehearsal for the rest of the ensemble. Even inaudible
comments can lead to other students missing vital information. Since rehearsal time is
too valuable to waste, it is important for students to practice good listening skills. During
classroom discussions, only one person is expected to talk, meaning, when the teacher
or another student is talking, other students are expected to pay attention and sit quietly.
If a student has a query or has to make a pertinent remark, he or she should raise his or
her hand and wait to be recognized before talking. Finally, NEVER talk during the
music-making period. When a section is rehearsing, other sections must be studying the
music unobtrusively or listening critically.

Uniforms and Personal Carriage

A choir must look very professional. To achieve a professional demeanor,
everyone has to wear the prescribed attire during concerts and other related activities.
Students who are dressed improperly or unbecomingly or wearing uniforms that are
unclean, creased, and/or incomplete (e.g. wrong shoes, different skirt color) will not
receive full credit for their assessment grades.

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Personal hygiene must be placed in check at all times for the benefit of all. Some
people may be sensitive to perfumed hairspray, fragrances and lotions, so these need
to be avoided.
Hair must be tidily combed/ scrubbed/ styled out of the face, so as not to draw
attention to the individual. All accessories that would undermine the cohesive
appearance of the choir must be excluded (colorful, shiny, etc). Jewelry must be kept to
a minimum.
Choir Fee
An annual choir fee of $40 per student is compulsory for all students signed up in the
choir class. The choir fee covers the cost of music, maintenance of choir robes and any
other concert/instructional costs that may arise. Checks should be made out
to_________________________________. The fee should be turned over to Mrs.
Roberts by the first week of class. Obligations will be issued to students who have not
submitted the required fee. Contact the choral Driectress for any questions regarding
this guideline.
Classroom Rules
Treat everyone with respect
* Practice the golden rule -- treat others as you would have them treat you
* Do not interfere with someone elses learning
* Leave negative attitudes and comments elsewhere
* Avoid any behavior that may embarrass the reputation of the choral program
Participate with Enthusiasm
* Sing with energy, good singing posture and an motivated face
* Be committed to improving the choir
* Eliminate behavior that interferes with the progress of the group
* Food &and drinks in the choir room is allowed only on certain occasions
* The choir room will be closed during lunch periods
* No nuisance items (cell phones, MP3s, etc.) in the room during school hours
Keep Backpacks by the Wall or in the Hall
* Rehearsal is for singing and music study
* Use choir time to learn about music, not for homework in other classes
* Do not use the choir room as a personal storage area

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Choir Calendar 20105-2016 (fictitious)

June 15

High School Band Day

June 21


June 23 & 24
July 4

Vocal Festival
Music Parent Concert 7p.m.

July 16

Evening P/T Conferences

July 19

Afternoon Parent/Teacher Conferences

July 22

Womens Choir Festival, 7:00p.m.

August 15
August 9,10,16,17

Music Convention
Fall Musical Performances, 7:00 PM.

November 17

Holiday Parade

December 10

Band Concert, 7:00p.m.

December 23


December 27

Music Awards Banquet

Student/Parent Commitment Form

All parents/guardians of XYZ High School Choir students are asked to sign this form
and return it to the school. Signing this form acknowledges both the student and
parent/guardian have read the XYZ Choir Handbook.
I acknowledge that I have received, read and understand the handbook and syllabus for
XYZ High School Choir Classes. I understand what is expected of me as a member of
the XYZ High School Choral Department and agree to abide by the policies stated in

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this book. I understand that failure to follow the rules and guidelines will affect my grade
in the choir and could result to disciplinary action and removal from the choir.

Date ____________
Student Name (please print) _______________________
Student Signature_______________

I have read the handbook and syllabus for the XYZ High School Choir. I understand the
rules and expectations of my son/daughter and will help my student follow the
guidelines as outlined by the Choir Handbook. I understand that successful
organizations require teamwork between the school (teachers), the parents and the

Date ____________
Parent Name______________
Parent Signature __________________
This signed acknowledgement form must be returned by __________________. The
Choir Fee (or a down payment toward the Choir Fee) is due by _________________.
The Choir Tee Shirt/Hoodie Order form and payment are due by __________________.