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Another Fine Release by Warez Scripts Team
Nuller: Zygote & Zaxpro [WST]
Program Name : Createyourgetpaid
Release Version : v5.5.1
Release Type : Get paid Programs
Prog Author: : createyourgetpaid.com
Home Page : http://www.createyourgetpaid.com/
Retail Price : US $179.95
WST Price : Always 100% Free
Supplied by : Crasher [WST]
Nulled Date : 29/12/2003
Nulled by : Zygote & Zaxpro [WST]
Tested by : Zygote & Zaxpro [WST]
Project by : NeoXapos [WS & Team]
Distribution : via Warez Scripts, Script Hunters and
associate forums and file dumps
Protection : License checks, Liveupdate, Call Home
Compatibility : Linux, Windows
Server Req. : Apache PHP, Mysql
Language : Php/Mysql
Extra Note : addons coming soon
Online Demo : http://www.createyourgetpaid.com/demonstration/index.php
Documentation: : setup_instructions.html
Online Forum :
Key Features:
Complete interactive website
Get paid to click, sign-up and read e-mail
Exclusive fully automatic Mass Mailer
Fully automated and configurable backups
Send multiple paid ads in only one e-mail
Multiple language support for the interface
Advanced paid e-mail/click targeting options
Multiple anti-cheat solutions to stop cheaters
And much, much more!

Features URL: http://www.createyourgetpaid.com/features.php

1. You may NOT redistribute ANY releases that have been posted
in WS forum for 3 weeks (21 days) since day it was posted.
2. After the 3 weeks (21 days) you may share, post/upload
3. If script releaser (poster) does not want the script he
has provided to leave WST forum, he must mark in topic "WSO"
-WS Only. Script marked "WSO" must not be redistributed
or shared no matter the time passed.
4. We, WS Team reserve our rights to redistrubute our own
WST releases as we see fit. If WST release is marked as "WSO"
(Warez Scripts Only) then "WSO" policies apply.
5. Do not sell, trade, barter or exchange our releases.
6. Delete or rename the comments that come with release and/or
nfo file.
The Warez Scripts Team is a group of professional crackers
(nullifiers) and other supportive members striving to maintain
the quality of our WST releases.
If you think you fit in such a group and you are willing to
help us make WST a better releasing group, feel free to contact
us by email at nailgunnerr@yahoo.com, and tell us about you,
how you came to get this script, what you can offer the group
and why you would like to be a participating member. Any
references you can supply of other friends in the scence
is welcome :)
At present you may send any scripts for private nulling to
nailgunnerr@yahoo.com. We know the importance you place on
your purchased script and rest assured it will be handled with
great discretion and care by our professional team.
Currently we are looking for
~Scripts owners, host admins, anyone having access to scripts
~Professional Programmers (nullers) (PHP, Perl)
~Carders, crackers, hackers
We are a non-profit organization and do not condone the sale
of pirated software. If you like the software, please SUPPORT
Do not use our email(s) in this nfo, nor leave us posts in our
distro forums to send mails regarding any of the following
-Missing files
-Non-understood instructions
-Non-working Scripts
-New version of a Scripts
We are not a company, that's why we do not have a customer
support division. If you want help, support, manuals, go buy
the software you want to use.
Emails from the above category, will simply be ignored.
Email Address 1 ................... [nailgunnerr@yahoo.com]
Web Page 1 ........................ [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
ICQ ............................... [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Irc Channel/EFnet ................. [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Other ............................. [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
- End-User License Agreement -
The user assumes the entire risk of using the program.