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(who, what, where, when, why, how)

A Learner is a person who is engaged, resilient and

seeks to understand through:

Literacy, Numeracy and Subject

Information, Media, and Technology Literacy
Self-Direction, Work Ethic and Accountability
Healthy Lifestyle
Financial Literacy

e.g. Academic achievement, earning a great grade

on an assignment or in a class, created a project
you were proud of, etc.
A Thinker is one who analyzes, makes connections,
inferences, asks questions, and transfers knowledge

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Open Mindedness and Reflection
Flexibility and Adaptability

e.g. changed your opinion about an issue, were

flexible in your thinking, solved a problem or an
issue, etc.
An Innovator is one who sees possibilities and
generates original ideas with value through:

Curiosity and Imagination

As Ive developed my skills as a learner, I have

drastically increased my capability to learn new
information. I am particularly proud of my high GPA and
my completion of pre-calculus 12. I feel compelled to
complete my work in the most organized fashion and
always be prepared for every test.

Personally, being a thinker is what drives me to further

my love of science. I plan to complete my bachelor of
science, and this has only been made possible by my
thinking capabilities. In classes like physics and
chemistry, being able to make connections and
inferences between questions is crucial for succeeding.

My qualities as an innovator have helped me push my

creativity in the work place. Since I work in a chocolate
store, being able to create new products and pitch
innovative ideas is essential to complete my job. I feel

Creativity, Design and Performance

Initiative and Entrepreneurship

e.g. Created a project or a craft, came up with a

business idea, started a new group or club, came up
with a new trick, created a new digital project, etc.
A Collaborator is one who excels at working with
others to create new understanding through:

Appreciating Diversity
Effective Communication
Relationship Building

very proud when I am able to come up with my own

ideas and be able to put them to use.

Being a collaborator has helped me strengthen my bonds

with other students. Since Im a part of the Rotary
Interact club, grad council, and yearbook its very
important to be able to listen and communicate with
others positively. Not only can I listen to other students
opinions, but I can also voice my own while still being
respectful. My attributes as a collaborator help me to
build relationships with others and communicate

e.g. played on a sports team, worked as part of a

group, participated in link crew, etc.
A Contributor is a citizen who participates in the local
and global community through:

Finding, Following, and Sharing Passions

Respect, Empathy, and Kindness
Integrity and Ethical Behaviour
Civic and Environmental Responsibility
Embracing Diverse Cultures and Lifestyles

e.g. volunteering, Me to We Day, recycling/composting,

Harmony Day celebrations, Anti-bullying day activities, etc.

Through volunteer work I feel tremendously connected

to my community. I volunteer at the Kelowna Actors
Studio to support my friends and my passion for music.
I love being able to see familiar faces and be apart of an
amazing community group. Everyone is always smiling
and its humbling to be apart of such a great aspect of