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Book Review Introduction/General information about the book Tie: Tha Qrwak Cokeby Author: Flames Ses Fitequald Date frst edition: 13.95 Genre (tants, humour, cence-eon, mystery, bography, nonfcton, a) fiction Setting Describe the time and place of the story: Ths wana dud ui dong, Talon, mean Naw Yue Jim the Uritod Statso Aimer : LE book place Jim Ene 280° ‘Comment about he seting (examples: the setting makes story excting, the setting has an important effect on main character, the setting is not excting or new, the setting increased my knowledge of something): The Aalkimng io Wout Aenpertond im Win ofteny, Jem oF Hak One Naw York wan ue plan wire ott Ure mat agpenad., 3 Be Wu" daw mud Yale aflzcsiom of Uw Roarimna, Twentin® oie". was Main character Main Character: Nide Comrausayy , Ha mannarer o His skery Desorbe this charactor: Ho is Youma,. Hk Vad. dre Weld War Ome jn Enrepe, OpRWwalide tu dacdad no move Jin Kony Tslamd. ‘The main character changes froma_« ali to “md dwar O doisun gna BY the end ofthe story. ‘Other characters (2 minimum —6 max) Another character: Catsley (fames Gate) Details: A myscatous \ ma AS i ER he tn a, Another character: Laiiay Pruchamom Data She a a. dintamdk coussin A Nick Com im Love wah Gate ; Another character: Torn Pay chain Gabsay amd. lea iis musk. Details: balay" fussleoond Another character: 42604a UIIL0Gn Details: A Qanage cusmner Another character: Vuyalts Widaon Details: (oergn Wiloon' > usiQs. , loud aloo Tem Prudnanam’ sr rusty, Another character: feidam Bakar Detais: Daiay Pruckomam' a Pind Theme What is the author trying to say in this story? What is his lesson in life? Is the | to this story? * Froman Soot Preeourald, witha oh. du" dort Ganoratbon", yao arnanselaad Jin Uni ‘oad, We OBervoscanca ob Yeo’, Uae Roasling Tuowtiao". a Wham AU). ha AuopoiA, beLM Of daa LOA, Gh url ied Jo > nee mance, TAS Soa oe nacguty a Winn, ond. wae (OM oUt THER SM oy BONS 2% ori fig the right thing? Greed? Importance of friends? Jealousy? Love? Caring? Happiness? Sadness? etc) Thun wo a key Olocuk Lowe amd noimantic |p, Vuk alao ef duopair, ALouny | MOMs aud \uopalar» dreams. ‘ Tt ib aloo alow Woo Armarkion drain, UE dure eh YOUNG PLople Jo nuccerd. Tis book showed maf area om is oy: Thin oon shea oa Wa OPTWOORNGAS eat o tha Toa Used ry psa, Auopla. The plot io aloouk who iv rsally Gobsioy (a mundancr, a oodluggan 9), Yom wiane tos We at, Unda reso , wolRAy Wass Wa Ivoued do dy Island .. ‘The Action: Summary of what happens in the story (list up to 6 events that happened in the story - keep them in order): = Wick Comaniany , ROLY ANd Torn Poueamamn, Ferdan Bakar mu Gatdoy at une Ot kin qnanh fowtido = Boley amd Gakdoy Qu jin Love wal cack otra ~ Boay ond Gatsby told ie tuldh aloouk Yuin nationale to Tom Pouehamam ~ Oma irighie ptse y amd Dainy danse Yast and normed Koyntls sive wokdla Dai ‘wb quovaita, Us NOG. Sha wan Lalad jonekamthy ~ Gotsloy adimied tp Wid Comabary Was} wa diay LAD diye We Con ond Walled Hunks. i : = Cyakdoy war akck jm "no Jasmin ROA Woy Gee USiLoan WAS Yroyoyloe Gr Was Wim Who drove Una Da and killed hin wads Evaluation of the book What did you think of the book? I Laut i, oacanne of Ute Ua2y OkMoAp ars. Twos Arey Ly abrnode aby fricod : ‘© What did you like about the book? T \iliad. Une. Sack Yaak, Gor ne, ha Gilson OL Urs Roaring, Tenia wera Wy wsehd rs Raced Jan Wa “Yrobbong. What did't you lke about the book? I did't Ulex anna Hdiay jun pantias\on.. Was the story confusirig or hard to believe? No, 3k WIAD (Wr Word Ho'aol We erarune, Sr adkklod jm a MGo} lass, vA memo dranactens. Beaute 2 hase can de wou bas alos te tac Was the story believable? Yao, dio won bajayabls samo 3k could, Nagy Vapined. ob Yea sn (dnd.