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Copy IDOC from one SAP system to other SAP system

Here I am copying IDOC from Quality (QA) server to Development (DEV)

server. This will be mainly used to replicate the production scenarios in
quality server for better understanding and resolution of issues.
Steps are as follows:
1. Go to transaction code WE19 in QA system and give the IDOC number
and execute.

2. Click on the Inbound File option.

3. Remove the tick from checkbox Start IDoc inbound processing of file
immediately and enter the filename with directory to download the
file. (e.g. /tmp/test_idoc_copy.txt)

4. File will be stored on application server in AL11 transaction at the path

specified in above screen shot then download that file using CG3Y
transaction code from QA sever directory to your desktop and
upload the file in DEV server directory using CG3Z transaction code,
this file can be viewed through AL11 transaction code.
5. Now file is placed in application server directory check transaction
code AL11, so just pass the file directory
(/local/data/interface/sample.txt) in transaction code WE19 against
the radio button -- File as template.
Note : - (Here I have used the /tmp directory while download so not
necessary to upload the file again in DEV server, file is available so
now we can process the file).

6. Go to transaction code WE19 in DEV server, select radio button File

as template, specify the filename along with application server file
path & execute.

7. Here we need to change the ports according to DEV system.

8. After changing the ports choose the direction of IDOC inbound or

outbound & process accordingly with the standard options. You can

check the newly created IDOCs through transaction code WE02 or