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Sunday, 23 June 2013


I hope this essay fit into the title.



Last school holidays, Persatuan Sains Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota Bharu
had organized a school outing for the first time.The outing was very useful as it was
created to establish a personal experience for each participant who join the trip.All
the members of Persatuan Sains had put up their heads together to discuss about
all the necessary things required for the trip and other primary requirement required
for the trip.One of the itenaries was a visit to the Science exhibition at Subang,
Kuala Lumpur. The members were informed of an open programme after the
science exibition visit where we could wander around Kuala Lumpur city in
groups.This is surely a fantastic open programme for me.I can take this oppurtunity
to enjoy myself.So make hay while the sun shines.

Before we srtarted our journey sharp at 8:00 a.m, we had been informed to gather
at the school's hall to obtain some informations and guides from our duty teacher
Puan Harlina. This is very important to ensure our plans going smoothly.We truly
hope not to confront any mishap along the journey.It was quite a long journey but
we all look forward to reach early.

After a tiring 8 hours journey, we reached our destination.We checked into the hotel
and unpacked our things.After about an hour,we were ready to experience the best
science adventure.Our first stop was at the Dinosour section.We were shocked to
see huge man-made dinosour about five of them with very long names.I could
imagine these dinosours had bewen on this earth million years ago. It was very
fantastic as we had learnt something new.This is part of our knowledge and
scientists in America are still making surveys to find out more about dinosours and
why dinosours are no more existing in this earth.We felt very comfortable as this
place has many world class facilities such as wifi outlets,fast-food centres,shopping
mall,musola and many others.There was a slight change in the programme whereby
the teacher in charge has decided to keep us altogether instead of in a smaller
group.This was because our teacher planned to take us to a mini festival at the
famous Raja Chulan Street.The mini festival entertained the local and international
visitors on wayang kulit,art exibition,calligraphy and many others.The festival has

been very interesting and exciting.We also watched the entertainment slots put up
by the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

There was one instances when one of our seniors had lost in a crowd.But actually
she was outside the shopping comples meeting her senior who happened to be her
neighbour.It was a short tense but we manage to keep everybody intact.

Before we all leave Kuala Lumpur, we felt fully satisfied.The trip was very exciting
and we cherished every single moment in it. We felt happy and have a thought to
come here again maybe with our family the next time.We had gain many
experiences especially about the lost of our senior in the festival. One thing for sure
the trip made us to be more independent and more confident.


Jasmin is my best friend. During the mid-term school holidays, her father drove her
and her family to Cameron Highlands. They left at half past seven in the morning.
Jasmin was very excited because this was the first time she went to Cameron
Highlands.After three hours, they reached Cameron highlands. First, Jasmin's father
brought them to the Strawberry Farm.
Jasmin and her family reached the Strawberry Farm at about 11 o'clock inthe
morning. There were many tourists there. In the Strawberry Farm, there were many
strawberries. The strawberries were extremely ripe and juicy.Jasmin picked some
strawberries and put then in paper bag which was provided there.In the afternoon,
Jasmin and her family had lunch at a restaurant near the Strawberry Farm.
Then, Jasmin and her family went to the Cactus Farm. They saw many large
cactuses there. Jasmin accidentally pricked her little finger when she was trying to
touch one of the prickly cactuses. Jasmin saw some colourful flowers of the cactuses
which were bloomed last night. Jasmin's mother bought some tiny cactuses in the
After visiting the Cactus Farm, Jasmin and her family enjoyed their dinner at a
restaurant. The dinner was very delicious. Then, they left Cameron Highlands.
Jasmin's father drove them carefully down the hill. Although Jasmin and her family
were very tired after a long journey but they were as happy as larks because they
had visited Cameron Highlands at last.