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How the students to face AEC or

Good morning everyone,
First of all, Let us say thanks to The One Almighty God, which has given guidance and
blessing to us, therefore we can gather here to celebrate Gebyar SMAN 11 without any
flaws. And I say thanks to Honorable judges, Honorable teachers and my beloved friends who
has given me chance to deliver my speech.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
It is a great honor for me to stand here and give a brief speech entitled How the students to
face AEC or MEA.
AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) is an ASEAN economic integration in the face of free
marketing between countries of ASEAN countries. In Indonesian language is MEA (Masyarakat
Ekonomi ASEAN). All ASEAN countries have agreed this agreement. MEA is designed to realize the
ASEAN Insight 2020.
In the face of an extremely tight competition during this AEC or MEA, ASEAN countries must
prepare for human resources (HR) is skilled, intelligent, and competitive. So that in Indonesia,
Indonesia should be able to tight competition.
AEC has 4 goals:
Become single market and production base
Become highly competitive economic region
Become a region of equitable economic development
Become a region fully integrated into the global economy

These are some effort that we can do as a student to face AEC (ASEAN Economic
Community) :
1. English language skills
English is one of way for us to communicate with people in other countries. We can improve our
English language, is one of way to expand our vocabulary. How to learn the vocabulary there are

various kinds, such as watching TV, reading the news, read a novel, or other who english
In addition, adding vocabulary can also be a way to read a newspaper or watch the news. On
reading the newspapers will be found a lot of vocabulary, and certainly not all the words in it
are known, use a dictionary to understand the meaning of the word. Then the vocabulary will
multiply and spacious. And our ability to speak the English language to face AEC can be done

2. Cultivation and development of entrepreneurial spirit (entrepreneur skills).

Expected by cultivation entrepreneur skills early, student Indonesia is able to boost the
economy in the future, especially in entering the AEC 2015. Faced with these various
challenges, we had great expectations of young people as the future heir. Appropriate policy
interventions for the youth of today will have an impact not just 20 or 30 years into the
future, but it can give effect to the next generation.
3. Socializing AEC to the public
Lastly, to prepare Indonesia in facing the MEA, the student is able to disseminate to the public.
Socialization can be done directly or indirectly. Direct action may include seminars, workshops, or
activities that are directly related to the public. While indirectly, students can socialize with social
media like; facebook or twitter, where we know that social media lately become a medium favourite
by the people of Indonesia. Both of these actions are expected to introduce the issue of MEA to the
public and encourage them to prepare themselves in facing the MEA in 2016's.

4. Being a creative and productive

To establish a creative and productive characters are:
a) Exploring, responding to new information, sharing their knowledge with others, or get
information from teachers.
b) Planning, preparing work plans, specify the steps, design work and other plans.
c) Doing / acting, doing experiments, observations, discover, create work and report the results,
resolve the problem.
d) Communicating, communicate / present the results of experiment, observation, invention, or
the results of his work, sharing and discussion.
e) Reflecting, evaluate the process and the results that have been achieved.
5. The sense of nationalism
Nationalism student need to be improved. Although the skill of student can compete globally, but
Hopes he also has a sense of nationalism. Because nationalism is then a fillip student to contribute to
the nation. Nationalism is also what ultimately delivers youth to 'political literacy'. Student are
expected to supervise and have a critical attitude in response to the decision-political undertaken by
the government.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Surely progress of a nation is not only the responsibility of government alone but is the responsibility
of all elements of the nation, so it is time all united hand in hand striving to develop the nation in
accordance with the role and function of each.
Between each individual, community organizations, government agencies and private and government
must work in synergy and agreed to fight promote Indonesia.
Changes should start from each individual was continued at the level of rural communities, districts,
cities / counties, provinces.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We as students must support program by government as preparation for the AEC in 2015. The
hardest challenges to be faced is not a barrier if a dream have become a breath for Indonesia.
Challenges for Indonesia is to create meaningful change to the lives of citizens.
Hopefully, all Indonesia people can help to realize the worth economic and social life, so that
we can compete in the ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC ) by 2015. My Message for
Indonesia is Nothing is difficult to those who have the will.
Ladies and Gentlemen...

That is all speech that I can deliver. Ideally what I have said is gainful for us. I am so sorry if
I had a mistake. Thank you for your nice attention. And Good Morning!

Name: Elsye Batamia Siboro

Class : XII-IPA 2