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What is the difference between thermal, steaming,

coking, metallurgical, soft coking, hard coking,

export and domestic coal?

Thermal coal is used as a fuel to produce steam for the generation of

electricity and in manufacturing processes requiring heating. The coal
typically has high specific energy and high volatile matter content.
Steaming coal is another term for thermal coal.
Coking coal is heated in ovens to create coke which is an essential
ingredient in the steel making process.
Metallurgical coal is another term used for coking coal. The coal typically
has a low volatile matter content, high rank and low impurities.
Soft coking and hard coking coal are relative terms used to describe
variations in the strength of the coke used for steel manufacture.
Export coal is a quality reference to coal that meets specific standards for
shipment to overseas markets. To compete in the global market place the
best available coal is exported.
Domestic coal is coal consumed locally, mainly by the steel manufacturing
and power generation indust