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03 35 10 Concrete Floor Finishing:

All cement floor finishes shall be guaranteed for a period of two (2) years from
date of final completion of the work as certified by the Consultant.
03 41 13 Precast Concrete Hollow Core Planks:
Guarantee material and installation against spalling, cracking, and discolouration,
faulty connections, porosity, shrinkage and improper installation for a period of one
(1) year from date of Substantial Completion.
04 27 13 Composite Unit Masonry:
Provide a two (2) year warranty to the requirements of the General Conditions.
(Warranty to include coverage of water repellent products and labour.)
06 64 00 Plastic Paneling:
Provide a standard written material and workmanship warranty with duration of
one (1) year in accordance with Section 01 00 00.
Provide written copy of the Manufacturer's ten (10) year warranty for the
07 12 10 - Water Proofing:
Provide a five (5) year Manufacturers Warranty on Systems. (Include coverage of
defects in workmanship and materials.)
07 24 00 Exterior Insulation Finish System:
Provide a seven (7) year Manufacturers EIFS Moisture Drainage and Materials
Warranty. (Include coverage of defects in workmanship and materials such as but
not limited to; uneven fading of finish, rusting or other contamination of finish,
cracking, mesh degradation, etc.)
07 27 00 Barriers Air and Vapour:
Provide a three (3) year warranty under provision of Section 01 78 10. (Include
coverage of installed sealant and sheet materials which fail to achieve air tight and
watertight seal, exhibit loss of adhesion, or cohesion, or do not cure.)
07 43 11 Preformed Composite Aluminum Wall Panels:
For work in this section, warranty against defects or deficiencies in materials or
workmanship shall be for a period of one (1) year from date of substantial

Provide a manufacturers written warranty: Furnish panel manufacturers written

warranty covering failure of factory-applied exterior finish on composite metal
panels within the warranty period; warrant finish Per ASA=TN D 4214 for chalk not
in excess of 8 NBS units. Warranty period for finish: Ten (10) years after the date
of Substantial Completion.
07 51 13 Built-Up Asphalt Roofing:
Membrane manufacturer shall provide a Labour and Materials and Workmanship
written warranty for a period of ten (10) years from the date of final completion.
07 52 10 Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane:
Membrane manufacturer shall provide a Labour and Materials and Workmanship
written warranty for a period of ten (10) years from the date of final completion.
07 54 23 TPO Roofing:
At completion of this work, provide a signed warranty from the roofing system
manufacturer to the Owner covering defects in workmanship and materials for a
period of twenty (20) years commencing from Contract Completion. Warranty
shall include membrane, roof insulation, overlay board, vapour retarder and all
other products supplied by roofing system manufacturer.
Limit of Liability: No Dollar Limitation.
07 81 16 Sprayed Fireproofing:
Provide a two (2) year warranty stating that sprayed fire protection will remain
free from cracks, checking, dusting, spalling, separation and blistering and that all
such defects shall be made good at no cost to the Owner.
07 92 00 Joint Sealing:
Provide a two (2) year warranty under provisions of the General Conditions.
(Include coverage of installed sealants and accessories which fail to achieve air
tight and watertight seal, exhibit loss of adhesion or cohesion, stain adjacent
materials, or do not cure. Include removal of defective materials, replacements,
and making good damaged adjacent work.)
08 12 13 Hollow Metal Frames:
Guarantee all door and window frames from defects of manufacture for a period of
two (2) years from the date of acceptance of the work by the Architect.
08 13 13 Steel Doors:
Guarantee all door and window frames from defects of manufacture for a period of
two (2) years from the date of acceptance of the work by the Architect.

08 14 10 Wood Doors:
Provide a three (3) year warranty under provisions of the General Conditions.
(Include coverage of warpage beyond installation tolerances indicated in this
section, delamination or degradation of veneer.)
08 32 13 Sliding Aluminum Glass Doors:
Warrant work of this Section against defects in materials and workmanship in
accordance with the General Conditions for a period of two (2) years.
08 36 13 - Sectional Doors:
Provide five (5) year manufacturers warranty for degradation of finish, including
cracking, rust through or delamination.
Provide five (5) year manufacturers warranty for electric operating equipment.
Provide two (2) year manufacturers warranty for pneumatic operating equipment.
08 41 00 Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls, Aluminum Frames, Entrances
and Storefronts:
Provide a three (3) year warranty under provisions of the General Conditions from
date of acceptance.
Cover complete system for failure to meet specified requirements. Defects shall
include, without being limited to, misting, leaking, deformation of members,
breakage of glass caused by frame distortions and discoloration of finishes and
Refer to Section 08 80 50 for warranty for insulating glass units.
08 71 00 Door Hardware:
Provide five (5) year warranty under provisions of the General Conditions.
Provide ten (10) year warranty coverage of door closers and automatic door
08 80 50 Glass and Glazing:
Provide a ten (10) year warranty under provisions of the General Conditions for
insulating glass units. Include coverage of sealed glass units from seal failure,
interpane dusting or misting, and replacement of same.
Provide a five (5) year warranty under provisions of General Conditions for mirror.

08 87 83 Bird Friendly Film:

Provide manufacturers vertical surface warranty, against defects in materials for
the period of six (6) years, and labour for one (1) year, commencing from the date
of Substantial Performance of Work.
09 30 00 Ceramic and Porcelain Tile:
Guarantee installation of all tile for a period of two (2) years from the date of
acceptance of the work by the Architect.
System Warranty: Provide coverage against cracking, delamination, breakage and
Repair any defects of tile, joints or sub-base at no cost to the Owner. The guarantee
for all repairs carried out shall be extended for two (2) years from the date of
09 51 13 Acoustic Panel Ceilings:
Provide a warranty for work of this Section as required by the General Conditions
against defects in materials and workmanship. Defects shall include, without being
limited to, the following:
.1 Failure of the suspended ceiling to remain water level;
.2 Lifting of acoustic boards between supports;
.3 Staining and discolouration of factory finishes;
.4 Development of corrosion of galvanized ferrous metal;
.5 Development of cracks, splits and other surface deterioration in acoustic panels.
09 67 00 Epoxy Floor Coating:
Provide a five (5) year Manufacturers Warranty on Systems. (Include coverage of
defects in workmanship and materials.)
10 10 00: Manufactured Specialties:
1. Recessed Foot Grille: Two (2) year material and workmanship from date of
substantial completion.
2. Window Shades: Ten (10) years from Substantial Completion and shall
contain provisions that the shade cloth will not deteriorate. Sag or warp and
will not be unfit for the use intended for the warranty period.

00 41 73 Supplementary Bid Information

1.0 General:
Unless otherwise noted, all labour and material shall be guaranteed in writing for
a period of one (1) year from date of substantial completion of the completed
project. All extended manufacturers warranties to be passed on to Owner.
Contractor is responsible for all required maintenance to all mechanical and
electrical equipment during the guaranty period. Guarantees to commence from
date of substantial completion. Guarantees for deficiencies to commence upon
their completion. Copy of all warranties to be provided to Owner at completion of
Three (3) bound copies of equipment maintenance manuals are to be supplied to
Owner upon substantial completion. Manuals will be supplied in accordance with
Document 01 78 10.
A minimum stipulated sum of $10,000.00 shall be assigned in Appendix FContract Values in the Bid Form for the supply of record documents and manuals.
This amount will be released only upon receipt of a set of record documents and
manuals that have been approved by the Consultants as being acceptable.
2.0 Changes in the Work:
Where the value of a change shall be determined by unit prices as set out in the
Contract or subsequently agreed upon, the Contractor shall provide
detail and backup documentation to the satisfaction of the Consultant of
quantities, hours expended unit rates and hourly rates to substantiate the
change to the Contract value.
3.0 Engineering:
A Soil Consultant will be on site, if deemed necessary, during the site
preparations to evaluate soils and make all necessary tests. (Refer to Document
01 45 00). The Contractor will discuss and obtain approval from R.H. Carter
Architects for these tests PRIOR to performance of the tests and the Inspection
Company shall submit copies of all tests and reports to the Architects,
Engineers and General Contractors offices for review and approval.
01 29 00 Payment Procedures
Applications for payment may be made monthly as the Work progresses.
Precede Applications for payment with the submission of a Schedule of Values
for review by the Consultant, in accordance with the General Conditions.

Include with the second and all subsequent applications for payment a
statement based on the Schedule of Values, a statutory declaration (CCDC 9B),
and a standard Workers Compensation Certificate of Clearance.
01 31 00 Project Management and Coordination


Schedule and administer preconstruction meetings when specified in sections

and when required to coordinate related or affected Work.
Distribute written notice of each meeting 7 days in advance of meeting date to
Owner, Consultant, Sub-consultants, and Subcontractors.
Reproduce and distribute copies of minutes within 3 days after each meeting and
transmit to meeting participants, affected parties not in attendance, the
Consultant, Sub-consultants and the Owner.
Maintain at job site, one copy each of the following:
1. Contract drawings.
2. Specifications.
3. Addenda.
4. Reviewed shop drawings.
5. Change orders.
6. Other modifications to Contract.
7. Field test reports.
8. Copy of approved Work schedule.
9. Manufacturers' installation and application instructions.
10.Labour conditions and wage schedules.
11.Applicable current editions of municipal regulations and by-laws. Current
building codes, complete with addenda bulletins applicable to the Place of
the Work.
12.Permit and stamped permit drawings.
Submit preliminary construction progress schedule in accordance with
013200 - Construction Progress Documentation to Consultant coordinated
Consultant's project schedule.
During progress of Work revise and resubmit on a monthly basis and/or as
directed by the Consultant.

Submit preliminary shop drawings, product data and samples to Section 01 33

00 for review for compliance with Contract Documents; for field dimensions
and clearances, for relation to available space, and for relation to Work of other
contracts. After review, revise and resubmit for transmittal to Consultant.
Submit requests for payment for review, and for transmittal to Consultant.
Deliver closeout submittals for review and preliminary inspections, for
transmittal to Consultant.
01 32 00 Construction Progress and Documentation
Submit the following schedules:
.1 Construction Progress Schedule
.2 Submittal Schedule for Shop Drawings and Product Data
.3 Submittal Schedules for Samples
.4 Submittal Schedule for timeliness of Owner furnished products
.5 Product Delivery Schedule
.6 Cash Allowance Schedule for purchasing products
Provide a narrative report to define:
.1 Problem areas, anticipated delays, and the impact on the schedule.
.2 Corrective action recommended and its effect.
.3 The effect of changes on schedule of other prime contractors.
Fire safety, early warning and evacuation systems compliant with codes must
maintained for the premises at all times during the phasing of the work to
ensure occupancy.
Upon the completion of Phase 1 of the work, the Owners will occupy the
completed premises. The Contractors shall be responsible for obtaining partial
occupancy permits as necessitated by the phasing of the work.
01 33 00 Submittal Procedures
Shop drawings, samples, Shop drawings log. Samples in triplicate.

01 45 00 Quality Control
The Construction Manager shall be responsible for notifying the Chief Building
Official and Consultant in writing for readiness for inspection for stages of
construction work as required under prescribed notices and inspections as
regulated under The Ontario Building Code 2012, Division C Section 1.3.5
Notices and Inspections, articles (1) and (2) and for any additional
notices as prescribed by the local authority having jurisdiction. A minimum of
48 hours notice must be given to the Consultants in advance for an inspection
to be carried out.
Independent Inspections: Distribute reports as follows:
Hand written report by the inspection and/or testing company to be left with
the site supervisor immediately upon completion of the Work.
The site supervisor shall be responsible for issuing the report to each of the
Consultants immediately upon receipt.
Within 5 days of inspection or testing provide one (1) typewritten copy of the
inspection and test reports directly to each of the Consultant; the Construction
Manager and Owner.
Review mix designs
Sample, test plastic concrete, for cylinders, retrieve, cure, cap test cylinders and
report results. 1 per 100 cubic meter of concrete for each class of concrete and at
minimum 1 per class of concrete per day of pour. One slump test and one
entrainment test for every compressive strength test as applicable.
Confirm adequacy of bearing strata
inspections to approve soil at founding elevations.
Prior to concreting, confirmation of bar and stirrup sizes and tie and placement for;
.1 Footings
.2 Foundations
.3 Walls
.4 Slabs, on grade and suspended and ramps
.5 Columns and beams

2.4 COMPACTION TESTING for building related areas

.1 Technician equipped with nuclear, moisture/

density gauge and related equipment,

.1 building and site services
.2 under slab or ramp fill 10 visits
.3 foundation backfill 12 visits
.4 granular base/subbase below paving/concrete

Laboratory Testing:
- 10 sieve analyses
- 10 standard proctor tests



One strength test each day that grout is placed under baseplates.


Mortar and grout mix designs
Testing and sampling: sets of six cubes
One mortar test for each 100m2 of masonry walls or portion



One grout test for each 20m3 of grout for project having more than
20m3 of grout and one test for each 10m3 of grout for projects
having less than 20m3 of grout.
Dimensions and compressive strength of
concrete block. Sets of five
Inspection to conform reinforcing placement,
and reporting 8 visits



.1 Shop inspections and reporting :
Obtain mill test reports and check against grades of steel specified.
.2 Welding : Minimum extent of visual welding at all welds at cranked
sections and splices and 20% of all other welds.
.3 Site inspections and reporting 16 including final sign off.


.1 Field Inspection:
Examine for failure of members to come together, individual pieces of
frame including hollow core for twisting, camber and seep, welding of
dowels, grouting of dowels, bearing conditions of precast elements ,
alignment of cast in elements, grouting of bearings, and steel connections.


.1 Inspection for continuity of air/ vapour retarder and insulation

including continuity of membranes between different systems and

components, to include transition membranes and flashings.
.2 Verification and confirmation of anchoring of exterior cladding and
curtain wall framing components to structure
.1 Structural integrity of glass guards at exterior and above second storey
to meet OBC requirements for lateral design loads for guards.
.2 Structural integrity of structural glass wall to meet OBC requirement for
lateral design loads for glass walls

.1 Full time site inspections & final report

.1 Site inspections & final reports include for review of Engineering
judgements Testing for minimum thicknesses to meet ULC/cUL systems

01 70 00 Examination and Preparation

1. Submit name and address of Surveyor to Consultant.
2. Submit documentation to Consultant to verify accuracy of field engineering work.
3. Submit certificate signed by Surveyor certifying that elevations and locations of
completed Work are in conformance, or non-conformance, with Contract
4. Submit 6 copies of final survey drawings signed by Surveyor locating building with
respect to property lines for Consultants submission to Local Authority for
confirmation of setback requirements and conformance to Site Development
Agreement including all topographical elevations confirming conformance to the
provisions of the Storm Water Management design.

5. Submit survey drawing to Consultant prior to commencing work above

grade (superstructure) to confirm location of foundation walls and building
setbacks as per contract drawings.
6. Submit final survey drawing with additional topographic information at completion
of site.

7. work confirming elevations relating to grading and relating to storm water


01 78 00 Contract Closeout

Submit all documentation required under the Contract and as follows:


Certificates of good standing from Workerplace Safety & Insurance

Board for
contractor and all subcontractors.
Data Books.
Record Drawings.
Valve Tags and Directories.
Labeled electrical panels and directories
Pressure Vessels Inspection Certificates.
Inspection Certificates required by Provincial, Municipal and other
authorities having jurisdiction.
Certificate of Inspection from architect, mechanical and electrical
Final adjustment of allowances
Extended warranties
Provide Owner with extra materials as specified in specification
As Built Drawings.

Submit a written report that equipment or system has been properly installed
and is functioning correctly.
Complete and submit start-up reports including:
Contractor's system and equipment start up reports.
Manufacturers' equipment start up reports.

Completion: submit written notification to the Consultant that following have


Work has been completed and inspected for compliance with

Contract Documents.
Defects have been corrected and deficiencies have been
Equipment and systems have been tested, adjusted and
balanced and are fully operational.
Certificates required by authorities having jurisdiction have been
Operation of systems have been demonstrated to Owner's
Work is complete and ready for Final Inspection.

Since the substantial performance date is the commencement of the one-year

warranty period of this project, the following are the requirements that are to
be complied with prior to establishing the projects substantial performance.
1. Municipal final occupancy inspection has been undertaken. Copy of the
Citys final inspection card, report, form, etc. which reflects the requirements,

comments, deficiencies, etc. to be forwarded to the Consultants.

2. One week prior to the substantial performance inspection, the Construction
Manager to provide the Consultant with a certificate and survey drawing
prepared by a registered land surveyor, indicating all as-built site
conditions. Refer to Document 017000.
3. Two bound copies of equipment maintenance manuals to be supplied in
accordance with Document 017800. Submit one copy of manuals to
Consultants for review prior to submitting to Owner.
4. Complete sets of marked-up blueprint drawings and specifications reflecting
as-built conditions shall be available on site for Consultants review, and
then shall be provided to the applicable sub-contractor to update for
submission to Owner.
5. Labeled master, sub-master and single keys shall be supplied to Owner in
accordance with approved keying schedule.
6. Upon the expiration of the statutory lien period, provided that no liens have
been registered on title. The Contractors holdback invoice must be
accompanied with complete as-built drawings, maintenance manuals and
as-built survey, in accordance with Document 017800. Failure to submit the
required documents will be sufficient reason to withhold the certificate
approving the release of holdback.
01 78 10 Close Out Submittals

.1 Organize data in the form of an instructional manual.
.2 Binders: Commercial quality, 8-1/2 x 11 inch (210mm x 280 mm)
maximum ring size.
.3 When multiple binders are used, correlate data into related consistent

.4 Cover: Identify each binder with typed or printed title Project Record
Documents; list title of Project, identify subject matter of contents.
.5 Arrange content by systems, or process flow, under Section numbers
and sequence of able of Contents.

Provide tabbed fly leaf for each separate product and system, with
typed description of product and major component parts of equipment.
Quality of Paper: Manufacturers printed data, or typewritten data on 20
pound paper.
.8 Drawings: Provide with reinforced punched binder tab. Bind in with text;
fold larger drawings to size of text pages.
.1 Table of Contents: Provide title of project; names, addresses, and
telephone numbers of Consultant, Sub-Consultants, and Subcontractors
with name of responsible parties; schedule of products and systems,
indexed to content of the volume.
.2 For Each Product or System: List names, addresses and telephone
numbers of
Subcontractors and
suppliers, including local source of supplies and replacement parts.
.3 Product Data: Mark each sheet to clearly identify specific products and
component parts, and data applicable to installation; delete inapplicable
.4 Drawings: Supplement product data to illustrate relations of component
parts of equipment and systems, to show control and flow diagrams.
.5 Type Text: As required to supplement product data. Provide logical
sequence of instructions for each procedure, incorporating manufacturers

Submit one copy of completed volumes in final form to Consultants for
review 15 days prior to substantial performance.
.2 Copy will be returned after final inspection, with Architect/Engineer
.3 Revise content of documents as required prior to final submittal.
.4 Submit two copies of revised volumes of data in final form within ten
days after final inspection.

.5 Failure to submit the satisfactory set of record documents within the

specified time will result in the Owner retaining a sum of $ 10,000.00.
This amount will be released only upon receipt of a set of record
documents that have been approved by the Consultants as being


.1 In addition to requirements in General Conditions, maintain at the site
for Owner one record copy of:
.1 Contract Drawings.
.2 Specifications.
.3 Addenda.
.4 Change Orders and other modifications to the Contract.
.5 Reviewed shop drawings, product data, and samples.
.6 Field test records.
.7 Inspection certificates.
.8 Manufacturers certificates.
.2 Store Record Documents and Samples in Field Office apart from documents
used for construction. Provide files, racks, and secure storage.
.3 Label and file in accordance with Section number listings in Table of
Contents of this Project Manual. Label each document PROJECT RECORD in
neat, large, printed letters.
.4 Maintain Record Documents in a clean, dry and legible condition. Do not use
Record Documents for construction purposes.
.5 Keep Record Documents and samples available for inspection by

Record information on a set of reproducible mylar or vellum drawings

provided by Consultant and in a copy of a Project Manual.


Annotate with coloured felt tip marking pens, maintaining separate colours
for each major system, for recording information.

.3 Record information concurrently with construction progress. Do not conceal

work until required information is recorded.

.4 Contract Drawings and shop drawings: Legibly mark each item to record
actual construction, including:
.1 Measured depths of elements of foundation in relation to finish first floor
.2 Measured horizontal and vertical locations of underground utilities and
appurtenances, referenced to permanent surface improvements.
.3 Measured locations of internal utilities and appurtenances, referenced to
visible and accessible features of construction.
.4 Field changes of dimension and detail.
.5 Changes made by change orders.
.6 Details not on original Contract Drawings.
.7 References to related shop drawings and modifications.
.5 Specifications: Legibly mark each item to record actual construction,
.1 Manufacturer, trade name, and catalog number of each project actually
installed, particularly optional items and substitute items.
.2 Changes made by Addenda and change orders.
.6 Other Documents: Maintain manufacturers certifications, inspection
certifications, field test records, and other items required by individual
specification sections.

.1 Prior to Substantial Performance of the Work, electronically transfer
and provide on CD-ROM
to the Consultant the marked up information
from the as-built documents to a master set of drawing files, as follows:
Drawings: AutoCAD Release 2010.

.2 Mark revised documents as "RECORD DOCUMENTS". Include all

revisions, with special emphasis on mechanical, electrical, structural
steel, and reinforced concrete.
.3 Employ a competent computer draftsperson to indicate changes on
the electronic set of record drawings. Provide updated record drawings in
AutoCAD Release 2010.
.4 Submit completed record documents to Consultant for review prior to
final submission to Owner, accompanied by two (2) hard copy sets.
Submit final site survey certificate in accordance with Section 01 70
00, certifying thatelevations, grading ,storm water management where
applicable and locations of completed Work are in conformance, or
non-conformance with Contract Documents.
Inaccurate or neglectful information shall become a liability of the
.1 Each Item of Equipment and Each System: Include description of unit or
system, and component parts. Give function, normal operation
characteristics, and limiting conditions. Include performance curves, with
engineering data and tests, and complete nomenclature and commercial
number of replaceable parts.
.2 Panelboard Circuit Directories: Provide electrical service characteristics,
controls, and communications.
.3 Include installed colour coded wiring diagrams.
.4 Operating Procedures: Include start-up, break-in, and routine normal
operating instructions and sequences. Include regulation, control, stopping,
shut-down, and emergency instructions Include summer, winter, and any
special operating instructions.
.5 Maintenance Requirements: Include routine procedures and guide for
trouble-shooting; disassembly, repair, and reassembly instructions; and
alignment, adjusting balancing, and checking instructions.

.6 Provide servicing and lubrication schedule, and list of lubricants

.7 Include manufacturers printed operation and maintenance instructions.
.8 Include sequence of operation by controls manufacturer.
.9 Provide original manufacturers parts list, illustrations, assembly
drawings, and diagrams required for maintenance.
.10Provide installed control diagrams by controls manufacturer.
.11Provide Contractors coordination drawings, with installed colour coded
piping diagrams.
.12Provide charts of valve tag numbers, with location and function of each
valve, keyed to flow and control diagrams.
.13Provide list of original manufacturers spare parts, current prices, and
recommended quantities to be maintained in storage.
.14Include test and balancing reports. Air Balancing shall be performed by a
member in good standing of the CCAABC other than the Mechanical
Contractor. Submit a copy to Owner and Consultant at the conclusion of the
project. All costs to be included in the Contract.
.15Additional Requirements: As specified in individual specification
.1 Building Products, Applied Materials, and Finishes: Include product data,
with catalog number, size, composition, and colour and texture
designations. Provide information for re-ordering custom manufactured
products including suppliers name, address and phone number.
.2 Instructions for cleaning agents and methods, precautions against
detrimental agents and methods, and recommended schedule for cleaning
and maintenance.
.3 Moisture-protection and Weather-exposed Products: Include
manufacturers recommendations for cleaning agents and methods,
precautions against detrimental agents and methods, and recommend
schedule for cleaning and maintenance.

.4 Additional Requirements: As specified in individual specifications




At the end of project leave on-site extra quantity of each material

for future maintenance / repair in minimum amounts of 2%
minimum of each material, (such as but not limited to; (paints,
ceiling tiles, ceramic tile, vinyl composite tile, etc.) or as
prescribed in relevant subsection of Specification .


Provide items of same manufacture and quality as items in Work.


Store where instructed and clearly identify.


.1 Separate each warranty or bond with index tab sheets keyed to the Table
of Contents listing.
.2 List Subcontractor, Supplier, and Manufacturer, with name, address, and
telephone number of the responsible principal.
.3Overall 1 (one) year building warranty is effective from the Date of
Substantial Performance as determined by the Consultant. Warranty on
deficiency items shall commence from the date of completion (Final
Acceptance ) of such items if the Contractor fails to complete the
deficiency within the prescribed time such and completion occurs
Substantial Completion. Extended warranties are specified in other
corresponding Sections in this specification. Obtain warranties and bonds,
executed in duplicate by Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Manufacturers.
.4 Except for items put into use with Owners permission, leave date of
beginning of time
of warranty until
the Date of Substantial Performance is determined.
.5 Verify that documents are in proper form, contain full information, and are

Retain warranties and bonds until time specified for submittal.