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Objective: To develop a database for monitoring the breakdown of the critically

broken down
machines and finding a solution for the next monitoring dates/schedule.
Requirement: Improvements in current ERP required for the better tracking of
maintenance scheduling and prior report generation of the schedules for easy
Software used: Relational database management system i.e. Microsoft office
access 2007. VB.NET end with SQL applications.
Concept: The main idea is to keep an eye on the complex machines those show
frequent break down and create a database for the machines that has been
maintained. This will help the department to analyze the frequency and cause of
the machine breakdown. Some additional features can be added to the database in
order to track the location of the machine, history of maintenance on the particular
machine etc. The main aim to create a pre defined schedule as per the
requirement of the department for each and every machine. It should act as a daily
alert for the routine checking of the particular machines on a particular date.
Basic Process:
First of all we need to collect some specific data in relation with machine details.
The data required for the purpose of creating this data base are given as below:Machine unique identity number, i.e. the barcode in this case.
Department wise sorting of the rooms.
Here we have created six department or categories for the entire unit. They areProduction [PRO],
Fabric and Trim Store [FNP],
Product development zone [PDM],
Finishing and Packaging [FNP],
Washing and dry processing zone [WND],

Maintenance [MAT].
Again the departments have some specific locations. The specific locations
respective to each department are related together and thus mistakes or wrong
data entry can be avoided. The list of the department and the specific location are
given below:
PRO- Cutting, Sewing and Embroidery.
FNP- Fabric Store and Trim Store.
PDM- Product development, Sampling, CAD.
FNP- Finishing zone, Packaging section and Dispatch section.
WND- Washing Section, Dry finishing section.
MAT- Maintenance department.
Next is the categorization of maintenance policy. Different types of policies that
have been taken care of here areMonthly maintenance,
Quarterly maintenance,
Yearly Maintenance
Break down maintenance.
The other details required for the data base may include specific batches, last
maintenance dates, maintenance history, year of purchase of the machine,
average life, Date of issued and returned from any department etc.

The Database:
When the software is opened automatically a switch board will be displayed on the
front page. This will be the HOME page for further navigation.
This switch board will give the operator some specific set of predefined forms that
has to be filled during different operations.

The forms are


Machine Entry form.

Machine Movement form
Machine Status form
Maintenance Schedule form
Maintenance History
Todays Alert

When an operator clicks on any of the item it will go to the respective form for
further entry and modification. But when the operator clicks on the report
section it redirects the page to a new switch board which gives the options for
displaying all the reports.

The reports generated by the database are:


Machine List
Machine status
Machine maintenance history
Total maintenance schedule

5. Todays Maintenance schedule

a MACHINE ENTRY FORM It is the basic form that has to be filled when a new
machine enters the unit. It has machine id as the primary key and it is related to
maintenance schedule form and movement form. So any changes in the entry or
machine details will automatically change the particular field in entire database
without any duplication or data loss.

There are some buttons given on the sides of the form to make the operations
easier. They are described below:

Name of the button


Save Record

Saves the data in respective table

New Record

Clears the data for new entry

Delete Record

Deletes a particular Record

Find Record

To find a particular record

Print Record

To Print the record

Print Table

To print the table

Next Record

To go to next record

Previous Record

To go to previous record

Print Record

To print the particular record

Print the Form

To print the form for manual


Open Report

Open the respective report

Close Form

Close the form

It Saves the data in the machine list table and all the data can be entered in the
table directly also but it is not advised to do so as the table is not easily
understandable by all operators.
This form generates a report too in order to have a look on the total machine list
with details. The data field required in the report can be edited as per the end


This form is utilized for any further change or modification in the machine
movement. This is used for the existing machines. It gives the details about the
issue date, return date and concerned department and cause of change etc.

The buttons given for the additional usage are the same like the machine entry
It stores data from the respective table and generates report too as and when



This form requires and displays data about the machine status and whether its
working or not or needed any remarks or measures.

Again the entries in the table are saved in the concerned table and the buttons are
all the same as machine entry form and machine movement form.
It generates a report named machine status report.


This form is used to decide the to be maintained machine and monitor their
maintenance. This can be very useful for monitoring those machines that have

been showing continuous break down and need constant monitor. Once an
operator services a machine it needs to be entered in the schedule form. The next
schedule will automatically generate the re-query and on that exact date it will
automatically display the details of the machine to be maintained on the very
same day. The data to be entered in the form are:

also features the same type of buttons for better and easy execution of command
as described in the previous forms. It generates a report that shows the future
maintenance activities with date.

The advanced feature of this form is that every day it runs a function named requery and checks for all the machines that has to be maintained on the same date.
If it finds any machine which has same date on its next maintenance schedule on
that date, it displays it on Todays Alert. Then it will be easier for the maintenance
mechanic to monitor the machines very easily which has to be checked every day
or on a regular basis.

The screen shows a form and a query sharing single window screen and displays
only those machines which are to be maintained on that day only.
One machine may undergo many types of maintenance and may go through the
same process many times. As this form has no primary keys one machine entry
can be done for many times for different types of maintenance on different dates
or on same dates. This history card shows all the maintenance activates done on a
particular machine. The details to be entered in the form are:

It has the same buttons for additional features. It generates a report named
Machine history report card for all the machines maintenance and other details.