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CONCLUSION: Our Mission Should Be:


Conservation of water.
Since we cannot produce
energy we can save it by
preventing wastage.
In the same way we cannot
produce water but save it and
protect our future.

Watershed management can easily cope with climate change impacts

The benefits of water harvesting and water conservation not only for
drinking water security but also for agriculture definitely reached.
Rainwater harvesting prevents flooding of lowlying areas.
Rain water harvesting replenishes the ground water table and enables our dug
wells and bore wells to yield in a sustained manner.
It helps in the availability of clean water by reducing the salinity and the presence
of iron salts.
By adopting Rain Watr Harvesting technique you are benefitted by following
Water Saving,
Flooding control,
Drought mitigation
Water quality control
Ground water recharging
Improve quality of ground water
Energy saving
Water supply (Domestic, Industrial & Agriculture)
Save money on water bills by using your own water sources.

10. No water shortage due to water cuts.

11. 24 hour water supply no need to depend on water timings.
12. Recover installation cost within 2-3 years due to saving in water bills.

The effectiveness of rainwater harvesting system lies in its ability to meet the
site requirements and end use preferences. Though simple, these systems are
site specific and need to be detailed out before implementation. With decrease
in availability of water, rain water harvesting presents the best option for times
to come
At the city level
Reduces water demand

Reduces energy demand lesser energy required for water distribution

Improves groundwater situation

In coastal areas, it can counter saline water intrusion into freshwater aquifers

Prevents urban flooding

At the College level

Reduces water bills

We will Set an example for students who will utilize that Chemical/IT Building.

Improves groundwater table if rainwater is recharged

Improves groundwater quality by dilution

(rainwater has nearly neutral pH and zero hardness)

An ideal solution to water problems in areas having inadequate water resources.

The ground water level will rise & quality of water improves.
Mitigates the effects of drought and achieves drought proofing.
Reduces the runoff which chokes the storm water drains.
Flooding of roads is reduced.
Soil erosion will be reduced.
Saving of energy per well for lifting of ground water.

One of the best way to solve the world burning facing issue: Water Scarcity
by adopting RWH.
Helps in Raising Ground water level.
Saving of energy per lifting of well and saving of Water bills.

Harvested water can be used for Daily household needs.