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Reflection Day 13 19/10/16

Today I implemented a numeracy group time lesson where the students

recognised numbers on plates to make a caterpillar and made
connections between the number on the plate and the value of the
number. In the AISTL standards the first teacher standard is Know
students and how they learn. This standard is then broken up into focus
areas such as understanding different types of learners, the development
of their age. From this lesson that I implemented I understood how
important it is to understand the developmental stages the children are in
that you are teaching. By understanding what they have been taught and
what they can do intellectually will then inform your planning on what
activities are challenging enough for the students and what activities are
beyond their goals. As a pre-service teacher I need to develop my
knowledge on the development of kindergarten students by looking at
what prep should know and the kindergarten curriculums and frameworks.
Throughout this prac I have been able to experience my mentor teacher
assessing the students in a formative way. In kindergarten most
assessment pieces are learning stories that the teacher has created from
daily observations. Assessment pieces also include pictures of the children
and their activity. However I have also found that my mentor teacher will
also have activities where she is present with the purpose of assessing
students. For example getting students to cut lines on a piece of paper
then placing this in their folder that includes written comments about the
hold, grip and control. I have also see my mentor teacher have shapes
and colours out where she asks the students what the shape or colour. As
a pre-service teacher I need to ensure I consider the way I would assess
my students. I need to ensure I always consider the follow up activities
and how I wish to assess this.
Today I also experienced my mentor teacher creating a rope obstacle
course with a frame and rope. As I was reflecting on this activity I noticed
how valuable this experience was for the children physically however this
did not require much resources. As a pre-service teacher I will strive to be
creative, inventive and flexible with my activities. Even though their was
planned outside activities this did prohibit my teacher to create an
unplanned activity. I will ensure that I continiuosly are reflecting and
improving my practice throughout my day and ensure that I dont get
stuck behind the mindset that I must do the planned activities I have set.