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Annual Report


Letter from the Board Chair and Executive Director

Robert W. Thompson
and Executive Director
Ralph Provenza

Making a difference. We at UCS have been

working to make a difference for the communities
we live and work in since 1958. That difference
can be measured in numbers youll see inside our 300 staff served roughly 3,000 individuals
and families last year but more importantly is
the impact weve had on the lives of those weve
helped. Youll read about some of that impact and
hear about some of those stories in this report.

dependence on information technology systems

and support and uncertainty about the potential
impact of Vermonts health care reform plans.

As you will see, despite extraordinarily complex

and challenging times for agencies like ours,
our staff has again responded to the unique and
often unmet needs in the community by coming
up with creative and innovative solutions and
programs for the people we serve.

We were able to continue to make a difference

because we live our mission: to build a stronger
community. And our quest to be a great place
to work and get care has provided a clear strategic
direction for our tremendous staff, strong and
cohesive Board and management team.

Specifically, we launched a much needed and

collaborative medication assisted treatment
program for those dealing with opiate
dependence, we helped several clients with
intellectual disabilities attend Southern Vermont
College via the College Steps program, we
expanded Camp Be a Kid, our free summer
camp program for kids who regular camps wont
take, we expanded mental health and addictions
treatment via the Blueprint for Health integrated
health home initiative, and we began in earnest to
provide Mental Health First Aid awareness and
education throughout the region.

We can only continue to make a difference

together when staff, community partners, Board
members, donors, clients and families all work
together as we did last year. For your help and
support, we sincerely thank you!

All of this and more despite industry-wide

recruitment and workforce challenges, increased

The Board actively worked to find our next

Executive Director and we are pleased to report
that Lorna Mattern has been appointed as the
UCS Executive Director. Youll be hearing from
Lorna in the near future.

Board of Directors
Robert Thompson

Nathaniel Marcoux

Vice President
Roberta Lynch Carroll

Counsel to the Board

Joseph J. ODea

William Baldwin

David Ballou
Charles Letourneau
Joanna Mintzer
Lee Romano

New Leadership joined the UCS team

Director of Community Relations and Development: Heidi French
Heidi French joined UCS in 2016. In addition to over-seeing fundraising and
development, Heidi will be responsible for increasing community awareness and the
impact the organization has on residents and businesses in the area. Heidi came to
UCS with a strong business background in marketing and development. She received
her Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of Washington.

Director of Developmental Services: Dawn Danner

Dawn has worked at UCS since 2014 when she started as a Case Manager. In her time
at UCS, she has helped to strengthen the Shared Living Program as a Program Manager
and Program Coordinator. She has also overseen the Employment Program, been an
advisor for Peer Support, a teacher of DBT skills, and a CPI instructor.
Dawn received her Bachelors Degree from MCLA in Elementary Education and her
Masters Degree in Special Education from Fort Hayes State University. Prior to coming
to UCS, Dawn was a teaching assistant for individuals with autism.

UCS Leadership Team

Ralph Provenza, Executive Director
Leslie Addison, Human Resources
Dawn Danner, Developmental Services
Jill Doyle, Finance
Heidi French, Community Relations

and Development
Peg Gregory, Northshire, Mental Health

and Outpatient
Victor Martini, CRT and Emergency Services
Lorna Mattern, Youth and Family Services
Alya Reeve, M.D. , Medical Director

Betsy Rathbun-Gunn, Early Childhood Services

Shawn Thibodeau, Facilities and Safety

Staff Recognition

2016 Peter D. Scully

Award Recipient
Tina Hessler
Developmental Services Division
The Peter D. Scully Award is

presented to an individual, chosen

by the UCS Division Directors,
who embraces the high qualities

of professionalism, dedication,
and sincerity in dealing with both
staff members and clients. The
2016 recipient of this award was
Tina Hessler who works in UCS
Developmental Services Division.
2016 Excellence Award Winners

Back Row (L to R): Paul DiIonno, Karen Sousis, Kimberly Funck, Jean Henderson, Jennifer Parizo, Rebecca Dunham, Debbie Higgins, Kathy Galusha,
Christine Oulette. Front Row (L to R): Anna Mattison, Betty Kenyon, Laurie Salisky, Monica Bolio, Courtney LaFlamme and Crystal Clifford.

Celebrating Milestones

UCS values our staff. The

dedication from our
employees results in
satisfaction from our clients.
Our employees lead the way
employees celebrated
milestones with UCS in 2016.


Nadine Wisher
Celebrating 35 years with UCS.


Lorna Mattern and Jean Henderson

Celebrating 25 years with UCS.


Joanne Main, Thomas Madison and

Brenda Knaap celebrating 20 years with UCS.

Sunshine Club

Making a Difference

People dealing with longstanding mental health issues face a myriad of challenges. They can often isolate themselves, they
may lose social connections and they may become reluctant to participate in community activities. Ironically over the years
the field of mental health has moved away from utilizing psycho-social club house programs that promoted socialization
and community for such clients with the focus shifting to emphasizing vocational support and not socialization. However, for
many of those we help, something was missing. The Sunshine Club was created to fill that gap.

Bill Clark, Sunshine Club

Member and Joanna Mintzer,
CRT Advisory Board Member

Every week a number of Community and Rehabilitation and Treatment clients (CRT) and others gather to discuss concerns,
play games and share a meal. This peer support group is comprised of CRT and emergency staff, members of the CRT
Advisory Board, members of the Psychiatric Medical Team and clients. The goal is to provide an interactive space and
program in which individuals can engage in social activities. Its been an encouraging beginning for the Sunshine Club.

Reach Up Family Support

Our Reach Up Family Support Program is supported by
the State of Vermont and is designed to assist individuals
with families on Reach Up. Reach Up helps individuals to
overcome barriers to employment. UCS Reach Up Family

Support helps families with children by providing counseling,

case management, cash assistance for basic needs, and services
that support work and self-sufficiency.
Working with other service agencies is vital to our organization
and enables us to serve clients in the best possible way, says

Kate Fox, UCS Reach Up Family Support Clinician.

Many of the barriers individuals must overcome include
mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, lack

of childcare, lack of transportation, lack of social support and

limited resources. We try to help them overcome these issues
and successfully enter the workforce, said Kate.

Reach Up Clinician
Kate Fox

Universal Access Team

This year UCS introduced the Universal Access Program.

Far too many people in crisis wind up in the wrong place
with inadequate care. To help individuals find the help
they need, we started a Universal Access Program. The goal
of this program is to provide more efficient and expedient

Universal Access Intake

Rosemarie Schatz

Universal Access Intake

Jamie Kenyon

entrance into and across all UCS programs. UCS Access

Coordinators assess incoming calls and connect individuals
to UCS Programs or other agencies if needed. The program
took off in full force at the end of June and receives about 600
calls per month.

We are a team here. We are trying to improve communication

within the community between different agencies. Working

with other service agencies is vital to our organization and
enables us to serve clients in the best possible way, says
Rosemarie Schatz.
Rosemarie Schatz and Jamie Kenyon are the Universal

Access Team. Jamie and Rose conduct telephone screening

and provide referral information. Employing a philosophy of
excellent customer service, the goal is to gather information
quickly and efficiently and connect that person to the

appropriate services.
Applicants are scheduled with an
appointment during the phone call in many cases.

Rosemarie Schatz meets monthly with other agencies to

discuss success stories and ways the various social service
agencies can work together to better serve clients and the
community as a whole. I like to feel like we are helping and
that is why Jamie and I are here.

Working with other

service agencies is vital
to our organization and
enables us to serve clients
in the best possible way.

College Steps

College Steps is a national initiative that provides

individualized support for students with social,

with two more beginning the program this fall. Clients

have enrolled in the two-year higher education program

they must complete criteria in specific academic,

vocational independent living requirements, including
four semesters of coursework (which may be transferred
to further their college studies), and completion of an
internship. Many students then choose to further their

vocational training goals.

communication, or learning challenges to attend college.

Students who complete this program are awarded
Certificates of Higher Education. In order to graduate

college experience or may seek employment in their

field of study.
Seven UCS clients have participated in College Steps

for young adults interested in pursuing post-secondary

education. Students are individually supported in
devising and executing their unique academic and

Participants in the program are teamed up with peer

mentors for their entire college experience. Peer mentors
provide academic support along with connections

to social elements of campus life and encouraging

College Steps students to become active members of
their campuss activities. Since 2013 we have had four
individuals graduate with their certificates.

(Above) Lorraine was a College Steps

participant and graduated with a
Certificate from Southern Vermont
College in June of 2016.
(Left) Stephanie is a College Steps
student and will graduate in December.

Intensive Medication Assisted Treatment

Program (IMAT)
While Vermont administers a nationally recognized Hub
and Spoke approach to addressing opiate addiction, it hasnt
worked for all and many in our region have gone without
treatment. In 2015 United Counseling Service in partnership

IMAT Facility

We have clients
that are incredible
people and doing
well. We offer a
very structured
program and try
to accommodate
patients needs so
they will succeed.

with Southwestern Vermont Health Care opened an

Intensive Medication Assisted Treatment Program (IMAT)

for adults in Bennington County who needed a level of

care beyond what was currently available to treat addiction
to opioids. Not a Hub but with more resources than a

In its first year of operation, IMAT reached its designed

capacity to treat 25-30 patients. IMAT plans to increase
capacity to 100 patients in 2017, and will increase staffing
and program hours.
The program focuses on a multidimensional approach to
treatment, which includes working closely with a team of
medical, clinical and office professionals.

Spoke, the program is unique in Vermont and fills a real

gap in the community.
IMAT offers evidence-based treatment for adults seeking
help with substance abuse. To qualify for the program patients

must have a history of opiate abuse and be referred from

another existing treatment program. In conjunction with
the medication assisted therapy, patients receive addictions
counseling and other support services.
We have clients that are incredible people and doing well.
We offer a very structured program and try to accommodate
patients needs so they will succeed, says Dan Russell, RN.
Dan meets with clients on a daily basis to supervise dosing
and reviews patients basic health issues and referrals they
may need for additional assistance.

The IMAT team consists of Paul DiIonno, Program Manager; Dr. John
McLellan, MD, FACOG; Dan Russell, RN; (Back Row) Ellen Winitzer, Case

Manager; Dr. Wendy Leffel, MD Medical Director; (Front Row). Not pictured:
Ali Clausnitzer, LCHMC/LADC and Jamie Kenyon, Office Administrator.

I love the staff here- from

the ver y first phone call I
made everyone Ive interacted
with has been ver y kind,
helpful, respectful, and
outstanding. Thank you.

I am thrilled with the

counseling I am getting
and the availability of
other support options.

You have
for you.

The Community
Rehabilitation and
Emergency Ser vicess
Open Dialogue was a
life saver for us.

The women out front at the desk

are all wonderful. They are ver y
compassionate and hardworking
girls. We love them.

Thank you so much for the

help. It has been nothing but
positive for my recovery.

I wholeheartedly endorse the good work being done here at

United Counseling. I feel fortunate to be able to avail myself

of the resources provided here, which are invaluable and I want
you to know that you are held in the highest regard.

The more I
learn, the safer
I will be.

A Great Place
to Work...


... and a Great

Place to Get Care.

Use of Funds to Help

People in the Community

Arlington 164
Bondville 19
Danby 22
Dorset 69
Londonderry 60

Who We Serve
N Bennington
Pownal 156
Other VT
New York
Other States
Total 2748

Childrens 752
Substance 552
CRT 142
DS 192
Total 2748

Budgeted Income for Fiscal 2015-2016
Medicaid $12,583,643
Fees and 3rd Party Payments
VT Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division $609,786
VT Department of Mental Health
VT Department of Developmental

Services $100,316
Other State Contracts
Local Revenue
Miscellaneous $360,706
Total Revenue

Budgeted Expenses for Fiscal 2015-2016

Salaries $8,618,007
Fringe Benefits
Other Personnel Costs
Operating Expenses
Travel and Transportation
Building Expenses
Total Expenses

$10,000 +
Anonymous in remembrance of Gregory Hillman
$1,000 to $5,000
Alcyon Foundation
Elisabeth Bartlett Sturges
Bradley S. and Robin Berggren
Vermont Country Store


$200 to $999
Michael and Diane Bickford
Mr. and Mrs. William and Ruth Botzow II
Mr. and Mrs. David and Marilyn Brockway
Mr. Roger Allen Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John and Deborah Cave
Mr. Charles Childs Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Chinn
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and June Davis
Christopher Elwell in honor of Elizabeth Elwell
Robert and Cora May Howe
Robert Fallon and Joan Leenig
Patricia Farren
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Gilbert
Richard and Martha Heilemann
Marcia Holland and Alan Wiegand
W.L. King Jr.
Manchester Lions Club
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Susan McKenna
Mr. David Meyer
The Merck Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Pam Nemlich
Pension Works, Inc.
Alice Mintzer Sandler in honor of the 35th Wedding
Anniversary of Joanna Mintzer and Dr. Donald Ferrell

Your generosity greatly helps to provide hope and recovery and dramatically changes
lives. For that we offer our heartfelt thanks.
Genevieve and Wilhelm Strohmaier
The Pharmacy
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Thomas
Elizabeth B. Thompson
Town of Winhall
Jess and Rosalinda Weiner
Mr. Langdon Wheeler
$100 to $199
Mr. Joseph Bamford
Roger E. and Julia G. Bolton
Dr. Michael Brady
Harry and Nancy Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Britton
Ms. Margo Cardner
Dr. J.R. Ceglowski in honor of Dick Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Lila Cestone
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Childs
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Ms. Marilyn Couture
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Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Dole
Peter Donavan and Dr. Nancy Scattergood Donavan
Dr. Stuart M. and Rochelle Duboff
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Dr. Donald Ferrell
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Virgina Freeman
Barbara O. Geer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Judith Haight
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Mr. and Mrs. Huc Hauser
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Mr. and Mrs. Stuart and Colleen Hoskins

David Howlett in memory of Gerrit W. Kouwenhoven
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Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Jan Ketterer
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Mr. Myles Mahoney
McEvoy Charitable Trust
Claire Merritt in honor of Joanne Mintzer
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Dr. Douglas ONeill
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Dr. Robert and Mrs. Alice Pezzulich in memory of Dr. Peter
Mr. David A. Reed
Mrs. Judith Rudiakov in honor of Lisa Rudiakov
Renee R. Snyder
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Gregg and Woody Swain
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The Memory Clinic
The Yoga Place
Thyme Tables Catering
Wassick Tire Service
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph and Margaret Weaver
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Mr. and Mrs. Ward and Janet Wilson

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Mr. and Mrs. John and Karen Ahearn
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A special THANK YOU to the Northshire Barn Sale

Committee for putting together the best tag sale in
Vermont and raising $50,000 in support of UCS.


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