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Results for 8th lord in 8th house

Written by Sreenadh OG
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 08:10 -

Going by the classics

1) As per Meenaraja Hora

Nithanapatau nidhanagate vyavasayi vyadhi varjito neeruk

Kitava kalakalita vapuH kitavakule jayate manujaH

(Meenaraja Hora)

[If 8th lord is placed in 8th house itself then, he would be a businessman (or hard working?),
healthy, peaceful individual and will have a handsome body. But he he would also be a spend
thrift who took birth in a family of spend thrifts]

8th is the house of survival (upajeevana - the essential earning for bread and butter). Thus
clearly 8th lord in 8th house makes the it an important house and imparts the self same
character to the native - i.e. it makes him a hardworking individual. Health, peace of mind, good
body etc all follows that.

2) As per Parasara

Ashtamese ashtamaste tu deerkhayushmanjanjase bhavet

Balaheene tu madhyayuH stenascha gurunindakaH


Results for 8th lord in 8th house

Written by Sreenadh OG
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 08:10 -

(Parasara Hora)

[If 8th lord is placed in 8th house then the native will have good longevity. But if that 8th lord in
8th is weak (due to combustion etc) then the native will only have moderate longevity. Further if
8th lord in 8th house is weak then, the native may become a thief or one who blames his guru]
8th lord in 8th amplifying the significance of 8th house is natural - that is why the statement,
8th lord in 8th will increase longevity. But it should also be noted that hard work and suffering
are also signified by 8th house - 8th lord in 8th house increases hard work and suffering as well
along with longevity.

Further result derivations following the same track of interpretation would be much
informative. It will also be interesting to learn to identify - suicide, accident death, and murder based on the strength of 8th house and 8th lord.

As per traditional astrology

A weak 8th house (i.e. a weak, debilitated or combusted 8th lord along with malefic
aspects on 8th) indicate suicidal tendencies - In natal chart and prashana the same can
indicate suicide. Here the death is self inflicted.

A strong 8th house (i.e. strong, in own house or exalted 8th lord) with strong malefic
aspects and combination indicating danger can indicate death inflicted by external causes - i.e.
it could be accident, murder etc.

A strong 8th house with benefic aspects on 8th indicate longevity and survival even in
face of danger.

When the 8th house is moderately strong - the final result will much depend on


Results for 8th lord in 8th house

Written by Sreenadh OG
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 08:10 -

environment and influences.

Note: "Strength of 8th house" for the sake of simplicity can be interpreted as "strength of 8th
lord itself". But as per "Hora swami gurunja veekshita yuta" sloka of Brihatjjataka, aspect of
house lord, Jupiter and Mercury can also import "strength to a house"; Further the house lord
going to Upachaya (3-6-10-11) from that house also increases the "strength of the house" (as
per the sloka "lagna lagnapatau balena sahite...... ....).