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Project Schedule and Payment Control




The "Project Schedule" forms part of the Contract and indicates the
general sequence of operations, their time frame and interrelationship of
the work to be performed under this contract as well as the total project. It
also indicates the relationship between the works of this Contract and
works to be completed by other contractors (If any). The Project Schedule
is to be used by the Contractor in preparation of his Schedule and
execution of his work to meet the specified milestones dates (If any) and
completion date(s).
Contractor's Project Schedule(s):
The Contractor's developed
schedule(s) for execution of this contract that meets the contract and the
requirements for the performance of this contract and the requirements of
the Project Schedule.
These shall include:
1) Contractor's CPM Project Schedule
2) Intermediate Bar Chart Schedule
3) Detailed Contractor's Daily Work Activity and Schedule
4) Summary Schedule.


Constructor Cost Loaded Project Schedule: The Contractor's reviewed

CPM Project Schedule with assigned cost values based on the priced Bills
of Quantities (Volume II) that total the Contract Price, to be used as the
basis for calculating interim payments.


Schedule Update: The updating of the Project Schedule to indicate the

actual progress of work.


Milestone Dates: Specified intermediate contractual obligations dates for

the completion of specific item(s) of work within the total contract.


Schedule Revision: Revisions to the reviewed Contractor's Project

Schedule(s) indication changes in logic, changes in activities durations and
additions of activities.


Schedule Adjustments:
Approved changes in contract specified
milestone or completion dates.

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Project Schedule and Payment Control


CPM: Critical Path Method of scheduling utilizing the computer software

referenced under article 1(8).


Schedule of Values: Approved detailed calculations provided by the

Contractor, which show the breakdown of cost for each activity.

The contractor shall be required to plan and coordinate his works and those of
Sub-Contractors (Nominated or domestic) with that of any other Contractor(s) on
the site to meet the time requirements of the project including the Contract
specified milestone date(s) and construction completion date.
(a) The work under this article consists of the planning, scheduling, cost
reporting and reporting procedures required to be carried out by the
Contractor in conjunction with the progress of the works. The work shall
fulfill all contract requirements and shall include, but not limited to the

Development of a project schedule using computerized CPM (Critical

Path Method) technique.
Development of an intermediate schedule for use in planning and
controlling construction until such time as the Contractor's CPM
Project Schedule has been reviewed.
Development of a cost loaded project schedule.
Development of a detailed material and shop drawings submittal
schedule. The submittal scheduled should be integrated with the
Project Schedule.
Development of a detailed procurement schedule that is integrated
with both material and shop drawing schedule and Project Schedule.
Development of a detailed testing, commissioning and handover
schedule that is integrated with the project Schedule.
Development of a detailed Contractor's daily work activities schedule.
Bi-weekly and monthly updating of the various project schedule(s).

(b) The Contractor shall only use computerized CPM, in preparing his CPM
Project Schedule and Cost Loaded Project Schedule.
(c) The Contractor's CPM Project Schedule shall include all elements of work
required for construction of the works including the submittal and approval of
shop drawings, materials and equipment, construction, inspection,
remedying defects of the works and acceptance of the works.

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Project Schedule and Payment Control

(d) The contractor's CPM Project Schedule shall be organized accordance with
the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provided by the Engineer. The
Contractor will have the flexibility of developing of other breakdown
structures along with the approved WBS.
(e) The Contractor's CPM Project Schedule shall indicate the interrelationship
with the work of other subcontracts/works and schedule for meeting
milestone dates and to meet the Project Schedule requirements and
completion dates.
(f) The Contractor's CPM Project Schedule(s) shall be updated a minimum of
once a month at joint meeting with the Engineer, the Contractor and SubContractors who may be required to attend.
(g) The duly authorized representative of the Contractor shall sign each
submittal of the Contractor's CPM Project Schedule(s) and these
documents, upon review of the Engineer shall there upon become
incorporated into the Contract Documents for the Project.
(h) Failure of the Contractor to comply with the requirements of this section or if
substantial delay is evident in the Contractor's actual progress, it shall be
grounds for the Engineer to with hold progress payments until the Contractor
is in compliance.
Upon signing the Contract, the Contractor shall designate in writing for the
approval of the Engineer a Contractor's Scheduler who will be responsible for
the content, development and updating of the Contractor's Schedule(s) and Cost
Loaded Project Schedule.
(a) Review of Schedule Requirements
Prior to signing the Contract, the Contractor shall meet with the Engineer to
review the scheduling requirements of the Project. The review will include
the specific requirements of the Contractor regarding restrains and
milestones, including the interrelation with other contracts/subcontracts.
The contractor will present, if any restrains foreseen by himself in his
proposed Project Schedule that may affect the Project Schedule.

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Project Schedule and Payment Control

(b) Intermediate Schedule

Prior to signing the Contract, the Contractor shall develop and submit
intermediate schedule in bar chart format indicating the Contractor's
proposed work program for the initial three months of the Project. The
schedule shall be of adequate detail to indicate all elements of construction
as well as shop drawing submittals permits, material deliveries and other
procurement work items. The approved intermediate schedule shall be
used and updated monthly to plan and monitor progress until the
Contractor's CPM Project Schedule is approved.
(c) CPM Project Schedule
Within 14 days of signing the Contract, the Contractor shall submit his CPM
Project Schedule to show the sequence and inter-dependence of activities
required to complete performance of all items of work under the Contract
and meeting milestone dates as required by the Project Schedule. In
preparing the Contractor's CPM Project Schedule the Contractor shall:

Exercise care to produce a clear, legible an accurate diagram.

Activities related to specific physical areas of the Project should be
grouped on the diagram for ease of understanding and simplification.
The diagram shall show the following for each work activity:



Concise description of the work.

Performance responsibility and trade code.
Performance location or area code.
Duration in working days.
Manpower assignment to activity of work.

Demonstrate work activities in the Contractor's Project Schedule to

have maximum duration of fourteen (14) days with not more that 2%
exceeding these limits, except as to non-construction activities (Such
as procurement of materials, delivery of equipment, etc.)
Include any trade of material restrains to indicate the movement of
trades who are performing the major work.
Supporting Data.

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Project Schedule and Payment Control

(d) Supporting Data

The Contractor shall submit the under mentioned supporting data with the
submittal of his CPM Project Schedule. Any changes in this information
shall be submitted with successive updates and revisions.
1) The proposed number of working days per week Maximum six days
unless approved otherwise by Engineer.
2) The holidays and other non-working days observed during the duration
of the Contract (By date)
3) The planned number of shifts per day (One shift unless approved
otherwise by the Engineer).
4) The number of hours per shift (Maximum eight hours unless approved
otherwise by the Engineer).
5) The planned usage of major construction equipment on the site on a
monthly basis.
6) The planned procurement and delivery of local and imported materials
that must be linked to the Project Schedule to determine required
submittal approval date and material delivery dates.
7) The average weekly manpower usage for each trade to be employed
for the works.
8) Explanation of all changes in logic, in duration's, manpower and
9) Actual start and completion dates of activities already completed.
(e) Activity Details
The Contractor shall utilize an approved computer software scheduling
program that provides as a minimum the following schedule information for
each activity:
Activity identifier(s)
Precedent activity
Activity description
Area of work codes
Responsibility of work code (Sub-Contractor's designated etc.)
Activity duration (Original)
Activity duration (Remaining)
% Completion
Early start date
Early finish date
Late start date
Late finish date
Activity float time
Critical activity identification
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Project Schedule and Payment Control

(f) Reports
The software program shall also the capacity of providing the following
schedule reports:
Total schedule sorted by activity identification
Total schedule sorted by activity float
Total schedule sorted chronologically
Longest Path Report
90-Days Look Ahead Schedule
Schedule by areas of work
Schedule by responsibility
Earner Value Report
Key Performance indicators
Detailed Submittal Schedule
Detailed Procurement Schedule
(g) Summary Schedule
The Contractor shall submit along with his CPM Project Schedule a
Summary Schedule in the bar chart format depicting the major elements of
construction. The Summary Schedule shall summarize the various
activities contained in the CPM Construction Schedule into the major
elements of construction and the interrelationship of these major elements
as well as their relationship to work within the Project Schedule performed
by others as well as the key milestone dates. The summary Schedule shall
be modified to reflect the reviewed CPM Project Schedule and issued with
the approved CPM Project Schedule. The summary Schedule shall be
revised and re-issued whenever there are revisions to the logic of the
reviewed CPM Project Schedule or reviewed revisions to the specified
milestone dates and completion date.
(h) Contractor's Detailed Daily Work Activity Schedule
At monthly intervals and no later than the submittal of the payment request
the Contractor shall submit a separate schedule developed from the
reviewed Contractor's CPM Project Schedule, covering a period of 45 days
and denoting the Contractor's Daily activities and, if necessary, relating to
those of other Contractors.

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Project Schedule and Payment Control


Schedule Submittal Requirements

All Contractors' Project Schedule submittals including revisions and
updates will consist of the following:


One (1) complete set of diagrams from the last reviewed Contractor's
Project Schedule, marked-up in red showing all revisions and changes
in accordance with the monthly meeting and signed by the Contractor.
Narrative report providing the methodology and Contractor's strategy
for executing the full scope of the project.
Three copies of supporting data.
Computer generated schedule(s).
Three back-up copies on 3.5 inch diskettes.

Contractor's Responsibility for completing the work

Failure to include any element of the works, within the schedule(s) required
for the performance of the contract shall not excuse the Contractor from
completing all work required within any applicable completion date of each
phase notwithstanding the Engineer's review of the Contractor's Project


(a) Within seven (7) days of obtaining review (With no comments) of his Project
Schedule, the Contractor shall submit for the Engineer's review a Cost
Loaded Project Schedule with a fully detailed Schedule of Values and all
necessary in the Contractor's Cost Loaded Project Schedule, based upon
the priced Bills of Quantities (Volume II), and the total shall equal the
Contract Price.
(b) The Contractor's Cost Loaded Project Schedule shall be the basis for
calculating interim payments pro-rata to the work performed. The Cost
Loaded Project Schedule and the calculations for the interim payment shall
employ computerized CPM techniques.
(c) Revisions to the Contractor's Project Schedule may require re-allocations
of costs. Revised activity cost data shall be submitted with the updated
Schedule of Values.
(d) No single activity shall have a cost allocation greater than Dhs.200,000/(U.A.E. Dirham Two Hundred Thousand only) except procurement items as
may be provided in the Bills of Quantities, or where the Engineer has
approved greater cost allocations for specific activities.
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Project Schedule and Payment Control

(e) Within seven (7) days of the approval of Contractor's cost Loaded Project
Schedule, The Contractor shall provide the Engineer with a Forecast of
Cumulative monthly values of approved work in the place based on the Early
Finish and the Late Finish.

Schedule review meeting will be held twice each month at which time the
Contractor's schedule(s) will be reviewed and updated. Those attending this
meeting shall include the Engineer, other Consultants, the Contractor, SubContractors and other Contractors as required. At the alternative meeting,
which occurs immediately before the agreed payment cutoff date, the
Contractor shall have his copy of the Cost Loaded Project Schedule and all
other data required by the Contract Documents accurately filled in and
completed prior to this meeting. Work progress and the Project Schedules
will be reviewed to verify:
1) Actual start and finish dates of completed activities during update
2) Remaining durations and percentage of completion for all activities not
3) Logic, time and cost data for Variations Order work that will be
incorporated into the Contractor's CPM Project Schedule and Cost
Loaded Constriction Schedule.
4) Interim payment due to the Contractor based on percentage
completion of activities in the reviewed Cost Loaded Project Schedule.
5) Contractor's measures to rectify delays from the planned dates.


Within five (5) days after receipt of notice from the Engineer, the Contractor
will submit an updated Contractor's CPM Project Schedule for any of the
following reasons:
1) With delay in completion of any activity or group of activities indicates
an overrun of the Contract Time to milestone requirement, by 14 days
or ten percent (10%) of the remaining duration, whichever is less.
2) When delays in submittals or deliveries or work stoppage are
encountered which make re-planning or scheduling of the work
3) When the schedule does not represent the actual execution and
progress of the works as being performed in the field.


Acceptance of the updated Contractor's CPM Project Schedule and all

supporting data is contingent upon compliance with all articles of this article
and any other previous agreements or requirements made with or by the
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Project Schedule and Payment Control


A. Request for Adjustment in Milestone Dates and Completion Dates.
The Contract Time for completion of the works or specified milestone dates
will be adjusted only for causes specified in this Contract. In the event the
Contractor requests an adjustment of the Contract Time or specified
milestone dates, he shall furnish such justification, and supporting data as
the Engineer may deem necessary for evaluation by the Employer as to
whether or not the Contractor will be entitled to an adjustment of Contract
Time or specified milestone dates under the provision of the Contract.
Submission of proof based in revised activity logic, durations and costs is
obligatory with any request.
The Contractor shall submit with every request, his CPM Project Schedule
whenever the actual field progress of work does not conform to currently
accepted Project Schedule in force at the time of the alleged delay.
Till then the Contractor may choose to reflect the requested amount of
time/date adjustment in his CPM Project Schedule, he will do so at his own
risk. Such reflection of time/date adjustment shall only serve the purpose of
monitoring the schedule of the works until such time as the Engineer has
made the final determination as to any adjustment of the Contract Time or
milestone dates. The Contractor will revise his CPM Project Schedule
thereafter in accordance with the Engineer's decision and act and perform
the works accordingly.
B. Variation orders/Site Instructions
The Contractor shall incorporate into the reviewed (With no comments)
CPM Project Schedule all approved Variations Orders and Site Instructions.
They should be incorporated as separate activity (IES) into the CPM
Project Schedule in their logical sequence of work. All requests for
extensions of time and/or change in milestone dates associated with
approved Variation Orders and/or Site Instructions shall be based on the
effect the Site Instruction and/pr Variation Order has on the reviewed (With
no comments) CPM Project Schedule and shall be subject to the conditions
of article 1(7)-A above.

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Project Schedule and Payment Control


The Employer has established Primavera Project Planner 3.1 (Only latest
version to be used) Management software as the standard scheduling
application for this project. This software shall be used to develop all CPM
Project Schedules.
Further, the Employer has established Expedition Project Control 7.5 (Only
latest version to be used) Contract Administration software as the project
document administration and control application for this project. This software
shall be used to in generate project's communication (Letters, RFI, Meeting
Minutes, Daily Reports, etc.) and managing the material and shop drawings
The Contractor shall provide the Engineer with copies of data information of the
reviewed Contractor's CPM Project Schedule and Cost Loaded Project
Schedule. This information shall be provided on floppy diskettes compatible for
use on the Engineer's computer system.

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