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KPMG is an ambitious rm and we want
people to join us who are ambitious about
their future. This brochure will provide an
insight into our rm and how people, like
you, turn their ambition into reality.
We provide unsurpassed professional
services to Irish and international
organisations. The strength of our
brand is determined by every
individual in our rm. Talented
people come and work for KPMG,
and we nurture that talent.

Terence ORourke, Managing Partner

KPMG is the most

attractive option for bright,
ambitious graduates.

For me and my colleagues,

it continues to be both a
pleasure and a privilege to
know that KPMG is the most
attractive option for bright,
ambitious graduates. This
has been, and continues
to be, a critical element
of our success.

For you, KPMG brings opportunity and

challenge. The opportunity to work in
different locations both in Ireland and
abroad as part of the KPMG network.
The opportunity to work with leading
multinationals, public and privately-owned
businesses and start-up companies. The
opportunity to work in a high performing
organisation where you will work with the
very best people and have the opportunity to
be involved in a vast array of projects, large
and small, in Ireland and overseas. You will
have access to the very best training to allow
you to continually upgrade your skills. And
where you will be challenged and supported
at this most critical stage in your career.
Are you ready to grasp this opportunity? Are
you up for the challenge? Are you a business
leader of tomorrow? If so, we look forward to
having you join our rm.







Robert and Sydney Stokes establish

the rm of Stokes Brothers

J. Harold Pim joins the rm and the

name is changed to Stokes Bros. & Pim

The rm of Kennedy Crowley & Co. is established

by Vincent Crowley and Peter Kennedy

Kennedy Crowley & Co.

is merged with Forsyth & Co.

Stokes Kennedy Crowley & Co. is formed and employs

over 350 people with ofces in Dublin and Cork

The rm establishes
an ofce in Belfast


01 Why should you choose KPMG?

03 Audit
05 Tax
07 Advisory


> Restructuring & Forensic

> Corporate Finance


> Performance & Technology

and Risk & Compliance
> Transaction Services



15 Some of our clients and the

industries we operate in
17 Our People
18 KPMG International
19 Compensation & Benets


20 KPMG Business School

23 Corporate Social Responsibility


24 Sports & Social

25 See how your career can grow
27 Application process & top tips


28 Meet the team & locations






The rm becomes the Irish representative of the

international accountancy organisation,
Peat Marwick International

The rm establishes an
ofce in Galway

The rm is part of the worlds rst

accountancy mega-merger when it becomes
the Irish national practice of KPMG

KPMG in Ireland is joined by Andersen

partners and staff leading to an enlargement
of the rm

With 1750 employees at present, KPMG continues to be a

leading provider of professional services in Ireland

The people here are second to none.
Ive learnt so much, in such a short space of time.
Alison Carbery, Trainee

Ive built up great knowledge working with so

many big companies and senior managers.
Niamh McKenna, Trainee

Here you get to work on a broad range of

industries, even within a specic group.
Matt Coughlan, Trainee

The support you get is fantastic, I settled in so quickly.

Aisling Meagher, Trainee

d th

Ad i

D bli

KPMG has a great sporting scene with

rugby, golf, GAA, hockey and ski clubs.
Stephen ODwyer, Trainee

Every year, our exam results are far better

than the national average.
Nicola Butler, Trainee

KPMGs study leave is really

fantastic. I was able to set myself
up for the exams.
Stuart Cinnamond, Trainee

KPMG gives you the opportunity to work with very

interesting clients, both in Ireland and abroad.
Niall ODea, Trainee

You get the best training with KPMG.

Sophie Carton, Trainee
www.kpmg.ie/careers 2

Audit... what we do
KPMGs Audit practice is one of the
largest in Ireland, with 30 partners and
950 professional staff. KPMG serves
clients in all industries, including Financial
Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy,
Government, Aviation, Engineering
and Pharmaceutical.

The experience we offer you

Starting your career in KPMGs Audit
practice can provide you with:

A broad range of experiences
XA challenge
XA great insight into business

At KPMG, you will work with many

of Irelands top companies and gain
an incredible breadth and depth of
experience. You will be part of a KPMG
team, usually working at the clients

premises, continuously acquiring and

sharing knowledge with fellow team
members. The work is intellectually
challenging, requiring you to exercise
professional judgement.
Communication and interpersonal skills
are key, as you will interact with different
people at all levels in order to fully
understand the clients business.
As an auditor with KPMG, you dont just
learn about our organisation. You will
need to gain a thorough understanding
of the clients business and how they
operate. Starting a career at KPMG
has been the platform for many high
prole business leaders, so why
not you?
At KPMG, education and your
success are paramount, so you
will have the support of an
in-depth education programme
with on-the-job coaching
and mentoring.
We invite you to join our
Audit team, and encourage
you to reach your potential
and take the next step
in fullling your career

Niamh McKenna, Trainee, Audit | Conor Yearsley, Trainee, Audit


Niamh McKenna

DCU - Business Studies Degree

Joined KPMG in 2010
When I joined KPMG, I found the move from
university life to work life quite challenging.
However, the best thing about KPMG is
denitely the people and the support network
that is here. No one is ever too busy to help
you out. As a rst year in Audit, youll be
mentored by a person who has recently
qualied as a chartered accountant and a
person who has joined one year before
you. This has been great for my personal
and professional development because
I have just learnt so much from them.

to he
ex wo
er rk
cis is
e ch
pr a
of lle
es ng
sio in
na g,
l ju req
dg uiri
em ng
en you

what I do

Away from the ofce I have a number

of interests and hobbies such as
travelling, walking and socialising
with friends. I also have a keen
interest in team sports. This photo
was taken during a work event in
Lansdowne Road.

www.kpmg.ie/careers 4

Tax... what we do
In KPMGs Tax practice, our role is to
monitor and anticipate changes to tax
legislation, in Ireland and abroad, and to
respond quickly with creative advice
tailored to our clients commercial

With 400 tax professionals in Ireland,

our strength and depth in tax is
unrivalled. We are the market
leader, with our 40 partners and
their teams advising clients in the
Energy, Telecommunications,
Financial Services, Property,
Manufacturing, Food and Drink,
the Knowledge Economy and
the Distribution sectors, as
well as having a very large
Private Client practice.

The experience we
offer you

Jed Kelly, Director, Tax | Ciara Wrafter, Trainee, Tax


As a tax adviser with

KPMG, you will be
analysing problems,
researching issues,
making decisions,
wisdom, and

concepts clearly, as you advise clients on

how to make the best business decisions in
light of scal changes and developments.
Our advice spans many areas, such as:
Mergers and acquisitions
XDisposals of assets
International transactions

(such as the sale, lease-back

and securitisation of aircraft)
Maximising tax reliefs on gifts

and inheritances
Tax reporting obligations

At KPMG, tax is not seen as an isolated

discipline it is an integral part of every
business. Our professionals need to have
a wide range of business skills. For this
reason, if you join our Tax practice, your
rst objective will be to achieve your
chartered accountancy qualication. On top
of that, you will develop skills in taxation by
undertaking the Irish Taxation Institute or
the Chartered Tax Consultant examinations.
You will liaise with colleagues in the KPMG
international network, manage the tax
implications of transactions in several
jurisdictions and develop your international
tax experience. You may also have the
opportunity to gain valuable experience
working in our overseas ofces.

what II do
Ciara Wrafter

UCD - Business & Legal Studies Degree

and Smurt Masters in Accounting
Joined KPMG in 2009
As a second year trainee, I work directly with
different managers in preparing the corporation
tax returns for a number of clients, ranging
from small private Irish companies to large
multinationals. I also do advisory work and
I recently completed a tax due diligence
project with my manager. Since joining
KPMG I have been amazed by the excellent
support system that is in place. My
manager and mentor really helped me
to settle in.
Its not all work though, there are lots of
work nights out and some weekends
away. As well as everything else, I like
to travel.
This is a photo of me on my recent
trip to Rome!

We advise clients on
how to make the best
business decisions.
www.kpmg.ie/careers 6

The Restructuring & Forensic (R&F)
practice offers businesses in difculty
a clear way forward. We identify
problems, provide analysis and
facilitate in the development and
implementation of business
While working alongside lenders,
stakeholders and all levels of
management, our team of over
65 professionals plan and
deliver approaches to improve
cash ow, protability
and long-term survival

The experience we
offer you

James Sharkey, Trainee, Restructuring & Forensic


Your role as part of

our Restructuring &
Forensic team will
be challenging and
rewarding. You
will be engaged
in a wide range
of assignments
that will provide
exposure to
a number of

These assignments include:

Advising companies in nancial

Formulating turnaround strategies
Insolvency appointments
Litigation support on contract disputes

and claims
Investigation services, including

fraud, nancial misstatement and

Extensive training will complement
your on-the-job experience as you
work towards achieving your chartered
accountancy qualication.
Graduates gain exposure to nancial
analysis, company legislation and projectmanagement skills while learning to
deal with a range of difcult and delicate
situations. By the time you qualify as
a chartered accountant, you will have
a strong foundation for a successful
professional career in a variety of roles.

Extensive training
will complement your
on-the-job experience.

what I do
James Sharkey

Restructuring & Forensic

UCD - Commerce Degree
Joined KPMG in 2011
Restructuring & Forensic is an extremely busy and
fast paced department. Since joining, I have been
involved with a variety of engagements such as
Receiverships, Liquidations and Internal Business
Reviews. I have gained great experience through
working on these projects which has enabled
me to take on more responsibility. The nature of
work ensures that you are always challenged
and, as no two projects are ever the same, this
ensures you are always learning on-the-job.
The learning curve has been steep at KPMG
but, with the help of all my colleagues,
continuous technical training and coaching,
I feel I have come a long way in a short
space of time.
I have a keen interest in sports and
KPMG offers many opportunities to
participate in a number of different
sporting events throughout the year.
I joined the KPMG golf society which
has been great for meeting new
people and playing some of the
countrys best courses.

www.kpmg.ie/careers 8


Corporate Finance
KPMGs Corporate Finance (CF) practice
is a leading adviser in the Irish market,
advising on transactions of national and
international signicance.
Our team of 55 professionals provide
advice to leading entrepreneurs,
businesses and government bodies in

the areas of nancing, infrastructure,

valuations, mergers and acquisitions.

The experience we offer you

A career with KPMGs Corporate Finance
practice will be both challenging and
dynamic. The skills and training we
provide will support you in becoming a

key business adviser. Working in

Corporate Finance will offer you
experience in the following areas:
Financing businesses, including

restructuring bank debt

Advising on public and private

infrastructure projects
Advising clients on business

purchases, disposals and

management buy-outs
Valuing businesses for mergers

and acquisitions, transactions,

shareholder disputes and
tax planning
KPMGs Corporate Finance
practice offers excellent
development opportunities.
Your individual training plan,
combined with on-the-job
interaction and exposure to
leading professionals in the
business community,
will help fulll your career

Lauren Kerr, Trainee, Corporate Finance


Lauren Kerr

Corporate Finance
UCD - Commerce
International Degree
Joined KPMG in 2009
In Corporate Finance, I quickly found
out that the work I do inuences the
decisions of major industry players.
Thankfully, at KPMG, there is always
someone who has been in your shoes
and they are more than willing to show
you the ropes. The technical training
that I got, particularly in areas such
as nancial modelling, was really
valuable and has allowed me to take
on much greater responsibility within
team projects. Theres also great
support for people in achieving their
professional qualications, which has
been really benecial in helping me
prepare for my nal exams
this autumn.

The work I do i
of major
stry the
pla de
ye cis
rs. io

what I do


Outside of work, I try to t in as much

as possible. I love meeting up and
socialising with friends and I generally
get involved in anything that means
fun. I also really enjoy travelling
this is a shot of me in Bolivia on the
Salt Mines.

www.kpmg.ie/careers 10

We offer clients a portfolio of business
transformation capabilities. Our
Performance & Technology (P&T)
professionals combine skills in nance,
technology and operations, with
strengths in IT strategy, outsourcing,
business transformation and
business intelligence to help our
clients succeed.

The experience we offer you

A career in KPMGs
Performance & Technology
practice will be dynamic and
challenging. It will provide you
with the opportunity to build
on the skills and knowledge
you gained in college.
Combining these skills
with our tailored training
programme and practical
experience working
with some of Irelands
leading Performance
and Technology
will lead to you
becoming a
key business
Terence ODonoghue, Trainee, Performance & Technology and Risk & Compliance


Our advice spans many areas, such as:

XProviding nancial and operational

performance solutions
Identifying performance improvement

opportunities, prioritising them,

estimating their values, designing
solutions, implementing them and
realising their benets
Leading cross-function improvement

initiatives; recovering projects at risk

of overrun/failure
Procuring, preparing and managing the

transition of outsourcing services

Aligning conicting business priorities to

transformational roadmaps enabled by

Identifying and developing IT-driven

Designing organisational models that

link structures, roles and governance to

corporate strategy
Outsourcing projects, managing

systems integrators and performing

project assurance reviews
IT strategy and organisation

business strategy

For business to succeed in todays

changing world, it needs to take direct
control of risk. To achieve this, it needs
to embed risk into important decisions
and day-to-day operations, channelling it
proactively and positively to create real
business value.
Using a wide variety of technical and
sector-specic skills, KPMGs Risk &
Compliance (R&C) team actively helps
clients increase prots whilst reducing
reputational, operational, nancial and
other risks. We address diverse issues
including; fraud, regulatory compliance,
risk frameworks and modelling, capital
efciency, corporate governance, dispute
resolution, deriving value from contracts
and many more.

The experience we offer you

A career within R&C will be varied and
demanding. It will provide you with
the opportunity to build upon skills and
knowledge gained in college. Combining
your skills with our tailored training
programme and on-the-job experience
will enable you to become a key business
adviser of the future.

Our advice spans many areas, such as:

XActuarial Advisory Services
XAnti-Money Laundering and Sanctions


t I

XDispute Advisory Services
XFinancial Risk Management

- Credit Portfolio Management

- Asset Management Valuations
XFraud and Financial Misconduct
XAnti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance
XCorporate Intelligence
XEconomic and Regulatory Advice
XIntellectual Property and Contract
XRegulatory Risk Management in the
Financial Sector
XRisk and Compliance Technology
You will receive the necessary support to
become a trusted business and technical
adviser, providing our clients with
practical advice and quality service.

Terence ODonoghue
 and R

UCC - Business Information Systems

Degree and Masters in Business
Joined KPMG in 2010
Since joining KPMG, I have worked for
clients in the banking and nancial services
industry. This has given me the opportunity
to gain an insight into some of the core
issues that affect banks today. Ive helped
to implement a new regulatory requirement
for a large international bank as well
as improve some of their key business
processes. Ive helped another company
ensure they have adequate controls in
place to monitor access to their business
critical systems.
At KPMG, theres always so much going on
and great things to get involved with. We
have regular group social events, and just
recently we went to Belfast on a treasure
hunt weekend.

www.kpmg.ie/careers 12

Transaction Services
In Transaction Services (TS), we help
purchasers or vendors of businesses
to plan and execute transactions. We
also assist quoted companies with their
stock exchange reporting obligations on
signicant transactions.
KPMGs Transaction Services
practice can be distinguished by our

understanding of how deals can create

and reduce value, and our ability to deploy
this knowledge to the advantage of our
Life in Transaction Services is varied and
dynamic. Our team of 40 professionals,
are heavily involved in a wide range of
deals in Ireland and abroad.

The experience we offer you

A career with KPMGs Transaction
Services practice places you at the heart
of the biggest business transactions in
the Irish market. It is an exciting and
dynamic environment where you watch
successful businesses develop and grow.
Our services include:
Transaction evaluation
XVendor-initiated due diligence
XStock Exchange reporting
XVendor assistance

Our services are normally

provided by multi-disciplinary
teams. You will therefore be
working closely with colleagues
from Tax, Risk & Compliance,
Restructuring & Forensic
and industry professionals
throughout KPMG.
Joining Transaction
Services provides you
with exciting career
prospects at the core
of the deals that shape
the Irish corporate
Elaine OBrien, Trainee, Transaction Services


TCD - Business and Economics Degree

Joined KPMG in 2010
I joined Transaction Services as I was attracted to
the high prole deals which they carry out and the
breadth of the experience available due to working
with clients in all different sectors. I was keen to
work on a range of commercial deals involving
organisations in all stages of their development
and to be provided with a better understanding
of the business world. Since joining the team in
TS, I had the opportunity to work on company
acquisitions, due diligence projects and stock
exchange listings for high prole clients. The
work is varied and interesting and always at
the forefront of business in Ireland.



Elaine OBrien
Transaction Services

tr ..at
an t
sa he
ct he
io a
ns rt
in of
th th
e eb
Iri i
sh gg
m est

what I do

I love to travel and have even had the

opportunity to work in New York and
California with KPMG. I hope to enhance
my global career in the coming years
within the rm. Heres a shot of me
in the States while on the Global
Internship Programme.

www.kpmg.ie/careers 14

Some of our clients and the

Food and Drink

Financial Services

Retail and Leisure


Property and Construction


industries we operate in...




Energy and Natural Resources

Technology and Telecoms

www.kpmg.ie/careers 16

Our People
At KPMG, our people are fundamental
to the success of our business.
To join us, you must have the drive
and determination to succeed in the
current business environment. In
return, we can provide an open,
supportive culture, the potential for
a varied career path, and plenty of
responsibility from the start of
your career.

Colm Gorman, Partner, Human Resources

KPMG has a strong people focus.

We place the highest value on
providing our people with every
support needed to develop a
successful and exciting career
with our rm.

KPMG has a strong people focus.

We place the highest value on providing
our people with every support needed
to develop a successful and exciting career
with our rm.

We invest in our future by investing in you.

KPMG will provide all of the necessary
requirements to business and non-business
graduates to be successful. Our investment
in learning and personal development is
designed to create a platform of success in
achieving your professional qualication.
Alongside your on-the-job learning, you can
expect to attend thorough induction and
training programmes designed to help you
get to where you want to be.
As professionals, we place a strong
emphasis on teamwork, leadership, respect,
honesty and integrity.
These are key determinants of our drive
to ensure that KPMG is an attractive and
appealing place to work.
Im condent that KPMG can offer you
a challenging and rewarding career.

Andrew Cott
er at the Go
Gate Bridge
, San Francis

Robert Costello on seco
is pictured here trekking

artin dment in
e G
Clair s on se lia.
frien y, Austr

Emma Little enjoying

St. Patricks Day on
secondment in Chicago.

International travel expands your horizons.

It gives fresh perspective and the opportunity
to learn from others. Thats why we make it easy
for you to move around at KPMG.
Many of our clients have a global outlook which
means we need people who are both global thinkers
and globally mobile.
KPMGs global network of member rms operate in
150 countries worldwide. We assist our employees to
travel by operating a Global Opportunities Programme.
Openings under the programme range from short-term
assignments of up to 3 months through to long-term
engagements of 2 to 3 years duration. In the last
12 months we had over 100 employees avail of the
Global Opportunities Programme in Ireland.

the C the
e on
Alex Clare, whil programm
Moher ,nternsh

sig rad
Ch ts a urle
wit na w t th y en
h K hile e G joyi
G. on s reat g the
eco Wa
me l of

www.kpmg.ie/careers 18

At KPMG, we offer a market-leading
compensation package through our Core
Benefits, Flexible Benefits and Wellbeing

X 3pm finish on Fridays before bank

holiday weekends

X Purchase of additional annual leave

X Medical and dental plans

X Subsidised staff restaurant

X Tax-saver commuter tickets

X Enhanced maternity leave pay

X Provision for AVCs to your pension

Core Benefits

X Professional subscriptions paid

X Cycle to work scheme

In addition to a competitive salary, we

offer the following benefits:

Flexible Benefits

X Access to KPMGs pension scheme

X Disability and death in service benefits

KPMG operates a flexible benefits plan,

which allows you to tailor your benefits
to suit your personal circumstances. The
benefits covered under this plan are:

Wellbeing Programme
This programme has been designed to
support you in the management of your
personal and work life. The programme
focuses on three core areas:
Physical Wellbeing
X Flu vaccinations
X VDU eye testing

Emotional Wellbeing

Employee assistance

X Flexible working arrangements

Financial Wellbeing
X Third-party financial advice
X Employee discounts on

gym membership, AA
membership, driving
lessons and on-site dry
cleaning services


KPMG Business School

A successful professional career demands
ongoing learning and development. At
KPMG, we invest substantial resources in
the professional and personal development
of our people to make them feel challenged
and inspired.
We recently launched the KPMG Business
School in Ireland which reects our ongoing
commitment to our peoples development.

Its a powerful combination that covers:

X Technical training
X Professional exam support programme
X Leadership and business skills
X Performance management

and coaching
X Celebration of key milestones

As you pursue your development,

you can monitor progress and
obtain feedback through our
performance management
We have an extensive
range of on-line eLearning
training courses available
to supplement classroom
training. In addition, our
Virtual Classroom courses
allow you to attend training
delivered by international

The KPMG Business School brings all

aspects of training together and offers
learning that goes beyond the classroom.
It offers one of the strongest, most
comprehensive learning and development
packages youll nd anywhere.

Whatever your
aspirations, we are
condent that you will
be provided with the
necessary support
to be successful
at every stage of
your career.

www.kpmg.ie/careers 20



The KPMG Business School is where

you will nd the technical, leadership
and business skills you require to
reach your full potential, enhance your
career and meet our clients needs.
The opportunities available through the
Business School along with your on-thejob learning opportunities will continue to
be key to your growth and development
throughout your time in KPMG.

Technical Training
Our extensive induction to the rm will
include all aspects of accounting, nancial
reporting and role specic skills.

New joiners will receive briengs from

business leaders and partners on how
businesses operate and the challenges
that industries face. The technical training
is complemented by a well structured
on-the-job development programme to
ensure both knowledge and skills are
being developed to a challenging and high
Our professional exam support
programme also falls under technical skills.
We recognise that, on joining us, one of
your main objectives will be to achieve
your rst professional qualication. To
help ensure you excel in your professional

exams, we have in place an extensive

exam support programme and dedicated
HR people to manage all of your needs.
Our exam support programme will
assist you in the preparation for your
professional qualications and ensure that
you are applying good exam techniques
to maximise your opportunity for
success. Our programmes include study
skills, subject-specic revision classes
and exam-preparation tutorials. These
programmes are presented by senior
staff who share their knowledge and
experience. Our programme continues
to evolve to reect the developments
in the Chartered Accountants Ireland

Leadership Skills
This includes providing you with the
means to understand yourself as a
potential business leader of tomorrow,
providing you with opportunities to
develop and apply the skills you need for
your role and broaden your perspective.
Our leadership skills programme includes
all aspects of leading, self-management
and professional skills such as writing,


presenting and the IT skills you need to
be effective. In your rst year, you can
expect to attend workshops on Client
Services, Business Communications and
Presenting for Success, to name just
a few. Our IT training programme will
cover the skills you will need to use the
KPMG specic applications competently,
together with additional MS Ofce


Exam Success
The success of our training investment
can be seen in the results achieved in
our professional exams. Our overall
success rate is signicantly higher
than the national average and over
the last year, our people secured
the following top placings:

Business Skills

ACA exams

Our business training includes industryspecic training through to relationship

building skills. We will provide you with
the necessary expertise for attracting,
building and growing current and future
client relationships. Depending on the
function or business unit you join within
KPMG, you will receive industry specic
training to ensure you understand the
business models and challenges our
clients face in their particular industry.

X CAP 1 2011

1st, 3rd, 7th, Joint 8th Place

X CAP 2 2011

4th, 6th Place

X FAE 2010

7th, 10th Place

AITI exams
X Part 2 2011

1st Place
X Part 3 2011

1st, 2nd,
3rd Place

www.kpmg.ie/careers 22

At KPMG, we aim to contribute positively to our society and create a sustainable
business future. The desire to give something back is a particularly strong feature of
our people and is evident in the large number of projects were involved in.
We have a wide variety of education programme volunteer opportunities such as Junior
Achievement, mentoring students from CBS Westland Row, homework clubs and the
Get Cents programme.
KPMG sponsors Young Social Innovators, which involves thousands of transition year
students showcasing projects that tackle social issues such as homelessness, eating
disorders and suicide.
Since 2007, we have reduced our carbon footprint by over 10% with initiatives such as
moving to renewable energy, focusing on recycling and promoting sustainable travel.
Charitable Support
One of our chosen charities is Hospice Africa Ireland. We have funded a new clinical
building in a hospice in Uganda, which provides care and support for people suffering
with illness in extreme poverty. As well as supporting other charities, we also give time
off to employees wishing to do voluntary work.
Our employee based Project Bright initiative encourages staff to identify social issues
and then come up with unique solutions that would make a real difference. The
objectives of the programme are to get staff more involved in community initiatives.
The programme also allows employees to travel to Africa and spend two weeks
working as part of a team in the third world.


It is our goal that everyone at KPMG
should achieve a personal and
professional balance in their life. We
have always had a reputation as an
enjoyable place to work, and we try to
live up to it. Sporting and social events
happen throughout the year, providing
the opportunity to interact and socialise
with colleagues across the rm.
Our social activities include team-away
days, nights out, Christmas parties,
table quizzes, concerts, theatre and
sporting events.
We have a strong sporting culture
at KPMG. We participate in intracorporate hockey, soccer and tag rugby
leagues, GAA matches, golf events,
tennis tournaments and athletics
On an international level, we compete
in annual tournaments against
other KPMG rms. These hockey,
tennis, soccer, volleyball and rugby
tournaments are really great fun and
are a good way to meet colleagues
from our ofces overseas.

www.kpmg.ie/careers 24

In practice: Commencingg yoour careeer with KP
PMG givess you
u the
e opp
to progress in
n professio
onal servvices. The caareer path in KP
PMG affo
ords grad
the opportuniity to prog
gress into
o manaageme
ent affter fo
our yearrs..
Darina Barrett - Partner: I joined KPMG as a trainee in 1988 and was
elected partner in 1999. I enjoy being a leader of professionals who excel
in an innovative and challenging marketplace. At KPMG, peoples talents
are challenged and developed each day in providing services to leading
local and global nancial services companies.
David Morran - Dire
ectorr: I joined
MG in
n 200
01 fro
om colle
I progresse
ed throug
gh the ranks and was promo
d to
o director lastt
year. The dynamicc work environ
nment, co
ned witth the
e rela
young ag
ge prole, hass alw
ways appeaaled to me an
nd I have
e maade gre
friends at the rm
m. Acchie
eving promotion
n to direcctor wass a sourcce of
ous perso
onal prid
de and
d fullmen
Eimear McGuire - Associate Director: Having joined KPMG in
2002 as a trainee straight from college, I was promoted to
associate director last year. At KPMG, hard work and smart
thinking are encouraged and rewarded. In my view, we employ
some of the brightest people in the country. This has allowed
us to win fantastic business and to work with great companies.
Niall Bucckley - Manag
ger: I joine
G in
n 2005 as a
trainee and was promo
oted to maanag
ger in 201
10. Each of us
are prov
vided wiith new
w and
d diffe
nt daaily challen
s from
which we consstanttlyy learn
n and
d build on, making
g us reaadyy
and ab
ble for th
he nexxt chaalleng
ge th
hat liies ahead.

In industry: Businesss leaderrs know

w that a good foundaatio
on to any caree
er is
the ACA qualication with KPM
MG. He
ere are som
me bussinesss leaaders wh
ho jo
KPMG as graduates an
nd are
e no
ow lead
ding industrry pro
Deirdre Somers - CEO, Irish Stock Exchange, joined KPMG in 1987:
Joining KPMG was the best career decision I ever made. Even now, several
years later, I constantly call upon the experience I gained while with KPMG
and on the considerable network of colleagues. KPMG is incredibly
challenging, but what you learn remains with you throughout your career.
Patrick Ken
nnedy - CEO, Pa
addy Power, joiined KPM
MG in 1991:
I had a great time at KPM
MG.. It waas, in manyy wayys, an exxten
n of
university many of my classmattes joined KPM
MG, we were
e still
studying, there were
e various KPM
MG sp
ports team
ms an
nd we
e we
ere also
very well traained, gained exxcellen
nt expe
nce, and were
e paaid a few
quid for the pleasure
Ross Timmons - Financial Controller, Sony Music Ireland, joined
KPMG in 2005: KPMGs focus on an individuals personal growth
and development, as well as the enhancement of technical skills,
are an invaluable stepping stone for those who ultimately wish to
move into industry. Without doubt, the experience gained during
my time in KPMG has stood to me in my career to date.

Aoife OBrien - EM
A Finan
ncial Analyst,, Go
oogle, join
KPMG in 2007: Having traine
ed as a ch
ered acccountan
nt, the
technical expertise
e I gain
ned was a great fo
on to fu
ons. At KPM
MG, pe
eople are
e morre thaan willin
my career ambitio
to share th
heir expe

www.kpmg.ie/careers 26

XApply online at www.kpmg.ie/careers
XPresentation evening
If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend a
presentation evening and an assessment day.
The presentation evening is a chance for you to meet with lots
of our employees and learn more about KPMG.
XAssessment day
The assessment day includes a business exercise and two
We endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible after
your assessment day.

Preparation and success

Use your application form as a starting point of your
Prepare a 60 second pitch about yourself. Be prepared to
speak about your interests, work experience, college.
Career motivation is key. Prepare answers about
why you are interested in this specic role, KPMG,
accountancy, business.
When answering questions, use examples from work,
college and extra-curricular activities.
XBe up-to-date on recent business news and events.
Open and close the interview strongly. Greet your
interviewer with a smile and rm handshake. Ask
questions at the end and reiterate that you are
really interested in the role.


Application closing dates

Thursday 13 October 2011 for NUIG
Wednesday 19 October 2011

for all other Republic of Ireland universities

Friday 28 October 2011 for Northern Ireland


Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland

Paul Vance
Head of Resourcing

Rita Stevely
Graduate Recruitment

: paul.vance@kpmg.ie
: +353 1 700 4075

: rita.stevely@kpmg.ie
: +44 28 9089 3701

: denise.treanor@kpmg.ie
: +353 1 410 2287

1 Stokes Place,
St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2

Annmarie Fogarty
College Recruiter

1 Harbourmaster Place,
IFSC, Dublin 1

: annmarie.fogarty@kpmg.ie
: +353 1 410 2513

90 South Mall, Cork


KPMG is a leading provider of professional

services in Ireland. We provide a broad range
of services to our domestic and international
clients. Our rm has 86 partners and 1,750
people in ofces in Dublin, Cork, Galway
and Belfast. We welcome applications from
graduates for each of these ofces in the
areas of Audit, Tax and Advisory.
The details of our locations are
outlined below.

Denise Treanor
Lead College Recruiter




Odeon House, Eyre Square, Galway
Stokes House,
17-25 College Square East,
Belfast BT1 6DH

www.kpmg.ie/careers 28

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