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: Wahyu Fahrul

NIM : 29116013
Class: YP 55 B
Ford Fiesta Movement
The reason why Ford Fiesta movement was successfull could be
analyzed from its Strategy, Targeting and positioning strategy. But what
makes those strategy successfull was its accurate and sophisticated
brand promotion execution based on its STP strategy.
The Ford try to segregate its market to find the most appropriate
segment for Its new car, Ford Fiesta. Ford knew what is to be done in
this situation where the buyer of the new car in the market was
diminishing and the average price of new car was increasing. It means
that the economic condition was tough and people didn t buy new car as
much as before. For try to introduce Ford Fiesta, the low cost green car
which could be an answer. In US market itself, the segment for cars were
divided by four segment. Ford fiesta was segment B. Interior Volume is
85-99.9 metre cubic.
Having comeback from a decade of hibernating, Ford try to target the
most lucrative segment in its market. The Milennials 14-29 age groups.
They were tech savvy, culturally diverse, include men and women, and
city dwellers. Ford Fiesta was targeting appropriate segment, first
because it is lucrative and it is matched with the Fiesta brand
association. Even though in this segment Ford Fiesta has lots of a
competitor and choosing head to head, it is still appropriate because
Ford have pretty strong brand equity and excellent and unique
promotion execution which will discussed later in this part of

Ford position itself as fun, cool and hip. Ford has lots of competitor,
mainly Honda and toyota. They are major player there. Ford Fiestas
positioning as fun, cool and hip was the appropriate positioing because it
matched with its target segments age group which have tech savvy,
culturally diverse, include men and women, and city dwellers traits.

Promotion Strategy
The key success other than appropriate STP strategy was its Ford Fiesta
promotion, the so called Ford Fiesta movement. The promotion strategy
was carefully chosen, alligned with the STP strategy of the Ford Fiesta.
They choose social media as their main vehicle in promotion, which
deemed by the most as risky and brusque. But thats the success. They
knew their target segment is, and they know how to position their brand.
It is sophisticated, well executed, and becomes viral.
One of the risk of viral marketing strategy is that the information
spread out about the brand is uncontrolled. Ford fiesta could have a bad
review from those of its agents, but they control it well. They able to
control the information so it would not become a mutant. Other than
that, some factors that contribute are:
1 The information powers are shifting. In the old days, companies hold
the powers but today customer hold more the information powers.
Choosing social media was appropriate in this context of powers of
2 Secondly, the target group are young people with energetic,
unique,fun, hip and cool. Most of them are tech savvy which access
social media. It could be more often than television itself as traditional
media informatioon vehicle. Choosing social media to suit the target
groups most used media were appropriate.
3 Ford Fiesta campaign was so personal by using agents, not directly
from company. Because of the agents, the experience feels personal
and authentic to the market.
4 The mission given were carefully chosen, to reflect the performance
and value of the product. It is an excellent way to show the value by
ford fiesta

There are many that contribute to the success of the campaign but
mainly it is because of the synchronization beetween excellent strategy
and tactic of the Fords marketing team. Unique, creative and out of the
box marketing campaign, aligned with the appropriate segmenting,
targeting and positioning could create impactful result for the marketing