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Author : shabana_s02@infosys.

This is my first story . Comments are welcome..
Chapter - 1
Hey Pooja , Get up. Its 4 already. You have to be ready in 2 hrs !!! my mom was not
screaming this time but a pleasant wake up.
Mom , its just 4. We have plenty of time for the marriage. I was groaning in the bed.
stupid!! Its your marriage.. Beauticians are waiting outside to start their work.Get up.
This time her voice was even more louder. I dont want to make this situation even more
worse so got up with a fake smile.
The beauticians where really waiting near my bed. How do they manage to be here at
early morning 4am with full make up on their faces??? To be frank I hate makeup. The
last time I had applied make up was during a school drama of my 7th grade. I was the
queen in that drama. King was some small kid who was shorter than me. The king
marries me at the end of the play . Now my real marriage is gonna happen with a guy
who is a complete stranger to me. Uffff!!
pooja!!! You still brushing your teeth??? Mom again.
I stopped all my haunting memories and tried to finish my pre makeup traditions as fast
as possible .The beautician gave me a cream to wash my face.
It will make your face glow during your BIG DAY the beautician said .Sorry she
blushed!! I felt a strong stinch of irritation in my stomach. To marry a guy whom you
have never met in your life ,hardly you know his second name , had spoke only once
with him is going to be your life partner in few hours!!! I couldnt understand why all
weird things happens with me always??
The bridal make up begun. Tamil , my younger brother was standing near by playing
video game seriously in my cell phone. Why guys always stick to the electrical items as
if whole world is nothing in front of that.I know he was playing the same boring football
game in the cell. Whenever he had time he used to play football in the ground or in my

Suddenly got a ring in my mobile, Pooja , maama is calling he winked at me and

handed my mobile to me.
Who is this mama??? my mobile was flashing Raghav Calling . Oh this is the new
maama which Tamil had mentioned. By the way Raghav is the man whom I am going to
marry . Raghav B.E M.S from London currenly running his family business , only son
for his parents, smart , hot , generous , kind ,and veryyyyyyyyyyy richhhhhhhhhh . I
have heard this atleast a hundred times for the past 2 months from my mom ever since
we got his proposal for marriage . Well dont imagine he has loved me and proposed. It
was his familys proposal and here we are gonna get married sooon.
Am Pooja B.E , working in an esteemed IT company for the past 2 years. Each girl has
her own dream of getting married.Some prefer Love marriage , some prefer arranged
marriage , some prefer NO marriage at all . well I belong to the last category. Life has
showed me the ugliest part for the past 6 years and I hated marriage to the core. And
the most important part is I really hate this guy Raghav.
I still remember the first phone call I made to him . It was an ISD call and I did the ISD
call first time through my personal mobile. He picked up my call after 5 Looonnnggg
rings. You know how you get tensed when you are about to talk to a guy with whom
your engagement is gonna happen in 2 days. That too the reason was to stop the
Hello raghav here he said.
His voice was neither hard nor soft but a normal mans voice with an American accent.
Why people behave like Americans once they do they PG in London. Well no time to
think and it was an ISD call.
hi , Its Pooja here I was whispering. Shit!!!
Parden he said.
sorry !! Its pooja here. Pooja from Chennai . working at Infosys. I was swallowing my
words. Why am I telling my bio-data???
Oh k . So wassup??? his voice as normal as before.

I was not expecting much from him. But still a plain wassup made me even more
I think you have mistaken. Am the girl with whom you are gonna get engaged in 2
days I was slightly raised my voice.
I know. Tell me Pooja . I dont have enough time to talk in phone And some noices of
pages being turned was heard.
Ohhh he is showing he is busy! Even I dont want to talk with him. But fate!!
Raghav I just wanna talk to you in privacy. No in private. I mean its important. If u r
not busy??? damn , I was talking to him as if my appraisal was going on. Why am I so
humble in my speech??? Oh common Pooja. He is not your Team Leader. Have guts!!
come to the point .. he was like ordering . My TL is better than him . I thought.
Raghav I dont want to get married. I mean I hate marriage life . I dont want this
marriage to happen I spoke with the maximum possible guts .
even I dont want this marriage to happen. Say something new he was talking in a
hushed tone as if he is ready to cut my call. But whatever he is on my line . even he
doesnt wants to marry.
then why cant you stop this marriage ? I asked him.
How about I ask the same question to you ?? damn, he was very adamant. Male
Chauvinist. I was burning inside. Moreever my ISD bill!!!
See raghav ,I have tried all possible ways . but nothing worked. Thats why I had been
cornered to call you. I need your help to stop this marriage . so can you
cant find any new story.. ? any damn new story to impress me??? Why you girls act as
though you are very innocent in every aspect. you can never impress me like this Pooja.
Better luck next time and the call was cut.
I was frozen . Did I heard correctly ?? when did I tried to impress him. Whats wrong
with this guy ??? My mobile flashed call cost 397.89 . Waste of time and money.

Akka,attend the call..Maama is calling Tamil brought me to reality.

Now should I pick the call????
Wait and see in the next chapter
To be Continued.

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - chapter 2

01:01 pm
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 2

Akka,attend the call..Maama is calling Tamil brought me back to reality.

Now should I pick the call???? I could feel the adrenaline rush in my muscles with the
idea of picking up his call. I still remember the words You can never impress me
Pooja !!.
But why is he calling ??? He hardly made a call after our engagement got over in these 2
months. Never did he attend my call. With what guts is calling me on the day of
marriage?? Should I cut the call?? Or should let it ring and get disconnected by itself???
well It would be a good revenge on him.
But taking revenge on the day of marriage with your husband to be soon is a not a good
Or now let me attend and ask now who is calling to impress??? And give a big nose
cut to him.
Or attend and never utter a word so that he keeps pleading for his mistake.
Or better remove my battery so that he gets a recorded voice the number you are
trying to reach is currently not reachable.

Why Life gives us so many ways to handle a problem which makes us hard to choose
which is right. Normally wrong ways are damn attractive.
Stop it Pooja!!! Its Ringing attend or throw off your mobile!!! It was my conscience.
When our conscience gets irritated to its extreme it always gives us two choices to
conclude DO OR DIE.
The beauticians were making comments on me and I dont want to show my inner
irritation to them.
Could you please be outside for a while? I have gotta personal call me on my sweetest
voice. Normally when we do pretend to be happy the invisible sweetness of your voice
magically takes its control.
They left the place with a giggle. I cant understand whats damn funny happening here
for them to giggle.
So finally am gonna pick up the call and show him am not interested on him and am
very angry with his behavior.
Now my right thumb went to make a connection between me and him , I mean a phone
Missed call from Raghav 4:20 am.
Wtf!!! Finally when am about to attend the call it becomes a missed call. I have no time
left. Beauticians are waiting outside and before my mom comes back to my room and
resumes her scream I have to find out why he had called. I waited for a minute for him
to call me back. But waste!!!
If that Mr. Adamant , I mean Raghav has some reason to call me early morning on the
day of marriage cant he call back if not attended once?? Adamant!!! I was cursing him. I
dont want to call him back and lose my self-respect to him anymore.
Another half a minute !! Waste of waiting and I dialed his number. Again after 5
Loooooooonnnnnng rings he picked my call. God is 5 his lucky number or wat???
Hello ,Raghav here same plain voice which I have heard last time. As if I dont know
that it was Raghav whom I have called.

I know. Its Pooja here. Why did u called me??? I tried American accent . But I know it
finally sounded a typical Indian way.
So finally your dream has come true??? Marrying rich ,educated fellow in the world!!!
Was he teasing me or praising himself. Well he wants to hurt me. Let me hurt him back.
Am sorry I guess you are not talking about yourself
Oh shut up Pooja. You think you have good sense of humor?? See I want this marriage
to be stopped. I cant even imagine to marry a girl like you.
GIRL LIKE U !!! what is he trying to say???
Before I could utter a word he continued his talk.
Look I give you two choices. Run away from the marriage or I will disclose your truth
in front of all. It would be a great shame to you and your family. And your filmy Mother
!! Dont say am the reason for her heart attack which she would dramatize in the public
if I let the truth out.
I was totally taken over. What the hell is he trying to tell . I had been calling him for 2
months to stop this fucking marriage. Now in the day of marriage after all the
arrangements have been made should be stopped . Is he nuts or what?? I was totally
occupied by my thoughts that I forgot to give a reply to him.
Helloare you deaf or dumb enough to melt my heart??? Nothing is gonna work
Pooja. You run away from the marriage or regret for rest of your life raghav in his firm
See Raghav I am not getting like what what you are trying to say. What truth are you
talking about??? It is really difficult to find words when you are in deep shock.
Truth??? You want me say the truth about you and your college life?? I guess you
remember Gautham
Gautham!!! Did he said Gautham ???
Gawtham ??. I want to make myself clear what was happening.

Ya Gowtham The guy whom you dumped to marry me. How you girls go on
dumping boys as though that is your birth right?? I want this f*****g marriage to
stopped. You got it ??? I give you 2 hours. Better leave the marriage hall or I ll disclose
all the photographs which you took with him. and the call was cut.
I was stunned for a while. I could sense nothing around me. He wants me to run away.
How does he know about Gautham???
Meanwhile I could sense someone opening the door. Guess it was Mom. But what I saw
was unbelievable!!
There it was Gautham standing with blue jeans and white shirt.
Gautham is alive ?????
I still remember this was the dress he was wearing when he was shot to death. Please
god tell me what am seeing is dream. Is this place haunted??
Gautham is alive!!!! But how??? If the rigor mortis, the decomposition of the human
body after death has worked properly only his bones and teeth would be left now . 3
long years. How could be he alive?? I was who informed his parents about his death.
How could this happen???
I could feel the world before me is shattered into pieces and I had no sense of
gravitational pull acting on me. I was getting unconscious.
Only 2 things were echoing in my mind.
Run in 2 hours or regret !!!
Gowtham is alive!!!!

What should I do now???

And who is Gowtham in my life????

To be continued..

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? -chapter 3

12:54 pm
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 3
who is Gowtham in my life????
5 years ago.
Hi, Am Pooja Vasudevan doing my second year engineering in one of thousand
engineering colleges in Tamilnadu.
I am the most talkative girl in my class but hardly I did spoke with boys. It doesnt mean
I hate boys. I have browsed a lot about boys psychology which pushed me to this
Guys have their own rules for girls..
1. Crying is blackmail - but why dont they understand crying gives us a better relief
than fighting with them???
2. Ask for what you want.
Subtle hints do not work!
Strong hints do not work!
Obvious hints do not work!
Just say it! - - Uffff!!!! Well leaving hints is a romantic way in love. Hard time boys do
3. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. - but life
gives us so many options that mere yes or no is not enough guys.
4. Anything boys said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument.
In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 Days. How could we believe them
in this case????
4. Christopher Columbus did NOT need directions and neither do guys need. well
Christopher Columbus had an spirit to achieve something thats what we want to have
in you.

5. Don't ask them what they're thinking about unless you are prepared to
discuss such topics as FOOTBALL, CRICKET, or TENNIS. Girls have many other
interests which is hard to discuss with boys.
Well the list goes on.
So to be on a safer side I actually avoided guys. Well most of the girls said my opinion
about boys is wrong and they added boys are actually sweet sometimes . Ufffffff!!!!
Well I avoided friendship with such gals and there was a person who was exactly like
me. My Best Friend Harini!!!
We had been in the same room in hostel for the past 2 years and we did share the same
bench in our classroom. We were like inseparable birds in our college. Neither did we
had the idea of talking with boys nor gave a pathway for the guys to flirt with us.
Every girl has her own dream of getting married. Some prefer Love marriage some
prefer arranged marriage and some prefer no marriage at all. I do not fall in either of the
above category. I do want to do Random Marriage.
Sounds weird??? Well I have a flash-back for this bizarre decision.
Vasudevan , my dad is my first best friend in the world. He married my mom Helen ,20
years ago and it was a perfect Love marriage that too inter-religion marriage.
My mom is an exact replica of the usual moms you find in serials. She will make things
happen just by weeping and quoting standard sentimental dialogues.
Fo dad , the dialogue goes on like this.
I know Vasu you have stopped loving me !!!
All men are the same. When I was young and beautiful you were ready to offer me
anything. Now I am old and you need a repair.
Is this what you show to the girl who left her family and relatives just for the man
whom she loved.
I should have listened to my parents. I have made a great blunder in my life by wedding
And when this dialogue is about to end supernatural tears would start its march from
her eyes and official cough at regular intervals. And the last target was packing some
clothes as if she is gonna leave us forever.

Poor daddy!!! He gets arrested at the end and finally mom obtains what she wished.
And she was even capable enough to influence me and Brother Tamil.
The only dialogue which she uttered to us was Is this the respect you give to your
mom for having you safe in my womb for 10 full months???? I risked my own life to give
life to you both. And I did forfeit my wishes to make you happy. Is this what you gift
your mom back?? And as usual tears next followed by cough and then the very same
bag package.
We three had gone fed up this behavior and it was always my mother who decides
everything in our family.
At times dad used to get irritated and argue in return which would pave way for a fight
for one month.
Well when parents do fight it the poor children gets affected. And I did started hating
Love marriage even from my age of 5 .
And arranged marriage chanceless !!! It would be my mother's choice if it is arranged
marriage.Her taste and mine are extremely different.No!!! I cant give the job of finding
my life partner to my parents .
So I preferred Random marriage. Its like having bunch of proposals before and make a
andom pick, he will my Life partner. I strongly believe In fate.
Today my dad was narrating his love story to me. I guess this is the 195th time am
hearing the same story!!! He was telling how he proposed to my mom , how she
removed her slippers and waved before my father and how finally she accepted his
love ,their register marriage. Its always nice to hear your parents love story.
Dad, Can I ask you something? I interrupted him.
Ya Pooja dear , do ask Dad sounded very enthusiastic to answer.
How did you know that you were in love?

hmmm.. well its a different feel Pooja. I used to see your mom from distance. Never
had the guts to approach her.I thought it was just affection. But later on I realized that I
couldnt restrict myself from seeing her. She was a lure amidst a crowd. And seeing her
photo I always had a feeling that she belongs to me. Its a man thing. Cant make you
understand well dad was blushing then.
but what made you to choose mom??? Was she so beautiful dad??
Ya she was beautiful .actually hot. He winked at me with a smile and continued
But more than that her character was unpredictable. I just an urge to find whats there
in this girl.
So dad, you risked your life to find whats hidden in a girls character. Huh????
Well Risk edukarathellam engalukku rusk saapdura maari
{Taking risk is like eating rusk for me}
And we both couldnt control our laugh. I never know that is going to be the last chat
with my dad .
Three days later I received a call , It was a call which is gonna put my life in hell.
Dad met with a major accident !!! It shattered our life into pieces.
I rushed to the hospital to see my dad. My mom was crying like hell and it was
impossible to console her. A series of 3 major operations was done on my dad.
After 16 hours of operation , the doctor called us to his cabin.
Mrs.Vasudevan. Am sorry to say this. We were able to save your husband but hardly
he could live for a month. His lungs has been tore apart by glass. And he lost one leg
too. Dont give him any tension. He will gain his conscious in 12 hours.I have .. the
doctor was going on speaking something and my mind was completely blank.
Is my dad gonna die in a month??? Hell no !! It Cant happen!!!
After 2 days my mom was permitted to meet my dad in ICU for 5 minutes.

When she came back the first words which she uttered was
Dad wants to see your marriage!!! And he wants you to marry Dr.Gautham
Marriage???? In a month???? And who is Dr.Gautham????
To be continued..

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 4

12:39 pm
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 4
Dad wants to see your marriage!!! And he wants you to marry Dr.Gautham
What??? Marriage ??
But mom.In this situation I cant .
Look Pooja. Stop arguing and try to understand. Its his wish. He cant rest in peace
unless he finds you getting married happily.. Wont you do this for your father? And
moreover Dr.Gautham is the best choice mom sounded somewhat relaxed now.
And to my surprise ,She knows Dr.Gautham.
And Pooja .. Gautham called me an hour before .. He will be here to meet you in half an
hour. And she left the place to meet chief doctor.
I have seen in cinemas. Whenever mom or dad would be in dead bed ,they will make
the hero or heroine to marry a villain. Then their life would be in misery. Is my life
gonna end like that??
And who is this Goutham?? How does my parents know him? And even if they knew
him would he accept to marry me??? Does he know me?? And why is he coming here??
Just to meet me ???
Uffff!!!!There were many questions to be answered and I knew , Goutham only could
answer this. Though I dont want this marriage at the moment, I could feel some
eagerness inside me to meet him.

Well half an hour is there. I was badly in need of some fresh air. So I thought I would
take a walk in the hospital lawn. Evening breeze was very enchanting. I could feel my
heart getting lighter after a walk. I washed my face in the nearby tap, to hide my

Are you feeling better Miss.Pooja ? It was a soft male voice .

Ya.. Pardon who there was a man standing nearby who was tall , handsome with an
adorable smile . Without any introduction I knew it was Gautham. Or to be clearer I
wished he was Gautham.
Am Gautham . Your dad must have said.. even he was searching for words.
I just nodded in return.
It must be a tough time .Vasudevan is a great man. What did doctor said?
He has fixed time for my dad I couldnt control my tears.
Please Pooja . Dont cry. The world of medicine is very big. We can get him cured. And
he handed me his kerchief.
Do you think he can be cured???
Believe in God. He has done miracles. And it was the same adorable smile.
I had a feel of relief when he was with me. And I had thousands of questions to ask and
God only knows why I was silent.
So Pooja.. You must have questions to ask ... It was Goutham as though he had read
my mind.
No. I mean Yes I was struggling with words.
No No dont strain yourself Pooja. Am the doctor to whom your mother is consulting
for her diabetes. I had seen you twice in the hospital but you hardly came inside my
room. Only your Dad did accompany her. I liked you even from the first sight. I wont

say its love. But still I could feel my heart skip a beat whenever I saw you. So I asked
your parents for a proposal. But I never imagined I would meet you in such a critical
situation. And he was looking deep into my eyes.
I always had a problem in seeing a person eye to eye and talk. And this guy had
something in his eyes. So I did kept my sight as far as possible from him.
See Gautham I cant think of marriage at this situation a firm voice of mine replied
So shall I assume you have rejected my proposal?
NoNot exactly Its too fast for me I was swallowing my words.
It means a yes !!! he winked at me..
No ..Not really.. Please Goutham.. I need time to think.. mmmm.. shall I tell my answer
after 2 days
Why am I pleading to him???
So its an obvious yes. He was smiling.
How??? I never said yes..
well its girls psychology. When a girl hates a proposal she would refuse at the very first
time. If she asks time she obviously likes the boy. So love at first sight huh??? he was
looking at me so curiously.
Hey stop itDont assume things of your own.. I could feel my cheek getting red.
You look more beautiful when you blush..
I couldnt stand there more so I started to walk fast inside the hospital.
Hey Pooja.. Just a minute .. He caught hold of my hand.
Leave my hand .. People are watching I was restless.

Oh am sorry
I know he was really feeling sorry.
thats k .. what you want?
I need you ..i mean your number .. You could know me better in phone.. I have loads to
talk to you.. Can i??? his request was very humble to say No and we did exchange our
I was waiting for his message/call ever since the second I gave him my number.
Well he never gave me a chance to wait
There was a message after a minute.
You looked really very gorgeous in this white salwar..
It is a pleasant feel to get such comments from a man whom you love.. Sorry even from
the man whom you like.
Mom was very curious to know my result . And she kept pestering me with questions.
do you like him??? What did he said?? Shall we arrange marriage by the end of this
MomPlease give me a break .. I will let you know my decision after 2 days. But
please stop pestering me like this.
And the next two days were the most beautiful days in my life. We did discussed about
everything. I was always found with my phone.
Well our tastes were very different. But we started to admire each others tastes.
He was humorous. Exactly talkative like me.. Our discussions revolved around very
common topics.
He loved Football and was a fan of Manchester United Team. Though I have heard the
name for the first time, now I have gathered enough information about the team
prepared enough to answer a Quiz. Is this love???

I said I liked novels very much and was a fan of Dan Brown and Sydney Shelton and my
favorite novel was the Deception Point .
Next day got message from him at early morning 5 Really its a great book Pooja
which book ?? and I was still in sleep mode.
The deception Point.. And the climax was stunning!!!
You said you never read novels. But how??
Well Just want to know what has made my Pooja so addicted to that book
My Pooja!!! I couldnt take my eyes away from that message.
Dont say you completed the entire novel in one night :P
Ya I did
You are crazy Gautham
Yaa Crazy on you.. Hey can I say something???
hmmm ..
I love you.. love you a lot will you marry me??
I was frozen for a minute. A direct proposal!!! I was confused what to reply..
Hey.. It was message from Gautham ..
Reply something Goutham again
.. Can I tell you tomorrow ?
I never knew why did I put the smiley at the beginning of my message.
ya sure dia I ll be waiting for your reply..

dia??? Whats dia???

Just like dear I Love you Diaaaaaaaaa
Its time I have to go to hospital.. brb
tc Love you
When I went to hospital mom gave me some money.
Pooja.. I had a talk with Gauthams mother. Their wedding anniversary is tomorrow.
They have some special prayer in their home tomorrow. So be ready by 5 AM . Gautham
said he will pick you from our home. Get some gift for them k?
I called Gautham immediately after that.
Hey Gautham . Is is true that your parents Anniversary is tomorrow???
No .. Oh ya ya yes yes..
Hey dont lie. Come on tell me the truth where are we going tomorrow
Ooty I swear you will be home by 8 PM. Please dont say no..It was Me along with
my mom who have planned this.You are coming k.. Be ready at 5 .. bye dia..
And the call was cut
He never did asked my opinion at all..
I too wanted to go out with him .But Ooty is too much. Its approximately 564 km from
Guess he has booked Flight..
Please honey.. dont say no.. I just wanna show a place which is very special to my
heart.. Please be ready k .. love u
It was message from him.

I dont want to say no . Well , Proposing your love in Ooty would be even more
Well I was ready for my first date..
We never knew it was going to be our last date.
What happened in Ooty???
To be continued..

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - chapter 5

02:25 pm
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 5
Well I was ready for my first date..
Be ready at 5 am these words were echoing in my mind.
Well having your dad in dead bed and going on a date is not respectable. Am I a bad
I dont want to say No to Gautham too.. He too knew that my dad was in dead bed and
in these two days I was really fascinated by the way he took care of my dad.
He did telephone some foreign doctors and was discussing about my fathers condition.
And he also assured that if one more operation happens Dad can survive.
We have planned to go for lobectomy Pooja. Its a treatment which we do use to cure
lung cancer. But I do strongly believe this would make your dad survive. In this
operation, we would remove part of the lung which is damaged and the lymph nodes
which receives drainage from that. But dont panic. Our lung tissue has the capacity to
expand and then it makes easier for the patient to breathe .. Gautham was expounding
about the treatment with so much concern.
I was able to understand only the part of his speech which would an average
engineering student could understand. He seemed to be an angel descended from God
to help us. I had a Strong sensation inside me Ooooooh..Am gonna get my dad back

Well, Everything was going fine. But still its human tendency to dither whenever you
have to take decisions.
A pessimist inside me was having its own argument Going with a man whom you
have known only for 2 days that too 500 kms far is not adequate. That too being an
Indian girl you have your own boundaries. Dont dare to cross it.
And the optimist was having its own point Saying no to a man whom you love and
who has helped you in a critical situation is inhuman And Gautham is a decent guy..
and he has assured you that you will be home at 8 PM
And it was pessimist turn now Are you mad Pooja.. How could you travel 560 kms and
come back at 8??
And optimist started to do its calculation 5.30 flight to Coimbatore. It takes one hour.
Coimbatore to Ooty if we take the highways you would be in Ooty in 2 and a half hours.
So finally 3 and a half hours for travel. I will be there at 10 at maximum.. can spend till 4
pm.. again can travel back.. hmmm.. even if it delays due to traffic I will be here by 10
maximum.. nothing wrong
Well it was the optimist who finally won.. Human mind has an affinity to judge
something weird as acceptable if we really desire it could happen. And now I was really
ready for my first date and I swore to myself that this is the final decision and I wont
ponder about it again.
That was in fact a very long night. Slept very late. Though Goutham didnt come in my
dreams It was a pleasant dream. First time in my life I got up at 3.30 AM and I was
surprised to see 4 missed calls from Gautham. I did called him back.
He picked up in the very first ring.
Hey.. good morning Dia.. Sorry I disturbed your sleep .. it was Gautham in his
sweetest voice.
Hey nothing like that.. am fine.. So you got up so early..
Actually I didnt sleep at all.. I was haunted by your memories.. And Its going to be our

first date. Am excited.. and the excitement was obvious in his voice..
mmmmm even am excited .. So when are you coming here??
I will be there at 4.30 .. we have to catch 5.15 Flight.
So he has thought 15 minutes ahead me..
Ya k.. I ll be ready.. seeya soon
gonna see my angel soon Bye
And I was ready even before 5 minutes. Gautham was on time. He was in blue jeans and
black T-shirt. He was staring at me as if He has undergone a shock. Am I looking so
Hello Goutham. Are you k ?? I started waving my hand before his stunned face.
Again no reaction..
Hello goutham..What happened?? I patted his arms slowly.
Oh am sorry I was actually mesmerized.. You are gorgeous today.. So shall v
ya sure..
please . He did opened the car and waved his hand to get inside and bowed gently..
Oh Goutham thanks I was really nervous ..This is the first time in my life someone
opening the car door for me that too with a bow..
And our ride started
Road was deserted at that time Goutham was driving the car very cautiously..
Thanks Pooja It was Gautham who broke our silence first..
Thanks for what?

For Trusting me.. and he stopped the car and looked into my eyes .. and he continued
I know it would have been difficult for you to decide to come with me or not.. You
didnt even question me why are we going there.. I really feel very proud that you trust
me so blindly. You know what trust is more powerful than Love.. thanks
no need to thank Goutham You have done lots for our family.. Its just
whatever it is Pooja.. am very happy today he smiled at me and started his car..
So what are we gonna do in Ooty?? I queried him
haan.. finally my girl has inquired me what we are gonna do in Ooty?? he did smiled..
Well there is something special in his smile..
Can you guess Pooja.. what are we gonna do there?? he winked at me..
What can I answer to this???
Am not sure.. May be we will have a ride.. Or a lunch.. Or.. Or Damn I really dont
know what are we gonna do there
Or romance??? Goutham giggled
what??? See Goutham.. This is not .. I felt restless..
hey Pooja.. dont panic.. just kidding.. do you remember Dr.Venkat specialist in lungs
treatment ..
Oh ya .. You said If he gives treatment to my father chances of saving my father is very
So.. we are gonna meet him.. He is on a vacation to Ooty with his family.. Since the
time left is very less I thought I would consult him and then make arrangements for the
operation. He was my college professor You know what Pooja.?? I was his favorite
Student.. when I said about my marriage with you he and his wife wants to meet you
badly.. So I thought I would bring you here and introduce you to them.. And we will be
having our lunch with Venkat and his wife..

I was speechless for few seconds

Gautham I never .. I never thought ..i mean Thanks a lot a Goutham.. You are really
an amazing person
no need of thanks Pooja.. And to be frank there is some selfishness hidden in this..
After all I will get some time to be with my Pooja And we did reached airport..
From Coimbatore we continued our journey by car..
When we did reached Ooty it was 10 already. Goutham drove straight to the hotel
where that doctor was staying..
Pooja wait here in the reception .. I ll go and bring Venkat sir down
I was waiting for a bit long very anxiously with my dads medical records. Gautham
came down. I was expecting some old doctor with him but to my surprise there was
only an aunty accompanying him..
Hi am Meenakshi .. Venkat sirs wife
Hello aunty .. I smiled at her..
How was the journey dear? Meenakshi mam asked me..
Ya fine aunty.. and I was searching someone..
guess you are searching my husband.. there is a medical emergency .. so he has left to
Ooty hospital.. you know Its hard to manage a husband who is a Doctor.. Even during
vacation time he is not free.. his profession is important than his family.. she was
looking upset but yet proud..
I will be saying the same dialogue after some years as Gouthams wife.. when I did
turned towards Goutham he was looking very upset.. Not upset he was angry in fact
goutham are k ?
Pooja shall we leave.. ?

but Gautham.. Lets wait for Venkat sir.. We have to show the medical records
Pooja lets leave He was frowning indeed..
Gautham But
I said Lets leave Goutham started to move outside the lobby..
sorry mam.. We ll come back soon.. Goutham is not feeling well I guess.. Sorry again I
started to go back Gautham
Why is Goutham so angry???
Why didnt he wait for the doctor to come??
And whats gonna happen in Ooty next???
To be continued

Thanks and Regards,


Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - chapter 6

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 6
Why is Goutham so angry???
I started to follow him
This time he banged the door of the car after . After I got inside the car he started the
car so ferociously as if he is gonna kill someone.
please slow down goutham Whats wrong with you?

Pooja.. Could you please be silent for few minutes??

Well the best way to calm a guy is to be silent.. I remained silent and opened the car
window.. May the chill breeze cool him..
I dont know where he was heading to and didnt want to add fuel to his anger by
asking where is he going. Since it was not season time in Ooty , there was less traffic. He
went out of city and parked his car near Pykara river bank..
Pykara is the most beautiful river in this hill. Well the area was deserted and we did
found some newly married couples here and there scattered.. He did identified a
desolate place near the river bank and sat. I dont want to disturb his privacy at least for
a while. So I did sit little away from him near the river bank. The water was icy to touch.
And there was fog everywhere. The best way to kill time near a river bank is to throw
stones in it. No other go I started to throw stones to check the depth of river.
Gautham was talking very seriously in cellphone. Might be he is consulting some other
doctor. And after few minutes Goutham was looking very calm indeed.. well I will ask
him how is he feeling after 2 minutes.
When I was about to stand and go near him , Gautham came and sat near me..
Sorry Pooja .. Sometimes I behave so weird..
Thats k .. are you k now???
I should ask you this.. sorry I must have spoiled your day..
Nothing like that Gautham.. If am not bothering you can I know the reason behind
your rage???
That bastard Venkat.. I fell like killing him.. #@$%^... He has got some offer in States..
So he is leaving there in 2 days.. He has left a message to his wife to convey to me that
he wont be able to take this case.. $%@* If he has planned to leave cant he convey the
message to me before I start?? Hell with him..
His body was shuddering in rage.

Hey please calm down.. We could consult some other specialist..

I know that Pooja.. But its a critical situation.. You know what I had an appointment
with Dr.Malhotra today.. since this idiot assured me that he ll take care I cancelled his
appointment and came here now am 500 kms far from the city sitting near a river
bank and screaming with agony.. Shit !!! He did banged hid hand hard towards a rock..
Hey Goutham.. Please... Dont hurt yourself..
Goutham was silent
Come on goutham.. Even we have chances left.. We could contact some other
specialist.. Or who knows even Venkats appointment may get cancelled and he might
help us.. God will show us some way
ya I wish he shows
And again there was a deadly silence between us. After a nap Goutham turned towards
me .
You know what Pooja.. You are really an amazing girl.. he smiled.
Thank God he his fine now..
You have a cute grin I really meant it..
Oh really.. Getting such an obligation from a beautiful girl has made my day..
I do lie sometimes. Please dont mistake me k I giggled.
Even lies you utter are beautiful!!! He was looking deep into my eyes
This time I remained quiet.. Silence is the best way to communicate in Love.. Words play
meager part...
Pooja It was Gautham s whisper..
Ya Goutham My voice was little loud.. Well, I dont want to whisper in reply and
pay way for a perfect romance..

I love you Gautham was in dreamy mood ..

haaan.Goutham you have said this many times.. How many times will you
repeat ?
Till I get back one
So if you get back one you wont say that again? I looked at him with a question..
Pooja.. Do you think there will be time to talk after I get one back ? he winked at me
How do guys have this readymade dialogues in return??? Well if I answer something he
would lock me again with some other question So I had a readymade answer what
girls do usually give..
Gautham Its getting late lets leave We didnt have anything since morning.. am
Guess I did asked you a question.. Am hungry for the answer Miss.Pooja
You said you know psychology.. Find the answer by yourself.. am leaving I stood and
started to walk towards the car.. I dont want Goutham see me blushing and tease me
hey Pooja.. wait I need the answer he started to chase me.. By the time he was about
to catch me I was inside the car
We were not kids to run and play.. But still it was nice.. I do remember how me and my
friends used to tease the hero and heroine if they chase and play in the movies..
Goutham got inside the car.. He was sighing very heavily.. I know he was acting.. We
had run for only few yards..
Uffff !!! Pooja you run very fast. If I have to elope with you I must train myself in
running for a month I guess he was making his face expressions as though he is very
sad.. I was not able to control my laugh..

so shall we leave Pooja? even I am very hungry

Ya sure Goutham..
Ooty is like an heaven.. You could see greenery everywhere.. And wherever you go you
could find people selling carrots near roadside.. A small boy stopped our car and nearly
begged us to get his carrots..
Give us all the carrots you have It was Gautham..
But Goutham.. Why do we want all these carrots.. Merely 2 bundles are enough
But despite my words He got everything
20 bundles saahab.. 400 rs..
Gautham gave that boy 500 Rs and never asked for change and started the car..
So 100 Rs is tips.. are you gonna take these carrots to home???
No.. I will give these to the animals we find on the way.. Monkeys , Starving Horses
..Wild buffaloes .. You can see Lots roaming in Ooty We humans have cleared their
habitat for our pleasure.. Atleast we could repay by feeding them.. And more ever that
poor boy has earned his living today ..did you saw the happiness in him when I bought
everything.. There is no better feel in the world than making others happy
I was indeed mesmerized by his talk But I guess I have seen the same scene and heard
the same dialogue in a movie but it was in different words all though
Why are you smiling Pooja??
Oh god I have smiled.. Damn. Why this face reflects immediately what we think..?
Nothing Goutham.. Its just a smile
Hey come on.. Tell me .. what were you thinking ??
the way you helped that boy and idea of feeding animals.. Guess I have seen this scene
in some movie..

ha ha May be this act sounds filmy.. but it gives a good feel you know.. Try once..
You can never stop yourself from helping others and the same migrant smile of his..
By the time we reached a hotel and we had our breakfast cum lunch I did picked
some carrots and started to feed a starving horse which was standing near by.. It was
very skinny that you count the number of bones it has.
Feeling good ah? It was goutham behind me..
Believe me.. It works I was smiling back at him..
so shall we start Pooja.. Its 2 already.. In 2 hours Ooty would be fully covered with fog
and we could hardly travel then
Ya sure Gautham.. But these carrots
Dont worry.. You would find hundreds of animals on the way
It was the most beautiful ride in my life.. Gautham was humming some song and was
riding the car.. Whenever we did found some animals Gautham used to slow down the
car and I did placed some carrots before those animals.. It was indeed fun..
So Pooja.. when are going to propose your Love?? A Poor guy is waiting for it
Oh really??? I couldnt see any Poor guy over here I was falsely searching for people
around the car..
Hey Pooja.. am serious.. I thought you would propose soon and am waiting for that
special minute.. Please dont make me to wait much long..
Hey goutham ..See a buffalo is there.. stop the car.. Lets put some carrots
All girls are the same!!! I heard Goutham murmering
Goutham you asked something??
Nothing.. please go and feed the buffalo.. Its important he was frowning at me..

We reached Coonur after an hour..Coonur is a town nearby Ooty and it was famous for
its fruit festival. Gautham stopped the car near a hotel somewhere near the outskirts of
Hey Pooja.. Be in the car..I have an urgent work there
Is everything k Goutham ? I was indeed worried..
I want everything to be fine here.. Just 5 minutes k ..Its urgent
Now I perfectly understood what he meant
Ya please.. Carry on.. I was feeling difficult to hide my smile..
When he comes back I would propose to him.. But I have nothing to gift him.. Let me
get a rose for him.. but where can I find the rose??
To my relief I did found an old lady selling roses near by.. I got down the car and went
to buy that rose..
All of a sudden I felt someone pulling me back and was closing my mouth with a
kerchief.. Before I could speak a word I was dragged into some other car.. I could see 2
enormous men getting inside the car and the car started to move..
I was fighting back with them as my hands were free at that time and I did hit one of
that men. I did felt a strong needle being pierced into my skin
Am I being sedated????
Chalo we will be late to Mumbai Train I could heard some silent voices
Well , everything was dark after
Am I being kidnapped to Mumbai???
What happened to goutham???
Will my father be saved???

To be Continued.

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - chapter 7

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 7
Well , everything was dark after
Awwwwww I was feeling difficult to open my eyes.. There was terrible pain on my
head.. Every inch of my body was groaning in pain.. I was not able to get up and had
weird feeling of some monster is on top of my head
When my eyes finally got its vision I saw the worlds dirtiest room in front .. I was lying
in a filthy mat with an obscene pillow on it.. There was an incandescent bulb exactly
above me fighting hard with fluctuating voltage to deliver the desired lighting inside
the room.. The room was almost deserted and an old chair was lying on one end An
antiquated fan was running above my head and it circulated more noise than air. Some
old newspapers were scattered around the room.. I saw some rats running around me
and they dared not to come near meAnd thank God I was wearing the same dress..
Hell !! Where am I?? I never knew for how many days I had been here in this
condition.. Neither a calendar was there nor I could find anyone who could at least tell
me the date. There was feebleness in my legs and it was as big challenge to get up. But I
have to.. By gathering all the enduring strength of mine I acquired to stand.. There was a
window covered with a mosquito net which had holes enough for a big sized rat to
Outside the window it was dark.. So it is night time..
Hello anybody there?
There was no response except some unnerved rats running around the room. I went
near the door and It was not a big wonder that it was locked.. I tried to push it hard..
But I was not a super hero or RajiniKanths heir to open the locked door in a single

Please Let me out I started to bang the door as many times as possible. But there no
response in return.. Having regained all the consciousness back I was feeling hungry.
There was a small mud pot near the window. Please god !! Let me find some water in it..
I hastily went near the mud pot and there was only a meager amount of water left in it.
There was a strong stench of alcohol in that pot . I thought I would better die than
drinking this water.
Please some one save me!!! Though I was not able to scream this time It was clear
enough for a person standing few yards away from me could sense it. With all energy
drained I crawled to that filthy bed and lied on it.. I was not able to stop my trickling
tears. That was the only company I had at that time.
After few minutes I sensed someone nearing the door and unlockingit. I quickly moved
near the chair and took a broken part of it as a weapon. If someone dares to come near
me I would beat him to hell with this What if the kidnapper has gun?? Well no time
for negative thoughts now.
I was standing in a position ready to hit anyone who comes before me. I was expecting
the same Gundas who has kidnapped me in Coonur. But to my surprise I saw a
beautiful woman in her early thirties standing before me with a plate in one hand and
glass in other.
You are a strong woman Pooja she walked towards me with a smile.
Dont dare to come near me.. I will .. I was feeling hard to breathe even.
You will Kill me ah?? But u need strength to hold your most powerful weapon.. she
chuckled . I know I was weak..
Sit down Pooja.. You have to face many monsters from now.. Have some food she was
looking at me with sympathy. Damn!! I hate people showing sympathy on me.
But I was too hungry for any emotions .but If this food is sedated ??? Its better to be
hungry than losing the conscious..
Believe me.. This food is safe.. I was staring at her which must have conveyed its
meaning that I dont trust her.
She had a bite of bread which she brought and did drank some water from the glass..

Its safe.. You can have..

With no more hesitation I grabbed the food from her and started to swallow it. I was too
hungry to chew the food.. At that second I understood why people become thieves and
murderers for food. That rough bread with no jam or sauce was like heaven at that time.
After I finished the entire food I looked at her. She was gazing at me.
Why are you looking at me like this ?? where am I?? What do you guys want from
Easy Pooja.. You will get answers to all the questions you have asked and to all the
questions which you are going to ask. But I have very less time left.. So listen me
carefully.. and you have to trust me k..
I nodded in return.
This is a place near Mumbai where girls are sold for money
what ?? But I thought I was kidnapped for ransom.. and Gou..
Shut up Pooja.. Listen me Its not only you.. Many more gals are being brought here
and sold. And am here to rescue you
Rescue me?? So shall we ..?
Wat shall we run ??? See this is not a place amidst a forest and you could run at night
as you see in films.. Its fully guarded.. Local rowdies ,Gundas and police support .. You
cant even imagine running away .. And this place is very active at night.. Hope u
I felt my heart was pounding very hard with fear..
You had been in sedation for 2 days.. Guess they had by mistake given you less doze..
Normally gals brought here would be in sedation for 3 days at least.
Being in sedation for 2 days is less doze???
Oh ya.. Atleast here.. I was in sedation for 3 and a half days

what ??? So you too..?

Ya .. It was long back.. Now I have no life to live. Leave that.. See.. Before they sell you,
You have to fool them and escape..
Goutham will come and rescue me
Whos Goutham?? Your hero ah?? See in real life villains are more powerful than the
heros.. Stop this rubbish talk
Why do you want to save me??
To be more clear.. Its not me who want to save you.. Its we, a team who wants to
rescue poor girls from this hell. And I need your cooperation .Girls here are not allowed
to talk with each other. I have risked my own life. And promise me If you get caught
you shouldnt utter a single word about me.. She was looking at me deeply.
I was deep shock .. Why does she wants to save me ?? If they are a team why do they all
want to save me ?? And if this place is heavily guarded how can I escape???
Hello Pooja.. Say something..
How do you know my name ??
Thats not important now.. you want to escape from here or not??
then listen.. As far as the information I got they are gonna sedate you again and Suraj
will decide to whom to sell you to.. Suraj will be here by tomorrow noon.. Before he
comes here you have to get away from this place.
We did heard some footsteps near our room..
Hey someone is coming Hey have this.. Hide it somewhere out of their sight.. Make
them believe you are in sedation still.. I cant come here again.. Javeed will help you
tomorrow.. Now sleep And she handed me a small parcel I did placed it under the
mat and started to pretend that am in sedation still.

I did heard some footsteps near me..

Hey sheela.. she got up ?? a man enquired in an imperious voice..
No bhaai saap.. Guess she is dozed heavily.. Cant get up for one more day..
So what are you doing here??? It was another rough voice of a man..
Heard some noise.. thought it was the gal .. But these #$%^# rats
Get lost from here.. the same man screamed at her..
And Sheela left the place..
And I did heard those 2 men discussing something very secretly.
I was able to hear them very clearly.
k have this.. Rohypnol .. Inject it If she gets up.. Dont overdoze her k.. Suraj bhai wants
to meet this girl in person.. He will be here tomorrow night
Ya k saahab
Be outside the room.. And watch this girl carefully and then one man left..
The other man was walking here and there inside the room and he finally locked the
door and after a while I heard snoring sound of a man.. It was like some giant had its
feast and is sleeping after 100 years..
I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the room.. That man ,who could be late
forties was sitting near the door and he was sleeping.. He must weigh at least 100 kgs
and could apply for wrestling competition. He was Indian White in color and was
cleanly saved. If not in this situation I would have believed him to be a retired software
I didnt dare to move but slowly took out the parcel.. It was a parcel covered with
newspaper. There was a red mask which would cover only eyes and a red t-shirt.. what
am I supposed to do with this??? And who is Javeed??

And when I tried to cover the parcel again with the newspaper I found a bit of paper
It had a crisp message in it.
Join our group wearing this at 9 AM tomorrow J
J for Javeed ?? But how can I join them.. 9 AM???
I turned the paper again to find if something was hidden Or something encrypted.. But
nothing was there except those lines.
I started to wait for the dawn.. May be I will get some clue in the morning..

I never knew the clue was already with me..

What was that???
To be continued

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - chapter 8

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 8
I started to wait for the dawn..
Every second seemed to be an hour for me. A lot of queries were running on my mind..
There must be some other clue hidden.
Join our group wearing this at 9 AM tomorrow J I am reading this chit for the
hundredth time. As it was not safe to have the chit with me I tore that into pieces and
dropped it in the alcohol perfumed mud pot.
The fat person was still in sleep mode.. The drug which the other man gave him was in
his shirt pocket. What if I take the drug and inject him ??? It seemed to be a good idea..

If I have to join their group I must leave this room..

I started to crawl slowly towards him..
But to my bad luck one of the papers lying near me gave a crunchy sound. I recognized
some movement in the fat man. Damn!! I have waked him.. Hastily I went back to the
same mat and took the same position back.
These #$$%%#% Rats!!! He murmured and looked around.. Then again he resumed
his terrifying snore.
No.. I cant take risk in numbing him.. If caught then I would be the victim. I waited for
few minutes to confirm that he is sleeping.
There must be some other clue?? Red t-shirt and red mask..
Come on Pooja .. think..
Red ?? Valentines day?? Oh shut up Pooja.. this is not February
Red symbolizes danger , murder ,emergency ,love ,crime ,blood.. Oh no !!! there must be
some link between red and that group What could it possibly be ??
Red .. Red Red Cross Society ???
Something flickered in my mind..
If that rescue group could come here without any security problems they must be a
social or humanitarian organization..
YES !!! That group must be a social organization team. And they may visit this place to
educate the people over here regarding the diseases which may spread or even to give
those women a better job.. I have seen in movies .. And using that opportunity am
gonna escape !!! great !!!
But I have go out from this room.. whenever I did started to move the man woke up..
Damn!! This man has high affinity towards sound.. Facing failure in every move against
him, I laid quietly there waiting for Javeed.

The suns scorching rays were falling straight on my face.. I did wanted to move a little..
But a slight move would make that man to sedate me again.. So I did lie there
motionless baring the irritation caused by the rays.
The man came near me and waved his hands before me.. He did checked my pulse but I
dared not to move.
After few minutes the man locked the door and left out.. I sensed his strong footsteps
fading away .. This is the right time.. I got up quickly and wore that red t-shirt and red
I moved to the door but it was locked. How can I get out from here.. ?
The window !!!
I tore the dirty mosquito net.. There were 4 corroded iron grills arranged in an
horizontal fashion.. If I could remove 2 grills I could possibly crack out this room but
how ??
I glanced around the room once more.. there was nothing useful enough to remove the
iron grill
Searching for tool to escape?? I heard a males voice..
Oh god !! Am caught !! when I turned I saw a girl and a man in red t-shirt and mask..
shhhhh..dont talk
He did loosened some screws present and carefully removed the whole window.
Come out fast!!!
After I came out he placed the window back in the same position..
Lets move.. It was the girl who rushed us in an anxious voice.
We did hurried downstairs.. It was a very old building.. And the footsteps were even

more dirtier than the room.. there were many small rooms . some had doors ,but most
of the rooms were covered with dithering curtains. When we went to the ground floor a
man stopped us..
I said right.. no girls will ever come down to listen your bore speech.. Go and do your
social service in some other place He gave us a sarcastic look..
It would be a short speech sir.. Then we will circulate our pamphlets and leave..
Please It was Javeed who was begging to him..
finish fast and vacate this place then the man was gone..
Javeed handed me some pamphlets..
have this Pooja.. Just circulate this whenever you see a girl and smile at them.. And be
with me k?
It was a short lane and there were many old buildings tightly packed.. Though it was
not crowded at that time I noticed some volunteers in red t-shirts having hoardings and
some with pamphlets and one of them was standing on a table and was offering speech
about venereal diseases.. Some girls were peeping from the windows and was listening.
Please god!! Let him finish the speech soon.. There was a rush of adrenaline inside me.. I
was in height of hallucination and felt as though everyone is noticing only me. It was
kind of social phobia inside me.
When the speech was over everyone applauded him
come with me It was a girl who pulled my hand
We went inside a van. She opened an empty cardboard box..
Get inside.. dont worryIts ventilated after I got in she placed a huge rack of
newspapers on me and closed the box.. Though it was suffocating inside I found some
holes which made the thin air to glide in..
All the other volunteers got into the van.. Someone was counting the people when they
entered the van.. So the people are being numbered before they let them inside..

19 totally.. you may go!!a rough male voice commanded and the van moved
Inside the van I was able to clearly hear their talk..
Miserable !! Most of the girls over here are less than 20 years. It was a soft male voice.
Ya Madhav.. Most of them are uneducated and they had been sold here at a very young
age It was a feminine voice.
Most of them dont even know how much they earn
We must do something to stop this
did you guys noticed?? Many were afraid to come down to listen our speech.. They are
watched severely by the rowdies
Cant we complain to the police??
thats impossible. They have a large circle. If they knew it was we who complained
they will kill us It was Javeed now.
k Guys.. Thanks for making this camp a great success. You can all get down here. Me
and Heema will leave the vehicle to the owner and go to our place. And the van
I heard people getting down the van. The Van started to move again. Someone was
opening the box and removed all the newspapers on me..
come out Pooja
I finally felt over whelmed by the fresh air.
Heema you go with the driver.. I will take Pooja and leave her in a safe place
Ya k Javeed
Me and Javeed got down the Van. I was still wearing that mask.
You can remove the mask pooja

thanks Javeed.. You have saved my life. If you hadnt been there.. I was sobbing.
thats k .You should thank our leader. He informed us about you.. See you have to
leave this place immediately. They would had started searching the missing girls.
Missing girls You mean???
Ya totally we have rescued 10 girls today.. you come from Tamilnadu right?? A truck
carrying automobile parts is leaving in an hour to chennai. The owner is my uncle. I will
introduce you as my friend who has lost her bus.. You go with him.. It will be safe..
thanks Javeed.. And
can I make a call to my family.. they will be worried
ya sure.. and he handed me his mobile.
First I dialed my mothers phone.. It was switched off..
Then I tried gouthams number He did picked up in first ring..
Goutham.. Its pooja here
Pooja He was speechless for few second..
Goutham am fine..
Hey where are you??? I felt he was in haste to know where am I..
In Mumbai .. But am safe now.. Dont panic.. I will be in Chennai in 2 days.. A
gentleman has saved me
where are you in Mumbai?? goutham was shouting..
goutham am fine.. you

Just say where are you now.. the exact place.. am in Mumbai only
So Goutham has came till Mumbai to rescue me.. I felt thousands of butterflies flying
inside me..
excuse me.. Which place is this?? I asked Javeed..
Zaveri Bazaar
Its Zaveri Bazaar Goutham.. But how come..
I will be there in 5 mins.. and the call was cut..
boy friend ah??? Javeed was smiling at me..
Ya he is very sweet.. He has somehow found that I had been kidnapped to Mumbai..
and he will be here in 5 minutes
Is he a police??
No a doctor.. Our marriage is gonna happen in a month..
Wow.. congraulations.. So you dont need my uncles truck.. Your fiance will take care
of your safety
hmmm I grinned at him.
I was waiting eagerly for Gouthams arrival.. I was watching anxiously both sides of the
street.. After few minutes I saw Goutham at one end of the street searching nervously.
hey javeed.. See thats goutham
I really wanna run towards him and hug his arms. But it was public place..
But javeed was staring at him
dont say you are pointing to the man in blue shirt
Ya he is Goutham

Get into the auto.. Bhai saap.. Move fast

But Javeed..Gou..
shut up
Javeed pulled me inside and the auto started to move ..
are you mad ??? He is Suraj.. The gang leader who Kidnaps girls.. And not Goutham..
Is goutham a Gang leader..???
To be Continued

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 9

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 9
I couldnt believe my ears. Goutham is the leader for the gang which kidnaps girls???
Javeed but Goutham cant do such a job.. He is a doctor.. you have mistaken I guess..
Ask him to stop the auto.. Goutham will be searching me
Go fast bhaai Javeed was looking tensed.
Javeeed.. stop..
Hey Pooja..You have to believe me.. He may be a doctor. It doesnt mean he couldnt do
this filthy job. He is the most wanted criminal in Mumbai. Hey did he noticed you??
No.. I guess yeah.. yeah he saw me.. And he was hurrying towards me.

Oh my god!! We are in such a danger.. Bhaai please go fast

And javeed peeped out the auto and was looking back..
S**t!!! He is following us !!! bhaai.. have this money and ride as fast as possible.. and
Javeed handed a bunch of currency notes to the driver..
I too looked back.. Normally whenever chasing scene happens in movies a TATA Sumo
would be used by the rowdies.. But this time a Innova Car was following us.
Are you sure he is Suraj??? Still I wished Whatever happening is not true .
what the FJust a minute.. Javeed took out his mobile and browsed something
See this he show me a flickering display of his mobile.
Mumbai Police arrested the Kidnapper!! 10 girls Rescued !!
And there was a photograph down.It was Goutham in the photo who was caught red
handed while kidnapping girls and some girls with their faces covered with clothes and
some police men smiling.
It is Goutham !!! And I have Loved a Kidnapper.. And what about my father??? I was
frozen for few minutes. How stupid I am?? Even after escaping I have called the
kidnapper back to take me home.. what can I do now.
The auto was gliding in the heavy traffic of Mumbai And there was a traffic jam few
yards before
S**t!!! javeed was screaming.
Look Pooja.. There is traffic jam.. we will be caught for sure. Have this pistol.. and use
this if it is really an emergency.. I cant be here now.. If my guess is right Suraj will be the
first to come near the auto.. Act to him as if you dont know any truth about him.. Bring
him to borivali national park.. You can do.. And make sure he doesnt makes any calls in
between.. Tell him that the man who has rescued you , will be there along with all other
girls .. He will come for sure.. and dont worry I will be watching you. and javeed
jumped out of the auto and mingled in the heavy traffic.
It was a 9mm hand gun and it was quite heavy to lift.. I hided the gun in my pant

pocket and was praying .Please God Save me : If I have to save myself I have to be
patient. What if someone else come and drag me along with them??? Oh no Goutham
should come first The Traffic was getting lighter and I sensed some vehicles moving
further forward.
Move fast I patted the auto driver
And when the driver was about to move the car someone caught the side bar of the
auto. It was Goutham who was standing there and was looking at me very angrily.
Get down Poo
Goutham !!! Hey Please get in I missed you.. Get in soon and I pulled goutham
Bhaai saap.. move fast.. Go to Borivali National Park soon and I was holding
Gouthams hands very tightly
Pooja .. wat ..
I missed you goutham.. I really missed you.. thank God u r here Hey look back
those rowdies are chasing me.. Please be with me I hugged his shoulder and was
Oh k k.. dont worry I will be with you.. Hey stop the auto now
Oh no goutham.. Dont stop now I have to be in Borivali park now
For wat???
You know what they have rescued some 10 girls today along with me.. They all will be
waiting there.. If we go there we can escape safely from Mumbai.. Please come with me..
I love you and when I uttered the last 3 words my heart pained a lot
so all are waiting there.. k. he was smiling cruelly.
I love you too Pooja.. but at which place exactly they are waiting??? Its a huge national

even I dont know He said if I go there he will come and take me to the desired
Oh k Move fast to Borivali..
Goutham took his cell phone out and before he could dial a number I snatched his cell
from him
I will inform my mom.. she will be more happy if I talk and I dialed my moms
number.. It was switched off..
It is switched off Goutham.. Let me try again.. and I tried five times.
Goutham was peeping out the auto and was looking back often They were still
following us I have to take goutham alone to the park.. But how???
Javeed is out.. He might have some idea for me
Javeed was in a call
I have given pistol to pooja Suraj is with her in auto.. They are moving towards the
Borivali park..
Is he alone???
No .. He is being followed by his men in Innova..
k.. I will be there in Borivali park soon..you too come there.. Dont worry about the
idiots in Innova..we can crack them soon
ya k sir and the call was cut
I was still trying in phone for my mother.

I have to make a call.,.. Give me the mobile Goutham dragged the mobile from me..
make sure he doesnt makes any calls in between javeeds voice was echoing inside
Please goutham.. shall I try once??? Please.. I was pleading to him as if a child is
pleading to her mom for an icecream
I know Goutham was trying to act smart to me.. If he has to find the rescue team he
need my help now.
Goutham smiled at me..
anything for you darling and he gave the cell to me.. He did turned back and
checked whether they are still following us
Are they still behind us Goutham??? I gave him a frightened look..
Ya baby dont worry.. Am with you
Hell !!! they are behind us.. What is Javeed doing out ????
Now I tried Javeeds number.. He picked up in the first ring
Hello mom.. this is pooja here.. How are you?? Hows dad? I was sobbing in
Gautham turned towards me and was listening my talk
Hey Pooja.. Is everything k.. Is he coming with you to Borivali??
Am fine mom.. Ya goutham is with me.. He has saved me mom.. But some rowdies are
following us in car.. Am scared.. Please pray for us I was really weeping this time..
Hey dont worry about them.. soon they will lose the track of you.. we have made
arrangements.. Did he made any calls to them???
I was trying you for the past 15 minutes mom.. Why was your phone switched off???

Oh k.. you will reach there in half an hour.. Drop the phone somewhere.. Make sure he
doesnt makes any call.. bye
I will come home soon mom..goutham is with me.. Take care of dadLove u all and
the call was cut.
Now am feeling happy Goutham .. Let me check whether they are following us.. I did
peeped out.. Goutttaaaaaammm .. they are still behind us.. Oh my god!!! and I
dropped the phone down ..
Am with you.. dont panic where is the phone???
phone??? Oh S**t!!! Guess I have dropped somewhere.. am sorry.. I was bit tensed..
what the F leave it
When he turned back the Innnova was missing.. Gautham was restless..

Hey Gautham.. they are not behind us.. Hurreh!! We are finally safe.. I was smiling at
Stop the auto.,.. I have to make a call

No bhaai saap.. speed up to boreli.. are you mad goutham??? If you make call now
they will catch us.. Lets reach boreli first and then you make calls.. Or else you get
down n do all your calls.. I will go to Boreli this time I was very harsh in my tone..
Goutham was silent for a while and then he smiled
Ya k honey .. we will reach there first.. he gave a mordant smile ..
We reached Boreli National Park in half an hour Goutham gave the fare for the auto..
there was a telephone booth nearby..
Come Pooja.. I have to make a call This time I cant deny him
He went inside the booth and was talking to someone If that gang is somewhere near
they would reach here anytime I searched around.. Javeed was missing.. I have to do
something before that criminal gang comes here
Gun!! I have a gun!! What if I shoot him and escape.. the place very crowded If caught

I will be in jail.. I have to do something now

Suddenly I heard gunshot .. The booth mirrors were shattered into pieces and Goutham
felled unconscious
come lets move Javeed pulled my hand
But Goutham
Pooja.. wake up. I was surrounded by a crowd
A doctor was smiling at me My mom was weeping nearby.. Harini was waving air for
me Tamil was standing nearby tensed.. the beauticians were whispering something
there nothing to worry.. she is ok now.. Some girls get tensed on the day of their
marriage.. Let her rest for 5 minutes.. Then you can start the bridal makeup
Oh Pooja dear My mom was hugging me now

whats the time now mom???

dont worry.. there is more than a hour is for the marriage.. You can get ready
Had I been unconscious for an hour???
I did remembered Raghavs voice Run away in 2 hours .. now only an hour left
Why has Goutham came here and where is he now ???
Is this marriage gonna happen???

To be Continued..

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 10

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????

Chapter 10
Had I been unconscious for an hour???
Everyone around me was smiling now. But I have no chance of smiling at all for now
and forever. Raghav wants to stop the marriage. He said he has some photographs of
me with Goutham. But I have never taken any photos with Goutham.. How could he
have then???
you were unconscious for 2 days Sheela said this the time I met her in that room. So
has Goutham used this chance for taking pictures with me?? I was wearing the same
dress when I got the consciousness back .Hell No.. He might have not used that chance
to take pictures. Something has went wrong.. but where???
May be I will inform my mom.. She is the only person who knows about Goutham and
all the cruel stages which I crossed on those days. After my dad passed away my mom
has changed a lot.. She became bit more closer to me.. But If she knows that if this
marriage is not gonna happen she will definitely get heart attack.. And if she knows that
Goutham is alive, things would get even more worse.
No I cant tell mom.. I have to face it myself.. Harini was still waving air for me..
Am k Harini I smiled at her and strained to get up.
Hey relax Your darling has postponed the marriage for an hour so that you can rest
and be freshhhhhhhhh on the marriage. He is so much concerned on you.. Lucky
fellow and she glinted at me The way she pressed the word fresh irritated me.
Postponed for an hour??? Is he extending the time for me to run away from the
Hey Harini..did you see anyone in white shirt and blue jeans leaving this room..??
exactly before an hour..
No.. why???
Nothing Am k now.. and I stood up and moved towards the rest room..

Tamil where is my phone???

Just a minute de..Let me finish this game.. and he was very much involved in the
Play Later I snatched the cell from him and glided to the restroom.. Meanwhile I was
dialing Raghavs number
Harini blocked my way by standing infront of the door
Ohhh Private call.. whos that??Your darling ah??? Guess you guys missed each
other for an hour she was teasing me and I saw the beauticians giggling too..
Please Harini.. dont use the word Darling.. Leave the way.. I nearly pushed her and
went inside the restroom and locked it.. Finally am left alone..
To my surprise Raghav picked up the phone in the very first ring God !! What can I
tell him??
How are you now?? Raghav started our conversation very softly..
But I couldnt believe it is him on the line.. I have never heard him talk softly.
Is this Raghav??? However I want to clear the doubt whether it is him..
ya.. how are you Pooja? Even he knows to talk sweetly.
Is somebody near you ?? Its human tendency to doubt someone if they suddenly act
too good to you.. well am not an exception.
Guess I asked how are you??? Are you deaf??? Now this is Raghav unquestionably..
Am k now.. I have to ask you..
When are you planning to leave??? He didnt even allow me to complete my question..
See those are all morphed photographs.. I have never taken any pictures with him
So you have been with him but you have never taken photographs??

See Raghav.. Its not what you think.. Goutham is a criminal.. He..
You girls could make any man as a criminal.. See I dont want any reasons from you.. I
want this marriage to be stopped.. you have 2 more hours.. Do run out of my life.. Or
else I swear I will disclose all the photographs.. It would be a great humiliation to you
and your family..
Hey will you please stop this nonsense.. It is not me in the photograph.. You believe it
or not that is the truth. I wont run from here.. You reveal the photos to everyone ,stop
the marriage, and do whatever you wantam not bothered.. Its waste talking to a fool
like you.. And It is better to get humiliated in crowd than marrying you Get Lost..
and I angrily cut the call. I was grasping for my breath and I could feel my heart
accelerating its speed
F##K !!!! Why cant he listen to me once !!! anyways this marriage is not gonna happen..
He can unveil the photos even after I leave.. Then there will be no one from my side to
prove am innocent.. And additionally If the bride is missing from the marriage hall the
society will have its own stories.. No I wont let this happen .. Let him show!! I will face
the consequences
I splashed cool water on my face.. Cool water is the best way to control your rage..
Dad used to follow this often whenever he fights with mom.. I missed my dad very
much now.. Had he been here I would have had a moral support in his hectic situation.
My phone was blinking now with a display Raghav Calling
Why is he calling now??? I have nothing to speak with him.. I disconnected the call .. He
called me three more times and each time I disconnected it in the very first ring..
shameless man!! I was still grumbling in wrath.
A new message from Raghav
What has he texted me..??? By the time I was about to open the message I got a call from
unknown number Well its a very old trick.. when someone often ignores our call then
call them from an unknown number Let me ask him why is he calling me so many
times and I picked the call..
Hello diaaaaaa how are you ?? I was speechless for a moment..It was Goutham

even after 5 years I was able to clearly identify his voice

Goutham ???
How sweet of my girlfriend.. You still remember me.. 5 years right???
Shut up I know everything about you.. Before I inform police get lost from here..
Oh you are hot now cool baby.. you guys murdered me No no no it was perfectly
planned assassination. And you are happily getting married to a rich fellow now
Hey dont dare to use the word assassination.. It is for great people.. Not for filthy dogs
like you.. Leave this place or I will
what you will?? Call the police??? What proof do you have with you to show am a
wrong person??? See Am not a filmy villain.. I need an information from you.. you
tell and I will leave you.. you are of no use to me now
What information???
who rescued you?? I know someone in our gang has helped you.. tell his or her name..
I will leave you
I dont know anything about them
Dont think am a fool .. I know you know about them.. and I have lost lakhs of amount
just because of those F*$&$ing people Many of my girls are missing and am not able
track them too.. Tell me.. see the photos which I gave to your fianc are very decent
ones I have the worst ones with me.. Do you want those photos to be revealed
what?? Dont threaten me how could you have photos of mine?? I have never..
Ya you have never.. But you were unconscious for 2 days.. Big time right??
Believe me .. I dont know anyone.. No one said their name.. a man came and
rescuedHe said they are a team..
thats it.. If am of no use to you why do you want to stop this marriage???

Well.. thats just a revenge.. After all you have cheated me.. and you have shot me too..

I thought you were dead.. how come??

Unless the bullet pierces straight to your heart or brain , you have more chances of
survival.. leave that.. If you dont know who they are at least you must be aware by what
means they took you out of that place?? Say that
Red Cross.. wearing red masks.. If I say that they will be caught .. not only javeed but
also those innocent volunteers.. The rowdies over there counted the people and also
checked their names before they left that place.. Just a hint would put them all in
No I cant betray them and stop their noble activity of rescuing girls..
Hello Pooja hey I swear I wont disturb you and your life if you tell me what
happened exactly there it was Goutham again in his creepy voice..
You have already disturbed my life Goutham.. I lost my father.. We lost our home and
everything.. Now we are living our life in a strangers land And now my marriage is
gonna halt.. You cant do any harm more.. Dont expect a single word from me.. I was
shouting in fury
Do you want me to put all your stripped photos in net???
F##k .. Do whatever you want.. I dont damn care about it I dropped my phone with
such a force that it was broken into pieces
I dont know how much time I was under shower weeping.. I have no life left what if I
commit suicide??? Instead of getting humiliated in front of crowd its better to die.. To
my bad luck there was no phenyl bottle around and there was no hook up to hang
myself.. No chances to die and no chances to live !!
Pooja come out.. Its getting late It was my mom..
So nothing worse has happened out now.. I went out of the room and I was wet..

Pooja is still like a child.. She goes mad if she sees a shower mom was giggling to an
aunty.. I have seen that aunty twice.. She is Raghavs mom.. She was wearing blue
colour Silk Saree which must cost at least a lakh.. And she was wearing everything in
match.. blue bangles , blue stoned necklace , hair bands and she had adored her eyes
with blue colored eye pencil too.. Thank god Blue lipstick was missing!!
thats k.. even Raghav is crazy about water.. ha ha ha and she started to laugh very
carefully without troubling her dark red lipstick..
And even my mom was laughing madly.. was that a joke??? When people around you
are smiling you have to smile back even if it is a funeral.. I gave a sarcastic smile back..
Get ready soon Pooja.. Its getting late.. Raghav is waiting.. Again it was raghavs
Ya k aunty
The bridal makeup was being done with an enhanced speed. One women was doing
something with my hair and the other was focused on my face Some were having a
look at the bridal dress and most others were very focused on the jewels.. I was waiting
for a shout or scream outside to stop my marriage.. there must be competition between
Raghav and Gautham for whom to stop the marriage first.. But there was nothing
unusual happening outside.. It was a usual marriage hall with all kids roaming around,
young misses adjusting their makeup and chatting with friends, boys going around the
beautiful girls and commenting, relatives sitting as a group and discussing their family
problems.. Well I was expecting a big blast outside to happen at any time
After an hour the whole bridal makeup was over . I was wearing a beautifully designed
silk saree which was dark green in color.. And all the jewels were exclusively designed
for marriage.. With neat makeup I was looking gorgeous
They took me to the marriage hall.. I have never seen Raghav till now.. And I dont want
too.. everything seemed to be fine around.. why has he not revealed the photos yet?? Is
he gonna stand up when he is about to tie the knot as it always happens in tamil
movies?? And where is Goutham?? Is he too waiting for the right time???
Whatever!! Pooja be calm.. this marriage is not gonna happen .. If questioned tell the
crowd what happened to you

And now I am here being seated near Raghav as his bride I cared not to look at him..
but I sensed he was looking at me..
why are you waiting.. cancel the marriage.. I whispered at him
There was no response from him and 5 minutes later he tied the knot.
Hey!!! What are you doing??? I saw his face for the first time when he tied the knot
some flowers were falling on us.. My mom was wiping her tears
Am Pooja Raghav now I couldnt believe that this marriage happened.. where is
Goutham and Why has Raghav married me????
I have lots of questions which needed their answers badly.. I was waiting for a perfect
And of course it was our wedding night.

To be continued

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 11

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 11
It was a beautifully decorated room . Raghav had been in this room right from his age
10 but today it looked extraordinarily stunning. Raghav always want his room to be neat
and everything should be in its place. A slight disorder would make him loose his
temper soon. So It was his mom who had called an interior decorator just for the sake of
decorating this room on this big night. The room was perfumed with his favorite
lavender room freshener and there were candles placed at the corners of the room.
Raghav hated flowers.. So there was no sign of flowers inside but prettily designed
curtains were dangled around the room which were wavering to the chill breeze from
the windows. There was a balcony beside the room from which one could have a good
look of the garden in front of Raghavs house..

Raghav was standing in the balcony and was staring at the sky.. He neither cared to look
at the adornment around nor dreamt about his wedding night. His hands were tightly
holding those photographs which Goutham gave him.
He looked those photos for the hundredth time.. Pooja was standing near a waterfall
and Goutham was kissing her. But there was slight difference in the lightening. Poojas
face was little dim in light but Gouthams face was glowing in sunlight. Though it is
impossible for a common man to find, a genius in Matlab could easily find it.. Damn !!
These are morphed for sure!! How did I believed him and shouted at her without even
listening what she is trying to say??? Though in other two photos Pooja was found
sitting with him near a lake Raghav was not able to believe that.. If one is morphed
there is no need to check the others.
S**t !!! How did that bas***d thought I would believe these morphed pictures and stop
this marriage?? If Pooja hadnt shouted I would have not even thought to examine the
photo again.. But she said that she has never taken photos with him but she knows
him What might be the relationship between him and her?? Whatever am not gonna
care.. All girls are the same!! I have got enough experience with girls and am not gonna
believe any b***h again..
And that Goutham.. why did he vanished from the place when I said I ll call the police
and ask them to talk in favor of his love??? Lousy Ba***d !!! I have seen him before
somewhere but where??? I was not able to recall ..
Mom Calling Raghavs mobile flashed. When he was in London Raghav would be
eagerly waiting for his moms call. But for the last six months it was irritating for him. If
mom hadnt got heart attack or If mom hadnt threatened him of committing suicide or
at least If mom had understood his inner hurt feelings, this marriage would have not
happened. Raghav was frustrated when his dad too supported her mom in getting
married.. and finally their parents won and Raghav accepted this marriage. But the last
chance .. If the photos which Goutahm had given been real I would have stopped this
marriage.. His conscious didnt allow him to put false grievance on a girl and use that
chance to stop this unwelcomed marriage.
The mobile was ringing still..
Why is she calling me now ??? Advise me to act as a goody goody husband to her
daughter in law??? If I dont attend the call she would come to the room straight. Am
not in a mood to talk to anyone in person. With frustration Raghav attended the call.

Hello Raghav.. Howz the decoration.. Stunned ah??? With great difficulty we traced
Mr.Jane to do this interior decoration part. I myself chose the best design for this
room..And that curtains..
Mom please stop it the decoration is awesome.. This is what you want right?? Please
leave me alone and he switched off his mobile.
Still his mind was circling around Goutham.. If he wants to stop the marriage why did
he ran away?? Or are they a group to snatch money from me showing the pictures of my
wife with someone else.. My wife These words were hard to digest for Raghav.. If it
had been a year before the word My wife had only meaning in Raghavs dictionary. It
was she !! MEHA How could she betray me like this?? Even by thinking her Raghav
felt his blood pressure raise. No I wont think about her .. But each time we try to forget
a person they often occupy our mind without our approval and give us the unbearable
pain. Its a specialty in Love. Raghav purposely switched his topic to Pooja and
Goutham and each time Mehas smiling face disturbed him.. She is such a Bi**h!! Why
am I still thinking about her..
He sensed someone entering the room.. It must be Pooja.. With no interest in looking at
her Raghav was staring at the sky.
Pooja had gone fed up in the change in makeup and dress since from the morning.. this
is the fourth time she changed her dress and makeup. She never tried to talk with
raghav during evening reception. To smile in front of everyone when your heart is
crying inside is very hard. Pooja has mastered that art. And finally when she was about
to leave her family and start in car she cried like a broken dam. When most of them felt
she is crying for missing her family , only Pooja knew the exact reason. She was neither
happy nor sad of this marriage. But when comes about future she had only a question
mark in front.. and She was still confused why Raghav married her..
It had been a perfect time for him to stop this marriage.. Old photos, ex-boyfriend in
marriage hall and A girl like me as a bride!!! as he often said.
Every weird things happen to me !! Well with the height of frustration I went inside the
room. I was in light blue colored silk saree and my hair was left loose.. When the
beauticians tried to keep flowers on my head my mother-in-law refused it .. Total family
has some mysteries in them. Ufff!!

It was the most beautiful room I had ever seen in my life. And the room freshener was
really mesmerizing. This is the best habit of mine !! However worse the situation in my
life I have never failed to relish the beauty around.. Few seconds of refreshment gives us
better strength to face worst problems.
The room was very neat and everything was in order. Exactly opposite to my room!!!
She thought of her room which would look like a ghost house and If you have find a
particular object you have to go for treasure hunt.
It was deserted !! she glided inside the room very gently. Now a days young girls walk
gently only on their wedding night or when they are about to deliver a baby !! It was a
bad comment given by Goutham once seeing me walking so fast. S**t !! why am I
thinking about him???
Raghav was standing near the balcony. He didnt seemed to care a damn about me..
Well even am not bothered about him. But I have lots of questions which needed its
answer. Shall I too go to the balcony and talk to him.. No It would be as though am
behind him and trying to flatter him.. He has the ability to use any word and hurt a
No I will wait here. Let him come and speak. Well mostly girls never start a
conversation. I sat on the couch which was near the cot and was looking around the
room.. There was a shelf nearby. Its better to call it as a mini library. He must be a book
worm like me.. well I dont want to dig into that shelf on the very first night and was
waiting anxiously for Raghav.
It was almost half an hour ,Raghav cared not to look at me.. Does he know am here ??? I
coughed purposely. I know its a very old trick and it does work mostly.. But Raghav
was completely deaf to my cough.. well I must try something newThere was a tv on
the corner of the room.. And the remote was lying nearby the couch. Let me disturb him
technically. I switched on the tv and raised its volume step by step.. Awww!! It was
maximum now , but still there was no reaction from him.. this volume would have woke
up a dead person from grave too.. Damn !!!! He is very stubborn.
The tv was telecasting some news channel.. I did tuned the channels without leaving
any gap between.. Well best way to irritate a person is to tune the channels often that too
in full volume
Raghav banged the door near balcony. He came with such a speed and lifted the
television and banged it down.. The LCD was shattered into pieces

I stood there speechless in shock.. He hurried towards me snatched the remote from my
hand and pulled me towards him.. Before I could sense what was happening his lips
were on mine.. I stood motionless for few seconds and when I recognized the reality it
was too late to fight with him. His arms were tightly holding me that couldnt move
even a inch.. after few minutes his arms loosened and he left me.. But his eyes were
burning in rage..
this is what you want right??? Is this enough or you want everything?? he was
breathing hard and took steps further towards me..
I was too grasping for my breath veiled in the unexpected jolt.
Hey stop there I was struggling for my words And I never knew why tears were
trickling on my cheeks..
He stopped and was gazing at me like he is looking at an ugly beast.. Every cell in my
body was burning in embarrassment and agony.. If he hadnt been my husband I would
have slapped him..
When he further took a step towards me I nearly shouted
Stop there.. Or I will slap you
Slap me ??? Do you think that you have so much strength in you?? You blo**y bi.. He
didnt complete the word.
I couldnt control my tears.. But crying in front of a man would show you weaker. With
no more words to speak I sat on the couch . There was deadly silence between us..
Raghav moved to the balcony again and took the same position back
Now I was able to weep independently.. I hated crying.. But In this situation I was left
with no other choice.. Quite after a while I felt little relaxed wiping all the stains of
tears and with no energy left I laid on the couch I recalled all the shocks which I got
in one single day.. God !! Its enough !!! I will face remaining shocks tomorrow
Raghav came inside the room .. He was roaming for a while inside the room and took
an empty cardboard.. He went near the broken LCD and started picking up the broken
pieces and noiselessly dropped them inside it

If you are not sleeping am sorry Pooja It was Raghav.

Did he said sorry???
To be continued

Ufff !! Is this love againn ???? Chapter 12

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 12
P.N: Goutham and Suraj denote the same person..
If you are not sleeping am sorry Pooja It was Raghav Did he say sorry???
I must be dreaming !! Raghavs dictionary doesnt have the word sorry when its a
conversation with Pooja. I got up from the couch as he was standing .. It is not am
giving respect to him, but to reply a man sleeping on a couch didnt seemed moral.
you said sorry??? I looked at him bizarrely with a question.
Yeah I said.. well he didnt looked at me..
For wat?? I enquired him..
Right from the ISD call he has got so many reasons for which he can plead to me. But
what for this sorry?? I was bit confused..
Damn.. Look Am not such a kind of guy to touch a girl without her wish.. and I See..
I shouldnt have done this.. Sorry k.. his face was outright without any expressions.
Now what can I say to him??? Accept his apology?? Its k Raghav I dont mind you
kissing me !!! He will think that am shameless
Or shout at him How dare you did this to me ?? Will just a sorry make me forget
everything?? It will worsen the situation more

was thinking deeply what should I reply.. but he never cared at me and went for
cautiously picking the broken pieces of LCD and placing it in the cardboard box.. The
broken pieces were flickering in the dim light..
I will better help him in collecting those pieces.. And accept his apology and also clearly
mention to him that not to repeat this again..
When I moved towards him , Stop there It was Raghav in his elevated voice..
I ll
Use the couch..
I mean dont use my bed.. I hate people using it.. Guess you are comfortable with the
couch..If not I ll order a new cot for you
Who is bothered about his bed???
See Raghav.. Am..
I know you are my wife.. But dont think am such a decent guy who will be in control
having a beautiful girl lying beside him in his own bed.. Next time I wont be sorry too..
So your safety is in your hand Use the couch and
Hey.. dont you have an habit of listening others??? Who is bothered about your cot ?
and am very much comfortable here
then why the hell did you moved towards it??
heyyou have got perversion in your eyes.. will you believe that I thought I will help
you in collecting these.. I pointed those broken parts..
I will Clean the room.. he nearly ordered me.. Then he just kept the box down and
left that place to sit on his precious cot He is now seated on his bed with his legs
crossed turning the pages of a magazine..
How rude !!! I was burning in rage !!! As if he is King and am his slave cleaning his

room..Hell.. I was not in a mood to fight or argue with him .. with no choice left I
eviscerated it and placed the box in a corner of the room
There was no sign of sorry in his face.. cha!! For a minute even I considered him Noble..
Chanceless With distress I progressed towards the couch..
Hey.. wait.. It was Raghav..
Now what ?? Is he going to complain that I have not cleaned properly ?? I havent
cleaned any place in my life with so much perfection

What??? I have no strength left to argue with you I was frowning at him..
even am See I need privacy There is a small room attached to this one.. Its my
reading room.. So
can you please help me to move this couch to that room??? I dont want to listen him
Oh yasure he grinned
That was the first time he smiled at me I could feel my heart getting lighter.. am I
feeling glad for his smile?? Oh nothing Pooja
He was very strong indeed.. Must have gone to gym daily.. I had just placed my hands
on it as if am pushing.. but the reality is 98% strength was his..
now you can use this room.. Dont touch the computer and the files in the drawer..
Other than that you can use everything good night.. he hurried out of the room
Good night.. I know he might have not heard my words.. and he never cared too !!!
Even this room was well-ordered and air conditioned.. the room had only one entrance..
so if I have to leave the room I have to cross Raghavs room It had a big sized window
skillfully covered with curtains.. There was a reading table with many shelves in it
There was a cupboard covered with glass which had a large collection of books
He must be mad about books !!! Well I have a good time pass here

You can lock the door Raghav was shouting from his room
With no more words to ask I locked it I was tired !! very tired now !! But I know I
couldnt sleep now.. I had lots of questions in my mind which needed their answer.. I
can ask Raghav but I am damn sure he wont answer any of my questions properly and
rather would insult me
Where is goutham now??? I have to inform Javeed that Goutham is not dead but
how?? After I escaped from that hell , Javeed hadnt contacted me I still remember the
last words which he said to me
shift your home to some other place.. a place where you have never been and change
your college.. dont update anything about you in facebook.. and.. be safe k
How could I contact him??? My brain was wavering around.. I never knew when I slept
and it was Raghav smiling in my dreams !!! and I never knew a great shock was waiting
for me tomorrow !!!
It was a heavily loaded truck with a large container behind.. the driver riding the truck
in the busy Chennai highways A couple was sitting near the driver. The woman was
in her early forties but seemed more aged with wrinkles on her face . The old-fashioned
saree which she was currently wearing was faded and it portrayed her to be the poorest
individual from India . And the man was in his late forties looked very strong but still
his dressing was even more worse than his wife He was chatting to the driver
Is this road always busy??? the man enquired to the driver
ya sahaab !! This is NH4 This road connects 4 states.. People travelling to Mumbai,
Banglore or Pune always prefer this route.. I myself has travelled 50 times in this
highway.. the driver was propagandizing his experience..
So why are you shifting your home to Mumbai??? the driver asked the man
I have got a transfer of job to Mumbai So we are shifting there

What job saahab???

am an agent in a private insurance company.... Have got a promotion.. the man was
smiling at him
The driver looked at the couple bizarrely
Oh these clothes Dont mistake us.. My wife gives me such clothes to wear whenever
we go for a night travel.. she is bit cautious about our safety.. he was smiling again
ha ha.. Ya sahaab.. These ladies are all the same.. even my wife allows me to wear good
dresses only on someones marriage function So to wear a decent dress I have wait for
a wedding He laughed such loudly that the woman nearby woke up
------------.. whats happening here??? Dont you know am sleeping.. she shouted at his
nothing dear.. the driver laughed I will ask him to be quietYou please sleep
honey and he tapped her gently..
The lady resumed her sleep mode back.
sorry.. My wife loses her temper when disturbed from sleep he looked at the driver
I understandIts very hard to be a husband saahab.. the driver whispered and
smiled at the man
so when will we cross the tamilnadu border??? The man asked him..
Just 5 kilometers saahab.. we will cross in 10 minutes
thanks the man felt a sigh of relief inside him
Before they could cross 2 kilometers two police jeeps were on the way checking the
The man felt his heart skip a beat.. but still he was strong inside and recalled Surajs
words Dont worry Police wont check this vehicle.. this truck has been exclusively
used for shifting home.. So they wont doubt you And moreover I have informed the
road inspector too.. He will take care be careful about the girls.. If one is missing I will
kill you.. samje???

He felt his adrenaline raising and lowering in his blood in a zigzag manner.. God !!
Please let them not check the truck and the thought of 7 girls lying unconscious inside
the truck wrapped in big boxes bewildered him
He tried to wake up the lady who was sleeping still who was snoring like a
chimpanzee.. Well he doesnt know whether chimpanzee could snore , but he didnt find
better illustration than that
Get up !! you useless woman !! he was screaming.
Why are you waking her up saahab??? This is a usual checking.. they know me.. You
know I have travelled this route more than 50 times..
OMG!!! How many times will he tell that he has travelled in this route ???? As if this is a
Kashmir Border.----------!!!
The truck was in a queue to undergo the checking.. There were 2 police jeeps and some
10 policemen in their neatly ironed khaki uniform..
Cant you ignore the checking and go ??? the man queried him in frustration..
Dont worry sahaab.. Its nothing.. they will check for license I have it and plus I have
travelled this route more than 50 times.. I know them
----------.. stop this nonsense!!! Drive the truck the man was shuddering in rage..
He quickly dialed Surajs number
Suraj picked the call in the very first ring
So have you crossed Tamilnadu border???
No sahaab there is a checking on the highways.. we are in a queue and we will be
checked after 3 vehicles.. am scared.. he was hissing
you fool.. Dont show you are scared !!! I said I have informed the road police.. They
will take care.. and this lorry driver has a good name.. so no chance of checking.. got
it ?? Now be normal.. text me after you cross the tamilnadu border if something goes

wrong give the phone to Police.. I will take care and the call was cut..
Now the truck stopped
vanakkam sir they are shifting home to Mumbai He is an insurance agent sir
shut up !! show me your license one of the policemen with a big mustache yelled..
here it is sahaab.. I have an experience of 10 years in driving.. And I have travelled this
route more than and the driver resumed his speech again
---------!!! the man was screaming inside
what is your name??? another police enquired the man
Ra.. Ramesh sir
Who is she??? the police pointed the lady..
My wife

whats inside???
what.. sir.. nothing.. just our old utensils and furniture sir.. he was swallowing the
Hey driver open the container!!! the police ordered ..
Sir I said there is nothing.. You cant !!
shut up !!! Open the door driver !!
The man and the driver followed the police the man was about to collapse in fear.. He
quickly called Suraj
Sahaab !! the police are checking our vehicle!!!
give the phone to them

Just a minute sir !!! My boss wants to talk to you and he handed to the police officer
who seemed to be the superior officer there
Hello.. can I talk to Inspector Antony now???
Antony here the officer replied
Hey you.. this is Suraj here.. I texted you the vehicle number right??? Then why the hell
are you checking the vehicle???------------
sorry.. there is problem out.. You cant cross the border now .. I will seize the vehicle
now sir.. and I will release it morning.. Please understand the police was
Meanwhile a constable was shouting from inside the truck.. sir !!there are girls
unconscious inside
Another police slapped the man
------------ !! are you kidnapping girls !!! arrest them all
Suraj was waiting anxiously for the call from inspector antony
Damn!! Why is he taking time to call???
Desparately he dialed his number
Hello Antony answered him in a sleepy voice
hell!! are you sleeping When will you release the truck and the gals???
Suraj sir.. you?? Am not getting what are you trying to say??? the truck must have
crossed tamilnadu
hey you said you will arrest and leave them in the morning.. Stop playing
but sir !! I ordered all my men not to go for checking at the time the truck is crossing..

enquire other police you ----------

am damn sure sir !! we didnt arrest anyone !! guess something has went wrong
Suraj was bewildered!!! What has happened????
Meanwhile he got a call..
Hey where are you??? They are not police!!
they pushed us and have eloped the truck sahaab!! the man was weeping
Suraj was stunned !!!!
Javeed texted his boss
Girls are safe!!!
To be continued !!!

Ufff !! Is this love againn ???? Chapter 13

11:44 pm
Someone was knocking the door vigorously
Are you deaf Wake up someone was screaming from the bottom of their lungs.
Ya mom.. 5 minutes I was mumbling in bed
I will break the door if you dont open it in 2 minutes
Hell!!! Its Raghavs voice Oh shit !! Am in Raghavs home And Pooja you are
married !!
I remembered my moms words Wake up early take bath.. make bed coffee for
your husbandkeep smiling always..
Show more care on him.. Make sure he gives his entire salary to you

Uffff!!! Is every mom like this??? Well though I cant follow everything what she said I
wished at least I could follow first two.. I dont want the people here to think am lazy.
Pooojaaaa Raghav this time banged the door with more force..thank god the door
is made of teak wood.. Orelse the door would have got a hole in between
Ya ya am coming I adjusted my dress and opened the door
There raghav was standing ferociously as if he is gonna kill me
. He was wearing perfect formal dress .. Oh he is ready for the office.. the clock on the
wall was showing time as 9.20 Shit !! I have slept so long
Am sor
Get lost from here.. I have to take important files.. move he nearly pushed me and
rushed inside the room
This time I dont want to argue with him.. Well the mistake is on my side I quickly
took bath and wore a brand new dress.. this is the main advantage of getting married..
at least for a month you can wear new dresses.
When I came out of the room to my surprise Raghav was still in the room
So you always take bath for half an hour??? he gave an ironic smile.
Whats his problem??? Today actually took bath in such a hurry
No.. I normally take an hour.. Today I hurried I grinned at him.

What the ---------- he was murmuring

sorry you said something ??? I enquired him like an innocent child
Look I dont want to argue with you Get ready and come down soon Mom
wants to say something .. and he started to move out of the room

I was able to hear his murmur clearly these ladies !! They wont allow us to go for job
too!!! #$#$^@#^@^ He nearly banged the door and left.
Guess his mom has stopped him from going to office I got ready in 10 minutes and
rushed down.. I dont want him to come up again and scream at me
There his mom , dad and Raghav was waiting on the dining table.. Two servants were
waiting nearby standing in a position to serve food.. If someone says on the mount, Get
set , Go they will start serving I guess..
Raghav was busying typing something in his phone.. Raghavs mom Gayathri saw me
first.. She was in full makeup.. everything was pink in her today Pink saree ,pink eye
shadow, pink nail polish , pink bangles , necklace with pink stones on it well the list
goes on I was wondering how she manages to get everything in match And I
looked myself.. I was in green salwar blue bangles, red stoned dolor in chain which
my mother gifted me and no nail polish.. I had just tied my wet hair with a clip and
looked out of fashion in front of her.
She was smiling at me Good morning Pooja dear.. she nearly screamed I was
jerked for a second by the sudden sound but all others seemed normal. They must have
got used to it.
Good morning aunty I smiled back
So you too get up at 9.. thats sweet of you dear.. even I wish the same.. But this Raghav
and his dad always wake me up early.. the way she made her face as if she is very sad
made me laugh
No aunty.. I usually wake up at 5 to catch the office bus at 6.30 .. Yesterday I slept
I understand She looked at her husband and both smiled with a blush Even the
two lady servants exchanged a humble smile
Whats happening??? Raghav was staring at me angrily Oh shit !! what have you said
Pooja??? Now I clearly understood the reason behind their smile
Nothing like what you all think.. actually

Pooja.. sit down and have breakfast.. Raghav commanded.

I sat near Raghav except me and Raghav everyone around us were blushing.. It was a
very good breakfast
you look very beautiful in this dress Pooja.. Isnt she raghav??? she enquired raghav..
He gave a weird look at her and continued his breakfast OMG!! Why is she asking
You too very cute in this dress aunty.. everything in match I know the word cute is
too much.. But I dont want her to feel bad about raghav not answering her.. But I
understood soon I have made a great blunder by praising her
Cuteeeeeeeeee???? I know.. Actually I go to Express avenue to buy things.. and this
saree Raghavs mom was going on narrating her stories of where she gets for
shopping how she selects her dresses and what products she buys for makeup , who
companies her
Raghav and his father left the dining hall in 5 minutes But I was not able to move too..
she was going on blabbering Ufff!!! 20 minutes over.. Now She started where she buys
jewels.. Come on Pooja do something or u will go deaf soon.
Aunty shall I clean the plates I tried to stand up with the dirty plate on my hand
no need Pooja.. Meenu will take those Hey.. come here and clean the table.. And I
never wash the vessels.. My nail paint gets spoiled .. And guess wat I got this nail paint
from Australia.. we went there last time . And she continued her adventures in
Mom am leaving to office now.. Raghav interrupted her talk First time in my life I
felt happy for Raghavs presence.
How can you go Raghav??? You are newly married.. take Pooja outYou shouldnt go
to office for a month k
what the Mom.... I have works to complete Newly married doesnt mean we dont
have to earn for the living.. am leaving bye

Hey Raghav.. So you have grown up now.. You wont listen my words I have
mistaken.. I must have not trusted my son so blindly that he will listen me Revathi
was correct
Oh mom.. please dont start about Revathi aunty and her stupid speech..Now what do
you want me to do???
Take Pooja out
I will take her out in the evening.. Now let me go now
Thats sweet of my boy.. She kissed her on his forehead and Raghav went out..

Going Out with Raghav???? I cursed myself for marrying him He will definitely insult
me more
Pooja dear.. Go and get ready k
Aunty I need a help
ya you can ask me anything
I need to browse.. Where can I???
Use Raghavs system
Password ????
He is your husband dear.. You ask he will do anything for you.. She winked at me
He will do anything for me.. Best joke of the year
I will ask him later aunty..For nowwwwwwww..
k k .. use the system in living room.. It has no password.. she smiled and left the
Now I have to track Javeed and inform him about Goutham first I tried with facebook

and typed Javeed , Mumbai .3567 results found !!!! chanceless .

Now I tried with Javeed Mumbai red cross
No results found for Javeed Mumbai red cross Ufff!!!
I tried with google It Displayed About 144,000 results (0.32 seconds)
And it displayed unwanted results mostly
I went for the list of members in Red cross .. I was able to crack only the senior members
of the organization Those people who rescued may be just volunteers After an hour
of search I felt disgusted
There were 560 unread mails for me And the first one was from Gautham
I wont leave until you say who rescued you..Catch you soon diaaa
I felt a horror strike my heart and turned off the system. My mind was circling around
Javeed and the incidents which happened in Mumbai.. I have to find him somehow.. But
It was a hotel situated in the outskirts of Chennai city.. Javeed was talking with his
Boss !!! Master plan See how these girls are happy now????
Javeed stop calling me as Bossyeah !!! this happiness has made us to take risks.
Where are others ???? the man looked around
All are taking photographs in police uniform But you looked very perfect in that
dress Javeed smiled at him
Not as perfect as you so have you informed their parents ???? He asked ..
ya almost.. these guys are making calls since the time they rescued gals but how
come he came alive??? You shot him to death

that was a bad shot.. I missed him This time I have to trace him and finish his life
hey javeed.. do you have his clear photograph The picture which you sent me last
time was not clear and I need his recent picture.. Guess I saw a man resembling him
Yesterday in chennai??? But where boss??? javeed exclaimed..
I said no boss .k . well dont ask me where I met him.. its a big story.. Send these gals
to their parents I will contact you all later.. bye and he left the place..
Javeed admired this man a lot !! He is a genious !!! Javeed sighed
Raghav was busily going through his files His mobile started to vibrate
Mom calling Raghav felt disgusted.. This mom !!! why is she calling me in office
Raghav had his strict rules.. Unless its really an emergency he doesnt talks with his
family during his office hours.. His mom too knows that damn!!
With frustration he kept the file down and attended the call
Ya mom.. what???
Its 4 PM
So what can I do ???
You said you will take out Pooja in the evening
Ohhh that.. Mom I have got work.. I ll take her out tomorrow..
Tomorrow??? Thats why I stopped you from going to officeSee you are coming here
in an hour.. Or else I will come there with Pooja
No mother.. dont do that.. I ll come .. bye and he disconnected the call

Oh no aunty.. I dont use eye shadow and blushers Pooja was pleading to Raghavs
mom Gayathri
you shouldnt say no.. You will look gorgeous in makeup and she was applying
something more on my eyelashes
But aunty I never
you know what It was my childhood dream to become a beautician.. But my stupid
husband didnt allow me to pursue..
So now you are fulfilling your dream on me I gave a derisive smile on her..
ha ha ha she was giggling like a thunder..
You are very humorous She laughed again..
Am serious aunty.. I want to shout.. But I dont want to disappoint her.. Other than her
show off , she seemed to be really sweet
After 10 minutes she let me to see the mirror.
Now u can see she handed me the mirror with a proud look
OMG!!! I was shocked to see me.. I looked like a cartoon character.. I was in lavender
color salwar.. everything was lavender in me.. even the lipstick.. If I go to circus now
they will immediately appoint me as a clown.
you look like aishwarya rai she commented at me with a delighted look..
Damn!! Havent she seen aishwarya even in calendar photos???? I want to bang my head
on the mirror itself but I dont want to hurt her
thanks aunty.. Its awesome.. But I never go out wearing so much makeup.. so
You look awesome.. Raghav will be mesmerized seeing you
And the door bell rang

guess its raghav.. come with me.. He will be pleased to see you
no auntyI
come.. she grabbed and pulled me to the hall
I was praying God !! Please It must not be Raghav. I dont want to stand before him
like a clown
But It was Raghav.
Raghav you have a surpiseeeeeeeeeeee. aunty exclaimed as if she is gonna show
the 8th wonder of the earth and she pointed me
who is she mom??? Raghav was looking at me curiously..
who??? Hey she is Pooja.. Your wife
what the go please go and wash your face.. I dont want to introduce a cartoon
character as my wife..
Well I was waiting for this second.. without any delay I rushed to the restroom..
you are very Rude Raghav his mom complaining..
I hadnt been insulted so much. After I came out of the restroom raghavs mom tried
to console me..
dont worry dear.. I know how much you must have been hurt.. Dont worry I will put
quick makeup soon
whattttt???? No aunty .. Raghav is in a hurry.. sorry and I evacuated the place soon..
Now I am in the car with raghav.. First date with him..
I never knew it would be the worst date one would have ever went..

To be continued.

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - chapetr 14

12:09 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 14
First Date!!!
Well am not sure whether people use the word Date after marriage.. But this is the
first time am going out with him.. so the word date suited better than anything. And
of course it is an Unwelcomed Date
The car glided smoothly on the highways.. Raghav was driving the car in a very
cautious manner.. He neither did raced up nor rode like a bullock cart.. It was a steady
drive.. The car was very neat inside. Guess he must have took intense car on his car..
Its an old mythology.. The way a man takes care of his Horse, is the way he will take
care of his wife More care on horse, more care on his wife..
But in this era, Guys dont ride horses.. so lets consider a car or a bike in place of horse..
If that myth is true he must shower heap of love on me.. Awww!! Why am I getting
these stupid thoughts???
Sitting idle in the car was irritating without music I looked for the music system
around but was caught hold on the fingers of Raghav It was neatly shaven and there
was no trace of dirt .He was handling the wheel very elegantly.. well , there is an old
myth regarding nails of a man too.. It is..
Whats there in my hand ??? It was Raghav..
Shit !! I had been curiously looking his nails.. you pooja!! Always in dreamland!!! My
school miss used to shout at me often..
wat??? nothing.. I replied him.
So you will stare at a mans hand for no reason ??
so you have at last found a reason to fight with me?? I frowned at him..
He gave an angry look at me and concentrated on the drive
So where are we going now??? I enquired him
Ohhh.. so u often go there ??? I mean is it your favorite picnic spot?? I questioned him
like an acquitted child.
Yeah.. since the time I got engaged with you I often go there.. he scowled
Now what can I say ??? this man should be a champion in debates I never want to
argue with him I swore that I will not open my mouth until I reach home back
The drive was silent for 5 minutes the Ac inside the car was very cool and I was
frozen by it I dont want to ask him to reduce the AC and start the conversation with

him.. and I didnt know how to reduce it too.. with no option left I rubbed my hands to
make myself warm
Raghav unexpectedly gave a remote to me..
This button is for reducing the temperature and this one is to increase he never cared
about my response and continued his drive..
I increased the temperature inside the car and felt better after few minutes..
Thanks I know my voice was low.. but he must have heard it there was no response
from him..
I said thanks.. I tried again with a raised voice he behaved as if am talking to the
doors and windows of the car
Ufff !!! Even after knowing his character why are you expecting a reply from him for
your thanks..No you are not going to open your mouth until you reach home.This
time I was confident that I wont utter a word to him
After few seconds
Why do you want to thank me?? For the remote or for marrying you???
why did you marry me??? I never want to miss this chance
haan.. because am in love with you..will you believe ??? he looked at me ironically..
am not a fool.. you had a great chance to stop the wedding.. Ex-boyfriend, photos,
unwelcomed marriage.. what happened to you suddenly???
I looked at him keenly waiting for his reply..
those photos were morphed
So I didnt find a strong proof to stop the marriage.. Got it????
Seriously I expected a long explanation from him
So since he didnt find a strong proof against me to stop the marriage he didnt
I felt like sharing the bad experience I face with goutham and all the incidents that
happened in Mumbai.. But he has already got a bad impression about me.. I dont want
to worsen it by telling him I was about to be get sold in Mumbai market.. Hard time he
would believe it..
It was a quiet drive.. we were on the ECR road ECR road in Chennai is the favorite
hangout place for youngsters People hailing from rich background would prefer
resorts for dining and whereas from moderate and poor background would go for
roadside dhabas But there is a common place where everyone goes.. It is the beautiful
sea !!!
Now I got an idea of where are we heading to He might go for one of the richest
resorts where one dosa would cost Rs.500 (Conditions apply :p).. I used to wonder a lot..
How could one cook a dosa worth 500 bucks??? Might be they go for branded items..
Branded rice ,Branded oil ,Branded tawa for cooking dosa and Branded chefs for

making it But still I was not able to justify the fact Dosa For just Rs.500 .
While I was deeply involved in my thoughts of dosa , we were almost inside a resort..
Raghav stopped the car and gave a glance at me So this glance is to get down the
It was a beautiful resort and I was able to find foreigners more.. the time was almost
5.45 PM now and the sun was bidding goodbye with its orange rays
We had to walk for quite a distance to go to our reservation place.. It was a small open
hut beautifully craved in wood which was near the sea shore.. there was a table inside it
neatly covered with white tablecloth and a candle on it.. Candle light dinner??? With
him??? I never thought Raghav would make this special arrangement for our first
Raghav took his seat first and I was watching the sunset
sit down Raghav nearly ordered
I sat opposite to him and tried as far as possible to not look at him straight the waiter
came and gave us a menu card..
Without even consulting me Raghav ordered some 6 items , each 2 in number Atleast
for courtesy he must have asked me what I like well am not gonna eat whatever he
has ordered
When the waiter left with a smile ,Raghav looked at me..
This is an Italian restaurant You wont know what these items are so I ordered
myself.. Is that ok for you???
How do you presume yourself that I dont know what these are??? I had been to Italian
restaurants already And..
Is it??? .. then have a look at it.. he offered me the menu card
Capellini alla Checca -18.89$
Penne arrabiata -9.34$
Spaghetti Portofino -12.2$
Linguine Della Casa-9.95$
Capicola- 9.95$
farfella Ametriciana 13.45$ and the list was very big.. Uffff!! So these are the names
of food I was amazed if am finding so hard to read it how hard it would be eat
them Well I dont want to stand before him as an ignorant child
There was a word which was easy to pronounce.. It was Capicola.. Sounds like coco-cola
I love capicola.. Order that for me
am sorry.. did you said capicola??? Raghav asked me with a question..
Ya.. Please order that every time I go for an Italian restaurant I have that.. I smiled
at him..

then its your wish waiter one capicola too

We waited for nearly 30 minutes.. that is why I never prefer to go to big hotels.. If you
feel that you will be hungry after an hour then you can go there and order.. those were
the longest 30 minutes Raghav never bothered about me and was busy in his phone
calls he often left the place and was in phone.. I was looking around.. In the nearby
hut there was an young couple.. If my guess is right they must be un-married.. They
were having candle light dinner and at official breaks they exchanged kisses Hell !!!
How could one forget the surroundings and kiss like this??? I hated such a behavior
there was a beautiful sunset before me.. Better I concentrate on sunset alone
Meanwhile Raghav came back to the seat
Being single and watching people kissing around is the most horrible thing in the
world.. Isnt it Pooja???
Nothing meanwhile our food was served.
Here is the capicola mam the waiter placed a plate before me and kept all other
dishes around..
Thank you Raghav greeted the waiter
Raghav started to taste his dish which could not be pronounced and I too started with
my capicola.. Its smell was good and was very colorful indeed.. when I about to taste I
noticed Raghav was keenly noticing me..
Why are you looking at me like this???
I have never seen an Indian girl eating Pork.. thats why..
Pork???? I nearly shrieked
Ya capicola.. Its an Italian dish made in pork Anyhow I shouldnt say this to girl
whose favorite dish is this.. Please continue
He grinned at me and continued his dinner
I quietly moved that plate to the corner of the table and took other dish which Raghav
ordered for me
Hey Pooja.. what happened to your favorite dish???
It tastes bad here.. what is this one?? I pointed the new dish I want to confirm
whether it contained pork too..
With a great sigh of relief I started to taste that.

Meanwhile , a small village near the outskirts of Chennai

It was a small hut A girl was crying inside.. she seemed to be not more than 15 years
oldAlong with her there were Goutham and five other men who looked majestic and
cruel they were beating that girl
Give me the pencorder.. Or else we will kill you.. One of the men was shouting at
Release my sister Pleaseee She was begging them..
Goutham was in height of frustration.
Hey release her @#%%@$^#$^ sister
And a girl who couldnt be more than 10 years old was left free from the men.
The 15 yr old girl handed the pencorder to them.. She was the one who was saved by
Javeed and his gang yesterday.
Now what can we do boss??? A man enquired Goutham
Kill them both and he hastily took out his lap and loaded the memory card in it
You must have sent one of our girls to watch them a man said to goutham
No.. these guys have a clear segregation about whom are innocent and who are spy.. I
tried twice.. But those gals where sent back with a warning Those *@#%*%* were not
able to trace a bit about that gang
Meanwhile the pencorder displayed the videos
There were men who were completely new to him.. Goutham was able to trace only one
among them..
This was the guy who often begs him for volunteering in my area.. How did I not
suspected him????
Hey what is his name.. he freezed the screen for a while and asked one of his men
his name is javeed.. And his address is . The man took out a notebook and said
javeeds addres..
shall we kill him boss??? Another man asked him..
I need him bring him here alive. We need to find the mastermind behind this.

To be continued..

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - Chapter 15

03:38 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 15
The dishes werent so hard to eat .. To be frank they were good but there was dead
silence between us.. I have never been silent while eating

So do you like Italian dishes a lot??? I broke the quietness between us and started
the conversation ..
Then why you brought me here to an Italian restaurant????
Mom booked this table.. I had to..
So It was his mom who booked this table Again he was silent.. does he wants me to
start the conversation every time???
hmmm So You love your mom a lot ??? I know this is a stupid question.. Everyone
loves their mom
Who doesnt ??? It was Raghavs Reply he was frowning indeed
Guess he doesnt want to have a conversation with me.. I could clearly perceive from his
Can I ask you something???
go head
Why does his reply sound like a command always??? He must be a commander in
military.. I cursed myself for chatting with him even after getting humiliated often but
when there are lot of questions eating your brain, a mere humiliation doesnt stops you
from finding the elucidations
Why dont you want to get married?? I mean why do hate marriage with .. ??? It was
difficult for me to complete the question
shall we leave???
I asked you
am leaving.. If you wish come to car..Or take your time and come back to home
whenever you wish and he started to move towards the car
I shouldnt have asked that question.. that too with Great Raghav.. He shows too much
of attitude.. I murmured and followed him Thought of taking taxi.. but Its not safe
for girls to travel alone in ECR road at late hours
No I wont talk to him anymore I swore ..
we started back to our home. There was a surprise waiting for us there.. It was the
worst surprise for me and Raghav
Javeed was on his way back to Mumbai.. He had a great feel of relaxation in his mind
Working in such a group thrilled him a lot..
Now I could go back to my home and spend time with her He thought of his
beautiful wife Zara They got married 2 months before and Javeed was feeling bad that
he hasnt taken her out ever since he married her
I must take her out.. Might be for a honeymoon trip.. He smiled and started browsing
about the places to go on a trip.

Meanwhile he got a call from Zara

He didnt inform her that he is returning back to Mumbai.. Javeed wanted to give
double surprise to her One his arrival and the other should be the honeymoon trip
Now let me attend and tell her I would come back after a week..
Assalaamu alaikkum zara..
Waalaikkum assalaam Javeed bhai How rude you are.. Leaving newly married wife
alone in Mumbai and going behind girls in Chennai It was a rough male voice.
Hey who are you?? Where is Zara?? his voice was shaking
she is with us.. currently very safe in my arms. She is gorgeous man the man was
Hey leave her.. Or else I will kill you Javeed was shouting
Suraj saahab will call you.. You can have a word with him.. Dont worry .. She is
hmmmm very safe.. and the call was cut.
Javeed was stunned.. He was cursing those men.. When he tried to call Zaras number
back It was switched off
God !! Please save her !!! he wanted her to be safe Each second seemed to be an
hour and he felt his eye was scaring at the mobiles screen for a call
And after 10 minutes there was a call from an unknown number
He picked the call in the very first ring
Hello.. What you want?? Please leave my wife he was pleading in phone
Hey calm down man.. For a single woman you are getting tensed soo much??? See me..
I have lost 50 of my girls in 6 months.. Look how cool am I Goutham was
Damn it.. She is my wife.. Leave her.. I beg you.. Please I will pay anything you
Ready to pay anything??? Den It would be your life.. I want to meet you Come to this
address as soon as possible.. Guys said you have a beautiful wife and going to polica
and informing your leader is your wish.. One more call from your phone I will call my
men in Mumbai
No dont do anything.. I will be there soon..
And he geared his car towards the address..
And now am here in home again I was little terrified to meet Raghavs mom again..
Please god !! Let her not ask me to wear make-up before I go to sleep
We both stood before the door and knocked it

Surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Raghavs mom was shouting from the deep of her

lungs and before the door was opened completely she started to squeal..
Uffff !! surprise again??? Hope she has put make-up for Raghavs dad
I saw Raghavs face He looked irritated in its worst level..
She was standing with a parcel in her hand And there was quite a crowd inside I
was able to identify only few They were Raghavs relatives.. Now what is the
surprise ???
She handed the parcel to us Raghav was embarrassed on seeing the crowd
But still he managed to grin seeing them all.. I too smiled at them
Open this Raghavs mom was urging us both to open.. and the crowd surrounded
us to open the parcel. Everyone were shouting Oooooopen.. Oooooopen.. as if we
are gonna inaugurate TajMahal
Raghav started to uncover the parcel cover
Nooooooooooooooo Both of you should open together one of the old lady in the
crowd raised her voice and everyone started to clap
I looked at Raghav.. Was he blushing??? Ya indeed he was blushing
Pooja.. will you help me in opening this??? he was requesting me as if he is the most
romantic husband in the world
What ??? I exclaimed.. I wasnt able to accept that Raghav has said so..
Oh come on dear.. Please open it It was Raghav again..
He said dear ???? He can go for acting And he might be called as Dr.Raghav soon
in movie industry I have found quite a few actors getting doctorate soon in tamil
Now what to do??? People around me started to scream Pooja open.. Pooja open
I helped him in uncovering the parcel.. It was surrounded by too many newspapers
around fixed very tightly by numerous cellotapes.. This is a marriage prank which
happens often in India.. After removing all the newspapers you can find a nipple for
babies or a feeding bottle or piece of cotton or a biscuit packet as the gift I used to
enjoy such pranks in my relatives marriages
Now what they have kept inside????
We finally found a small crystal box inside it.
When we opened it there were 2 air tickets The destination was Kullu Manali
Happy honeymoon !!! everyone shouted in excitement
Honeymoon to Kullu Manali ????????? Me and Raghav looked each other in despair..

To be continued.

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 16

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 16
It was a deserted area situated in the outskirts of Chennai Javeed was racing his car
with such a speed that his every heartbeat had a strong urge to save his wife.. He was
ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of his wife.. It is the forte of men.. They would
do anything for the girl they love..
Javeed was praying all along his way for Zara Please God.. Save her he kept
The address was very far that even after travelling for 2 hours he was not able to reach
the destination
Meanwhile he got calls from goutham often .. Goutham repeated the same
confrontations.. If you go for police or someone else , your wifes life would be at
stake More than her wifes life he was worried about her modesty he clearly knew
how filthy these @$%#$^^#$ were !!!
After 10 minutes , Javeed stopped his car in from of a restaurant.. the restaurant had the
fresh smell of human blood
Somebody must have been murdered here few minutes before.. He thought..
The restaurant had a shutter which was completely eroded that even a slight hard push
would create a hole in it.. It was closed and there was an antiquated lock on it
where are those #%%$#^# ??? Javeed searched around Meanwhile a man , who
could be in his late thirties encountered him..
Are you javeed??? he questioned him in a hushed voice
Yeah !! where is Goutham???
come with me
And the man went inside a deserted street.. How do kidnappers get such weird
places ???
Javeed actually expected an antediluvian house in that deserted area which would be
covered with thorns and twigs But the man stopped before a beautiful bungalow If
it had been in Mahindra city , the house owner would have quoted 2 lacs per month for
stay.. NOM
Go inside the man stood near the gate and said..
Why is your entry restricted ??? Javeed gave a brutal look on the man and went inside
It was a big bungalow And there were ladies and men roaming inside it.. Javeed
quickly understood what kind of place is this.. He felt every inch of his body getting

irritated to stand in such a place

He had seen Goutham four times in Mumbai.. thrice he went to his place for begging
him for approving the social cause in that place and last time was when he was shot by
his boss..
Now he was searching Gouthams reflection all around the Building There he was
been seated on a couch and was watching television seriously
You @!%$@#%%... Javeed rushed towards Goutham and caught his shirt collar
where is my wife??? Leave her.. Javeed was screaming
Shhhh be cool javeed
You !@$#%@$^ leave my wife I said Or else I will shoot you javeed took his pistol
and pointed it towards Gouthams head
r you fool javeed ??? So you think you and your wife could escape after killing me.. ???
Goutham looked at javeed sarcastically
Javeed stood motionless after a sigh javeed continued..
Hey am the man who rescued the gals.. Kill me if you want.. But please leave my wife..
I beg you.. Javeed was nearly sobbing
Am gonna kill you for sure.. you dont need to worry about it.. But tell me one
information.. who is the mastermind behind this??? Someone who is strong in power
must be behind you all?? Who is that?? And I know without the support of someone
from my own gang you couldnt rescue every girl whom I kidnap tell me who is that
black sheep I will leave you and your wife too.. I swear Goutham smiled at him
Javeed was frozen.. I cant do this.. I cant pin point him.. and I cant say the person in his
gang who is giving us information.. OMG !! I have to save my wife too
No one is helping.. am the man responsible for all I lead them.. Kill me and please
leave my wife..
Dont make fool of us.. You understand.. we have the video proof You were talking
with a man whom you call as your bosss..we were not able to find his face in the video..
That stupid @#$%^ didnt record well.. Goutham was yelling in wrath..
You have got 10 minutes Think and goutham left inside
Javeed was stunned.
Honeymoon to kullu manali??? Me and Raghav looked each other in despair.
I looked the tickets again.. The flight timing was 4.30 AM tomorrow It already 10
now.. So have we leave in 6 hours.. we were bewildered.
And one more surprise we have booked a honeymoon package for 10 days there
10 days with Raghav??? I have to stay alone with him for 10 days Ufff!! Chanceless
If that happens either he will murder me or I ll kill him
Raghav also had similar thoughts running in his mind I cant stay with this lady for

10 days..I will go mad !! he thought

If had been his mom alone there Raghav would have shouted at her and tore the tickets
into pieces.. But her mom was even more intelligent that she invited all her relatives to
make a happy send off for a honeymoon trip
But mom.. I have work.. I will go lat
Dont act as if you shy.. we all know about you It was an aunty from the crowd.. And
everyone started to giggle hearing her comment.
What damn funny over here?? Raghav was in a hectic place.. He was unable to show his
wrath in front of all.. And he expected Pooja to say something at that time.. If she denies
this trip , then somehow I can manage the crowd.. He alleged but Pooja was very
silent and she didnt even open her mouth which irritated Raghav much
K Raghav and Pooja.. You both go and sleep.. You have to wake up at 3 o clock.. The
flight is at 4.30.. Raghavs grandfather commanded and everyone disbursed from
What the #%%% ??? Why didnt you utter a single word there?? Raghav was
shouting in his room
Pooja never bothered about him and went inside her room which Raghav allotted for
You wanted to see kullu manaliand you dont want to miss this opportunity right??
It was Raghav again and he was in extreme irritation
Hello Mr.Raghav.. Hold your words.. No one would ever prefer to go out with you..
that too for 10 days.. chanceless
Then why the hell were you silent before them..???
Because they are your relatives..and all are elder people.. I dont want to speak against
them for the very first time.. and more ever when they were not ready to listen you do
you think they will listen my words.. Its getting late Go and sleep If possible think a
different idea and stop this trip.. I cant even imagine being with you for ten long
days she snuffled and went inside her room and locked
For first time Raghav felt some truth in her words He started to think of other ways to
stop the tour.. Pooja had her own thoughts for stopping this trip both never knew
when they slept.
Javeed was tangled what can I do now ??? Goutham gave 10 minutes , but for the past
30 minutes there was no sign of Goutham
Where has he went????
By the time he rose up to find where Goutham has went , Goutham came there
So what have you decided??? Goutham enquired him

I will say all the details about the man and the spy in your group.. but before that I
have see my wife Unless you show her to me , I swear you cant get a single word from
come lets start to Mumbai See your wife and let the dogs out
Javeed was amused He accepted my words without any hesitation
After 2 hours Goutham , Javeed and 3 other men were boarded on flight to Mumbai
Both got up by the knocking sound at the door
Raghav Pooja wake up.. its 3 o clock morning someone shouted from the door
Who the hell is calling 3 o clock as morning !!!!
Raghav and Pooja each tried from their stop the trip by each acting as if they are ill.. But
the adults over there teased them for their silly pranks and hurried them up.
With no other option left , Raghav and Pooja boarded the flight to Kullu manali
It was dark outside.. Pooja sat near the window and Raghav was seated next to her
Both were highly irritated that they never tried to speak with each other when the
flight was about to start a man in his late fifties sat near Raghav.. And the flight
Pooja remembered her last flight..It was with Goutham to ooty with Coimbatore Now
to Kullu manali Why I always for a hill station if I go by flight???
The man smiled at them..
Hai.. am John Abraham ofcourse not a film star.. he grinned and let his hand
towards Raghav..
Hai am Raghav Raghav smiled at him for courtesy
So honeymoon trip??? He smiled again at us..
Yeah Raghav frowned
You both make a lovely coupleCongratulations son
Thank you sir.. Raghav smiled at him
Going honeymoon to kullu manali.. wowww!! I missed this chance.. when I planned to
take my wife there I was almost fifty years old.. there was nothing much an old man can
do with his old wife in manali.. but still it was unforgettable he winked at him
So do you work in Manali??? Raghav badly wanted to change the topic.. he sensed
Pooja getting uncomfortable near by
I was once working.. Am a retired Pilot..
Oh wow.. So you were riding flights to manali??
Yeah son.. Though you cant see much now as it is dark as soon as you cross
Himachal Pradesh and fly over the valley you could have an magnificent view of the
places.. snow claded mountains, the greenery down Have you heard the run way of

Bhuntur airport is set amidst the deep valley whose peaks are several thousand feet
higher than the runway.. Bhuntar airport , I mean kullu manali airport is a very
challenging plot for a pilot I had always a soft corner for these type of adventures
and he smiled proudly..
that sounds interesting uncle Pooja joined their conversation
And guess what you will be flying 13,000 feet above Rohtang pass.. Its the boundary
between Tibet and Kashmir
13000 feet !! Oh My god !!! but how could one breathe uncle??? Pooja looked at him
like an innocent child
Raghav threw an angry look..
Pooja we are air-contioned inside the flight.. Dont worry about breathing k raghav
answered her in a derisive voice..
ha ha ha this is what we can find between young couples.. silly fights for silly
reasons.. he smiled
The flight stopped in Delhi airport for a while It was 6 AM.. Raghav switched on his
Immediately he got a text message from Javeed
Your life is at stake
(now you must got a confirmation who is the boss !!! )
Will the trip continue til kullu manli
To be continued.

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - Chapter 17

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????

Chapter 17
your life is at stake Mobile flashed its text in Raghavs mobile.

Soooo crisp text??? What happened ??? Raghav was tangled He checked
his mobile again It is Javeed Message was received at 4.45 AM Damn !!!
Just after few minutes I boarded the flight he has send such a message
Pooja was talking something seriously with that old pilot
Pooja you sit here.. I need to make a call.. and he got up
Pooja doesnt wanted to leave her window seat but still she wanted to chat
with that uncle more.. He is such an adventurous man and had a similar
character of her dad .. Pooja and Raghav Exchanged their seats
From window seat, Raghav dialed Javeeds number A computer recorded
voice answered him..
The number is currently busy.. Please Try after some time
Shit !!! He did tried ten times again.. The same recorded voice was the only
reply which he got
Damn If my life is at stake let it be I will manage
By the time he got message from flight authorities that the flight will take off
in another ten minutes and to kindly switch off the mobile phones
Now let me try for the last time he tried again and the reply was same ..
Number busy
Damnwhere is Javeed ???? Raghav was highly frustrated
By the time he decided to switch off his cellphone he got a call from a new
number Raghav picked the call in the very first ring
Hey Raghav.. Javeed here Javeed was exhaling
Hey Javeed .. are you k ??? where are you??? Raghav identified the tension
in Javeeds voice and talked in a very soft voice to ease him
Am in Mumbai please say that you didnt call my number after seeing the
I tried .. But it was engaged.. Whats going on there man???
Suraj found me .. He has cracked the information somehow they have
kidnapped Zara.. They want me to tell all the information about our group
and about you as ransom to rescue Zara and my cell is with them.. they
have send message to every contact in my mobile.. I dono what is that but
its a trap.. Dont get into in it I called you to warn you
Hey am not bothered about me What happened to Zara ?? Is she fine ???
I dono They have snatched my phone .. And this is the phone I got as a gift
to zara.. they didnt notice it.. am in a public toilet now Suraj has left with
his men somewhere to bring Zara... Another man who is here to watch me is
standing out
Damn !!! So you didnt see your wife yet See Zara is important for us.. Tell
about me and give my number to him.. I will see the rest.

But they will kill you.. and if the information is out they may kill me and
Zara too
shit !! I must have killed him on the day of my wedding Since I thought
him dead and that too in marriage tension I missed that idiot accha chalo
Tell him you have my number and you have seen me.. But other than that you
know nothing and its a secret maintained in our groupand ya also Tell
him that I am on the way to kullu manali and its easy to trap me here
bring them all here.. We will face them.. And make sure Zara accompanies
you here.. be safe k I will contact you through this number..
You saw him on your wedding ???
Yeah I met.. But I was focused somewhere else.. He was there to stop my
marriage.. Hope my wife will know something about him
Its your honeymoon then.. I dont want to
Shut up javeed.. you know am not ready for another relationship Take care
of your wife.. And do inform me every bit..And currently where are you??
chatrapathi shivaji terminus
fine I will send our men there.. they will be watching you and they will
follow you too I know they wont harm you.. they need me.. and to find me
they need you Bring them here
Javeed heard someone knocking the door
Someone is knocking the door.. bye and the call was cut.
Raghavs heart was racing.. He immediately dialed some numbers and made
a conference call..
Meanwhile an airhostess approached Raghav Sir kindly switch off your
Just a minute He smiled at the air hostess and she left that place
Aejaz , Ralston , Shyam , Nithya ,Ankith, Sheela were on the conference
Raghav quickly gave orders to all in a minute and asked them all to be safe ..
He also instructed them to call all others in the group and inform them all
By the time the flight took off and the call got disconnected
Pooja and that uncle were still busy in their talk they were discussing about
a place near manali
Yeah dear dont ever miss that Rohtang pass you can find that on the
highway to Keylong.. You could have a wide-spread panorama of mountain
scenery there In place of the pinnacled hills, sheltered valleys and
cultivated tracts, the eye meets a range of precipitous cliffs, huge glaciers and
piled Moraine and deep ravines. It was the first place I went with my wife in
manali Best place to sit and talk with your loved ones And the uncle
was smiling

Loved ones !!! Will I ever find such a person in my life Pooja looked at
Raghav To her surprise even he was looking at her.
Need your seat back??? Raghav asked Pooja
Oh yeah .. Thanks and Raghav offered his seat The flight was flying
high above.
Pooja was thrilled to fly above the great Himalayas But she was not able to
see anything down except the clouds and the mist It was disappointing to
her she wanted to see the snow cladded mountains and the cliffs.
Please God .. Make the weather clear.. She humbly requested God.
It is a Good weather .. uncle exclaimed
But uncle what I can see is only mist around
Oh yeah.. but the mist is not very heavy the Pilot could easy cross this U
know what Pooja Every 2 flights in 3 gets delayed or sometimes get cancelled
due to the bad weather in manali Sometimes we had to travel at negative
degrees of temperature Its a miracle that in the month of January the mist
is less the pilot could have a safe landing.
so uncle what will you do if the flight gets struck in the middle ??? Raghav
questioned the uncle
Normally we wont take off the flight in such conditions.. we get a
confirmation of the weather before we start.. But yeah sometimes critical
situations happen Its of high risk to go for an emergency landing too.. Its a
rugged terrain area but still we have to take risk We first locate and
inspect a potential landing site and go for precautionary landing.. sometimes
we go for ditching.. It is the same as a forced landing, but only on water. After
the disabled aircraft makes contact with the surface of the water, the aircraft
will most likely sink if it is not designed to float, although it may well float for
hours. We use that time to save all our passengers. Its God grace I had never
been thrown in such a critical situation
It was very informative talking with that old pilot Raghav gathered many
information from him and the places around Kullu and Manali Now a plan
was ready for him
Pooja was interested in peeping out of the window.. Thank god the flight has
windows which are sealed.. Or else she would have let her head out float on
the air she seemed so childish to Raghav.. I must ask her about Suraj as
soon as I reach Manali He thought It seemed to be a safe journey until
that unexpected event occurred.
Javeed came out of the public toilet the man standing out was burning in

what were you doing till now ??? the man was shouting at Javeed
dont you know what would a person do in a toilet ??? Javeed scowled..
I heard some voice.. Let me check you and he checked his pockets and
even socks there was no sign of cell phone thanks to the ultra slim model
of nokia , the cell was resting safe under his feet inside his shoes Its a great
advantage in nokia , even if you ride your bicycle on it , still it will work..
Feeling depressed the man pulled javeed
come lets go
After few minutes of walk they were inside a park It was less crowded and
there were people leaving that place in jogging dress perfect place !!! after 7
Mumbai parks would be deserted.. People will rush to their work after their
regular exercises
Javeed was waiting very anxiously .. he often searched around for the image
of her sweet wife And he also rehearsed what he should talk with Suraj.. A
small mistake would put all their lives at stake..
But to his surprise he found Shyam standing there He was one among them
who was very clever and a technical expert Shyam showed his thumbs up
and pretended as if he is doing exercise.. Javeed felt very relieved after
sensing his group around...
After a couple of minutes Javeed found Suraj entering the park along with 10
other men
Why has he brought 10 people along with him??? But Zara was missing
where is Zara ??? this was the first question Javeed asked Suraj
Oh missing your wife kya ??? she is inside that red car And he pointed a
car.. there was Zara unconscious inside the car..
You @!%%@#^ !! what have you done to my wife
chill.. now you can take your wife Tell me who is he ???
You have to believe me.. I dont know his name and where he hails from.. I
have seen him twice.. I have his mobile number.. but he often changes his sim
card.. Each time I help him in rescuing a girl he pays me for that Thats all I
know Please leave us.. Javeed was literally crying
Hey stop crying.. I hate men crying Now make a call to him and ask him
to come here Suraj ordered him
He will be in kul.. Ufff Nothing javeed pretended as if by mistake he
has let the word out..
you said kullu right Say or else I will kill you and your wife.. my men are
armed Javeed knew that too.. They normally have loaded pistols with
them and that was the reason Raghav offered him a pistol..

Please dont.. Yeah he is in kullu manali now he will be there for a week..
But I swear I dont know anything other than that
Do you have his photograph???
K come lets start to manali I must kill him Suraj was exhilarated..
what about my wife..??? Javeed looked at suraj..
She will be safe here
How can I believe you.. If you bring her to manali with us I will come..
Orelse kill us both here.. I wont leave her alone in these @%!%#% hands
@#%% !!! Fine.. She will come with us.. Lets start
And they all got inside a car.. Javeed was seated near her wife and there
were 2 more cars following them Now they all started to manali by car

Shyam ,Ralston and Nithya were on another car

Now what shall we do now ??? Ralston questioned ..
boss asked us to follow them We will ask others to follow us to.. Nithya
you inform others the route in which we are travelling.. Ask them to bring
pistols Shyam ordered
And now this car followed them to Manali
To be continued

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 18

12:36 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 18
The car was racing on the highways of Mumbai.. Javeed felt highly relieved to have his
wife nearby.. Zara was still unconscious
Even in that stage she looked marvelously beautiful to him Javeed softly rubbed her
wish she gets her consciousness back soon Javeed pulled her wife towards him and
made her to lie on his thigh He slowly fiddled her hair Fiddling hair of your loved
ones shows parental care..
What else could a man do to his wife in this crucial situation ???
Apart from the silent romance between Javeed and Zara , there was another man in the
car who was exhausted more than anyone else

Am finally gonna find the mastermind !!! Suraj was bewildered I wont kill him
there.. Many agents like me in India needs his life badly.. I will bargain to all for a bigger
pay and kill him after I receive the payment Suraj was silently calculating the million
bucks he his gonna get for a single life
How many hours will it take to reach Manali ??? Suraj questioned the driver..
2 days saahab
what ???
Shitt !!! How did I missed the fact that Kullu is in next state !!!
Hey Go to airport !! Suraj ordered the driver
Mumbai airport was crowded as usual.. Its hard to get a ticket without booking online..
but Suraj needed tickets to Manali badly and he was ready to pay anything for that.. But
the flights were heavily booked.. He needed 20 flights ticketsfinally Suraj was able to
crack 10 tickets but the flight for the next day.. He asked others to start now for manali
and he waited with Javeed ,Zara and 7 other men for next day flight
Now Raghav can have a day with his wife Javeed smiled.
Now take the car to our place We shall start early morning tomorrow Suraj
bellowed at the driver
The flight was moving smooth
We will reach Buntur airport in an hour the old pilot smiled
Meanwhile the mist was little less now I was able to view the serene beauty of the
snow cladded mountains of the Great Himalayas Our flight looked like a small
Gulliver in the land of Brobdingnag while the great Himalayas stood with pride of a
(Note : Brobdingnag is an imaginary place coted in Gullivers travels book.. The people
of Brobdingnag are described as giants who are as tall as a church steeple and whose
stride is ten yards.)
I wished these flights have windows which are not sealed. I could peep out of the
window and have a better look of the land Raghav was discussing something to the
uncle and I found more interesting to view out At an height of 4300 ft above the sea
level I was quite a lot thrilled . But suddenly I felt a strict nausea and a feeling of
vomiting. I felt my concentration getting scattered and everything started to fade in
front of my eyes
Oh god am I gonna die soon????
I was feeling hard to breathe
Ra ga am not. I was not able to speak properly. Then everything seemed to be
Hey Pooja what happened . ??? come on open your eyes Raghav was

Uncle Pooja was that tears which struck Raghav ???

Dont worry my boy. Let me check the pulse and the uncle held the wrist of
Pooja and noted her articulation of her heart
Its just flight sickness Airhostess its an medical emergency.. bring carbonated
water the uncle ordered the air hostess.
Raghav was very worried.. Still Pooja was finding difficult to breathe.
rub her palm Raghav and with no hesitation Raghav quickly grabbed her palm
and started to rub softly
Mr.Raghav I know you guys are soft towards your wife.. Now her body needs some
heat.. Rub hard.. the uncle smiled at him
Meanwhile the airhostess brought the carbonated water and they made Pooja to drink
the water. She often did spilt water on Raghav as she was breathing hard.
Raghav made Pooja to lie on his arms and he mildly rubbed her hair
Nothing to worry Raghav.. It happens when we travel in flight for hours Carbonated
water would stop the nausea feeling soon and when she wakes up make her to sit on
the middle seat and ask her look at a constant particle inside the flight.. and also dont
allow her to watch the windows
Thanks Raghav looked at the pilot with gratitude..
I felt as if am getting back my life again It was difficult to open my eyes.. and when I
opened my eyes there was complete blue in front of my eyes.. Am I in heaven ??? what
is this all blue ?? and someone was rubbing my hair gently Now I recognized I was
lying on Raghavs arm and the blue color was his shirt color
I quickly got up and looked at the window.. Actually I dont want to have a contact with
his eyes
Hey Pooja Dont look at the window
why shouldnt I ?? I looked more vigorously now and I felt my head paining..
Unexpectedly Raghav grabbed my chin and turned my head towards him
you are not gonna look at the window Understand ?? Get up and change the seat.
He was grimacing at me
but I
shhhhh I said get up and he grabbed my hand
I dont want to create a scene in the flight With no more questions we exchanged our
Pooja just close your eyes if I find you peeping at the window I will kill you and
he turned towards the window
How rude ???? what is his problem basically I felt humiliated before the uncle.
He would have felt pity about me. But to my surprise the uncle was smiling at me
He loves you too much.. Lucky girl the uncle grinned.
I didnt reply a word

your husband cried Pooja when you were about to get unconscious and dont look at
the window again you will get the flight sickeness back and there is nothing to
worry ,.. It happens to girls.. and the uncle was going on uttering something
But my mind was reverberating the same sentence.. Your Husband Cried Pooja
Raghav cried for me ??? and he has asked to change the seat for my health ????
I was not able to believe what was happening around . Raghav is worried about me.
but uncle why shouldnt I look out ??? I want to clarify my doubt..
the nausea and the breathing problem you got is due to height If you look out the
brain neurons will sense the height again and you may get the problem again.. Its better
you close your eyes or look at a constant article inside the flight
oh k . Thanks uncle
Raghav seemed disinterested in our speech and he was looking outside Let me check
if he is really bothered about me
And I started bend my head slightly towards the window so that Raghav could easily
recognize that am trying to watch out
are you mad Pooja ??? Close your eyes I said he nearly shouted
Whats your problem Raghav Wat if I watch outside ??? I was actually in a mood
to fight with him
you Stupid woman.do you consider yourself as the most healthiest woman in the
world ??? Look If you become unconscious I cant break my head again So better
you forget the idea of peeping at the window now just shut up and sleep..
how rude !! but still it was a good feel to know a person shows immense care on
you. Well immense care would sound like exaggerating but the Great Raghav has
shed tears for me !!!
I didnt reply anything to him and I lied on the seat with my eyes closed
After few minutes Raghav woke up me
Hey Pooja Just have a glance Its Rahala falls. and he pointed out at the
window there was at a long distance a magnificent falls .. It looked like as if its falling
from the sky
Its amazing I smiled at him
enough .. now return back to your place. now I sensed I was leaning on him and
peeping out
sorry. I alleged and recommenced my seat back
There was silence between us for a while
so how are you feeling now ??? Raghav asked
Ummm.. Ya better
fine we will land soon
Raghav. I dont know why I called him.

Wat ???
Thanks. My eyes were glancing the ground when I said thanks
Why do you blush now ??? Raghav taunted me with a bizarre look
What ??? who said am blushing??? And by the way why should I blush ??? I said
thanks for taking care of my health
whatever tighten your seat beat we will land soon
And it was a smooth landing. The airport was completely different one It was
amidst the taller peeks and I soon we got down the airport I felt as if am placed in a
freezer we bid good bye to the uncle and moved towards the airport entrance
There was a car waiting for us and the driver of the car enquired us.
are you Mr and Mrs. Raghav ???
Yeah !! Raghav answered him
am Patel.. Your guide for next 7 days.. Please get inside the car
fine.. Pooja.. get inside Wait I have to make some important calls.
I got inside the car meanwhile the driver was loading our luggage inside the car..
Raghav was dialing shyams number.
Come on pick up man He was very anxious.
Shyam picked up in the fifth ring
hey Raghav here.. Is everything fine there ??? have you guys started to manali???
no Raghav.. Its season time.. So suraj didnt find tickets for todays flight but he has
sent some of his men to manali by car Ralston and Aejaz have went behind those
men And Suraj has booked 10 tickets for tomorrows flight.. it starts at 10 AM and
somehow we got 3 tickets in the same flight. Myself Nithya and Guru will be in flight
with them
good job What about Javeed and Zara ???
suraj has taken them to their place.. sheela is with them They are safe now
Then fine but be around surajs place And you guys be careful k Be in touch
so what should we do next ???
I will let you guys know
And ragahv disconnected the call.. Meanwhile Raghavs mom called him and Raghav
and pooja had a short talk with her. The car was gliding on the smooth road There
was mist everywhere and the trees were very fresh around. The car stopped before a
cottage which had its name DREAM VALLEY COTTAGE
Well actually it looked like a dream .
To be continued

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 19

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 19
We reached Dream valley Cottage by 2PM The cottage was heritage villa infact It
was segregated from rest of the village and there were 10 individual cottages inside
This is Raison town sir. It is located midway between Kullu and Manali From here
you can easily travel to many tourists spots around kullu manali this heritage
bungalow was built in 1928 during the british era sahaab Mr.Patel was narrating the
history of that villa.
Me and Raghav managed to take few of our luggages while the rest was burdened on a
man who was working there The cottage was located about 50 ft above the current
ground level Hardly any vehicle could reach that height because the way too sloppy
for a vehicle to climb we took steep steps to reach that place in a muddy road which
was decorated beautifully with ornamental plants sideway.. There were needle leaved
trees paced in a wedge-shaped manner around the place and the bare land was
wonderfully landscaped and it looked like a green carpet decorated with florae at the
crooks.As we moved higher and higher we were mesmerized by the view .
(Imagine a place like this )
this cottage is at an altitude of 5400 ft above the ground level sir This cottage is
surrounded by apple orchards and kiwi plantations saahab And the he pointed out
the plantations around
I arched my eyebrow with surprise I have never seen apple orchard in my life
before And I felt sudden cold struck my throat.
Its very cold here.. I exclaimed and rubbed my hands for warmth.
Yeah mam This is because of the river Beas You can find the river just few meters
away from the cottage Please follow me I will show you Leave the luggage here
he will take care babuji yeh saamaan unke kamre mein rakho (babuji take these
luggages to their room ) patel ordered the man who was already loaded with lots of
our luggage
Thats k Patel we will carry these let him go.. Raghav glanced at the old man in a
remorseful manner I liked this behavior of Raghav .. If we are not eligible enough to
carry our own luggage we must not take that encumbrance in the journey and make as a
burden for others. My father used to say this often.
And we followed Patel It was little sloppy down and we crossed few forest tress to

have that magnificent few.. River Beas was flowing in a varying speed on the greasy
small rocks and on small aquatic plants which were twirling along the river flow the
river was damn white Guess Pollution control board is working at full swing on that
This river has its origination from the Rohtang Pass sir It was also one of the rivers
which created problem in Alexander's invasion towards Bharat .His trooped mutinied
here in 326 BCE, refusing to go any further.. they had been away from home for 8 years.
Alexander shut himself in his tent for three days, but when his men did not change their
desires he gave in the decision sir. It is the most beautiful river one could ever see in
their life time.. At least in my life it is the most beautiful one He smiled.
So Patel is Kullu manali your native ??? Raghav queried him...
Oh yeah sahaab and am working as tourist guide for the past 20 years I know
every bit of places in this circle Sir now u can refresh yourself .. Our room service will
contact you soon for the lunch menu and he took us back to the cottage
Do you want to go out today or do you want to take rest and start tomorrow
We want to take rest.. Me and Raghav said in a single articulation at the very same
Patel smiled and he opened the door of the cottage and handed the key to us
you can call 500 for room service mam and there is the food menu inside you can
order anything and I assure you that the food will be served in half an hour You can
eat either come to our restaurant nearby and have or we will make arrangements under
this umbrella and there was a white umbrella in front of our cottage.. there was a
wooden table amidst four wooden chairs we had a clear picturesque of the himalayan
mountains from here.
Mostly honeymoon couples prefer this place for dining he giggled.
It was a very bad joke for me and Raghav
We will call you later.. Now u can leave Raghav frowned at Patel and we went
inside the cottage
It was a wooden cottage there was a small living room at the entrance which had
very high ceilings It had marvelous interior decoration with paintings hanging
around the room. There was a couch amidst the room and there was Television at the
corner . Next was the boudoir which was little darker than the living room.. Raghav
switched on the light and we were stunned on seeing the room It looked like a fivestar hotel room with a costly wooden cot in the middle and there were 2 bamboo chairs
and a wardrobe made of wood was placed near the cot There was a single crystal
Chandelier hanging at the middle of the room and there were mini pendants hanging at
the corners of the room which illuminated the room in a more elegant way that
ambient lighting and the fire place at one corner gave a magical touch I was
completely mesmerized by its beauty

Hmmm Now am tired.. Let me rest on this cot before Raghav occupies the bed.
When I was about to move Raghav jumped on the bed and slouched like a small boy
uffff!! When I want to take rest he jumps on the bed !! Awesome I was frustrated .
Mr.Raghav I want to take rest I stood near the cot and raised my voice towards
carry on why do you ask permission like a school girl??? he grinned
very funny Get up .. I need to rest I frowned at him..
This time he pulled the blanket on him and pretended to sleep more comfortably....
Mr.Raghav I said I want to take rest will you please vacate the bed for a while ???
Mrs.Pooja Its not only you who have travelled even a man accompanied you and
even he is tired.. So you better use the couch now get out Raghav imitated my
voice and slang How rude !!! I felt an adrenaline rush in my blood.. It was very cold
outside .. This room was quite warm because of the fireplace nearby
Better to bring the couch inside and sleep than arguing with this heartless chap
I called the room service and asked them to shift the couch
why do you want to shift the couch inside mam ??? the room service man
Vaastu problem
Pardon mam
Ummmmm nothing.. shift the couch..
Well it was done in few minutes and Raghav didnt bother wats happening inside He
was in deep sleep ..
Wat shall we arrange for lunch mam??? The room service man asked..
No thanks we are not hungry now.. we need rest.. will call for dinner and he
left I was very tired and was sleepy indeed I was lost in my dreams soon when I
woke up it was actually late.. the time was 10.30 PM Raghav was not there in the
Till that time I never knew I would miss Raghav so much I never knew It would be
the most horrible night I ever had
Few hours before An apartment in Mumbai..
We were locked inside a room and 2 other men were along with us inside for security
issues..Suraj doesnt want to let me and zara to escape and let out the duck which would
lay golden eggs soon
Zara got her consciousness back and she was feeling hard to breathe for a while
Seeing me She felt overwhelmed..
I missed you this was the first sentence she uttered .
I missed you too.. How are you feeling now..?? I was worried about her If she

hadnt married me she would have been safe somewhere

fine are we safe now Javeed ???
Well I dont know what to reply her I just want to ease her
almost safe dont worry I will be with you.
almost ??? Who are all they ??? She looked frightened
dont bother about them dear We are leaving for a honeymoon trip to kullu manali
soon they are our security guards I smiled at her This must be the prime lie of
2012 I knew But I dont want to burden her by telling the reality She herself will
understand soon..
I was not able to see Suraj for the whole day the men who were with us were
watching us like vultures the day moved as slowly as possible Anxiousness was
eating me about what will happen tomorrow
It was almost 9 pm Suraj bashed the door open and entered our room like a
Damn it U cheated me !!! He slapped me..
Did I cheat him??? What happened ????
To be continued.

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? Chapter 20

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 20
Suraj was burning in rage
Damn it !!! You cheated me !! he was shouting like a mad man after a heavy slap on
my face
Allah guess I have lost my teeth!! I caught hold of my jaw.
And Suraj took further steps towards me and he pointed his gun towards my head.
Are you mad Suraj??? I looked his eyes deeply..
Am not mad Javeed After all a mad man can never find your trap so easily he was
hastening for breathe
what $@%^ %$%# trap??? I could feel an adrenaline gush in my blood has he found
Raghav?? Why is he acting mad??
I know he is not in manali And you guys want me to waver around Manali so that
you can escpae am not gonna leave that to happen.. come on tell me.. where is he
actually ??? Or else I will kill your wife you know I often keep my words He gave
a gruel smile and pointed his gun towards my wife His index finger were crawling on

the trigger as if its ready to make a hard push on the trigger

please dont I swear on lord He is in manali only believe me My body was
trembling in fear.. I dont want to lose my wife
accha chalogo and sleep.. we need to catch the early morning flight.. he placed his
pistol in his pant pocket and left the room.
Has he got split personality ???? why is he behaving weird??? Zara was wiping
nearby Her nose became pink in color due to fright..
whats happening here Javeed ??? she was weeping hard
Nothing Dont worry Am with you Nothing will happen to you I was trying
to console her
Who was that who raised his gun towards us??
currently I cant say anything here dear Trust me we will be fine now sleep.. I
kissed her fore head gently and made her to lie on my lap.
After few minutes Zara slept she was still in the drug effect. Heavy doze.!!! @!$%% I
must kill them all !!
Meanwhile I heard people discussing something out
It was Surajs voice He is speaking truth. When pointed towards gun everyone will
go for truth make the arrangement swift.. and watch Javeed and his wife carefully..
Any deviance from the plan I will kill you all he warned the securities and left the
So Suraj has cross-checked my words. I must warn Raghav about this deadly
animal. But how can I when these securities accompany me even to the toilet??? I
must find a way and it was a very long night indeed. Never thought I will talk with
Raghav without any disturbance
9.30 PM in Manali
Raghav was waiting outside the room.. Pooja was still sleeping
She looks good when she is quiet.!!! I thought.
Now I must find a way to reach Javeed. If my guess is right suraj wont be with them
He is busy at night so he might have left some guards Have to fool them
I dialed sheelas number first She had been such helpful to know where girls were
actually kept. She must have got a clue where is Javeed and his wife
Sheela picked the call in the very first ring
U??? On this time I said na that girl is already booked. Her voice was anxious
Oh k sheela I can understand someone is near you Tell me do you know where is
Javeed and his wife ???
U Idiot I said the girl was with me in the evening then a customer booked.. Now I
dont know where is sheu understand??? Now stop calling me. She stressed the
word understand

Understand !! I got it thanks and I disconnected the call

Understand !!! what does she wants to say in this word
Under + stand . Stand ??? there is a car parking under a building in surajs place
and there are rooms up Yes!!
I immediately dialed shyams number and gave him instructions I started to wait for
Javeeds call.
10.00 PM in Mumbai
Zara was in deep sleep there were 3 guards near us and they were playing cards
But for every minute they never missed to have a look on us.
God!!! I must find some way.
I checked the clock.. It was 10.05 PM.
All of a sudden we heard people shouting outside and a series of crackers bursting
Happy birthday!!!! The crowd outside was shouting.
What the @#%% !!! Wait let me check !! One of the man went out with his pistol.
Hey I will come with you another guard with a big mustache accompanied him
There were a gang of youngsters celebrating birthday and these guards tried to warn
them all
List this is the perfect time I sled Zaras head on the nearby pillow and went near the
Hey stop. Where are you going he questioned me
Dont you know what this place is??? If you doubt me please come with me. I
I know your wife is important for you come in 5 minutes.. Or My gun will find its
prey.. He chuckled
Fine I stared at him and went inside
Raghav picked my call in the first ring..,,
Is everything fine Javeed??? Raghavs voice looked terrific
yeah.. but not actually Suraj cross checked and finally he is sure you are in
Manali We will start in the early morning flight Now what should we do there
Dont worry I will catch u guys in the airport. Trust meI will be around you in
Manali everything is ready here by morning...
But suraj must have already started hunting you there Be careful
k Javeed.. take care.. now keep ur cell safe and he disconnected the call
By the time I came outside the other two guards too entered the room
these stupid youngsters are celebrating their friends birthday with a surprise here
We missed such friends He was winking

All laughed and they continued their match I slept peacefully holding my wifes
10.30 PM in Manali
Pooja woke up and felt drowsy still
Hmmmmm I felt more sleepy but felt very hungry too It was 10.30..
Oh my god !! Had I slept sooo long !!! Again Raghav will start bantering me that I have
slept much and am good for nothing. Why this always happens with me ??? I felt
angry on myself and slid from the couch
Raghav was missing I checked the restroom and the living room too.. No he was not
there. I came out of my cottage It was freezing badly and it was drizzling I single
light was lighten on the umbrella before and the nearby cottages were locked.
I was not able to find a single human nearby
I went inside and dialed room service
Hello room service. Am Pooja Raghav.. cottage number.. hmmm 51
Yes madam.,, your dinner is ready will arrive your room in 10 minutes
dinner ready !!! fine did you saw my husband ???
yeah mam just now he gave order and went towards the gate.
Gate??? In this time!!!
fine thanks
There is something weird about Raghav I immediately grabbed the umbrella nearby
and wrapped myself in a shawl. Raghav was moving swiftly somewhere I followed
him silently back
Suddenly someone caught hold of my shoulder back
@!$$@ !!! I shouldnt have come out !!! It was the biggest mistake !!!

To be continued.

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - Chapter 21

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Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 21
Chill breeze of Manali was freezing me the place was quite dark and there were lights

at far ends which were spreading meager light around It was deadly silent and
Raghav was walking down the slopes down towards the main road and he was in a
I was silently following him and all of a sudden someone caught hold of my shoulder
Jesus !!! I was shuddered by the sudden jerk..
am sorry mam did you saw a tall man in red shirt over here he is my husband and
he is missing .. a woman in her mid-twenties was standing near me She looked very
worried her voice was in a hushed tone..
Why do all husbands vanish at night???
No I didnt see anyone like that .. even I was searching my husband and finally see
he is there and I pointed Raghav
Lucky you. Am searching him for the past one hour kahin tho diktha nahi vo
She gave a frustrated look
Sorry I dont know hindi
Oh I mean he is not anyway here You know what this place has that kind of lodges
nearby Take care of your husband k Be strict If not they will cheat us easily am
saying this for your welfare k catch you later.. I have to trace my husband bye
and that lady went along the dark road nearby
That Kind of Lodges !!! And Raghav is secretly going somewhere. Let me find to
which place he is going If I find him in any filthy lodge I will exterminate him into
pieces By the way dont think am possessive on him I hate such behavior from any
Raghav was moving swiftly on the highways It was snowing heavily now God !!! If
this snowing continues I will die here soon But after all am a detective now secretly
spying my husband Monsoons wont act as barrier to great detectives By regaining
the dwindling confidence of mine I silently followed him.. The road was very slippery
and there were ice cubes scattered on the road which acted as a great barriers for my
investigation. I had to be very cautious and each time when Raghav turned and
looked back I managed to hide myself behind the some tree nearby thanks to Manali
Corporation there were trees all along the way And I managed to maintain a
respectable distance from Raghav so that he cant hear my footsteps.
Ufff !! I had walked for 15 minutes now and the road seems to have no end. Raghav
stopped near a milestone and waved his mobile phone. Is he giving signal??? Or is
this a signal to call a girl Holy Shit!!!
And exactly after 56 secs a car stopped before Raghav and a girl got down from the
car. Well if that girl was bad to look I would have not bothered She was good
actually very good But not more beautiful than me but yeah she was hot in that
mini skirt , skinny socks covering her legs below her knee and her red top she was
wearing a white puffy muffler which looked like an elongated Pomeranian dog, covered

her neck Why does she needs a muffler to cover her neck ???
Raghav and that girl gave a firm hand shake and Raghav was smiling at her showing all
his teeth I have never seen Raghav smiling like this then they both got inside the car
and it glided like a newly wedded bride on the snowy path.
Oh my god !! I dont have a car or bike And since the climate was worse no one dared
to come out Please god let me find some vehicle!!! After all I dont want this 15
minutes walk in the deliberating climate to go waste
Wow !!! God has finally answered my prayers I saw a car passing on the way.
Lift please I waved my hand .. the car stopped with a screech
There was a family inside the car A man in late thirties , a woman in her late twenties
and two kids back.
Sir can you please follow the car which is going before Am a CID officer sorry I
dont have Id card with me I showed my temptation in my face clearly
Yeah please mam.. Get in.
The road was almost deserted and tracking the only car before us was not such a big
deal The car stopped before a lodging house. Blue moon Hotels And it was
amazingly big and had a stylish entrance. I thanked the family in an official way and
rushed to the lobby of the hotel
Inside Raghav and that girl was seated on a couch and there was another man who sat
near them in another couch opposite they were discussing something very secretly
There were some other foreigners who were scattered around the place .. The lobby was
elegantly lightened with interior lights and the fireplace inside the room spread
I glided silently inside the room along with a foreigner and occupied the couch nearby
Raghav so that I could hear their conversation Raghav n his team were keenly
discussing something that they missed to notice me being seated at their back
Thats very kind of you Mr. James. So which room is that??? It was Raghav.
Evanjelin will show you Miss can you guide him???
Yeah sure So Raghav shall we ???? Her voice sounded as if she has mixed honey in
her vocal cord
And Raghav and that so called Evanjelin got into the lift. Before I could get up from
the place the lift closed Now how can I track them????
I asked a man nearby Sir How many floors does this building has???
9 floors 4 wings.
watttt ????? hmmmm Thats pretty hugeeeee. Thanks. I tried to hide my
Now I have got 9*4 = 36 options to try with. I tried in each floor and I was not able to
track anything. Uffff !! why these corridors are so long ?????
After one and a half hours of search a security caught me

Excuse me mam.. we found you wandering here restlessly Can I help you mam ???
No please am playing hide and seek with my husband So I showed all my
teeth to him
Ha ha I understand and he left
By the time I started to move to the next floor I heard familiar voice of Raghav
Thanks a lot Evanjelin You are such a wonderful person Without you I would have
struggled inside. It was Raghav
Its my pleasure Raghav after all I can add in my resume that I had been of use by a
great person for some time.
Been of Use !! shameless woman !!! I was boiling in rage !!!
Great !! Its nothing without all you guys support I could do nothing K Evanjelin
take rest will pick you early morning to airport good night
And he went downstairs.
Now Its obvious that Raghav is such a horrible b^$%@#$@ !!! I will teach him a lesson
when he comes to cottage back.. and I went to back to lobby again this is 20th time am
getting down to lobby since I checked often If Raghav has left or not. By the time I
reached the entrance a strong hand caught hold of my wrist Now who is searching
her husband again???
Well It was Raghav. His eyes were red in fury.
What are you doing here Pooja ??? each word was like a sharp sword
I must ask this what are you doing here??? Even my words were sharp
Get inside the car I dont want people to have a free movie show here.. And he
nearly pushed me inside the car
We were both silent for few seconds till the car left the hotel
Dont say you were spying me. Raghav threw an angry look on me
I was. This time I was very bold after all he has done all the mistake.. Why
should I be sorry..??
@$#$ !!! what do you think about yourself Pooja???? You are disgusting !!! he
Even you are disgusting And understand one thing Raghav Being a man is not a
license to do all the mistakes . Its not even a mistake its a sin @#%%^^B@ I was
gasping for breathe
He stopped the car in the midway and turned towards me
what the #%%* !!! Now can you tell me what was so called sin I committed ?? He
looked insane
So Mr.Raghav you dont even know what I am talking about ??? Or do you need to
extract the exact sin which am talking about from a huge database of your sins.??
You are mad You are totally mad My mom has chosen the most insane girl in this
world as my wife @#$% !!! He raised the accelerator of the car And he raced the

car on that deserted road

Am I Insane ???? dont think by raising your voice you can justify your mistake You
have to answer me What were you doing in the hotel??? I was screaming indeed
Look Pooja I have more works to do I dont have time to answer your stupid
questions Just shut up If I hear a single word from you again you will see the worst
Raghav Understand ! He raised his fingers towards me..
worst Raghav Do whatever you want.. am not bothered
Hope you didnt forget our wedding night!! he looked deep in my eyes
I was stunned !! what does he mean ??? I was frozen for few seconds
Damn !!! He has something in his eyes. Well after that I didnt utter a word.
It was a very long night indeed I was waiting for Raghav to leave so that I can catch
him red-handed
Morning 6 AM..
Suraj ,Javeed, Zara and 5 other men boarded the flight to Manali along with the fellow
Shyam dialed Raghavs number
We boarded the flight. Shyam was whispering.
Yeah fine I will meet you all in airport. And her name is Evanjelin .
hmmm will meet you there and he disconnected the call.
Raghav got ready to go out
Mrs.Detective.. dont spy me again.. I dont want you to leave this cottage k I will be
come back by evening Take care k And have his cash
Raghav offered a bunch of currency to her. I looked bewildered
I will miss you He gently kissed on my forehead and walked swiftly out of the
what hey wait I went running behind him.
He waved his hand from the car.
Well I felt am missing something in my life now does he loves me??? Well let me find
the truth in airport soon.
I got ready in an hour and left to airport. I nearly waited for 4 hours. I never
thought I will meet goutham and Javeed there before I could see Raghav.
Something is gonna happen here
But what ????
To be continued..

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????

Chapter 22
The Buntur airport was not so crowded I took a safe seat in one corner of the airport
so that I can view all passengers once they enter the airport or try to leave the airport.
I came here by morning 8 AM Now its going to be 12 and nearly 3 flights have landed
till now But I was not able to trace Raghav or that lady Evanjelin Have these guys
fooled me and have went to some other place exactly at 12.05 PM another flight
landed well this is going to be the last flight which am gonna wait for. If Raghav
doesnt appears I will leave to cottage and wait for his arrival till evening.
A crowd of passengers with heavily loaded luggages were swiftly moving to the
entrance Most of them had an eagerness in their face which reflected the immense joy
of being in the land of manali.. In the crowd I was surprised to see that man.. He was
the man who rescued me from that hell And I am seeing him after 5 years..But Javeed
Looked pale as if he had been bitten badly by someone Or is that my imagination ????
Now let me meet him and warn him about the devil Suraj .
But to a bigger astonishment Suraj was behind him No it should be hallucination I
rubbed my eyes again Yeah It was Suraj was he was walking right behind Javeed
And eventually I saw Evanjelin moving towards suraj whats happening here ?????
3 hours before.. Blue moon hotel room number 203.
Raghav,Evanjelin,Ralston,Aejaz, Nithya and Mr.James were discussing something
anxiously There was a blue print of the hotel lying in front of them
thank god you guys caught a flight from chandigarh and came here by time Raghav
looked at his team
This is one of the exquisite suite of this hotel Mr.James said Well he is the
Managing director of the hotel
And we are gonna execute the plan in this room Come with me.. Raghav arose from
the place and went near a wardrobe
It was a wooden wardrobe and had excellent cravings on it
Listen carefully this the room we have planned for Suraj , Javeed and Zara to stay..
They are totally eight .. If my guess is right they wont take more than 2 rooms since they
never split up. So four in this room and other four in the nearby room I mean 204
Evanjelin and I will make ourself sure to bring them here to this hotel
But suraj what if they refuse to come to this hotel??? Or what if they have booked
another hotel ready?? Ralston questioned..
they might have booked But am sure they will not go to that hotel. Because

hadimba temple is near to his hotel Raghav responded..

Temple ??? Nithya arced her eyebrows
Well Me and Suraj are gonna have a meeting at Hadimba temple by 1 PM So he will
definitely accept the proposal for room in this hotel
What ???? You guys are gonna meet ??? It was Ralston again
Well this sudden change of plan happened yesterday night Suraj found Javeeds
mobile And tracing my number from the dialed list is not a hard task I know Suraj
must have taken hell out of Javeed after that.. I dont want him to suffer anymore
Either we rescue them in this hotel or I will be the ransom myself to let them free
Raghav sighed
But how come???? Javeed kept the phone very secretly Aejaz exclaimed
well seeing a man wearing his shoes even when he sleeps is an easy way to suspect.
Suraj is not a fool And I talked with suraj that I ll meet him at hadimba temple and he
has to let him free.. Suraj accepted.
You cant do that Raghav We need you Aejaz shuddered
dont worry.. If this current plan works properly we can easily get Javeed and Zara
out first me and Evanjelin go to airport .. I will be the car driver in disguise Suraj
will definitely accept this proposal to come this hotel since it has got very big fame
And ofcourse he wont say No after seeing Evanjelin Raghav smiled
come on Raghav.. am not that
K leave that Evanjelin.. and Mr.James will allocate these two rooms saying more than 4
person are not allowed in a room. So suraj , one of his men and Javeed and Zara will
occupy this room and Its in Evanjelins hands to make them choose this room.
No probs.. I will do that Raghav.. Evanjelin smiled
And the secret hidden in this room is this Wardrobe See and Raghav opened it
There were a pile of leather jackets hanging inside and a sweet fragrance filled that
Now look this and he moved the jackets to one corner and pushed the wooden back
of the wardrobe It opened with a screech sound and there were footsteps behind
This is amazing Nithya sighed
Well there is nothing to get amazed.. this is the emergency fire exit of this room..
Normally costly suites have this exit And me and Evanjelin just broke the back part of
this wardrobe and have placed it exactly before the exit.. Now the exit becomes
invisible.. And this is way by which me and Aejaz will get into this room Fine ???
Yes everybody nodded in return
And to a higher count lets assume 5 members are here in this room . They will be
armed for sure Our first goal will be to remove Suraj from the room. That guy has
high sensitivity towards sound So Evanjelin after few minutes you call suraj out for

signing papers.. Make sure he is with you for 10 minutes

K.. Evanjelin nodded
then Nithya.. You knock the door and ask one of the men inside to show the way to go
to some room number.. Using that chance me and Aejaz will enter the wardrobe and
be sure your mobile rings at that time with heavy noise so that they wont hear the noise
of we getting inside the wardrobe normally when girls ask for address guys never say
no. Raghav smiled..
fine Nithya smiled
and Ralston you be ready with a car near the emergency exit Me and Aejaz will
bring Javeed and his wife
But Raghav are we gonna attack them may be we can go for pistol Aejaz
looked Raghav with a question
Yeah.. Its going to be a pistol.. but an encoded pistol now lets start to airport..
Raghav smiled.
Back to reality.
Evanjelin was moving towards the rushing passengers and she stopped towards every
rich looking person and advertised about the hotel and requested them to make a stay
with them Well most of them said.. Sorry mam.. we already booked
When certain man thought of changing their plan after seeing her but withdrew their
idea with a counterpart from their wives.
Suraj was stunned seeing Evanjelin.. Watta women she is. And by the time he was
admiring her Evanjelin went to suraj straight..
Sir am Evanjelin from blue moon Hotel.. It is one of the best hotel in Manali you can
have an eccentric view of the Beas river sir.. and our hotel is described as the most
romantic hotel in Manali.. You can have a look at these photos sir and she handed an
album to him.
Suraj never bothered about the album but was keen in noticing her beauty She was
wearing a blue top , low hip blue jean and was wearing a red muffler The pink lip
gloss added elegance to her beautiful face.
your hotel is magnificent.. But we have already booked the room I will cancel that
room and come to your hotel tomorrow sweetie suraj showed all his teeth to her
tomorrow ??? But today is my late date for appraisal.. If I find a person for this exquite
suite I will get a promotion.. Please sirrrr and our hotel is near to my tourist
attractions And Hadimba temple , Durga temple is just few yards from the hotel
lobby Ours is a divine hotel sir She pleaded in her sweet voice.
Did you said Hadimba temple???

Yes sir From the terrace of our hotel you can clearly see Hadimba temple and durga
temple.. I will take you for special arathi there sir.
Then fine We are eight people we need a single suite to stay Suraj retorted
eight people in single suite is not allowed sir.. Can you please book 2 suites.. I will be
happy Evanjelin threw a naughty look on suraj
Yeah sweetie.. anything for you
thanks a lot sir You have made my day
And they all got into 2 cars and left the airport I was bewildered.. Javeed has struck in
a great problem I must help him some way So I started to follow the car.
Blue Moon hotel.
Evanjelin showed the suite to suraj..
This is one of the prestigious suite of our hotel sir Our chief minister often uses this
suite whenever he comes to Manali.. It is highly secured.. She gave a fake smile at
This is awesome
4 of them can stay here.. Other 4 please follow me and Evanjelin went elegantly out
the room..
The men were staring at suraj for his approval
just 3 of you go Atleast 3 must ne here to guard these romantic couples.. after all I
dont know where they have hidden another mobile .. and suraj threw an angry look
on Javeed Zara was still in a shock.. she wasnt able to digest the fact that his husband
was beaten like a dog yesterday night. Both of them sat on the couch nearby and two
men with pistols were near them
Then everything happened according to the plan.. Evanjelin took suraj out for signing
some papers and Nithya came for asking address
Meanwhile Raghav and Aejaz glided into the wardrobe carefully
Raghav took out his so called encrypted gun
That was the gun used for sedating animals.. It carried a needle at the end A silent
shot will sedate anyone for days.. Raghav has reduced the doze since he is going to use
that for humans And he handed another gun to Aejaz
By the time these men said the way and entered the room Raghav and Aejaz pulled the
trigger when suraj entered the room he was literally in shock
His men were unconscious and his hostage were missing
@!$$ !!!! This is the worst day !!! and he bashed out of the room to check where these

people have left.

But there were no trace
He called other three men and slapped them for being so irresponsible
With his whole plan got devastated Suraj looked confused out of his window
Well god is still with us !!! He smiled
What happened suraj?? one of his men questioned
Look there
And there was pooja peeping inside the lobby of the hotel.
To be continued..

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - Chapter 23

02:07 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 23
The car was racing on the sloppy roads of manali. Raghav was driving the car
Javeed and Zara were at the backseat and they were untold feelings running between
this couple zara was lying on Javeeds arms. There was Ralston seated near Raghav
on the front seat There was a car following them Shyam ,Nithya and Evanjelin were
on that car racing behind them.
God!!! What a friends I have got???? Raghav thought
Having friends who are ready to do anything for you is a real treasure which must be
preserved carefully Raghav had the same thoughts in his mind
I will spare my life for them.. Raghav thought.
And he always had a soft corner for Javeed After all he was the first to accept an idea
of rescuing innocent females from demonic traps And this group eventually
populated with a list of many members after Javeeds lucky arrival Well Every noble
incident which happens have its own history and even this team has.. A horrible past
indeed. And Meha was the queen pawn in raghavs history she was the girl behind
this whole rescuing game
Raghavs thoughts shifted 6 years backwards
Note :Raghav will be narrator of the story from this point
Anna International Airport, Chennai

See I have packed all your clothesThe tablets are on the front zip in the blue bag
Dont forget to have thatGet an international sim soon at London and send your
number And when you are online gimme a missed call.. Me and dad will join you in
video conferencing And have food in Indian hotels k And Javeed will pick you up
in the airport.. He has went there a week before And dont forget to thanks Humaira
aunty. and My mom is giving the same lecture for the 22nd time
Mom Please am not a kid I can manage even if so called Javeed is not there
remember your son is going to do M.S in Multimedia and Human Interaction In Great
University of Westminster
Now you would have understood why am here at Chennai airport Am Raghav an
engineering graduate who is gonna pursue my higher studies at London, Westminster
University Its my childhood dream to do MS in Multimedia and give a better form to
my dads business And Its gonna be true soon.
And this so called Javeed is my mom friends son Very intelligent guy from IIT
Kanpur and am gonna be his roomie for another 2 years till I get my Masters. Well
basically I hate this guy Javeed
I have never seen him and dont think am jealous of his intelligence and have started
hating him More over an IIT graduate from Chennai never feels jealous on another
IITian The only reason for my hatred is he is a North Indian. Please dont assume
yourself that am a racist . Well I had always a problem in Hindi.. And I have noticed
these people from North always prefer Hindi And being a typical south Indian guy I
know nothing in hindi other than Kuch Kuch hota hai.. Well with this proficiency in
Hindi I dont want such a roomie but what to say it is my fate that am gonna be with
There was an announcement in the airport Dear Passengers, the flight to London will
arrive in another 10 minutes
Another 10 minutes??? Well I was waiting for my terror friends. I know they are
always late and the reason for their late entry was Sheila.
We are a gang of 6 friends.. Myself the IITian , Ralston upcoming journalist, Sheila
upcoming killer doctor, Nithya- beauty conscious girl doing her engineering , Aejaz
good for nothing but goes behind girls and he does a part time job of studying
engineering and finally Shyam - computer genius still struggling to finish his twelfth
We are all school mates and right from our 6th standard you cant find any of us alone in
any parties May be college separated us but still we were on touch.,, And now when it
was 5 minutes left for me to board the flight my friends rushed towards me.
thank god the flight hasnt left So air hostess didnt board the flight right ??? It was
Shyam who winked at me.. He was grasping for breathe
hey has the air hostess left ??? Aejaz was racing towards us and about to hit me.

You idiots So you guys are bothered about airhostess.. Not me ??? I gave an angry
look on them.
Well Raghav we are seeing you from our 5th std Nothing special in you man But
these beauties. hmmmm Ralston threw his look all around the airport
You are all good for nothing am gonna leave bye I lifted my suitcase
Hey dont care about them.. so is all the packing ready??? It was Sheila..
Yeah Sheila hey guys its getting late.. I have to board the flight Keep in touch ..
Orelse I will kill you I threatened them in a funny tone.
Hey Raghav dont forget that man It was Aejaz.
What???? I know what he meant but pulling words from his mouth is always our
favorite play
what what ??? Hey dont forget to send us numbers of hot foreign figures and that is
the only reason we are allowing you to go to London Ralston shouted
well let me try If am not busy
Before my friends could raise their hands towards me I rushed inside the security
Bye mom Bye dad.. Hey guys byeeeeeeeeee Miss you all.. stay in touch idiots
I screamed until their images faded.
Well am gonna miss them all badly

London Dream city for all !!! And it was colourful indeed. Well at an age of 22 ,
Colorful for guys had only meaning- Girls And I mean it London is unquestionably
colorful !!!
Javeed was waiting for me with a board on hand Mr.Raghav, Chennai .. On the very
first glimpse Javeed looked like a cartoon character to me He has spikes on his head
and his hair was almost red in color he looked as if he had escaped from a rock band
club . So this half boiled man is gonna be my roomie???? It was hard for me to digest
that he hailed from IIT.
I went straight to him and forwarded my hand for an handshake
Hey hi.. Am Raghav. I smiled at him
hi ???Bharathian ho yaar Namaste bolo .. (Being a Indian , say Namaste !!! ) And
he hugged me
I was quite captivated by the word bharathian. It really feels great to meet our fellow
countrymen accompany us in foreign But other than that word I was not able to grasp
what was he saying.
I dont know hindi Well I was not even sure whether he was speaking hindi It
might be Marathi Gujarathi or whatever
k fine.. no harm.. I will teach you He smiled.

Teach me ??? When did I said I want to learn hindi ??? Well my hindi teacher broke her
head for nearly 6 years .. and after thrown into the heights of frustration, she left the
idea of Hindi to Raghav
And then time passed by.. Javeed was actually a good roomieHe became my close
friend very soon we had similar tastes in all , except food and literary knowledge
we came to a gentleman agreement that no hindi or no tamil between us.. So english
was the only official language allowed in our room
Eeverything was going fine till I met her.. she was Meha
Every love story has a quite interesting first meet. People do fall in Love to their
seniors juniors or sometimes lecturers of their college. Sometimes Love happens when
you see a hot girl playing with a puppy or sitting alone in a restaurant.. sometimes It
happens on own friends Mine was a very different one Well my love started with a
penalty of 100 pounds ....
It was Sunday Javeed was sincerely watching a movie in star plus
What movie dude ??? I asked Javeed
DDLJ He smiled
what??? I arced my eyebrows
Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le jaayenge.. He gave a pride look
watt ??? DDLJ was better I frowned at him
And there was a song in that movie where sharukkhan and Kajol will get drunk and
dance . I dono what happened inside Javeed at that moment that he raised the TV
volume and started dancing on the cot.. well actually he was jumping.
Javeed Are you mad??? Already Mrs.Clarkes has warned us not to increase the
volume She will lodge a complain if you do again Now reduce it u @#$$%%2 I
was shouting at him But Javeed did gave heed to my words and was in an excited
state TV remote was with him.. so I tried manually on the TV buttons.. But my bad
luck the channel was switched to Sun TV.
There was a dappaangutthu (peppy ) song been telecasted Hey aatthaa aatoramaa
vaariya was that song.. Being a tamilan I couldnt resist myself that I too started
dancing with Javeed in that high volume
And now we are here in London Court waiting for a hearing for a case against us for
disturbing our neighbours Mrs.Clarkes through an angry look on us. She had some
medical documents with us..
Guess she is gonna point us for her heart attack.. Javeed whispered
Oh shut up javeed Its all because of you. If you had lowered the volume we would
have not been pushed to this
Me???? Hey remember you were the one who changed the channel and danced for that
aatha song He moped..
See just say we didnt do anything on that day Let them tell we were in our

university campus preparing for our project I gave him hints about what should we
talk. And we both planned the lies which we are gonna utter in the hearing. I never
thought I will struggle for each word at that time
The hearing started And a lawyer from Mrs.Clarkes came forward us
I was not able to take my eyes from her She was stunning.. Amazingly beautiful.
She had left her hair loose and there was no sign of makeup on her face.. her wheatish
skin glowed on court lights. She was wearing a black coat and a black jeans. She
had quite big eyes and there was a default smile on her face.
And the hearing begun.
so Mr.Raghav and Mr.Javeed My petitioner Mrs.clarkes says that you have disturbed
her sleep by keeping high volume and that has given mental trauma to her. So do you
guys accept it that you have irritated her by doing so??? She looked at me
Awww !!! She is looking me!!! I felt as if an angel is looking at me with a wand in her
hand ready to grant me any wish. I just wanna jump in joy I just smiled at her
return Well actually I was smiling since the time I saw her
Mr. Raghav.. Am asking a question did you disturb Mrs.Clarkes??? She questioned
me again
Well whatever she talked was like a music to me.and I was not bothered about the
no we didnt Mrs.clarkes has personal rivalry on us.. so he has failed a false
petition.. It was Javeed.
Hey man talk something.. You can look at the girl later.. Javeed alleged in my
Mr.Javeed I want answer from your friend He is the main allege So Mr.Raghav
do you accept it ??? She looked into my eyes deeply
Well It sounded to me like Dear Raghav will you accept me ???
Yeah dear.. I accept I uttered these words wit so much of enthusiasm that the whole
crowd in court started laughing. Javeed was looking at me as if he is gonna murder
me soon
Well all is fair in love and we paid a fine of 100 pounds....
Days were running. I somehow got the information of her. Her name was Meha
Junior lawyer in London court.. And she took this case as his senior was busy on
another case..
Now the second step in love is I have to impress her Make such a situation that she
can spend time with me Its a hard thing you know.. If the girl is a doctor you have to
be a patient.. If she is a teacher you have to be a student or you should at least be an
uncle for her student And now my girl is a lawyer so no ways left.. I have to be a
criminal.. :p

After so many rejected ideas I shouted

Yeah!!!! I got it !!! and jumped from my bed.
Javeed looked bewildered
Pagal hogaye kya ??? (Have u become mad ??? ) He looked at me weird .
Well It happens with Javeed.. whenever he gets irritated to the core he cant stop himself
from speaking hindi.. It happens with everyone I say.. Only our own mother tongue
could help us when we have to show our real feelings
Though I didnt understood what he really means but I have learnt the word pagal
which means madness Javeed used to use this word often
Hey javeed this is not madness This is Love.. You will be surprised to hear my idea
you know what am gonna file a case against you Saying you are disturbing my
studies by keeping loud music So that I can interact with her.. Great na ??? I
sounded very enthusiastic
What the !##@ !!! You are really mad man, See you love her and do anything with her
See I cant go for courts again.. I beg you Or better file a case against Mrs.Clarkes..
Saying she snores much and disturbs our sleep Javeed threw a prideful look
How rude you are Javeed ??? Mrs.Clarkes is her client Mrs.clarkes is Mehas friend
too.. So she is my friend too.. How can I ??? No more questions am gonna file a case
against you.
I picked my bag and was about to run from the flat
Javeed caught me
You are mad totally mad Mrs.clarke is your friend.. Am not ??? Ya allah !! kaise
ladke par pasaa diya aapne ??? Javeed was blabbering something in Hindi
Javeeeeddd Listen.. Thuppaarku thuppa thuppaaki thuppaakku thoppaaya thoovum
Mazhai I said a poem (thirukural ) in tamil in a single flow and breathe hardly after
thup.. what ??? Javeed looked bewildered
You didnt understand anything na??? Same is here when you speak hindi,., byee am
leaving And I ran out from my apartment to Meet my Meha.
London court of International Arbitartion
I went straight to Mehas cabin
Now she was not in black coat She in green with pink mixed short top and a short
midi of same color.
Now I had the same feelings of a man who might have seen a color movie for the first
time after watching only black and white movies
I went straight and sat before her
Dont you have an habit of asking for excuse before taking chair??? She looked at me
like a culprit

Am sorry I was swallowing my words ..

So what brought you here??? She arced her eye brows
You It was a sudden reply from me
what???? She raised her voice in surprise..
I mean.. your talent your braveness.. I mean your intelligence in law The way you
won the case of Mrs.clarkes was awesome.. I was completely taken over
Dont say you came here for appreciating me .. she heeded her eyes on the file which
was laying on the table
No.. I want to lodge a case against my roomie Javeed.. He is becoming noisy these
days.. Am not able to concentrate on my studies So.
so ??? she gave a quick reply
Soooo.. I need you I mean your help Damn!!! I was feeling hard to utter each
word.. this girl has something in her..
Do you want to go for a date with me ??? She looked at me
what ??? You said date??? I was not able to believe my ears
Yeah.. How about dinner tonight?? She asked
no.. I mean yes.. for sure We shall I showed sudden smirk on my face..
Then fine Now leave this place..I have works to complete she started to
concentrate on the file
Bye Meha. I looked at her face for a reply.. But she never bothered to reply
Anyways let me not spoil her mood now.. after all she is gonna have dinner with me
tonight.. Well Its going to be my first date in London
To be continued..

Ufff !! Is this love againn ???? Chapter 24

05:42 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 24
Note : Sheela is the person whom we saw in chapter 3 who helped Pooja to get out
And she is one among Raghavs team..
It was 18 hrs at London.. and I was very excited for my first date with Meha .. I have
been to dates with many girls in India.. But they were all the same.. And every previous
date contained the same boring stuff..

Normally it started with a pick up at girls place

Hey wow You look amazing in this pink dress!!! And today you are extra-ordinarily
stunning and I never know why girls always prefer pink dress for their first dates
And then that so called girl would reply ohh come on Raghav.. There is nothing special
today.. am just casual Didnt apply make-up too she would say without causing any
damn hindrance to her triple coated lipstick ,lip balm , lip gloss or whatever I knew
any girl will take atleast 5 hours of make-up for the first date.. tinkering polishing and
stuffs like that But still they will never forget to mention today am simple !!! ufff !!
These girls !!
But these cute lies I used to enjoy after all a girl is trying hard to impress me !! and am
worth for it !! What else a guy needs???
And then me and that girl will move to a hotel.. Well a guy has to be careful in this
journey from her place to hotel.. You have to open the car door like a chauffeur, keep the
Ac such that its not too cold to her , you have to play romantic songs and act like
humming it , at official breaks you have to look at the girl and smile so that she must
feel you are attracted by her beauty.. And after arrival again you have to open the car
like a chauffeur..
And then the dinner begins Candle light dinner is always best You can make any
girl feel special by doing so.. And here comes the main part.. You have to look into her
eyes Mostly girls will never look your eyes.. Guess they have problem in looking at
ones eyes.. And if by accident your eyes meet each other never forget to utter this
dialogue Oh God !! your eyes are mesmerizing me!! and she will blush for sure But
some girls will act weird and insult you saying Stop flirting!! .. and when such
counterpart happens you have blush in turn and smile shamelessly
Normally after this the girl will start saying her history , about her friends and her
interests And then you must start saying hmmm yeah thats cute.. you are very
talented.. oh my god I cant believe this with glow and smile in your face And it
finally ends with a bill of 5000 + .
And I have got fed up with these dates and I really wished Meha to be different
And actually she was different.
When I called her to pick her up at her place she said I will come to the restaurant
straight and she disconnected the call without even waiting for my reply
I went to the restaurant 15 minutes ahead and started waiting for her She was on
time When I expected some special dressing from her now , she was wearing the
same dress which I saw in the morning. Her face was fresh and I could hardly find a
trace of make-up in her face..
When she came near the table I stood up and pulled the chair so that she could sit on
that.. This is a perfect way to show a girl that we respect her But Meha looked at me
weird when I did so ..

Are you a chauffeur?? she throw an angry look

Why should I be ??? well, it was a great insult for me that I too gave her an angry
look at return
Then why are you pulling the chair for me??? she maintained a high pitch voice..
Who said its for you ?? I pulled for me I never waited for her reply and took my
Am sorry She said in low voice and took the seat before
Please dont be.. I got melted with her sorry.
waiter she called the man and ordered something to eat
Waiter make it as two.. I smiled at her
Its another guys trick Order same what a girl has ordered to show her We are of
same kind!!
Thank you The dinner will be served in another half an hour the waiter smiled and
left the place..
So I have got half an hour to speak without any disturbance Where to start?? Meha
looked different.. I dont want to start with words like you look pretty and flirting
stuffs well let me start our talk with her profession But before I could start Meha
shoot her first question like a sharp dagger
Why did you left India and came here to study ??? she looked at my eyes
well I didnt leave India forever.. Just for 2 years.. I will go back to my country after I
get my MS..
so you are sure that you wont settle here in London?? she arced her eyebrows
yes.. but If I get a girl from London and If she wants me to stay here.. I may I
smirked Well she must be Impressed by this.. I thought.
You may?? What.. stay here??? Do you know what is the british Indian population
here??? 1.6 million people according to the recent survey you guys enter this country
as students or training officials and get settled here And dont give a damn thought
about our country See London doesnt needs people like us India needs.. Do you
understand ??? she looked fierce ..
Now what happened to her ??? I was stunned by the way she was talking People dont
discuss about society on their dates. She is damn different..
Yeah I know I just said Actually It was a joke I tried to calm her..
Joke ?? everything is a joke for your generation See Poverty is widespread in India,
and our nation is estimated to have a third of the world's poor. According to recent
estimate, 41.6% of the total Indian population falls below the international poverty line
of US$ 1.25 a day and have you ever thought anything that you can do for the
country which you belong to How unpatriotic !! She looked at me like an ugly
hello mam please dont assume things Unless we make ourselves eligible to stand

in our legs we can go for baring the weight of a nation And dont think am
unpatriotic.. Leaning something from other country and trying to implement in our
nation is my dream and yeah that previous so called sentence that I ll stay here for a
girl was just to flirt with you.. Understand ?? I talked with such a josh that it looked
like a politician arming against his rival party..
She looked motionless Before she could utter another word I continued
And Miss.Meha.. I know better about the poverty in my country since I was there for
previous 22 years.. And am surprised that UK based Indian Lawyer is feeling pity for
the country she left.. and yeah!! I made a counterpart against her
Just shut up k..??? dont ever use the word I left my country Am here for a noble
work shit !! She looked highly tempered and bite her lips as if she has said
something which I must have not heard
Noble work?? I looked her with surprise..
I have to go.. She immediately stood from the table , took her handbag and hurried
out of the hotel..
Hey wait.. I started to go behind her.. But she vanished in the London crowd before I
could catch her
holy s@## !! I must have not let her go What was the noble cause she was talking
about?? I was completely clueless
Your dinner is ready sir.. The waiter brought beautifully decorated utensils and kept
on my table
Bring the bill and I left the table without even touching the dishes
It was an unforgettable date !!
After that gruesome experience with Meha , I came more interested in her I went to
her office often but I was not able to find her there in court I once went to the hotel
where she was staying but got a message that she has vacated the room Meha seemed
to be clueless Many people in the court said they never know her Only few said
that she is a new joinee from India .. Hardly I was able to find any other details about
But I never thought that I will meet her with a gun on my forehead..

It was a usual Sunday.. Me and Javeed planned for a trip to Camber Sands near Kent.. It
is a famous beach near London and it is considered to be the best beach for sun
bathing Well I have missed sun bathing very much .. So after long discussion with
Javeed ,we booked a car and since I owned an international License I drove the car on
the clean roads of London to Camber sands..

It was drizzling slightly..

Please god!! Let the climate be clean today.. I dont want to look like a wet dog in
beach.. Javeed was praying
But as time went it turned out to be a heavy storm..
damn you must have checked the weather in net before you plan for beach.. He
Chill man Its just 10 May be this rain can stop in an hour Let me drive to
Camber sands first
I was near Lydd village and was searching for sign boards for Camber on the highways
A259.. this is the best thing in Britain.. To reach a place they provide you the road
number and you can find numerous signboards all along the way which makes easier
for new drivers.. But this time It was hard for me since it was raining heavily and It was
difficult to locate the signboards from a distance I was riding slowly so that Javeed
could clearly look out for any signboards amidst the heavy down pour
Hey man.. Look its Meha Javeed pointed a girl who was stretching her hand for a
Yeah !! It was Meha She was in black jean and white top She was completely wet
and was trying to stop every vehicle which passed
My legs automatically pressed the breaks on seeing her..
She immediately got into our car back And before we could turn and show our face
she took 2 guns and pointed it back of our heads
Dont turn Or else I will shoot you both.. now listen.. follow that black jeep fast..
her words were very strong.
Without uttering any word I accelerated my car and followed that black jeep
So Meha.. when you became revolver reeta ?? I smirked
what??? Who are you??? Her voice was wobbly..
How could you forget your boyfriend?? and I turned back
You?? she looked bewildered..
well am not bothered.. Now follow that jeep.. Its important man her voice was
filled with untold misery..
Yeah I will.. But tell me whats happening here first I tried to slow down my car
hey never slow down. I will shoot you heads off and ride the car myself then.. Now
you follow that damn bloody jeep She was screaming aloud
Hey Raghav ride the car fast before this mad woman pull the trigger Javeed sounded
Some big problem for her !!!
Relax Meha.. I want to help you Believe me.. K now I will follow the car I strongly
feel that you wont do odd jobs.. and I geared the car
We were racing behind that jeep and Meha was making calls through her walkie-

talkie I was able to see her tensed face from the rare view mirror.. And something
clicked inside me..
I have seen this kind of walkie-talkie used by London Police Is she a Police??? She
must be.. and she has guns in her hands Yeah she must be a police and am here
helping London Police for chasing a criminal
I can save this moment for my future resume.. With heights of embellishment I started
to race the car with more speed It was thrilling indeed And after few minutes I was
quite ahead of the jeep which I was following and parked my car exactly before that
When I got down my car I realized that I have blocked a jeep of London Police Me
and Javeed stood motionless and before we could gain our consciousness back we heard
six gun shots in minute
Now who has shot who ????
Hey Raghav.. come lets move Javeed pulled me to the car..
Hey Meha ..
shut up Raghav this is something serious.. come lets move Javeeds voice
But nothing was important for me than Meha I had a strong urge that I should help
her and she cant be wrong Without giving heeds to Javeeds words I went near the
Police jeep
There 2 cops were lying dead inside and Meha was standing nearby like a monster with
guns in her hand.. And It was anonymous that she had shot the cops
It was unbelievable !!
Meha what have you done ?? I took steps further towards her
Stop there.. I will shoot you She pointed the gun towards me.
Hey relax See am here to help you.. before someone notices us here get inside the
car.. Please..
I dont know whether she believed me or not she put down her hands and said
Sheela come .. we are safe.. a girl who cant be more than 20 came out of the jeep.. Well
If I had been the Miss Universe judge , I would have selected Sheela to be the winner..
she was such an art
And they got inside the car
Now I must find a safe place for them.. I couldnt believe that am helping a murderer
but there was an instinct inside me that Meha cant be wrong ..
Have this.. Javeed offered a dry towel to those ladies
Thanks.. Drop us at Ashford Meha said..
Ashford??? Where will you go from there??? You will be caught.. After all you have
shot the cops I alleged..
they are not cops. Her voice was still..

what ?? It was javeed

they are not damn cops And dont ask anymore questions.. Leave us at Ashford..
Meha.. I can understand that you are in trouble.. We wont question you Take rest for
a day in our place And then you can leave Believe me.. I wanted to ease her in my
arms.. I wont say its love.. But I was very must attracted towards Meha.. And I dont
want to let her go out of my hands this time
She didnt reply anything Well assuming silence as an approval I rode my car to our
Meha and sheela didnt say anything to us in the apartment They looked hungry.. I
offered some bread and jam to them.. without any hesitation they ate...
After few minutes I went near Meha to ask what happened to her and why did she shot
them but before I could open my mouth Meha said
Raghav We need to sleep.. Can we use this room.. Please.. she asked me this
question with lots of aversion
Yeah sure
And Raghav please wake up at 8 PM We have to catch the flight to Mumbai
good night and she went inside the room and sheela followed her..
Thank god.. these ladies are gonna leave soon Javeed sighed..
But We never knew that all four of us will be travelling to Mumbai tomorrow

To be continued

Ufff !! Is this love againn ???? Chapter 25

06:22 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 25
wake up Raghav.. Its 7.30 Javeed patted my shoulders
Damn!!! How did I sleep ??? That too having Meha in my home and having watched
live murder few hours before!!
Has Meha got up ??? I asked him
I dono there is no sound from their room.. They have locked it too.. Now go and

knock the door and wake those ladies

You Dumbo why cant you yourself wake them up??? I looked at him irritatingly..
see am an amateur in handling murderers You proceed my brave boy.. Javeed said
in a pale tone I could clearly understand that he is restless.
Fine.. I got up and went near the door
There was dead silence in the room I stood there for a minute with lots of thoughts to
wake her up or not.. If I dont wake her, Meha will miss her Flight and she will stay with
me And I can act like a hero and save her from her miseries , so that she will be
impressed Or who knows she can fall in Love with me too With all the dwindling
thoughts in my mind I stood there like a statue which further increased Javeed s wrath
on me
Stop dreaming idiot.. Now knock the door Javeed screamed and brought me to the
She will be sleeping How can I wake her ??? I looked Javeed like an innocent
@#$% !!! Raghavvv.. You can wake a person only when they are sleeping Not when
they are already awake.. Understand..??? Javeed was shouting
Hey relax.. I will knock now and before I could raise my hand to knock the door ,
Meha opened the door and came out
Its time.. We will leave now .. thanks for your help.. Meha looked at me with
That look and thanks are more than an Oscar for me I just wanted to jump in air and
shout.. Ooooooooohhh
thats k Meha What Flight are you gonna board now?? Javeed interrupted my
we will take care of that..can you please call a cab?? Meha looked at Javeed
Damn.. Why is she asking help from Javeed when am standing like a sculpture before
her.. Before Javeed could open his mouth and utter yes , I said Why to go for cab I
will drive you to airport in my car.. I smiled at her
Javeed stared at me well who bothers about friends when a beautiful girl is nearby.
thats very kind of you Raghav.. But we dont want to trouble you again so
Trouble ??? No not at all Meha.. Anything for you I mean for your noble cause.. I
fine shall we start??? Javeed interjected
yeah please Meha smiled in return And we all got into our car
Raghav drive to Biggin hill airport Meha said
Biggin hill ??? But I dont think flights to India will be available there It is for private
jets. I muddled..
Yeah Our private jet will be available there.. She groaned

Your Private jet??? Me and Javeed exclaimed in the same frequency

Yeah any problem?? She looked at us..
No and I geared my car to Biggin Hill airport.. It is situated at a distance of 24 kms
from central London.. And now even If I drive slow and reach the airport late , The
flight will be waiting for us.. Normally private jets are like local taxis for big Bs.. Now I
was very curious about Meha
She seemed to be very normal after committing murders.. And To my surprise she never
uttered the word of getting caught to cops and she never showed any fear on her face..
what a woman she is !!! I sighed.
And more and more she tried to be casual with us , the more interested I became.. I
should know about her
Thanks a lot Raghav It was Meha.
thanks ?? But for what??? eagerness was spilt open in my voice
For everything.. Without you guys I would have not able to save Sheela from those Fing B$%#$%@ !! her voice was filled with anger..
who are they?? I asked her
are you aware of a group which kidnaps girls and sell them in international Market??
Well !!Who knows??? Am neither a gangster nor an Interpol but I have read those in
Yeah I have read about these kidnapping in newspapers
Do you know Indian girls are in high demand ?? She arced her eye brows
Sheela is my friend We did our Law in London.. My dad is one of the top
businessmen in India
I know Javeed sighed
You know ?? Meha exclaimed..
I mean you own private jet.. so obviously your dad must be rich. He smiled
hmm Sheela was in Love with a doctor Internet Love It was Its our fate that even
I supported their Love.. But that ra$@#% is from a f!@#@$ gang we never knew The
day I was attending my first case , she got kidnapped They claimed 5 million pounds
as ransom
5 million pounds ???? I doubt whether I could earn so much in my entire life time..
Javeed exclaimed
even Sheelas dad is a businessman.. they were ready to pay Those Kidnappers
wanted me to take the money to them after arranging many secret guards around
me , my dad accepted to send me He arranged for a private jet to Mumbai ..
Then why did you shot them ?? I asked her
those bloody ra@#$$ caught me too.. Meanwhile our men came for our rescue When

there was vigorous fight going on between our men and those gangsters , 2 kidnappers
slid the crowd with Sheela .. And I took a gun from my men and stopped your car.
Rest you guys know
But you were amazing Meha.. Very brave indeed But am surprisedWhat If they
had weapons with them??
Am a trained shooter Mr. Raghav more over the dress which I was wearing was
bullet-proof.. She smiled
Her smile was mesmerizing indeed
But they looked like cops.. Javeed interrupted
thats a cheap trick followed by these gangsters Normally Police vehicles are out of
suspect right ?? She exhausted,,,
yeah I nodded..
And dont worry guys this case wont be filed.. If my guess is right those gangsters
would have removed the dead bodied from that place And am damn sure they wont
file a case since they are main thieves And Javeed you can sleep peacefully She
smiled at Javeed
Hey no.. I know you girls are innocent.. He smirked..
Anyways thanks a lot and am sorry Sheela is in shock So she cant talk currently
Meha pleaded
thats not a big deal Meha Your thanks has made my day I smiled at her
And by the time we reached airport.
Meha and Sheela got down from the car Sheela looked pale from the time Raghav
saw her.. She is indeed in deep shock
Meha bid good bye to us and by the time she was about to enter the checking room ,
there was a serious of gun shots behind me
Damn!! Raghav and Javeed come behind us..
And we started to run on the runway in a sinusoidal manner Meanwhile some guards
surrounded us and I heard numerous guns shots and people yelling behind in pain.. It
was like a Hollywood movie How can an international airport lack security.. I was
And I never knew when I got inside in that jet , in few minutes me, Javeed ,Meha and
Sheela were flying over London skyscrapers
Raghav can you please pass the water ??? It was Zara who brought me to reality
Yeah please and I offered the bottle of water to Zara
She drank some water and made Javeed to drink more she carefully wiped his
swollen face with a wet cloth Javeed was indeed very much injured
I have called for a doctor Zara.. He will come to our cottage soon I eased her
Ask him to come soon Raghav.. am worried.. and Javeed is bleeding she sobbed

Let me call and inform Pooja about our arrival and ask her to order some food for all
I tried Poojas number
This number is currently not reachable A computer recorded voice answered
Damn with these networks..
I dialed the cottage number and ordered them the lunch menu
Yeah k sahaab.. the lunch will be ready in an hour
Hour?? I need in another 15 minutes Keep the lunch in my room My wife will be
there.. I shouted at them
Yeah k sahaab but your wife left the room in morning the key is with us.. He
what ??? she left?? Fine I will come there I disconnected the call
Where did She go ?? I felt my heart beat getting worse
Something is gonna happen bad.
Pooja was peeping into the hotel Lobby
Javeed and Suraj entered this building ,,, But where are they ?? I must warn Javeed
about the danger Pooja thought..
But the Lobby seemed to be a stranger land for her None of the faces were similar
even the hotel mangers seat was occupied by a anew man
Now whom can I contact for help ??? Its better that I dont try checking all the floors
again since this hotel is damn big Pooja was provoked in her own thoughts
Meanwhile a man who could be in his late fifties approached her
Mrs Pooja.. he called her..
Yeah.. She turned towards that man
Mr.Raghav is waiting in his car.. He asked you to come there.. and he pointed a white
Innova car..
So finally Raghav has found me !! Now I should make myself ready to face his
reaction By the way am gonna tell him what all happened to me and ask him to help
me to warn Javeed
With thousands of expectations she hurried towards the car
Before she could realize It was Suraj , she was pulled into the car and a bulk of clothes
was inserted in her mouth.
Take the car to our cottage.. Suraj ordered the driver
Suraj.. what are we gonna do with this girl?? Do you think She will help us to find the
man we are searching for ?? One of the men in the car questioned
No.. but this females husband is a millionaire after all few million bucks in our
account wont hurt us.. Suraj burst into laughter

he he.. yes.. all others joined his laughter..

If god is still with us.. that gang may come to know about this girl whom we have
kidnapped.. If they come to know they will definitely come for rescue.. and that gang
will come to know about this kidnap soon
But how come ??? a man with a big mush queried
If my guess is right the information would have been passed to them already Suraj
What??? Pooja was not able to believe her ears
Suraj is gonna get money from Raghav for leaving me and mean while he is gonna make
Javeed and his gang to come here for my rescue and kill them all Oh god !! What a
blunder I have made.

To be continued

Ufff !! Is this love againn ???? Chapter 26

06:37 am
Raghav was racing his car on Manali road
Where has Pooja left?? And why the hell did she leave the cottage??? And why didnt
she return back yet??? a series of questions was Haunting my mind
Please god !! Wherever she is let her be safe !!!
I was amazed to find myself praying for Pooja Its been years that I have raised my
hands before God for something exactly 2.5 years Since the time Meha left me , I
stopped pestering god .. After all it was such a betrayal I have ever faced in my life
I had not been trained enough to use such filthy words against females.. But one great
infidelity could easily change your mind setup
I still remember the day when I met Sheela again After I finishing my M.S project
work I accompanied Javeed to his home at Mumbai and there was Sheela looking very
pale in one of the Mumbai streets.. I was the first to find her.. after all no one could
forget such a beautiful face ever in their life time
Hey sheela.. How are you ??? Do you remember me ??? I went near her and stretched
my hand for a shake
Sorry You have mistaken.. and she started to move ..
Hey wait Do you remember I helped you and your friend Meha in London From
the gangsters who acted like cops We escaped in private jet 2 years back exactly

I smiled at her
Actually we expected a smile and gratitude in her face in return.. But her face became
pink in rage she was totally in excited state and her eyes were like hot iron rod
getting ready to tear our lungs apart
So you were the b@#$##$ who have spoiled my life?? Happy??? She was screaming
from her bottom of her lungs
Spoiled ???? no mam.. I think you have mistaken.. We gave shelter for you and Meha
in our home and we drove you girls to airport.. And we did accompanied you till
Mumbai too.. Do you remember you and Meha got into your dads car and bid good bye
to us..?? Javeed said in a single flow.. I know was he was interested in Sheela , since the
time he saw her
Each time I go for a date with Meha , He used to remind me to ask about Sheela
My dad in Mumbai Holy S*** Do you know he is the main man involved in
Mumbai brothel ?? and you guys have helped that b@!$@# Meha to surrender me to that
man And you have helped her to escape from London cops And finally you guys
have spoiled my life she couldnt resist her tears after that .
what??? I arced my eye brows I couldnt believe my ears.. It was like no powercut
in Tamilnadu....
Sheela I think you are sick.. Meha is my girlfriend Stop talking non-sense about her..
I winced..
you guys are sick She is a lawyer cum criminal when I was about to tell about her
and her gang to London cops , you guys spoiled you stopped the car in which I was
escaping from that gang with London cops.. and after she shot you guys helped her to
take me from that place.. she was shouting in rage.
I was completely speechless hearing Sheelas words
Meha is the main culprit in kidnapping girls !!!.
The cops which she shot at London were real cops and we escaped in a private jet that
belonged to an international criminal gang !!!
And the most unbelievable part is that I have spoiled a girls life and am in Love with a
criminal !!
But you were silent we thought we were helping you It was Javeed.
have you heard of Zolpidem??? she looked at him
Zol.. no never.. Javeed said with hesitation
Its a drug used to depress the activity of central nervous system.. with less doze you
will know whats happening around but cant respond back and I was in that
sedation.. her voice was filled with frustration
Holy s*#% !!! I had acted like a fool How didnt I suspect that the girl whom we have
helped could be sedation!! Damn.
And do you know why she asked for sleeping in your home for a while ?? She looked

at me again
I was speechless another time..
that drug will make one person sleep soon And thats why she rushed to your room
and took me inside.. and when I got my conscious little back she injected me the drug
again and she used that time to fool the cops she was fighting to breathe
am sorry. But what about the airport we saw some cops there too they must
have arrested us.. atleast they might have informed Indian govt about it but nothing
happened Javeed posted his query
Those were not cops idiot.. they were from another gang and inorder to escape from
them she allowed you guys to enter the flight with her
But why does she wants to save us?? I looked at her.
See you guys are Indian students If something happens to you guys it would have
created even more headache to them.. thats why
And why did she loved me ??? I was feeling very bad at that minute
You are rich Raghav.. No girl will leave a duck that lays golden eggs.. Javeed
And that was the second I started to hate Meha She pleaded me many times to forgive
her mistakesBut after all am not such soft-hearted to forgive a b!@#!# And that was
the moment I decided to never fall in Love again..
Normally a guy could face any failure in life But when it comes Love its really really
very hard to digest. And so I was I that love made me not to file a case against her..
With a last warning I left her.
But the sin of helping Meha was killing me inside And thats why I decided to help
innocent girls After all I dont want another Sheela in Mumbai And with her help I
started to rescue one or two girls at the beginning.. eventually my friends joined me..
and now we are a big gang with no name and am Its BOSS !!!!
This cottage is beautiful Raghav Zara brought me reality
It was really surprising that I have drove the car correctly to my cottage even after
having lost in my own thoughts
Yeah It is I smiled at her
The doctor was standing at the entrance of the cottage and he smiled at me.
The receptionist brought the key and handed it to me
Did you got any calls from my wife?? I queried her..
No sahaab..
did she said anything while she left the keys to you??
No sahaab But she asked me to call for a taxi.. And I did so
Can you give me the taxi number ??
Sure sahaab just a sec.. and she said a number to me

and sahaab.. This the key for another room which you requested yesterday She gave
me another key too..
And I left the reception followed by my friends
Another room was for Javeed and Zara.. After leaving them in that room and also
instructing the doctor to give best treatment , I left the cottage
Hey Raghav where is your wife ?? Shyam questioned me..
She might have gone for shopping.. You guys take rest in my room.. I handed the
keys to them and left that place
I tried Poojas number again It was switched off Damn Why the hell is her phone
switched off ??
Next I tried with the Taxi driver number.
Hello am calling from Dream valley cottage I tried to sound like cottage owner..
Yeah sahaab you want taxi now ?? I will come there in a minute.. His voice was
No.. I have got a complaint on you.. Heard that you have looted the purse of a south
Indian lady who travelled in your car this morning.. my voice was very harsh..
no no sahaab.. I will never da such a work .. You know me I left that girl in airport
and returned back promise.. I didnt steal anything.. believe me sir.. He was about to
cry and I was able to identify the restlessness in his tone
k leave that I think that lady is insane bye.. and I disconnected the call
Pooja has left to airport !!! But why ??? I asked her not to leave the cottage till I return
I recalled all the events that happened yesterday.. Pooja followed me till hotel last night..
and she suspected me with Evanjelin If she had followed me today she must have to
came to hotel.. But she has left to airport that too after an hour I left the cottage
where She might have gone ??? I was left with no random guesses
Meanwhile I received call from Evanjelin
Hey Raghav Evanjelin here
Hey I will speak to you later.. I have some important work over here
Hey wait.. Its urgent Suraj has vacated the rooms
whats the big deal??? He will vacate obviously .. after all he has no work left here..
I sighed in frustration
but.. our security cameras at the gate has found a girl inside his car when he left
a girl ?? something sparked in my mind
hey wait I will come there in 5 minutes.. and I raced my car in the Manali road to
the hotel
And I was praying deep from my heart that It should not be Pooja.. But I know it will be

Pooja , because no girl can be as crazy as her I sighed..

A cottage in Nagar Village
(Taken as an excursion from Kullu or Manali, Nagar also known as Naggar, is a very
lovely village set on a hill surrounded by forests. Naggar was the capital of Kullu valley
in the 16th century and the monuments in the region are witnesses to the glory it had
once lived in.)
This place is awesome Suraj a man with thick mustache smiled
Yeah it is This is a very small cottage hidden amidst forest.. Not many tourists knew
this place Suraj smiled
and where can we hide this girl?? another man asked pointing Pooja
Ofcourse here The cottage owner is little greedy.. I will take care of him.. Now you
guys take her to the room yuvraj and Rohit be with this girl.. never leave her alone
and we will be outside I dont want that f*!@!$$ mistake to be repeated again
understand.. he threw an angry look on them.
After Pooja and two of his men got inside the room , suraj called others to listen him..
What are you going to do now Suraj??? a bald man asked him..
Wheres that girls mobile phone ?? Suraj asked
Here It is.. a guy gave a phone to him..
Now make a call to his husband His name is Ra Ra Raghav or Ramesh not sure..
Tell him If he wants his wife back he must pay 20 lakhs ask him to come to hmmm
rohtang pass.. and do all the usual threatening k..
Yeah k boss.. and the guy left that place
Now shall we call that groups gang leader Suraj?? the same bald man asked him
There is no need to call.. He will himself call me.. Suraj smiled
but how come ?? How will they know that we have kidnapped her ??
If my guess is right , he knows many in that hotel.. It has security camera at its gate.. I
noticed it the time I first entered the hotel.. So he will definitely know that the girl is
with us.. Instead of calling him straight lets make him to call I bet he cant find this
place without my help.. Suraj laughed like a thunder,,,
But what if the girls husband come and ask for the girl?? another man asked..
I wont leave her unless I find that mastermind Suraj grinned

S%*# Its Pooja .. Raghav was stunned seeing the web cam video
Pooja?? Your wife ?? It was shyam
shyam how did you came here ?? I was surprised to see Shyam, Ralston, Nithya

Evanjelin informed shyam replied..

You look worried.. Dont worry she will be fine.. It was Nithya
Having friends who can console you at odd times of life acts as an energy booster
These days I was able to think a lot for rescuing unknown girls But when it became
my wife I was startled a lot.. My mind disagreed to cooperate for a while but I have
do something.. Meanwhile my cellphone ringed
Raghav pick up the call.. Shyam brought my consciousness back..
hello.. I answered the call in a pale voice..
Listen.. We have kidnapped your wife.. come to Rohtang pass with 20 lakhs cash in
another 3 hours If you call police , I cant guarantee that you can find your wife alive
again and the call was disconnected
F@#% !!! I threw my mobile down My hands were shivering unusually
Hey Raghav.. relax what happened?? Ralston asked me in a humble tone
Those b@#$$# have kidnapped my wife.. and they are asking for a ransom of 20 lakhs..

Give them and get your wife back Raghav.. It was Evanjelin
Money is not a problem Evanjelin See they have kidnapped my wife from the hotel..
And suraj has wantedly disclosed her face in web cam did you notice that??? I asked
Yeah.. so what.. ?
He wants our gang leader thats me to take that as a hint and reach him Even If I
give 20 lakhs to suraj am sure he wont leave Pooja.. He needs the man who is rescuing
girls understand ??
yeah.. now we understand Raghav.. why cant we take our men to rohtang pass and
rescue pooja ?? Shyam asked..
If my guess is right they must have hide her somewhere away.. We must find the place
first I exhaled..
So now what can we do ?? ? Nithya looked at me
Leave me alone for a while
And all left that place
I have go to meet them as her husband and similarly I have meet Suraj as a gang
leader.. This time I dont want my friends life to be at stake by sending someone else
what shall I do ????
After 10 minutes I called my friends back
I have got a plan.. I exclaimed and detailed my plan to them
Raghav you have gone mad!! shyam sighed

To be continued

Ufffff!!!! Is this love again???? - Chapter 27a

09:20 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 27 - a
3.00 pm manali
Raghav you have gone mad!! shyam exclaimed
There is no way left ShyamWe have to do Raghav mudded in frustration
But damn it if a single step in this process goes down , Suraj will kill you it was
Yeah I know but Pooja will be safe Raghav smiled
This love makes people mad.. Nithya smiled
Love??? Am I in Love with Pooja?? Well I cant say its love.. But Its a husbands duty to
save his wife.. I cant let down her trust on me Anything for her
These words were reverberating in Raghavs heart
guys listen this work has totally four steps If one gets wrong Raghavs life would
be at stake..so be careful.. It was Ralston
Look.. I dont want anyone of you to be seen or suspected by Suraj.. If you guys feel
that you are doubted by him at any time, do drop the plan and make yourself safe
understand??I dont want any of my friends to get caught and treated brutally by him
again Raghav sounded very serious when he uttered the last sentence
yeah shyam nodded
so lets start Raghav smiled
Raghav dialed Poojas number Someone picked the call in the very first ring Raghav
knew It wouldnt be Suraj since he was least bothered about the money which Raghav is
gonna offer as ransom
Hello Raghav here. Raghav sounded worried in his voice Indeed he was
why are you calling now ?? We asked to arrange for 20 lakhs.. dont call before the
money is ready.. A punitive voice answered on the other side
Hey the money is ready can I come to Rohtang Pass now?? I want to see my wife
Please Please sir I cant wait for 3 more hours am ready to pay even more for my
wife Please.. Raghav was begging in phone
money is ready n u wanna pay more too??? Wait I will call you back in 5 minutes.
And the call was disconnected.

do you think suraj will accept to meet you in Rohtang Pass before the scheduled
time?? shyam looked Raghav with a question
yeah he may.... Because now he have understood that am very wealthy since am
ready to pay anything he will definitely meet me before the scheduled time Raghav
Even if he meets you, are you sure that he will kidnap you too ???after all suraj has no
business with men.. Shyam winked
we will force him to take me with them but only If you come there on time.. Raghav
I will but Raghav be careful k Shyam looked worried
Dont worry shyamGod will help us.. hey wait theres a call from those idiots..
Raghav moved out of the room
Hello Mr.Raghav It was Surajs voice Raghav recognized his voice in the very first
Raghav changed his voice and answered
hello.. who is this?? I wanna meet my wife Please dont harm her.. I will pay
anything for her.. you dont know how much I love her .. she is Raghav started to sob
in phone ..
shut up man I hate men crying shame on you you have money and u can get
any number of women useless fellow.. listen bring 50 lakhs cash and come to Rohtang
pass in half an hour my man will come and collect it once the money is received I
will release your wife
50 lakhs cash??? But how can I arrange such huge amount from Manali.. I have only 30
lakhs now
what the just 2 secs before you said you are ready to pay anything for your wife
whatever .. bring 30 lakhs to that pass..
you will bring my wife there right???
no..you have believe me now.. we get cash in hand , and your wife will be released.
Got it???
how can I believe you guys you are not priests or saints to keep your word.. unless I
see my wife , you cant get single paisa from me.. Raghavs voice sounded firm..
heck fine come to Rohtang pass in half an hour..One of my men will take you to
our place Look if we suspect a police or any guards around you, believe me you cant
see your wife back.. and he disconnected the call
he is on line.. Raghav smiled at Shyam
did he agree to take you to Poojas place??? Shyam widened his eyes in surprise
yeah but I know he wont take me there they might try snatching the money and
run away from that place.So shyam I need your help Raghav gave a cunning look..

I will be theremeet you soon at Rohtang pass shyam winked and left the place
Ralston and Evanjelin were busily making calls.
what a man is he !! Evanjelin exhaled deeply thinking Raghav
The conversation she had with Raghav 20 minutes before was reverberating in her
Evanjelin trace Poojas number You can get help from Veena she is a specialist in
it Raghav said
But Raghav tracing Surajs number would be of more use Evanjelin said..
Its hard to trace Surajs number.. there are many privacy issues after all a gang
leader will have his own security matters tracing Poojas number would be easier
even If he tries to switch off the cell its already late, since we got call from that number
few minutes before.. find the place and try to collect the details of the cottages around
that place....
hmmm sure
den short list the cottages which are located in deserted area probably in
underdeveloped villages or forests kind and call all the receptions he said..
and you want me short list the list of cottages with greedy owners.???? Evanjelin
Genius yaar he applauded
Evanjelin and Ralston.. take different vehicles be on the highways.after my
intimation follow us and make sure you maintain decent distance Raghav said..
sure Raghav be safe k Ralstons eyes narrowed..
I want you guys to be safe If you feel that something is wrong around just leave that
place. Understand?? Raghav veered..
Evanjelin the call has been made near villages of Guntur or nagger Veena said in
phone which brought Evanjelin to the reality..
Thanks a lot Veena.. Now I will take care She disconnected the call
Ralston it is from near the villages of Guntar and Nagger
Lets google it He smiled and got involved in the work
Are you sure Raghav??? Nithya and Aejaz looked Raghav keen
Do I look like joking???Raghav smirked
If Suraj finds out he will kill you and me Nithya looked bewildered..
Only if he finds out.. come on Nithya I swear you wont get harm by any means
Moreever Aejaz will be around you.. No worries Raghav tried to console her..
Idiot.. am worried about you do you think you are a champion in ice skating??? A

single bullet will tear your lungs apart.. she was screaming indeed
That wont happen Nithya we have self defense Aejaz smiled
You guys have gone mad am worried Raghav be safe k She looked at Raghav..
Yeah my dear sis I will be fine guys be there at exact 6 pm Raghav grinned and
left the place
Now I have 3 main calls left Raghav made himself ready for those calls any
words misplaced in these calls would put my life in misery he thought
He remembered his friends reaction when he said that
am gonna call Jayanthi IPS and confess that I helped Meha in shooting the cops
what???? Nithya exclaimed..
Stop joking Raghav.. It was Aejaz
You have gone mad guess you need a psychiatrist now.. shyam uttered
stop it guys I cant leave this situation continue suraj kidnapping our men and we
go behind him each time for rescuing as if we are jobless Suraj needs a lesson Meha
will be of great help in this..
she is a criminal already how come she help us to teach Suraj a lesson??? Evanjelin
arced her eyebrows..
She will Raghav smirked..
Raghav thumbed his android phone and selected the blocked numbers in his phone
There was one and only number in his blocked numbers..It was Meha
I never thought I will be forced to a situation such that I will unblock that @#$%^
number he mumbled.
After unblocking Raghav dialed her number after 3 rings she picked the call
See who is calling !!! her voice was creepy
The tone in which Meha replied irritated Raghav
I wanna meet you Meha Its urgent Raghavs voice was wobbly..
meet me??? Sorry my dear am married she said
oh come on I didn call you for romance do you remember the cops you shot in
London 4 years before ??
Its been years back..what now?? she queried. From her voice Raghav was clearly
able to identify that she is terrified by the topic
Interpol has foundI need to discuss about that shall we meet in half an hour???
Please god let she be in Mumbai Raghav was praying inside
am near zaveri bazaar how about Mustafa hotel at 4 pm??
perfect I will be there in another half an hour

And he disconnected the call

Next Raghav called Jayanthi IPS Raghav knew that lady since his childhood he had
often admired her a lot and she was of great inspiration for Raghav. Jayanthi
considered Raghav has her own son and she often had a soft corner for him.
When she got her transfer to Mumbai , Raghav was the first to feel happy
I will ask her help one day he thought
And this was the perfect moment Raghav dialed her number without further
After few minutes of talk Jayanthi smiled
Thats great of you Raghav.. I will inform the manali police. Take care of yourself and
your wife I will take in charge of Meha but beta I dont think its safe for you to go
there alone her voice was filled with care
I will be safe mam Suraj has high affinity towards police he can easily sense them
around.. normally he collects the data of the police before he goes to a placeso..
hmm I understand. Dont worry everything will go according to our plan
thanks mam.. and he disconnected the call.
Now the final call of the evening. Raghav dialed Surajs number
Hello Raghav said
Hello my partner brilliant partner. What made you to call me?? Surajs voice was
filled with ecstasy..
you sound cheerful even after so many failures thats great.. Raghav smirked
This time I wont my partner unless you provide aarthi to Pooja Suraj laughed
you fool how do you assume yourself that I will come and rescue that girl again???
After all her husband is there to save her Raghav chuckled
ha ha heroes never leave the innocent people die in the hands of villain now Pooja
is in my custody and soon his husband will be in our hands I know you will come
suraj said..
what if I dont come??
you cant get Pooja and Evanjelin back
Evanjelin???? What???
well you sometimes act foolish partner why did you made her to ride alone near
my cottage Already I knew she helped you guys to make us select the cottageso sad
of her his voice was creepy..
Damn I instructed her hell of times.
k I will meet you at 6 pm exactly tell me the place

Rohtang Pass Suraj replied

fine I will be wearing black overcoat and blue jean Raghav replied
Thats sweet of you finally you have narrowed my search by revealing your dress.. I
will be waiting for you.
I want both the ladies to be brought to Rohtang pass understand??? And dare not
to touch them Raghav ordered in firm tone..
I need you not those ladies trust me
And the call was cut
Ralston calling.
Raghavs phone flashed
Raghav..evanje Ralston was grasping for breathe
I know.. are you safe???
Yeah am what next??? Ralston hurried..
Leave that place now
but raghav
I said you to leave the place Raghav shouted and disconnected the call.
Damn!!! Why this always happens with these females????
Raghav stood confused

ufff - the climax

08:23 am
Ufffff!!!! Is this love again????
Chapter 27 b
no its gonna work fine Raghav consoled himself
He immediately dialed Shyam, Aejaz and Nithya and warned them to be safe
Its time to start.
He loaded 30 lakhs of cash in a bag and drove his car towards Rohtang Pass..
(Rohtang pass is the famous tourist spot around kulu manali Rohtang Pass (3979 m) is
51kms. from Manali on highway to Keylong/Leh. It offers a panorama and spectacular
mountain view. The pass is open from June to October each year although trekkers can
cross it earlier)
Since it was not season time, Rohtang pass looked deserted hardly there were few
military vehicles around and some trekkers crossly the road with heavy loads of

Perfect place .. Raghav thought..

There was snow everywhere and Raghav parked his vehicle in the usual place where
the tourists used to park on season times There were hardly 5 cars parked in that big
space which was almost covered with snow Raghav waited there anxiously for 5
minutes this was the place where suraj asked him to wait.
After few seconds , Raghav got a call from Poojas number..
yeah am here near the parking space.. yeah money is in the bag blue car??? Yeahh I
can see am coming.. and Raghav rushed to that car according to the instructions he
received through the call..
give the money a man got out from the car and tried to snatch the bag..
Where is my wife..?? Raghav caught hold of the bag tightly
we will release her soon.. give the money.. the man roared
Unless I see my wife, I wont offer a penny Raghav answered firmly..
what are you doing still shoot him and snatch the bag from him.. another man
from the car yelled
where is shyam?? Raghav was waiting for shyams arrival He clearly knew that
these people wont take him with them , since they were focused on only money..
Shyam came into the scene perfectly he looked gigantic in that military dress..
any problem there?? shyam raised his voice and came near the car
oh shit military man.. the man in the car mumbled
get inside.. a man pulled Raghav inside
nothing sir just friendly talk.. bye sir.. the driver of the car smirked at the military
officer and moved the car..
There were 3 men inside and all were wearing mufflers which covered their face
completely leaving a key hole for eyes .. no one could suspect them as kidnappers due
to the horrible weather in manali So without any hindrance they drove the car on the
Give us the bag a man tried to snatch the bag from him
I want to see my wife and he was holding it very tight.. It was impossible for the
men to get the bag from Raghav due to his firm hold
hey leave him.. we will get the bag from him at our place... the driver said..
Give me your phone.. a man got Raghavs phone and switched it off
Now drive fast.. he ordered the driver
The journey lasted for another 15 minutes.. Raghav was surprised that they headed
towards a remote village nagger
Perfect place Raghav thought
The car moved inside an antediluvian cottage which was surrounded by rugs well
usage of the word cottage would be like exaggerating that place.. a cheap lodge was
the perfect word Raghav could suggest for that cottage

Guess Suraj and his men are the only guest in this place there were no tourists
around, except gigantic men of suraj..
As he got down the car , Raghavs eyes was searching for Pooja and Evanjelin
They will be safe.. Raghav tried to console himself..
Those men took Raghav inside a room.. Suraj was watching television
suraj we have brought him he is not ready to give the cash a bald man said
Suraj turned his head towards him
There he saw Raghav standing nervously he was holding his bag tightly like a lkg
I want to see my wife.. Raghav muttered
give the money first I will show your wife Suraj said..
here it is where is my wife? Raghav handed the bag to Suraj..
Come on man.. dont say that again..I want to see my wife Idiot.. hey take him to
Poojas room and lock him inside
Lock??? You cant do that you said you will leave me and my wife if you get the
money.. this is unfair Raghav screamed when his men pulled him to the room
Mr.Raghav am not a priest to keep my word as you said already suraj laughed
No.. I will kill you @#$@#% Raghav kept screaming and he was pushed inside a
room and the door was locked
It was quite dark inside the room It took few minutes for Raghavs retina to get
adjusted to the sudden darkness..
When he was able to sense the surrounding , we found a cot at the corner of the room
there was a torn out dressing table nearby Raghav turned on the switch nearby.. a
zero watts bulb got its life and shredded meager light inside the room.. there was no
trace of Pooja or Evanjelin in that room
Damn!! Where are they ??
Raghav rolled his eyes around the room there were 2 chairs in a very bad condition , a
jug of water on one corner of the room but there was no sign of life inside the room
Hell !!! suraj has cheated me !!
With frustration Raghav kicked the cot heavily the cot moved a bit and Raghav found
two pairs of legs down the cot
He immediately moved the cot little bit and confirmed it was Pooja and Evanjelin lying
down the cot there was no sign of movement from them
@@$!#$%^$!!! They have sedated these ladies very badly
Raghav checked the time.. It was 4.30 PM
I have to be in Rohtang Pass by 6 PM They will start by 5.30 from here.. I have one
hour left

Raghav quickly removed his belt from pant and took 2 hidden medicine packets from
the belt buckles..
He mixed the medicine powder in the jar of water there must syringes here he
searched the table and the cot..
There was a used syringe on the dustbin..
Now I have to use this one but before that I have to sterilize this damn needle..
Raghav rushed to the washroom nearby there was strong stich of bad smell inside the
room.. he gave life to his cigarette lighter and searched around.. there was no bleaching
powder around.. bleaching powder is the best sterilizer
Damn!! I have to use someother way
He tore the toilet paper and carefully cleaned the needle and removed the stains.. then
Raghav brought the needle tip before the lighter fire after 3 secs , he then wiped the
needle in the clean toilet paper
Now its is almost sterilized he thought..
Then he injected the medicine to Pooja first and then Evanjelin
He pulled them to the vacant space so that they can breathe smoothly.
This medicine will take half an hour.. I must instruct them as soon as they wake up
Meanwhile Raghav tried to find a way to escape from that room to his surprise there
was no window in that room and even the attached toilet was sealed Unless these
people open the door there is no way to get out
After 20 minutes ,Raghav sensed some motion in Evanjelin
whats happening here Evanjelin mumbled..
shhhhh dont talk you are safe have some water Raghav said in a soft voice
and made her to drink water..
Raghav. Am sorr.Evanjelin was fighting for words..
thats k dont worry hey act like you are still in sedationeverything else will
happen according to our plan..now take rest Raghav smiled
Time was nearing 5 pm there was no moment from Pooja Raghav patted her cheeks
many times , rubbed her palm and feet many times meanwhile.. but every effort
resulted in vain
@!$$@%7& !!! they have sedated Pooja very badly!! Raghav roared..
relax Raghav she will be fine It was Evanjelin
No Evanjelin.. time is 5.10 I can sense no moment in her am worried. Tears
started to trickle from his eyes
Pooja is lucky you love her so much right?? Evanjelin grinned
I cant say its Love.. something more than that I need her.. Raghav said
she will be fine Evanjelin consoled him
15 minutes before. Pooja felt great pain in her head

where am I?? she tried to open her eyes

Raghav was sitting near her
is it a dream??? she was not able to believe that her husband is nearby
I missed you Raghav.. I must say to him
But to her wrath Raghav was busily feeding water to a girl who was lying nearby and
it was the lady whom she saw yesterday with Raghav..
Hell!! So my husband has came here to rescue her!!
Pooja felt her adreline gush inside her blood
I will murder both of them how dare he is doing romance on behalf of his wife ???
before that let me know what is the exact relationship between them she thought and
lied there without rendering any motion
And after that things were going different.. Raghav patted her cheeks often.. rubbed her
palm. Feet.. It was a challenge to remain motionless when there was a tickling feel in her
feet Raghav made her to sleep on her lap and waved air with a newspaper..
It was like heaven..
Please god !! take my life now this pleasure is enough for me in this lifetime.. she
And after a while she heard Raghav muttering the words.. I cant say its Love..
something more than that I need her..
He loves me !! Raghav loves me !!!
Pooja was frozen for a moment. Now I need nothing in this world !!!
It is a wonderful feel to be in Love and to hear a confession of Love from your dear
Now lemme confess my love too and she opened her eyes.
Meanwhile someone opened the door
Suraj rushed inside the room with his fellowmen..
There was Raghav having Pooja in his lap.. his eyes were wet Evanjelin was lying
nearby unconscious
Got confused in selecting the wife??? Suraj winked as he entered the room
Please sir leave me and my wife.. I beg you she needs to be treated in hospital..
Raghav begged Suraj..
wotta man are you??? Begging for a girl now dont irritate me by crying come we
have to move from this place.. guys lift those ladies to the car
And two men came near Pooja and Evanjelin
I will carry Pooja dont near her Raghav shouted..
possessive.. hey leave her carry Evanjelin alone and he went out of the room
Raghav gracefully lifted her wife and moved out of the room his hands were around
her touching tenderly

he has a soft heart inside..and he is possessive on me Pooja smiled

And they all got inside the car the car glided on the roads of manali.
Raghav made Pooja to lie on his lap
Suraj was sitting on the front seat
Do you think he will come there to Rohtang pass sahib?? the driver enquired Raghav..
he must.. after all its a duty of the gang leader to save the girl who helped him
Suraj smiled
Gang leader ??? what is suraj talking about?? Pooja thought..
today is gonna be the happiest day in my life.. am gonna kill that !#!@$@ for sure.. He
had nearly rescued 100 of my girls today is going to be his last day on earth Suraj
what??? The man who rescued me from the hell is gonna meet suraj !!! no I want him
to be safe he is such a legendPlease god spare his life and save him throughout his
life Pooja prayed for that unknown person and she wanted to meet that man and
thank him at least once in her lifetime..
The car reached Rohtang pass followed by three other cars. The men covered their
face with mufflers
Suraj got down the car and called 4 of his men..
take this car behind that building and park there.. and I want all 4 of you to be inside
the car.. If anyone tried to escape shoot them mercilessly.. understand we will wait
near the skiing area and Suraj left..
Suraj then called two of his men and said..
Hey you can find a man in blue jeans and black coat..bring him immediately to the
skiing area.. he will come here to the parking space by 6 k?? and Suraj moved..
5.45 PM
There was chill breeze growling outside the car window the four men were watching
Raghav and the two females like hawks they were holding their pistols tight
any small movement from me would drove them to pull their triggers Raghav
Its time.. I must start Raghav decided and started his game
for whom are you waiting?? Raghav questioned those men
Its none of your business idiot one of the men roared
when will you leave us?? Raghav questioned them again..
shut up.. another word from you , we will force the bullets towards your head.. a man
hey relax guys am not bothered about anyone I want me and my wife to be safe..If

you guarantee our safety I can help you guys.. Raghav threw a cunning look
how can you help us?? a man from the front seat turned towards him
I cant tell you that.. I can disclose that message only to your leader I know about the
man whom you are searching Raghav smiled..
What??? they all exclaimed
dont think you can fool us.. one of the men bellowed..
I swear.. I about that man but I can say that only to your leader Raghav said..
Immediately those guys telephoned Suraj
Bring that fool here Suraj said
Hey come our boss wants to see you.. a man pulled Raghav out
My wife Raghav yelled..
shut up.. come with us.. hey guys be careful with these ladies
Two men went with Raghav and the rest two were kept as security for Pooja and
Raghav walked with that men they had to move towards a higher altitude to reach the
skiing area It was snowing heavily out everyone wrapped themselves in heavy
The area was deserted..
Its going to be 6 Look this place is still bright.. a man sighed..
Its because of snow snow is the brilliant absorbent of light.. you can feel darkess only
after 8.. Raghav replied
I didnt ask you shut up the man yelled
Raghav found Aejaz near the tea shop. Aejaz gave a pale smile towards raghav and
moved towards the car.
Skiing area
Suraj was standing baffled with his men the area was deserted
Raghav reached the spot at 5.58 PM exactly..
Tell.. what do you know about him Suraj queried
See the man whom you are looking is.
suraj.. see our men have brought the mastermind.. a man in the gang exclaimed.
Those men were dragging a man with his mouth shut. He was in blue jeans and black
coat and face covered in muffler that man was carrying a heavy luggage with him
wowww!! Finally we got him Suraj shouted in joy.
Welcome my dear partner.. remove the muffler.. I wanna see his damn face suraj
yeah sure . and a man removed the muffler
When the face was relieved everyone stood stunned.
It was a female standing before them and she was weeping badly

I dont have any money with me now Please leave me.. she was crying like a kid
we can make nithya to nominate for Oscar Raghav thought and smiled at her..
damn whom have you brought?? Suraj looked his men fiercely
We were searching for black coat and blue jeans we saw him sorry her there in
parking space.. since the face was covered with muffler we didnt see her face those
men answered with fear
Idiots dont you guys know the difference between male and female now just get
lost from here and search for the man around Suraj shouted
Suraj.. See there Our car is moving one of the men pointed.
what?? It is the car in which Pooja and Evanjelin were there hell and he dailed
his men inside the car.
Hello whats happening there??? Are the girls safe?? Suraj shouted
Yeah very safe Bad luck for you Suraj Aejaz said and disconnected the call
Oh shit!! They have fooled us this time time too hell no am gonna kill him.
Suraj was screaming..
Meanwhile Nithya slipped from the crowd and ran towards the parking space..
suraj she is running
Shut up you fools let our prey go and now you feel for this stupid women.. Suraj
was shouting in rage..
how can this happen how did he managed to fool our men and take our car with
him.. he must be here.. come on search Suraj said
Suraj.. Raghav is missing one of the men said..
Missing.. he is such a coward dont bother about him Suraj said..
There he is.. a man pointed his finger towards south.. Raghav was doing ice skiing
with tremendous speed
For the first time Suraj noticed him wearing blue jeans and Black over coat
Damn.. how did I missed that Suraj was puzzled
how come he got the skis and the skiing poles with him ?? suraj stood unanswered..
that girl !! she came here with a baggage oh shit!! suraj remembered the girl
whom his men brought here by mistake..
hey follow Raghav he is the man we are searching for.. Suraj screamed
Some of his men got inside the car and moved along the road following Raghav
There were three bobsleigh standing near by which suraj has ordere for emergency
suraj and few of his men on that and chased Raghav
(Bobsleigh is a small vehicle for two or more people designed for sliding over snow and
ice and used in races down a track called a bobsleigh run)
There was official gunshots in middle.. But Raghav was heading with great speed that

each shot missed

Hey dont shoot military men are around.. and I need him alive.. Suraj shouted at
his men
And after few minutes of chasing , Suraj found Raghav removing his skis from his leg
and running towards a building nearby
hey he is entering that building.. fast and they all got down from the bobsleigh and
went inside the building
Suraj was shocked seeing inside
Damn.. Its a Police station Suraj shruddered..
And there were nearly 50 police men ready with their guns
this man tried to steal us arrest him.. Suraj pointed Raghav and said..
this is not a stage Mr.Suraj you are under arrest.. one of the police man said..
arrest me?? For what?? Suraj looked bewildered
for kidnapping girls for financing a group which killed London cops.. your wife
Meha has handed all the records about you and she is in our custody the policeman
Meha??? But how??? Thats not possible.. Suraj screamed
I will tell you Mr.Suraj Meha was my girlfriend once.. I never knew that you guys are
committed until I saw her fb account today noon the pair is good yaar Raghav
Damn!!she did uploaded our photo in facebook How mad she is !! Suraj thought..
that made me to use her to collect the files against you and Its all over partner but
you such a fool you know I said you clearly right?? Black coat and blue jeans you
never suspected me.. hmmm??? Raghav smiled
I will kill you.. suraj rose his gun towards Raghav..
Meanwhile the police around shot his arms and Suraj fell down in pain..
Its all over Suraj.. enjoy life I jail Raghav smiled and left the police station
Thanks to manali climate even the Police station board is completely covered with
snow.. Raghav smiled.
Aejaz was wearing the same black coat , blue jeans and covered his face with the same
muffler which Raghav gave him
you have the same physique of mine.. they wont suspect u raghav said that
And it happened the way raghav explained
Aejaz moved straight towards the car and got inside it
why you came alone?? the man inside the car enquired..
I dono ask your men Aejaz said
When the man in the car tried to call his fellow men, Aejaz gave that signal
Immediately evanjellin closed her nose with a kerchief and she did the same to Pooja

A stench of gas evolved around the car and the men lost their conscious in few seconds

have a happy honeymoon guys shyam , Ralston , Evanjelin , Nithya and Aejaz said
while leaving
ha ha .. sure bye guys Raghav and Javeed bid goodbye to their friends
Raghav went to his room.
Pooja was trying to move the couch in the living room..
hey what are you doing?? raghav asked her
Who shifted this couch back to the living room?? She muddled
ohhhhh.. certain things look good only when they are at correct place like this.. and
he hugged Pooja..
That was the moment Pooja expected
A hug which could dissolve all her sorrows..
A hug which shows someone is there for her and he wont leave her at any cost..
A hug which makes words dumb
I missed you Raghav whispered
thanks Pooja mumbled..
for what?? Raghav looked her eyes
for everything Pooja couldnt control her tears
Everything??? he looked at her
Yeah everything from Bombay to Manali. Javeed said... she blushed
so finally you have fallen in Love with a hero .. Raghav winked..
hero??? Whos that?? I couldnt see any heroes around Pooja rolled her eyes around
the room..
Well If Pooja is the heroine , am the hero right ?? Raghav hugged her again
And there were no words left for them to speak
Ufff!!! May this is Love again? !!! :P:P:P