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Election Project Roles/Issues Worksheet


Nathan Brown

Candidate Name:

Donald J. Trump

Campaign Role:


Issue: Government Spending

What does your candidates website say?

Trumps campaign website says nothing about a government spending plan.





Does not explicitly mention National Spending, how he will cut the National Debt or how he
will fix and maintain the National Budget. Promises to reduce taxes across the board, but
does not specify how to compensate for the loss of income for the government.
Summary (This should be like an opening statement in the debate!)
Trump will cut the spending amount of the government and bring us out of debt. He has
claimed that under the Obama Administration that the debt has significantly increased According to DebtClock.org, the current debt is 19.5 trillion, in 2008 before Obama was
elected, the debt was 10.7 Trillion.

What does an outside source say that SUPPORTS your candidates position?




Q: Are you going to get rid of entire departments?

TRUMP: I would get rid of some. For example, the Department of Education. I
would certainly get rid of a lot of it. I want local education. We could save a fortune
with Environmental Protection-Q: What is another agency you'd get rid of?

TRUMP: Even in the military, I'm going to build a military that's much stronger than
it is right now. But you know what? We can do it for a lot less.
Q: So you believe you can spend less money on defense than we do today?
TRUMP: I think we can make our defense much stronger and spend somewhat
less money.

Notes: Every source says Donald Trump wishes to cut government spending by cutting
government departments significantly or entirely. However, he has never explicitly given a
plan as to what exactly he will do to fix the national budget, nor has he releases or stated how
he plans to cut spending. He has stated to cut the EPA and Dept. of Ed.
Trump will cut government spending to reduce the national debt by cutting the EPA because
so far, what they have done is an atrocity to this country and our government. In addition to
removing the EPA, Trump will reduce spending and the debt by cutting the Department of
Education and give the authority of education to the local governments.

What does an outside source say that OPPOSES your candidates position?



When we asked her whether Clintons phrasing accurately summarized her

findings, Batchelder said it did.
"Yep, thats totally accurate," she told PolitiFact.
In her paper, published a little more than a week after Trump offered his
revised plan, Batchelder wrote that her calculations suggested that "Donald
Trumps latest tax plan would cost more than $5 trillion over 10 years."
However, a more conservative group, the Tax Foundation, came up with a
similar calculation in its own analysis.

Notes: Trump claims to reduce the national debt with and institute a better tax plan, however
multiple sources have found that his plans would cause the US to go into more debt over the
course of his term and then some. There is no true plan to reference.
Summary: Trump will be reducing government spending by removing the department of
education and leaving education in the hands of local governments, he will also be cutting
defense spending and remove the EPA.