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Palajac 1

Sophia Palajac
Dr. Kendra Parker
ENG 113-03
September 23, 2016
Bringing Back the Fundamentals of Feminism
In the first chapter of the book, Feminism for Everybody, written by bell hooks titled
Feminist Politics: Where We stand, hook discusses the misunderstanding about the feminism
movement and how people have lost the true meaning and definition of the term feminism.
Specifically, hooks argue that the feminism movement is all about the sexist discrimination and
abuse of women and how they should be fighting that. As the author herself puts it, ...feminism
is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression (1). Although some people
believe that the feminist movement has much more to do with equality between both genders,
males and females, and also feminist should be anti-male, hooks insists that by pointing out
sexism as the main issue, this then hits directly into the heart of the problem without implying
that men are the enemy. In sum, then, her view is that power can be solicited from the power
gained through profiteering and prosecution of the female gender.
I agree. In my view, to be able to understand feminism implies that one should be able to
understand sexism. I also believe that women today have lost the open-ended definition of
feminism. For instance, hooks speaks upon the issue that advocates of feminist politics know that
most people either dont know that sexism still is present today or if they do they dont
understand the concepts of sexism. In addition, one reason behind the misconception of the term
feminism is due to mass the medias portrayal of feminism and how it should only be about
equality between genders. Through this, the media excessively points out how mens dominance
throughout the world by their high ranking positions. Media portrays women who are primarily
looking for gender equality such as equal pay, equality in the workplace, and the subjection of
gender roles in society. Some may object, of course, on the grounds that equality is the only
bases needed for feminism because advocacy for women, eventually, is to be equal to men. Yet, I
would argue that when we have the ability to end prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination of
women it will then create the foundation for our journey of finally establishing rights on the
grounds of political, social, and economic balance between men and women.
After revisiting and analyzing the rights of women and the strides they have made to
overcome the imbalances placed upon genders. These women in their fight specially aim to
establish a clear understanding of gender inequalities and to be able to change the mindset that
there is a difference between their identity, man and woman. As women already know, is that
they have the ability to be very powerful through this movement but something we should keep
in mind power can cause us to change and loss the true meaning that we are fighting for. bell
hooks does a good job of bringing people back to the fundamental ideas of how and what
feminism actually is all about and also helps us get back to the movements intended goals. As
hook explains, Feminist politics is losing momentum because feminist movement has lost a
clear definition (172). hooks explains that we have the ability to share this powerful message
that feminism is a movement to eliminate sexist oppression and not about being man-hating
animals. We have the ability to start this stride today and be the first ones to start the spread of
this message.
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