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SAP Activate:

New Implementation:

System Conversion:

Why does SAP need a new methodology?

As the pace of development quickens, our new business suite, SAP S/4HANA, will be
delivering even greater innovation opportunities. Traditional methodologies based on
waterfall techniques require longer planning cycles. We decided to offer an agile
methodology built for the future with SAP S/4HANA in mind one that could help
customers adopt much more quickly to todays rapid development cycles.

Can you provide a high-level overview of the new SAP Activate Methodology?
SAP Activate Methodology is a harmonized implementation approach for cloud, onpremise, and hybrid deployments. It provides broad coverage of SAP solutions starting
with SAP S/4HANA. Its simplified, modular approach supports increased customer co-

innovation and collaboration, with full support for initial deployment and continuous
business innovation.

In developing this methodology, we carefully considered the specificity of both cloud and
on premise implementations. We made it highly scalable to support a wide range of
scope, complexity, project, and solution variables. Its flexible framework allows us to
provide prescriptive guidance for any SAP project.

Each SAP S/4HANA implementation starts with ready-to-run business processes based on
SAP Best Practices, a key pillar of SAP Activate. The methodology then provides tools,
templates, and examples used to structure the fit/gap workshops, confirm fit, and identify
required delta configurations or extensions. These items are captured in a backlog
document, which serves as a guide for planning software releases. Releases are
structured in short cycles, using guided configuration, testing functionality, and data
migration tools to build the required capabilities.

All these steps are supported with implementation project accelerators. Configuration
documents, test scripts, and process diagrams detail pre-configuration processes. These
assets and accelerators are integrated with your implementation methodology,
complementing the generic assets and accelerators for project management, value
delivery, and adoption.

What components or tools does it include?

The SAP Activate methodology contains accelerators for each implementation phase and
work stream. These include templates, questionnaires, checklists, guidebooks, and other
tools that facilitate efficient, consistent, and repeatable delivery of SAP implementations
and upgrades. You might use templates to capture delta requirements, design a system
architecture, or plan cutover weekend activities. The methodology covers an extensive
range of typical work streams for SAP implementation projects.

What are the phases of the methodology?

Weve worked to bring in the simplicity of cloud implementation while retaining content
required for on premise projects. Weve struck a balance using these four phases:
Prepare. The project is initiated and planned, including quality and risk plans.
The system environment is set up, including best practices for ready-to-run processes.
Explore. The customer team explores SAP solution capabilities while the system
integrator researches the customers business. Together, they use fit/gap workshops to
identify the configuration and extensions that best meet customer requirements.

Realize. The team configures and extends the system, based on prioritized the
requirements captured in the Explore phase. Configuration and build are done in short
cycles, ensuring regular validation and feedback from the business. Structured testing
and data migration activities ensure quality.
Deploy. Final preparations before cutover to production ensure that that the
system, users, and data are ready for transition to productive use. The transition to
operations includes setting up and launching support, then handing off operations to the
organization managing the environment.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Discover: what resources are available before an SAP S/4HANA project starts.
Prepare: infrastructure is set up and selected SAP Best Practices are activated.
Explore: workshops define the solution and use SAP Best Practice processes.
Realize: implementation is undertaken tracking all work in SAP Solution Manager.
Deploy: SAP Solution Manager is used in the production cutover.
Run: SAP Solution Manager is used to monitor and optimize the solution.