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Welcome to the Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game...

I love humans. Theyre always seeing patterns in things that arent there...
(The Eighth Doctor The Enemy Within)
The Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game goes back in time in the latest Classic expansion that allows players to
recreate the era of the Eighth Doctor. From battling the Master in San Francisco, avoiding the clutches of Edward
Grove or visiting Venice in its final days, its time to put on your velvet jacket, dust off your sonic screwdriver and
become acquainted with a certain Edwardian adventuress as you continue the adventure of a lifetime...

How to Use this Expansion

When Doctor Who returned to television in 1996, it was very different to
the regenerated version seen on our screens in 2005, so there are a
number of changes to the basic rules when playing as the Eighth Doctor:
You start with Charley Pollard as a Companion and roll 1D6 for
starting equipment: 1-2: e183; 3-4: ce48; 5-6: e182
The TARDIS has a +1 bonus when setting the controls (e001a).
Roll 1D6 for your first Adventure: 1-2 ca54; 3-4: ca55; 5-6: ca56

Starting Characters
The Eighth Doctor
The Eighth Doctor, unlike many of his predecessors and successors,
expressed a more human and emotional side, with a love and respect for
all life. While earlier incarnations would be visibly exasperated by
human failings and quirks, this Doctor was more likely to be quietly
amused. With his long green velvet jacket, waistcoat, cravat and pocketwatch, together with his long chestnut hair, the Eighth Doctor was the
epitome of a romantic Edwardian adventurer.
Geronimo, Lenins pyjamas, tiddlywinks with the Czarina...
Brains 12, Brawn 5, Bravery 9 (Aware, Charisma, Engineering, History, Pilot, Running, Science, Thief)
Abilities (optional): Appealing, Bench-thumping, Protective.

Charley Pollard
Charlotte, or Charley, Pollard jumped at the chance at joining the
Doctor when he rescued her from the crashing R101 airship. Born into a
well-to do family who owned a large manor house in Hampshire,
Charley ran away from home to seek excitement, adventure and
romance. Brave, resourceful and with a cheeky sense of humour, Charley
has proved herself to the Doctor many times.
Memoirs of an Edwardian adventuress
Brains 5, Brawn 4, Bravery 7 (Charisma, History, Running, Thief)
Personality (optional): Adventurous, Resourceful.

cv24. The Master

You have encountered your old foe, the Master. (DM -2; Goals: 1-2:
e240; 3-4: e221; 5-6: ce119). The Master at this time is a dangerous
foe. He has apparently come to the end of his life and is seeking to
prolong his existence. His desperate plight and use of new abilities make
him more dangerous than ever.
Roll 1D6 - if you roll equal or less than the current Turn number then see
cv24a below. If the number is greater, then the Master has acquired a
new body. Roll 1D6 to see whose body hes stolen:
1: A medic - Brains 5, Brawn 6, Bravery 6; 2: e244; 3: A bureaucrat - Brains 7, Brawn 4, Bravery 4; 4: e041;
5: e207; 6: A law enforcement officer - Brains 4, Brawn 7, Bravery 6.
Now add +6 to Brains, +3 to Brawn and +2 to Bravery to the Qualities - these are the Masters Qualities and will
remain so throughout this Adventure.
If a single Human Character encounters the Master, roll 1D6 on a 4-6, before they can try any option, the
Master attempts to hypnotize them. They must make a successful Bravery roll (with a -1 penalty unless they have
Domination). If they fail then take a -1DM and they become his Minion and are encountered with the Master.
If you ever return to the TARDIS before he is Defeated then take a -1DM and have an automatic Enemy encounter.
Choose from the options below:
Talk: Roll 1D6 and on a 5-6, you may not choose this option. You try to bluff your way out of trouble- make an
opposed Brains roll, with -1 for each previous attempt at this option. If you succeed escape the encounter
and gain +1DM or reveal the Goal. If you fail take a -1DM penalty and choose another option.
Confront: If you can Oppose then make an opposed Brains roll (with a -1 penalty unless you have Gloating). If
you succeed, you Defeat the Master. If you fail, take a -1DM penalty and choose to Fight or Surrender.
Fight: If you have the greater Brawn he will try to evade - at the end of each round roll 1D6 - on a roll of 4-6 he
has escaped. At the start of each combat round roll 1D6 and on a 6 then he has spat a glob of acid at you
and caused a Wound. If you win a fight against the Master gain +1DM or if you can Oppose he is instead
Defeated. You may Surrender at any time (see below).
Evade: If you can make a successful Running 8 before combat starts the encounter ends. If you fail then choose
another option (with a -1 penalty to any Brains roll)
Surrender: Roll 1D6: 1-3: e061; 4-6: e062. Also roll for a Goal event as he cannot resist gloating over his plans.
cv24a. The Morphant Master
The Master has used a symbiotic Creature (Brains 7, Brawn 8, Bravery 7) to survive his previous bodys
destruction. It hosts his consciousness and now it seeks another body to invade. Choose from the options below:
Fight: If you have greater Brawn, the creature quickly flees and the
encounter ends. If you win a Fight, gain a +1DM or Defeat the
Master if you can Oppose. If a Character is Wounded in combat,
they must make a Bravery roll and if they fail then creature has
entered their body. The Character becomes host for the creature
see v524. If you do not Defeat the Master then they are killed
lose 3 Luck points if this is a Companion. If the creature enters
your body then the Master has won! Your game is over.
Evade: You may evade the creature with a Running 8 roll.
Hide: You must make a Thief 8 roll before any other option. If you fail choose another option (with -1 to Running).

cv25. Time Paradox

(Temporal) It was subtle at first, but as time progressed you began to
notice odd occurrences at this location. People you have already spoken
to greet you again as perfect strangers, clocks on walls tell the wrong
time. You become even more alarmed when you find people repeating
actions. With a chill of fear you realize you are trapped in a time loop
(DM +1. Goals: 1-3: e234; 4-6: cv25a).
At some point a paradox has occurred and you must find that point and
resolve it. Failure to do so means that the time loop will become
permanent trapping you here forever, doomed to repeat the same length
of time over and over...
For each Temporal event take a -1DM. Each time you have an Enemy event roll 1D6 on the table below. Add +1
if Turn 5-8 or +2 if Turn 9+, and a further +2 if you can Oppose:
1-2: You attempt to gather clues about how the paradox started. Make a Brains roll with -1 for each Temporal
event but +1 for each Aware. If you succeed gain a +1DM, if you fail take a -1DM.
3-4: Time begins to jump more frequently. Any Allies that are Victims are now killed. Take a -1DM penalty for
each one. For each other Ally, roll 1D6: 1-3: they vanish; 4-6: they remain in your group. Vanished allies
may be met again but will view you as strangers so Talk rolls will have to be re-rolled.
5-6: Time becomes more erratic. Roll 1D6: 1-3: The Turn Number is decreased by 1D3 Turns; 4-6: The Turn
Number is increased by 1D3 Turns. If you can make a Brains roll (with -1 for every Turn increased or
decreased, and by -1 for each previous Temporal event) then gain +1DM.
7+: As time begins to collapse into a permanent loop you meet a person who wishes the loop to be made
permanent. This could be a murder victim who knows this is their only chance of surviving or a deranged
scientist. The misguided person has Brains 5, Brawn 4, Bravery 6, and has +1 to all Qualities for each
Temporal event (not including this one). Choose from the following options:
Talk: If you make an opposed Brains Roll (with -1 for each previous attempt at this option and -1 for each
Temporal event) you gain +1DM or, if you can Oppose, you convince them to abandon their plans and
the Time Loop is Defeated. If you fail the Brains roll, take a -1DM.
Fight: You may Fight but for each Wound inflicted on the person roll 1D6: 1-4: time rewinds so they are not
hurt; 5-6: They remain Wounded. If you kill them you have escaped the encounter and gain +1DM but
the time loop brings them back to life unless you can also Oppose. If you do kill them permanently then
you gain 3 less Luck points for this Adventure.
Evade: You may automatically evade if you have Running but take a -1DM. Characters that do not have
Running must Talk or Fight.
cv25a. Time Travellers Paradox

4) (Temporal) With a shock you realize you have caused the

Paradox! This is an occupational hazard for a time traveller. You could
have easily witnessed or read about a death in the future then
inadvertently prevented that death. Maybe a Companion has accidently
caused their great grandparents not to meet! Either way you must correct
your mistake and heal the Paradox. If you have Brains 15 (adding +3
Brains needed for each Temporal event), 2 Aware, 2 Science and
TARDIS gain +2DM.

cv26. The Nimon

The Nimon (DM: 0; Goals: 1-2: e221; 3-4: cv26a; 5-6: e165) resemble
the minotaurs of ancient legend. They are tall, bull headed humanoids
with the ability to manipulate vast energies. The Nimon are able to travel
from their world using black holes. They frequently send out scouts to
worlds who then set up a small power base in readiness of a mass
invasion. When the inhabitants of their world come through, they drain
the invaded world dry. You have encountered a Nimon scout - Brains 8,
Brawn 10, Bravery 8 although add another Nimon if the Turn number
is 9+ or if you have at least a +3DM (encountering 3 Nimon if both).
Choose from the options below:
Fight: The Nimon are formidable in combat, being able to unleash bolts of energy and is incredibly tough. At the
end of each combat round roll 1D6 and on a result of 5-6 one random Character (choosing Victims first) is
automatically destroyed by an energy bolt. If the Nimon is Wounded roll 1D6 and on a roll of 1-3 it has
shrugged off the blow and is unharmed. If you defeat the Nimon in combat then gain +2DM. If you can
Oppose, they are instead Defeated.
Talk: If you can make an Opposed Brains roll (with -1 if you do not have 2 Science and -1 at each attempt at this
option, but +1 for each Gloating), you bluff your way out of danger - gain +1DM or reveal the Goal. If you
fail the roll you must choose to Fight, Evade (with -1 to any Running rolls) or Surrender.
Surrender: Roll 1D6 with -2 if you can Oppose: 1-2: With a roar, the Nimon attacks see Fight option; 3-6: The
Nimon accepts your surrender - see e061.
Evade: The Nimon is a slow and ponderous creature so only Running 7 rolls are required. If you fail the roll, or
choose not to escape then see the Fight or Surrender option
Hide: You can hide from the Nimon with a successful Thief 8 roll before choosing any other option. If you fail the
roll, or choose not to hide then see the Fight or Surrender option or the Talk option with an additional -2
to the Brains roll.
Follow: This is only possible after a successful Hide. Make a Follow action: 2-5: Discovered: choose another
option with -1 to the roll; 6-7: Lose quarry event ends; 8-9: e144; 10+: e082.
Confront: This action is only possible if you can Oppose and you have 2 Science and 2 Engineering. If you can
make an Opposed Brains roll (adding +1 for Gloating), then you have Defeated the Nimon. If you fail then
take a -1DM penalty and choose another option.
cv26a. The Great Journey of Life

5) The Great Journey of Life is the term the Nimon use for their
invasion of worlds. Once a world has been invaded by the Nimon, it is
stripped of its recourses and its life drained, leaving a barren husk. The
Nimon then use this energy to sustain their race. Four Turns after this
Goal is revealed, automatically encounter another Nimon with every
Enemy encounter. If you have 25 Brains and 25 Bravery plus 2 Science
and 2 Engineering you gain +2DM.

ca54. Earth 1999 (Post Modern Era)

The TARDIS has landed in San Francisco on December 30th 1999. The dawn of the 21st Century is upon the Earth.
Across the globe people are celebrating and are excited about what the new century may bring. The TARDIS
however has landed in a crime-ridden neighborhood, you wonder if it is altogether safe.....
Special: Your first Character Event will be ce116. If the Master is the Enemy the Adventure becomes Temporal
and you must take a -1DM penalty.
Enemy (D6): 1: cv24; 2: cv25; 3: v513; 4: v518; 5: v514; 6: v500
Character (D6): 1: ce117; 2: ce120; 3: e021; 4: e041; 5: e032; 6: e050

Event 1 (D6): 1: e051; 2: e206; 3: e076; 4: e101; 5: e223; 6: e002

Event 2 (D6): 1: e107; 2: e112; 3: e145; 4: e116; 5: e115; 6: e002
Plot (D6): 1: e148; 2: e235; 3: e149; 4: e279; 5: e176; 6: e150
Location (D6): 1: e255; 2: e252; 3: e144; 4: e259; 5: e073; 6: e297

ca55. Garazone System - 2556 (Expansion Era)

You have landed on an old seemingly abandoned, badly damaged warship. Looking from a viewport, in the
distance you can see a large ion storm that seems to be approaching
Special: After each Turn roll 2D6. If the number rolled is less that the Turn number then the Ion Storm has hit the
vessel. Each turn thereafter roll 1D6 for each Character at the start of the Turn: 1-3: No effect; 4: Character is
Stunned for the next Turn. 5: Character suffers a Wound; 6: Character suffers a Serious Wound.
Enemy (D6): 1: cv03; 2: cv21; 3: cv12; 4: v530; 5: v533; 6: v531
Character (D6): 1: ce118; 2: ce63; 3: ce94; 4: e019; 5: e017; 6: e054
Event 1 (D6): 1: e074; 2: e036; 3: ce30; 4: e069; 5: e145; 6: e002
Event 2 (D6): 1: e215; 2: e267; 3: e296; 4: e089; 5: e096; 6: e002
Plot (D6): 1: ce23; 2: e173; 3: e260; 4: e140; 5: e155; 6: e150
Location (D6): 1: e097; 2: ce29; 3: e102; 4: e147; 5: e257; 6: e257

ca56. Earth 2261 (Colonial Era)

(Holiday) You have landed in Venice during its last days. Soon this wondrous city will slip beneath the waves as
nature finally claims it. The mood however is one of celebration and there are parties everywhere. People
determined to embrace the last days spent here in fatalistic partying
Special: Counts as Renaissance Era. You only have ten Turns in this Adventure to Defeat the Enemy. If you do then
you also stop the destruction of Venice and gain an extra Luck point.
Enemy (D6): 1: cv26; 2: cv24; 3: v517; 4: v525; 5: v529; 6: v505
Character (D6): 1: ce123; 2: e053; 3: e081; 4: e203; 5: e207; 6: e123
Event 1 (D6): 1: e213; 2: e152; 3: e206; 4: e078; 5: e076; 6: e002
Event 2 (D6): 1: e115; 2: e177; 3: e135; 4: e101; 5: e208; 6: e002
Plot (D6): 1: e137; 2: e153; 3: e161; 4: e148; 5: e154; 6: e150
Location (D6): 1: e093; 2: e255; 3: e066; 4: e028; 5: e065; 6: e209

ca57. Earth - 1906 (Victorian Era)

(Dimensional) You have landed in the larder of an eerie Edwardian house. The house feels distinctly odd and
you sense a build-up of temporal energy. A clock in the house chimes midnight. As you begin to ponder about
returning to the TARDIS you hear the clock once again chime midnight
Special: Each time you get a Temporal Event also roll 1D6: 1-2: Your (random) Companion vanishes - trapped
between worlds. You must make a Rescue roll of 9+ but using Aware not Thief; 3-5: Any Allies you have gained
vanish and if met again do not remember you; 6: Roll for a Plot event.
Enemy (D6): 1: cv25; 2: cv24; 3: v515; 4: v544; 5: v529; 6: v502
Character (D6): 1: ce121; 2-3: ce124; 4: e207; 5: e244; 6: e050
Event 1 (D6): 1: e101; 2: e268; 3: e205; 4: e151; 5: e229; 6: e002
Event 2 (D6): 1: e107; 2: e208; 3: e290; 4: e135; 5: e250; 6: e002
Plot (D6): 1: e176; 2: e235; 3: e238; 4: e251; 5: e279; 6: e150
Location (D6): 1: e253; 2: e102; 3: e065; 4-6: Character event

ca58. Earth - 1930 (Modern Era)

(Holiday) You have landed in the city of Singapore right next to the Singapore Hilton and its New Years Eve. The
weather is balmy and there is a party atmosphere enveloping this vibrant city so youre keen to experience the
fantastic food and culture this city can offer.
Special: If Charley Pollard is your Companion, gain 1 Luck point but roll 1D6 and if the result is 4-6 then she will
leave you at the end of this Adventure.
Enemy (D6): 1: cv25; 2: cv26; 3: cv09; 4: v522; 5: v524; 6: v510
Character (D6): 1: ce121; 2: ce123; 3: ce58; 4: e244; 5: e207; 6: e110
Event 1 (D6): 1: e076; 2: e101; 3: e121; 4: ce28; 5: e213; 6: e002
Event 2 (D6): 1: e038; 2: e223; 3: e145; 4: e116; 5: e206; 6: e002
Plot (D6): 1: ce23; 2: e137; 3: e157; 4: e161; 5: e176; 6: e150
Location (D6): 1-2: ce122; 3: e065; 4: ce52; 5: e255; 6: e055

ca59. Earth - 305 (Antiquity Era)

You have landed in a Roman Fort north of England, perilously close to the Pictish border. The TARDISs
appearance has thus far gone unnoticed. There is a chill in the air and a sense of expectation and foreboding
Special: e081 are Roman soldiers, e071 are primitive Picts. Both may join you as Allies. However if one group is
an Ally and then you encounter the other group your only option will be to Fight.
Enemy (D6): 1: cv26; 2: cv25; 3: cv04; 4: v515; 5: v517; 6: v531
Character (D6): 1: ce121; 2: e125; 3: e123; 4: e072; 5: e071; 6: e081
Event 1 (D6): 1: e051; 2: e079; 3: e034; 4: e226; 5: e112; 6: e002
Event 2 (D6): 1: e208; 2: e145; 3: e160; 4: ce27; 5: e107; 6: e002
Plot (D6): 1: ce23; 2: e279; 3: e153; 4: e133; 5: e235; 6: e150
Location (D6): 1: e065; 2: e066; 3: e217; 4: e108; 5: e144; 6: e218

ce116. Dr Grace Holloway

Grace Holloway is a top cardiologist, known as Amazing Grace by her
colleagues. She is passionate about her work, becoming a Doctor to turn
back death and save people, but over time has become hardened by her
work and is mildly cynical and mistrusting. Deep down however, she is
passionate, kind and caring. Grace is Brains 8, Brawn 4, Bravery 7
(Aware, Charisma, Medicine, Running, Science). Personality (optional):
Appealing, Dedicated (Medicine). If you can make a Companion
Charisma 12 roll she becomes a Companion, gain 1 Luck point.
Otherwise she becomes an Ally (but counts as a TARDIS Character). If
she makes a Brains roll you may roll for a Plot event.

ce117. Becky Lee

You have met Becky Lee, a chirpy, pretty and enthusiastic young woman that has a strange ability that allows her
to fight the forces of darkness. She is Brains 6, Brawn 5, Bravery 7 (Aware, Charisma, Domination, Running). She
joins you as an Ally (although you may make a Companion Charisma 11 roll and if successful she becomes a
Companion gain 1 Luck point). Make a Brains roll for her (with a +1 bonus) and if she succeeds roll for a Plot
Event. Becky can turn peoples fears against them so at the start of combat if she makes a successful Opposed
Brains roll (adding Domination) against any non-Machines Bravery then the opponent flees in terror.

ce118. Deeva Jansen

You encounter a Deeva Janson, an aloof captain of a battered space
freighter. She does however seem far more capable and experienced to
be a caption of such a lowly craft. Is there more to her than meets the
eye? Deeva is Brains 6, Brawn 7 and Bravery 8 (Aware, Computers,
Marksman, Pilot, Running). She possesses a gun that is deadly to
Machines and is Brawn +2 in combat against them.
Make a Charisma roll, adding +1 to the roll if there is an Enemy here:
2-3: Unless you surrender (see e059), Deeva attacks you. You need
Running 8 rolls to evade the combat.
4-7: Deeva dismisses you and leaves.
8-10: Deeva joins as an Ally. Make a Brains roll for her (with a +1 bonus) and if successful, roll a Plot event.
11+: Deeva joins you an Ally and reveals her secret. She is really an android on a secret mission. Add
Machine to her Traits. You may reveal the Enemy, the Goal or gain a +1DM.

ce119. Steal Body

(Goal 5) The Masters acquired body is dying so he seeks to steal yours!
He has opened the Eye of Harmony in your TARDIS to use its energy to
transfer his consciousness into yours. Four turns after this Goal is
revealed, take a -1DM. To close the Eye you need a Beryllium Chip. To
acquire one you must make a Move Action, followed by an Engineering
9 roll. If you succeed, then make a Tracking 7 Action back to the TARDIS.
If you have Brains 25, 2 Aware and 2 Engineering you close the Eye!
Gain +2DM and The Master will take -3 Brawn penalty. If you lose this
Adventure, The Master has taken over your body and the game is over.

ce120. Chang Lee

Chang Lee Brains 5, Brawn 6, Bravery 6 (Aware, Charisma, Marksman,
Pilot, Running, Thief) is a young Asian American who has been drawn
into a life of crime. Despite his criminal activities and penchant for
stealing valuables, however he does have morals and even a feeling that
he should always do the right thing.
Roll 1D6: 1-3: He is alone; 4-6: He is with the Enemy - roll an immediate
Enemy encounter. Chang Lee becomes a Minion and each time you
encounter the Enemy, Chang Lee will be with them.
If Chang Lee is alone, you may Evade him or choose to Talk by making a Charisma roll:
Talk: Make a Charisma roll. If there is an Enemy revealed but Chang Lee is not a Minion, add +1 to roll. Add
another + 2 if the Enemy has killed or possessed a Character:
2-5: Chang Lee attempts to steal something from you see Evade option below.
6-9: If you any Troop with you then Chang Lee runs off. If you do not, then he stops to talk with you briefly.
Make a Brains roll (with a +1 bonus) for him and if successful, roll for a Plot event. He then leaves.
10+: Chang Lee joins as an Ally (but counts as a TARDIS Character). Make a Brains roll for him (with a +1
bonus) and if successful, roll for a Plot event.
Evade: Roll 2D6 and if the result is 8+ then Chang Lee steals a random Artifact or Equipment from you. If he later
becomes an Ally he will return it to you.

ce121. Sebastian Grayle

You have encountered Sebastian Grayle. Arrogant and vengeful, Grayle
was originally Decurion Sebastius Gralae who made a bargain with dark
forces in exchange for immortality but at what cost? Grayle is Brains 8,
Brawn 5, Bravery 7 (Aware, Charisma, Domination, Gloating, History,
Madman, Minion, Poison). If you encounter Grayle in Antiquity then he is
with 1D3 Roman soldiers each Brains 2, Brawn 7, Bravery 7 (Running,
Tracking, Troop). Take a -1DM then choose from the options below:
Evade: You need to make Running 8 rolls or choose another option.
Fight: Combat occurs normally although Grayle cannot be properly killed (and will return in later encounters see
below) unless you can Oppose. If you do kill him in earlier encounters, gain +1DM but lose 1 Luck point.
Talk: Roll 1D6 and if the result is 1-2 you cannot choose this option. Make an Opposed Brains roll against Grayle
(with -1 unless you have Domination or Gloating). If you fail take a -1DM penalty and choose another
option. If you succeed gain a +1 DM or if you can Oppose here and can make a Domination 9 roll, Grayle
will become an unreliable Ally against the Enemy gain +1 DM but at the end of each turn roll 1D6 and if
the result is 1-3 then Grayle deserts you.
Hide: You must make Thief 8 rolls (with -1 to the rolls if Grayle is with soldiers) before any other option. If you fail
or choose not to hide, choose another option.
Surrender: Roll 1D6 and add your current DM: 1-4: See e061 and roll a further 1D6 and if the result is 4+, then
reveal the Enemy (or roll for a Goal event if already revealed) as Grayle cannot resist boasting over his
plans and masters; 5-6: Grayle attacks you see the Fight option
**When you have an Enemy Encounter here, first roll 1D6: 1-2: Encounter Grayle alone; 3-4: Encounter Enemy
normally; 5-6: Encounter Enemy and Grayle. Grayle gives a -2 penalty to Brains rolls made in Enemy encounters.

ce122. R101 Airship

(Location) (Temporal) You find yourself aboard the R101 airship that
seems to be climbing rapidly to a rendezvous. You encounter 1D3+1
crew - each Brains 4, Brawn 6, Bravery 5 (Engineering, Pilot, Running).
A Charisma 10 roll means they become Allies; if you fail then they lock
you up as stowaways - e059. When you escape or if they are Allies, roll
1D6 to see what the R101 encounters: 1: 1 e034; 2: e026; 3: e144; 4:
e042; 5: e160; 6: Enemy. The R101 is a fixed point in time and it must
crash with all hands lost. At the end of the Adventure, TARDIS Characters
must make Running 8 rolls to escape before it crashes or are killed.

ce123. Count Orsino

You have encountered the melancholic and insane Count Orsino. He has extended his life and despite being
young in appearance is really an old man, torn apart with guilt over his lost love Estella. He is Brains 6, Brawn 5,
Bravery 8 (Aware, Bureaucrat, History, Madman, Marksman). Roll 1D6+1 for the number of troops with him,
each Brains 3, Brawn 6, Bravery 6 (Marksman, Minion, Troop), then choose an option below:
Evade: Make Running 8 rolls, or choose another option.
Surrender: Roll 1D6: 1-3: You are attacked anyway; 4-6: see e059.
Talk: Make a Charisma roll adding any Bureaucrat. If there is an Enemy here, add +1 to the roll:
2-6: You are attacked. If you wish to Surrender or try to Evade the fight, see options below.
7-10: You are allowed to surrender see 059 but with -1 to the roll, and are attacked if you do not.
11+: He joins you as an Ally if there is an Enemy here. If not then he dismisses you but if he makes a Brains
roll (with a +1 bonus), then roll for a Plot event. If he becomes your Ally you must make further
Charisma rolls (with an extra +1 bonus) at the start of every 2 Turns to determine the Counts mood.
Fight: Combat occurs as normal. You may later Evade, or Surrender with -1 to the roll.

ce124. Edwardian Servants

You have met an odd member of staff from a creepy house. Roll 1D6:
1-2: A scullery maid - Brains 4, Brawn 4, Bravery 7 (Aware, Charisma,
Music, Screamer, Victim) - timid, downtrodden and yearning to be
appreciated. She joins you as an Ally. Make a Brains roll for her
adding Aware and if she succeeds roll for a Plot. She is also caught
in a paradox. If you have any Temporal Event she vanishes and
turns up as a murder victim - see e151. If you Defeat the Enemy here
she is released from the paradox - gain 2 Luck points.
3: Head Butler - Brains 5, Brawn 6, Bravery 6. If the Enemy has been revealed he is their Minion and attacks you.
If you defeat him gain +1DM. If the Enemy has not been revealed then see instead e152.
4: Household Cook. She is Brains 5, Brawn 3, Bravery 5 (Aware, Cookery, Minion, Screamer). She knows much
of the gossip here. Make a Brains roll with a +1 bonus. If she succeeds you may roll for a Plot event.
5: Chauffer - Brains 5, Brawn 6, Bravery 5 (Charisma, Pilot, Running). Hes a bit of a ladys man and will join you
as an Ally only if there is a female Character with you. Make a Brains roll for him, if it succeeds gain a Plot.
6: Ladys Maid - Brains 4, Brawn 4, Bravery 5 (Aware, Charisma, Screamer) - a naive young woman who likes to
get her own way joins you as an Ally. Make a Brains roll for her (with a +1 bonus), if successful roll for a Plot.