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Application for Admission -- Essay


Statement of purpose
Growing up, of various memories, I remember one phrase my father always said. Whatever a
human being can dream of that will make life easier and increase productivity; he will use science
to make it happen. I had no idea what he meant the first few times I heard that. But when I saw
how my definition of a telephone change from one black & white rotary dial landline in my street
to a personal household commodity that everyone now has, I started understanding what he
meant. Intrigued with my revelation, I became more interested how men and women of science
created things and made it available to the masses than the creation itself. Born was my interest
to pursue Engineering.
I was always fascinated by Robotics and automation that allowed execution of complex tasks
without human intervention. The concept of instructing a machine capable of lifting 100 tons or
moving at the speed of sound with a line of code amazed me than life itself. An interest that made
me choose Electrical and Electronics Engineering as a program choice for my Bachelors
education. I pursued my bachelor of Engineering degree at Rajalakshmi Engineering College,
affiliated to Anna University.
During the second year of my bachelors degree, I undertook a course titled "Sustainability for
Electrical Engineers". During the course, I was exposed to various aspects of sustainability and
was also able to understand the link between sustainability and Electrical Engineering. How to
minimize electricity wastage by using different equipments now available in the market and how
embedded systems are playing a major role in reduction or rather avoidance of loss of electrical
energy was a major part of the course curriculum.
I underwent training in embedded systems organized by Wipro technology solutions. I was given
hands on training and was taught to work on ARM processor. Training was given on the basic
interfacing of LCD display, touch panel, speaker, keyboard, etc., and it made me want to try basic
experiments and projects with ARM processor. Towards the end of the course, I did a project
titled Smart Attendance Register with the ARM processor using eclipse IDE platform, interfacing
Upload your essay here an RFID reader and created a database for 30 members. I used a display to show the details of
the card user and at other times to show the date, time and the number of people present. This
was my basic project in which I used my knowledge on how to interface various devices in an
ARM processor. As a fun project I developed a small word game using the same processor
interfacing display and touch panel.
For the final year project I had already decided to use the knowledge of embedded systems and
develop a model that incorporates sustainable usage of resources and also one that offers a
good level of sophistication. I along with 2 other members did a project titled "Environment
condition monitoring and Automation for home using Zigbee". The main objective of the project
was to monitor and automate the basic electrical appliances at home in such way that would lead
to judicious use of electricity. The occupancy, temperature, luminance, Overhead tank water level
and carbon monoxide levels are detected using sensors. Based on the detected values, decisions
are taken whether to switch on light, AC, Motor and Fire alarm. All the appliance state was
displayed using an LCD display. This project was done with Atmega328 microcontroller.
During my undergraduate course I have been a part of the core organizing committee and
organized a national level technical symposium in my college. I have presented a few research
papers in national level technical events. Other than the curricular activities I have even been an
active member of ENACTUS for 2 years. This has provided me with many opportunities to meet
the under privileged people and help them earn a living by providing practical and sustainable
business ideas and also help them through the initial phase of the project.
After completion of my undergraduate program, MS degree in Computer Engineering with
embedded systems as field of research has become an obvious choice. The program at
University of Texas at Dallas is best suited for my goals as the embedded systems is a strong
area of research at your university. The universitys infrastructure and the research facilities are
excellent. I have found faculties and their research quite impressive. I believe that to be
associated with these faculties would give me a great opportunity to pursue my career in

Submitted at: Aug 30, 2015 12:53 pm

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