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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

AE 441 : Turbomachinery
Assignment No. 1

Date of submission : 20 Aug 2016

Q1. A stage of an axial flow compressor has mean radius rm = 0.5 m and the blade velocity, Um
= 225 m/s. At the inlet, the axial velocity, Vx is equal 100 m/s and the tangential velocity, V is
equal to 25 m/s. Assuming that the Reaction Ratio (RR) at the mean radius is 0.6, 3 = 1 and Vx
remains constant, determine the following parameters:

Angular speed, of rotor in rpm

Rotor exit swirl at the mean radius
Rotor specific work at the mean radius
Rotor and Stator torque per unit mass flow rate
Stage loading parameter at mid-radius (V/Um)
Flow coefficient (Vx/Um)

Q2. A stage of an axial flow compressor is to be designed for a constant flow speed. At the
entrance, the tangential velocity of rotor (V) is equal to 100 m/s (positive swirl) and the axial
velocity Vx is 180 m/s. At the mid-radius, the blade velocity Um = 225 m/s and the reaction
ratio, RR is 0.5. The mean radius rm is equal 0.5 m. Assuming r1m = r2m = r3m and a
repeated stage design principle, calculate:
a) 1 and 1 at the mean radius
b) 2 and 2 at the mean radius
c) rotor specific work at mid-radius in kJ/kg
d) stator torque at mid-radius per unit mass flow rate
Q3. In an annular multistage compressor, mass flow rate of 100 kg/s is passing with a constant
axial velocity of 150 m/s between stations (2) and (3). The total pressure ratio is 35 and total
inlet temperature is 288 K. Assume that there is no tangential velocity at the inlet and exit.
Evaluate the following parameters:
a) Density ratio 3/2
b) The exit-to-inlet area ratio A3/A2
c) If the hub radius is constant is equal to 0.1 m and total inlet pressure is 100 kPa,
estimate tip-to-tip radius ratio (r3/r2)tip and blade height both at inlet and exit. Draw a
schematic diagram of this compressor.
Take Polytropic efficiency, pc = 0.85, = 1.4 and Cp = 1.005 kJ/kg K

Q4. The first stage of an axial compressor operating at 10000 rpm is designed on the free vortex
concept. The total temperature rise across a stage is 25 K. Air at pressure of 0.2 MPa and
temperature of 350 K enters this stage with an absolute velocity of 150 m/s at mean radius. The
blade with hub-tip ratio of 0.5 is used to design the compressor. If the value of pc = 0.85,
a) Air angles at rotor tip when its relative Mach number is 0.8
b) Total pressure ratio
c) Mass flow rate
d) Rotor air angles at its root