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Practice II 1

Aylen Fernndez & Alexis Cora

Lesson plan n8
Date: 26/09
Instituto Mara Auxiliadora
Teacher in charge: Marisa Medrano
Trainees: Alexis Cora & Aylen Fernndez
Course: 4th grade A&B initial
Timetable: Mondays from 15:15 to 15:55 and Wednesdays from 16:45 to
Objectives of the lesson: during this lesson students are expected to:
Listen and comprehend the story I wish I had a Monster.
Read and put in order/match the parts of the story.
Understand it in order to be able to produce answers orally.
Routines: Greeting and Praying (2)
Activity 1 (3) as students werent able to correct the last two activities on
their books during the class on Monday, we are going to check them at the
beginning of the class.
-Opening the Lesson: Warm-Up Activity (5)
Macro skills: speaking & group interaction
Activity n2 (5): Before reading the book, the trainee will give a summary
of the book in order to ask some questions related it.
e.g: This boy is called Max. He wishes to have a monster. His father would
help him to find one...
Have you ever wanted to have a scary monster? Do you think animals are
scary monsters? Has your father/mother helped you to find a monster?
Can you imagine Maxs monster?
-Body of the lesson (28)

Practice II 2
Aylen Fernndez & Alexis Cora

Activity n3 (6)
Macro skills: listening
With the help of her pedagogical partner, the trainee will read the story I
wish I had a monster presenting its images in a Movie prepared by both
of them. The story will be read twice.
Activity n4 (7)
Macro skills: reading comprehension & writing
The trainee will give the students a photocopy with some vignettes
representing the different stages of the story. Students will have to put
them in order.

Practice II 3
Aylen Fernndez & Alexis Cora

Activity n5 (6)
Macro skills: writing
Following the order of the story, students will have to write the monsters
e.g: Vignette n4: the monster has got a big head and two small eyes

Students will have to do the same with vignettes n6 - 8 and 10

(The monster has got: a big mouth - big orange teeth eight long blue legs
lots of red spots)

Activity n6 (5)
Macro skills: reading & matching
Students will have to match the picture that corresponds to each dialogue.

Practice II 4
Aylen Fernndez & Alexis Cora

(First picture

third dialogue)

Activity n7 (4)
Macro skills: listening & speaking
The trainee will ask some questions in order to close the story.
e.g: Can you explain me why Max got scared? Which animal scared him?
Do you think spiders are scary monsters/animals? Why? Why not?
Which other animal do you consider as scary?
Closing the Lesson (2)

Practice II 5
Aylen Fernndez & Alexis Cora

As usual, students will copy on their books the activities they have
done during the lesson, as date, weather and description of the activities.