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A Midsummer Nights Dream

By: Talia, Annabelle, Jared

Poem - Act III Scene II

Lysander and Hermia entered

the woods,
Could their love last against
Demetrius and Helena? It should!

Eugeus told Hermia she could

marry Demetrius, become a nun,
or die, So instead of doing these
things, she left with Lysander and

Hermia and Helena are in love

with Lysander,
But but once the spell is set, will
Helena be able to take the

Meanwhile, a spell from Oberon

is set upon Titania,
And the results of the spell is
pure mania!

The spell caused Titania to fall in

love with the first thing she saw,
And what she saw was a donkey,
Oberon was in awe.

Oberon ordered Puck to set a love

Upon Athenians Demetrius and
Lysander, but they couldnt tell!

The spell was supposed make the

men fall in love with the first
thing they would see, but instead
the spell made Hermia feel badly.

Demetrius and Lysander are now

in love with Helena,
But Helenas feelings are as crazy
as a gorilla.

Hermia now is feeling left out,

Because Demetrius and
Lysander's love is going a
different route.

Demetrius and Lysander try get in

a fight,
Because they both believe that
their own feelings are right.

The two men struggle to find each

other in the dark. They never get
to each other, so instead they
share their nasty remarks.

Once the two men had fallen

asleep, Robin came back, as
silent as a sheep!

He crushes the juice out of a

flower, And it changes their
feelings back to normal. What a
great power!

The End!