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Flowers for Algernon Part 1 Questions

(Due Tuesday November 8)

Directions: Please answer the following questions in FULL sentences.

Makes sure your answers are in a different color so that it is easy to

differentiate between the questions and answer. If a questions asks for
TEXTUAL EVIDENCE, please make sure you add a page #.

RL.8.1 Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of
what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
RL.8.6 Analyze how differences in the points of view of the characters and
the audience or reader (e.g., created through the use of dramatic irony)
create such effects as suspense or humor.
Review THIS PRESENTATION before you start reading. The story begins on
page 672, and part 1 ends on page 686. Part 1 is due on Tuesday November 8!


1. Why does Charlie say I never tell lies? What is he talking about?
He is saying that from past experiences, if he told a lie he would soon get
caught. He said when he tells stories, he would rather be brutally honest, than
lie about the people within the story. The text stated I told her how can you
tell stories about people you never even met. I said why should I make up
lies. The text shows that Charlie thinks that lying is wrong, and that even if
lying would improve his intelligence, he would still rather be honest.
2. What does this say about his personality and intelligence?
This shows that Charlie is a type of person who is honest, but also
appreciates honesty from other people.
3. Who is Algernon?
Algernon is the mouse used to test Charlie. Algernon and Charlie raced
against each other while a man testing them timed them as well, to see who
could finish the maze first.


4. What were Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss arguing about?

Dr. Strauss wanted Charlie to get the surgery and on the other hand, Dr.
Nemur said he wants to find someone else. At the end Dr. Nemur decided to
agree with Dr. Strauss and they ended up picking Charlie for the first surgery.
5. Charlie will be the first human being to ever have something happen to
him. What is it?
Charlie is the first human being who will have his IQ almost triple from
surgical means. There is no assurance that his brain will stay this intelligent,
but there is a chance the surgery will improve Charlie's IQ.


6. Dr. Strauss tells Charlie not to worry about the operation. What is his
reasoning for this?
Dr. Strauss told Charlie not to worry because he said it was just science. He
knew what to do and he didn't want Charlie to freak out.
7. Dr. Strauss wants Charlie to concentrate on what in his journal entries?
He wants CHarlie to concentrate less on what happens to hi, and more on the
emotions he feels while these things occur. He wants Charlie to express his
feelings more.


8. What is Charlies opinion of Algernon now? Why does it change?
CHarlie thinks of Algernon as a role model. He changes his opinion in the
story, because he finds out that the mouse had the same operation he did,
and he always beats him in the races. He thinks that maybe once he begins to
get sarter, that soon he will be able to beat Algernon in a maze race.
Text Evidence #1: He said it took a long time with Algernon before he got 3
times smarter. That's why Alger Mom beats e all the time because he ha that
operation before.
page #679
9. Charlie says Joe and Frank are friends and they like him. What are Joe and
Frank really doing to Charlie?

There really making fun of him. When they do something stupid

or something out-of hand they say are you doing a Charlie
Gordon. From reading this you can infer that there not true

10. What is a victory for Charlie?

He was happy to show progress after his surgery, and finally do something
that he could not do before.
Text Evidence #1:I got so excited and fell off the chair before I finished.
page #682
11. Why did Mrs. Kinnian run out of the room? What does this tell you about
how she feels about Charlie?
She ran out of the room because she was nervous for Charlie;s operation.
This tells me that she cares for Charlie and is scared for him.
12. List 3 improvements in Charlies intelligence from the beginning until the
end of Part I.
After his surgery, Charlie soon faced many improvements. One of them being
something as simple as beating Algernon through the maze on April 6.
Text Evidence #1: I beat Algernon!... I must be getting smart to beat a mouse
like Algernon.
page # 682
Another one of Charlie's many improvements took place on April 17. On this
day, Charlie began to use punctuations such as commas correctly, but he also
realized how he was using them incorrectly before.
Text Evidence #2: I used the comma wrong. Its punctuation Miss Kinnian
says that a period is punctuation too, and there are a lot of other marks to
learn. I told her I though all periods had to have tails but she said no.
page# 284
Lastly, on April 20, Charlie realized that his so-called friends, werent really
friends. He not only adopted intelligence he could use in school, but also
began to use and learn common sense, and this helped him realize that Joe
and Frank were not messing around with him, but making fun of him, and
taking advantage of him.
Text Evidence #3: Its a funny thing that Joe and Frank and the other guys
liked to have me around all the time to make fun of me. Now I know what
they mean when they say you pulled a Charlie Gordon. Im ashamed.
page # 686
13. What does it mean to pull a Charlie Gordon? How does Charlie react
when he realizes this?

When Joe and Frank say to pull a Charlie a Gordon, they are saying that
someone did something stupid or senseless. They say this because it is a way
to make fun of Charlie.
Text Evidence #1: Now I know what it means when they say you pulled a
Charlie Gordon. Im ashamed.
page # 686

Flowers for Algernon Part 2 Questions

(Due Wednesday November 9)
Directions: Please stop reading after each b
olded section below and answer
the following questions demonstrating your knowledge of
. Part 2 is due on Wednesday November 9!

After page 695:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Charlie is showing a lot of improvement when it comes to working around the
factory, and when he is testing.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
Charlie views himself as the same he was before. Other people think hes
smart but this hasn't occurred to him: that he may be just as smart. He thinks
he's the same, like how he has always been.
Text Evidence: I don't feel intelligent. There are so many things I don't
Page #:695
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
Other people feel threatened or scared to be around CHarlie, because the
changes the he experienced were so dramatic.
Text Evidence: Everybody seemed to be frightened of me. When I went up to
Amos Borg and tapped him on the shoulder, he jumped up in the air.
Page #: 694

After page 699:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:

Charlie realized things about Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nurmer things he wouldn't
expect but also he had a hard time communicating.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
Charlie now realizes that he as a person has trouble communicating with
others because of his intellectual level of intelligence.
Text Evidence: No matter what I try to discuss with her, I am unable to
communicate. I find that I dont communicate with people much anymore.
Page #: 699
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
That he is above and beyond smart. People think hes unapproachable
because he's so smart.
Text Evidence:This intelligence has driven a wedge between me and all the
people I once knew and loved
Page #: 697

After page 703:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Charlie finds out that the surgery that was given to Algernon is beginning to
wear off, and Charlie begins his research on his idea of improving other
people's (Normal people and geniuses) intelligences.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
CHarlie is now scared tis his knowledge might wear off, but he has accepted
the fact that right now, he is intelligent, and driven by learning new things.
Text Evidence: Dr. Strauss thinks Im working too hard. Dr. Newman says Im
trying to ram a lifetime of research into a few weeks.
Page #:703
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
People think he is trying to hard. He wants to figure out what is wrong with
Algernon. The two docu tures say to not be in the room anymore so he is
trying hard
Text Evidence: Dr Strauss thanks i'm working too hard. Dr. N says Im trying
to cram a lifetime of research and thought into a few weeks.
Page #: 703

After page 707:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:

Charlie realized that the surgery comes out and Algeron died, he didn't want
this to happen to him, but knows that it will.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
He feels scared. He doesn't want to die and now that algeron died he is taking
all his anger out. He wants to fight
Text Evidence: I feel the darkness closing in. I got so angry I threw the
book across the room.
Page #: 706
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
Other people such as the scientists and doctors feel guli of how Carlies
knowldge did not last for long, and how it is rapidly deteriorating.
Text Evidence: He feels guilty: they all do.
Page #: 707

After page 711:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Charlie's surgery begins to wear off, and he returns to his original
intelligence. CHarlie is also suffering from depression, so he decided to move
away from NY, to start a new life where people wouldnt know that at one
point, he was a genius.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
Text Evidence:
Page #:
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
After others hear about Charlies story and what he went though, people look
at him as a brave and courageous person.
Text Evidence: But I told him what happened to me and he looked very sad
and he put his hand on my shoulder and said Charlie Gordon you got guts.
Page #: 710