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Choose one question below to answer in response to your

independent novel. Please restate the question in your response, so
it is clear which question you are answering. Your response should
be 12 point font, double spaced, and at least to a page of writing.
1. Describe the main character(s) in the story. What do they look
like, sound like, act like, etc.? What do they learn in this story?
Explain in detail.
2. What is the main problem of the story? If you know it already how was the problem solved? If you dont know yet - how do
you think the problem will be resolved (or will it at all?) Be
3. If you were the author, what would you change about this
story? Why would you change it? Be specific!

4. If you could be any character in the story, who would you be?
Why would you like to be that character? Explain in detail.
If I could be any character in Wonder, I would be August because I would stand
up to the people who make fun of me. Instead of letting people tease me about
how I look, I would tell them to stop. It bothers me when August lets people bully
him and doesnt say anything to defend himself. I would like to be August so I
could stand up to the people who make fun of him for the way he looks. Also, I
would like to be August so I could understand how it feels to be in his shoes. I feel
sympathetic for August, but I want to truly know what he goes through and how
it feels to look how he does. I feel bad for August, but I dont know how it feels to

be judged constantly on the way I look. I would like to know how August doesnt
fall apart from all the teasing and constant judging of the way he looks. I would
like to be August so I could know how it feels to be constantly stared at and
bullied for my looks and also so I could stand up to the people who tease me.

5. Summarize what you read today. What were the most

important events? What did you learn about the characters?
How did the conflict develop/resolve? Be specific!
6. Make a connection to yourself, another text, or to the world.
How is this novel similar to something you have observed in
yourself, another novel, or the world? Explain the connection
in detail.
7. Pretend you could interview one of the characters in the novel.
What questions would you ask that character and why? What
would you hope to learn about the character? Be specific.
If I could interview August I would ask him how it feels to constantly be judged
and stared at all the time because I would want to know how it feels and how he
doesnt break down crying all the time. I would also ask him if he knew how
tough he was to deal with all the mean kids like Julian because he doesnt seem to
understand that no other kid goes through as much as he goes through and he
doesnt realize how courageous he is. In the story when he cried out of nowhere
after his first day of school he said he didnt understand why he was crying when
theres a perfectly good explanation for that. He went to school for his first time
and most of the kids were staring at him and treating him terribly. I would ask

August these questions to get him to understand more about how brave he is and
how much he goes through. I would also ask him these questions to get more of
an understanding on how August feels about the way people treat him.

8. Would you recommend this novel to a friend? Why or why

not? What, specifically, about the novel made you decide the
way you did?
I would recommend this novel to a friend because it shows you Augusts point of
view and kind of gives you an idea of how August feels about everything. I like
this book because I can compare it to real life. When I see someone who I think
appears to be strange looking, I tend to stare. Now I know how this makes the
person feel. Even if I dont mean to be rude and Im staring unintentionally, it can
still really hurt the persons feelings. If I stare by accident and dont think the
person saw me anyways, they probably could because just like August, theyre
probably so used to the staring that they can tell that Im doing it. Wonder gives
me a perspective on how people with disabilities feel on the inside. It also shows
me how what's on the outside doesnt matter and its whats on the inside that
counts. I know several kids with disabilities. Even though they might seem
different, they are all just normal kids. They all have the same feelings we do.
Wonder shows me this because even though August doesnt look like a normal
kid, he is. People tease him for his looks, but he feels the same feelings any

normal person would feel if they were being teased because of the way they

9. Make a prediction about what will happen next in the story.

What information in the text led you to that prediction?
Explain in detail.
10. Rewrite a section of the novel in a way that you wished it
would happen. Begin by providing a brief description of the
original event, followed by your updated version.
11. Pretend you are turning this novel into a movie. Who would
you cast as your main characters? Why are these actors/people
fitting to play the roles? What specific skills do they bring that
you would need? Explain in detail.
12. Choose one character in the novel and explain why you
would or would not like to have that character as your friend.
Provide examples from the text to support your decision.
I would like to be friends with August because he is a really sweet kid. On the first
day of school, most of the kids in Augusts class were not nice to him and were
not very friendly. They stared at him whenever they thought he wasnt looking
and none of the kids sat in the desk next to him. A kid named Henry didnt want
to sit next to August so bad that he shared one desk with another kid until the
teacher made him move. I thought this was really mean and sad that he would
share a desk with another kid just so he didnt have to sit next to August. I would
like to be Augusts friend so I couldve sat in the desk next to him and been the
person who made him feel a lot better about himself. I wouldve prevented the

situation with Henry and saved Augusts feelings from getting hurt. I also would
want to be Augusts friend because hes a really nice kid and even though he
looks different from other kids he is still just like all of the other kids on the
inside. August would be a genuine friend to me and I would love to hang out with
him and make him feel appreciated and like himself when hes around me.

13. Choose one character and describe how that characters

actions affect other characters in the story. Does this character
have a positive influence on others, or is this character a
negative influence? Provide examples from the text to support
your decision.
14. Choose an interesting/confusing/important/enjoyable
passage and explain why you chose it. Does it reveal important
information about the characters or plot? Is it really
well-written? Be specific in your explanation!

Who tells this story? Is it the best person to tell it? How

would the story be different if told from a different characters

perspective? The character August tells the story. If it were told from a
different characters perspective none of the readers would know how
August felt about people judging him for his looks. They also wouldnt
know how tough things are for August and how aware he is of his
surroundings. Instead of learning about August and how he feels, we
would be learning about someone else and how they may feel about

August. If someone else were to be telling the story it wouldnt be as good

because we would know about August, but we wouldnt know how he feels
about being judged and how he felt when he first started school. We also
wouldnt know what goes on with him and his friends. Readers would
learn about how the person whos telling the story feels and if he likes
August or not. They would also get more of an understanding on how other
people see August as and if they intend to be rude and make looks at him
or not.

16. Pick a scene in which you disagreed with how a character

handled a situation and rewrite it in the way you think it
should have happened.
17. What quality of which character strikes you as a good
characteristic to develop within yourself over the years? Why?
How does the character demonstrate this quality?
18. Your choice: do you have an idea for a different option for a
reader response? Just tell me your idea and get it approved!