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Flowers for Algernon Part 1 Questions

(Due Tuesday November 8)

Directions:Please answer the following questions in FULL sentences. Makes sure your answers are in a different colorso that it is easy to differentiate between the questions and answer. If a questions asks for TEXTUAL EVIDENCE, please make sure you add a page #.


RL.8.1Cite thetextual evidencethat most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.

RL.8.6Analyze how differences in the points of viewof the characters and the audience or reader (e.g., created through the use of dramatic irony) create such effects as suspense or humor.

Review THIS PRESENTATIONbefore you start reading. The story begins on page 672, and part 1 ends on page 686. Part 1 is due on Tuesday November 8!


1. Why does Charlie say “I never tell lies?” What is he talking about? The lady wanted him to make up stories about the pupil and he said he never lies because he would just get caught.

2. What does this say about his personality and intelligence?

He is very honest and smart because he knows if he lies he will most likely get caught so there is no point in lying.

3. Who is Algernon?

Algernon was a white mouse.


4. What were Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss arguing about?

They were arguing about Charlie being the one to write the progress reports.

5. Charlie will be the first human being to ever have something happen to

him. What is it?

Charlie will be the first human to ever have his intelligence tripled by surgical means.


6. Dr. Strauss tells Charlie not to worry about the operation. What is his

reasoning for this? He doesn’t want Charlie to be nervous about his operation and he doesn’t want Charlie to try to stop them from doing it and freak out.

7. Dr. Strauss wants Charlie to concentrate on what in his journal entries?

Dr. Strauss wants Charlie to work on spelling the word progress.


8. What is Charlie’s opinion of Algernon now? Why does it change?

He does not like Algernon and thinks that it is not working how they said it would. His opinion changes because Algernon always beats him. Text Evidence #1: “Nothing is happening. I had lots of tests and different races with Algernon. I hate the mouse. He always beats me.” page #678

9. Charlie says Joe and Frank are friends and they like him. What are Joe and

Frank really doing to Charlie?

Joe and Frank are making fun of Charlie. AFTER PROGRESS REPORT 9:

10. What is a victory for Charlie?

A victory for Charlie is beating Algernon at a race. Text Evidence #1: “I beat Algernon! I didn’t even know I beat him until Burt the tester told me.But after that I beat him 8 more times. I must be getting smart to beat a smart mouse like Algernon.” Page #: 682

11. Why did Mrs. Kinnian run out of the room? What does this tell you about

how she feels about Charlie?

Mrs. Kinnian runs out of the room because she is crying. This shows that she feels bad for Charlie and how people are treating him badly but he doesn’t realize it.

12. List 3 improvements in Charlie’s intelligence from the beginning until the

end of Part I. Charlie beats Algernon when they race, learns how to use commas,

Text Evidence #1: “I beat Algernon! I didn’t even know I beat him until Burt the tester told me.”

Text Evidence #2: “Today I learned the comma. THis is a comma (,) a period with a tail.”

Text Evidence #3: “Then I saw it was the same way as Miss Kinnian was trying to tell me, but I didn’t get it. I got up in the middle of the night, and the whole thing straightened out in my mind.”

Page #s: 682, 684, 685

13. What does it mean to “pull a Charlie Gordon”? How does Charlie react when he realizes this? Pulling a Charlie Gordon means doing something stupid. Charlie feels ashamed when he realizes that. Text Evidence #1: “Now I know what it means when they say ‘to pull a Charlie Gordon.’ I’m ashamed.” page # 686

Flowers for Algernon Part 2 Questions

(Due Wednesday November 9)

Directions:Please stop reading after each bo

the following questions demonstrating your knowledge of . Part 2 is due on Wednesday November 9!

lded section below and answer


After page 695:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:

Charlie realizes his friends only hang out with him to make fun of him and everyone wants him fired. 2. How does Charlie view himself? He views himself as becoming smart and understanding of things. Text Evidence: “What’s wrong with a man becoming intelligent and wanting to acquire knowledge and understanding of the world around him?”

Page #: 697

3. How do OTHERS view Charlie? They don’t like him anymore because they

can’t laugh at him or make fun of him for him being unable to understand things. Text Evidence: “Before, they laughed at me and despised me for my ignorance and dullness; now, they hate me for my knowledge and understanding.”

Page #: 697

After page 699:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:

Charlie realizes a lot of things that have and are going on.

2. How does Charlie view himself?

He now believes in himself and thinks he is good enough. Text Evidence: “With all due respect to both these fine scientists, I am well aware of their limitations. If there is an answer, I’ll have to find it out for myself. Page #: 703

3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?

They don’t believe in him or want to help him. Text Evidence: “Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur have asked me not to come to the lab anymore. I know what they’re thinking but I can’t accept it. I am going ahead with my plans to carry their research forward.” Page #: 703

After page 703:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:

Charlie is starting to grow less smart and everything he has improved on is being undone.

2. How does Charlie view himself? He’s growing duller and the intelligence is

starting to ware off and go back into the other direction.

Text Evidence: “I’m forgetting things that I learned recently. It seems to be following the classic pattern-the last things learned are the first things forgotten.”

Page #: 707

3. How do OTHERS view Charlie? They view him as not smart again and see

that he’s getting worse.

Text Evidence: “Dr. Strauss comes around almost every day, but I told him I wouldn’t see or speak to anybody. He feels guilty. THey all do.”

Page #:707

After page 707:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:

Charlie starts forgetting everything he learned and is no longer a genius.

2. How does Charlie view himself?

He doesn’t believe in himself anymore and he is very forgetful. Text Evidence: “I keep saying over and over I’ve got to do something but then I forget or maybe it's just easier not to do what I say I'm going to do.” Page #: 708

3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?

They are worried for him because it seems like he is getting very sad about what is happening to him. Text Evidence: “My landlady Mrs Flynn is very worried about me. She says the way I lay around all day and don't do anything I remind her of her son before she threw him out of the house. She said she doesn't like loafers.” Page #: 708

After page 711:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:

Charlie leaves and goes somewhere where nobody knows that he used to be smart.


How does Charlie view himself? He views himself as dumb.

Text Evidence: “I don't know why I'm dumb again or what I did wrong maybe it because I didn't try hard enough.” Page #: 711

3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?

They view him as someone who used to be a genius, but is not anymore.

Text Evidence:“Everybody feels sorry for me at the factory and I don't want that either so I'm going someplace where nobody knows that Charlie Gordon was once a genius.”

Page #: 711