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Summary and Visual: A

Midsummer Nights Dream

Natalie Houpy and Abbie Cadkin

Natalies Summary
There is a love quadrant. Helena is in love with Demetrius. Demetrius and Lysander are in Love with Hermia. Hermia is in
love with Lysander. Hermias father wants her to marry Demetrius, but Hermia refuses to do so. Lysander and Hermia
decide to run away because they want to be together. Helena tells Demetrius because she knows that he will go after them
and she wants to follow him through the woods. Demetrius tells her to go away and that he is in love with Hermia not her.
Oberon, the king of the fairies, sees what is going and wants to make Demetrius love Helena. He decided to tell one of his
fairies, Robin Good, to put a love potion on Demetrius eyes while he is sleeping so when he wakes up and the first thing he
sees is Helena, he will fall in love with her. Robin Good messes up and puts the potion on Lysander's eyes instead of
Demetrius. When Lysander wakes up he falls in love with Helena and leaves Hermia sleeping in the forest. Hermia wakes
up and thinks that Demetrius killed Lysander. Demetrius and Hermia get in an argument while Lysander is still chasing after
Helena and telling her that he loves her. Demetrius falls asleep after wandering off in the woods and Robin Good comes
back to put the potion on his eyes. He wakes up and falls in love with Helena. Lysander and Demetrius both are confessing
their love for Helena and she believes that they are making fun of her. Hermia comes and argues with Helena for taking her
man and Lysander tells Hermia that he hates her and doesnt want anything to do with her. Lysander and Demetrius
wander off to go fight for Helena. Robin Good reverses the spell on Lysander making him fall back in love with Hermia. So
in the end, everyone is in love and has someone.

Abbies Summary
Four people are in love, but not all with each other. Hermia is in love with Lysander and Lysander loves
Hermia back, but Demetrius is also in love with Hermia. Helena is in love with Demetrius, but Demetrius
doesnt love her back. One day Hermias father tells her that she needs to marry Demetrius, become a
nun, or die. Hermia doesnt like any of those choices so her and Lysander decide to run away together.
Oberon sees Helena and feels bad that Demetrius is ignoring her. He then tells Puck to place a love
potion in Demetrius eyes while he is sleeping that will make him fall in love with the first person he sees.
Puck accidentally gives Lysander the potion and Lysander sees Helena and then falls in love with her.
Then Puck found Demetrius and put the love potion into his eyes. Lysander and Demetrius are now both
in love with Helena. Hermia thinks Demetrius killed Lysander because when she wakes up he is gone.
Hermia finds Lysander and Demetrius professing their love for Helena. Lysander sends Hermia away and
Hermia has no idea that Lysander is under the love potions influence. Once Lysander is asleep Puck
places a potion onto Lysanders eyes to undo the love potion he had given him. Now Helena and
Demetrius are happily in love. Hermia and Lysander see each other again and are both in love with each
other again. Now the four lovers are finally all together.

I love Helena.
doesnt truly
love you. Hes
always been
in love with

feelings I had for
Hermia are gone

Stop playing
games with me.
Is this mean
joke supposed
to be funny to
both of you?