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Dear Mr.

President [Outline]
Thesis: {Issue + WHY it MATTERS}
Climate change is an enormous issue facing our world that will cause
sea levels to rise, cause certain species to go extinct, hinder human
lives, and more.


Preamble - Founding Principles

A. Hook: 134 gigatons, thats how much ice
Antarctica has been losing a year since 2002.
B. Obstruction of American Principle(s): It
obstructs the American right to life, and it obstructs the
right of pursuit of happiness
C. Thesis: Climate change is an enormous issue
facing our world that will cause sea levels to rise, cause
certain species to go extinct, hinder human lives, and more.

II. List of Complaints - Commentary Analysis

A. Positively Supporting Thesis: The amount of ice
in Antarctica is decreasing by 134 gigatons a year, and it
isnt restoring itself. Thats a ridiculous amount we are
losing, and thats just the issue in Antarctica. Climate
change is affecting the entire world. Why do you think the
South West is suffering from all of these wildfires? Why do
you think Florida is going through flooding at the moment?
Florida will be the first state to be affected by the rising
sea levels, and we are seeing some of those effects now. Why
are there more hurricanes? Why are they more of a problem
than before? These are all symptoms happening due to climate
change. Our oceans are becoming more acidic. Causing coral
reefs to die, and we lose the coral reefs then we lose most
of the life in our ocean that depends on them for food,
shelter, and other necessities. Farmers cant tend to crops
correctly due to strange weather patterns. Bees cant
pollinate due to different times of plants being ready to
pollinate. Countries are being forced to move further inland
due to rising sea levels encroaching on their homes, and
ruining their entire livelihoods. Animals, like the polar

bears, are becoming extinct due to the loss of their

B. Mention Counter argument as a point to reinforce
your Thesis: There are still some who say that climate
change is a hoax, and they believe that Antarctica is
gaining more ice. Yes it is gaining sea ice, but that means
nothing. Sea ice is just the water already in the ocean
freezing just to unfreeze later. Very similar to ice cubes
in a cup. When the ice melts the waters level stays the
same. Whats melting is land ice. Ice breaking off into the
ocean, and adding more to the rising sea level. This is the
problem we are dealing with. The land ice is melting, and it
isnt returning. More glaciers break off, and Then they
melt. Not only does this cause the sea level to rise, but
this also causes more rays of light to make it to the earth.
The ice reflects sun beams back into space, but since the
ice is melting there is nothing to reflect the beams. The
oceans dark color attracts more sun beams causing thee
earth to get warmer, and resulting in more ice melting.

III. Stirring Conclusion - And for the support of this Declaration, with a
firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to
each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor. - DOI

A. Thesis - Refresh/Spruce Up Your THESIS: 134

gigatons, that is the amount of ice Antarctica loses every
year since 2002.
B. What you hope for and/or: I hope that people
will wake up, and that they will take action against
climate change. That it will start to be seen as an actual
threat, by everyone.
C. If topic is not addressed, what will happen:
Climate change is irreversible at this point. All we can is
slow it down, but that is better than further making our
Earth suffer.
D. POWERFUL CLOSURE: This is a problem close to me,
and it should be to everyone else who calls Earth their
home. If no one starts to take stand against this then I am
going to consider not having children. Why create life when

all they can do is see their world fall apart around them?
Please, take action against climate change. Save your home.