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Notebook #6 X-Ray Circuit Key 41. Line compensator- is incorporated into the primary circuit to maintain a constant kVp level. Its wired to the autotransformer and measures incoming voltage. It adjusts voltage to 220V. 2. Main breaker- is where the alternating current (AC) comes from to power the circuit. 3. Autotransformer- is the first stop for incoming power and is controlled by kVp selector. Also is where the kVp is adjusted to for the exposure. Low voltage from autotransformer is connected to the high voltage step up transformer. 4, kVp major selector- adjusts voltage sent to step up transformer in increments of 10-20 ata time. 5. kVp Meter- measures voltage output from the autotransformer 6. Step up Transformer- when there are more coils on the secondary side of the transformer. It increases voltage to KV and decreases amperage to current. Converts AC -0¢. 7. Step up Meter- indicates the mA in secondary step up transformer 8, 4 diode rectification- diodes allow electrons to flow in 1 direction “one way valve” 9. X-ray tube (anode& cathode("Y}- is where all the action is! It’s an energy converter that receives electrical energy & converts it to X-radiation, and heat. It contains a cathode and anode. As the electrical current flows through the tube from cathode to anode, electrons undergo an energy loss. 10.Rotor Stator- the speed of rotating anode. When it’s activated it starts the rotating ‘anode which creates the electrons and when held in the "on" position for a few seconds, it will indicate that the tube is ready for an exposure. 111.mA meter- adjusts current sent to the step down transformer 12.Step down transformer- when there are more coils on the primary side of the transformer. It decreases voltage to KV and increases amperage to current. 13.mA control/ Rheostat- varies resistance in the circuit, and permits control of amperage in circuit 4. Minor kVp selector- adjusts voltage sent to the step down transformer in increments of 12atatime. 15.Exposure switch- connection that permits current to flow though the circuit, activates the rotating anode of the x-ray tube, and initiates times and terminates the exposure. 16.Timer circuit- controls the length of exposure and is intended to end the exposure at an accurately measured, present time, Color key ‘Primary part of the main drcult has low valtage & begins ‘and ends with the contacts on the autotransformer. All of the devices ofthe primary circuit are located atthe control console, wth exception ofthe step-up transformer. “Secondary part of the main circuit has high voltage which current only flows inthis circuit during exposure, The circlt ‘bogins and ends withthe secondary side of the step-up transformer Filament circuit ob isto supply & control heat required by x- ray tube flament for thermionic emission of electrons. Current flows from autotransformer to mA selector to primary sie of step-down transformer and back to the autotransformer. Secondary side of step-down transformer conducts current through x-ray tube filament and back to the secondary side Name |symbol =—S——S—«| Color Incoming electron current Black Line compensator T= ‘Orange a ‘Anode Blue Cathode ak Blue ‘Exposure switch 7 [Black ‘mA control/ Rheostat Wan Red ] Ground Gray |