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Dear _____________________________,

I was recently accepted into Pacific Crest Drum and Bugle Corps for the 2015 season. The
auditions took place over a four-day period in early December, and I was selected from a pool
of 400 applicants to fill one of the 150 performer spots in the corps!
Pacific Crest is Southern Californias World Class drum and bugle corps. Our summer season
spans eight weeks, and we will perform around the country for 100,000 spectators in live
events and in cinemas throughout North America.
Being part of Pacific Crest will cost me $3,200. This fee covers air and bus transportation,
lodging and meals on tour, uniforms, instruments, equipment, production, and instruction.
I hope youll consider supporting me by participating in Pacific Crests Member
Sponsorship program. Any amount you can give will help. Simply complete the bottom
portion of this letter, detach, and return to the address listed below. An authorized Pacific Crest
Official will credit my account.
Pacific Crest is an amazing life-changing experience. Thank you for considering my
Very truly yours,


Pacific Crest Member Sponsorship

Yes, I will sponsor (name) ______________________________________s 2015 tuition obligation.

I have enclosed my sponsorship of $75 $100 $250 $500 $_______

Please make check payable to Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization




Return to:

Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization

Sponsorship Program
21231 Fountain Springs
(909) 287-1310
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

You may also make a tuition payment online on behalf of this member by clicking the PC Store tab at pacific-crest.org