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Final internship semester report

Over all benefits

Internship program is a method of letting the students to assume themselves as a
potentially responsible workman for a particular work by assigning them to actively
participating construction as well as consulting companies. And such trends helps us to have
valuable work experience. Internship programs are also potentially valuable to company.
Unfortunately, some companies continue to regard interns as little more than a free source of
labour to catch up on filing and other tedious office tasks. But many business owners and
managers realize that internship programs can provide them with an early opportunity to
gauge the talents of a new generation of workers and, in many cases, sell themselves as a
quality place for students to begin their careers after they graduate.
In this internship that means within this four months we can observe what the outside
construction world looks like more than we know when we were at school. When we were at
the school we learned or take many theoretical lessons even difficult to understand
theoretically. So in this internship we get good opportunity to solve these difficulties.
Because those things which were theoretically difficult to understand, were not hard to
understand when we learned practically.
The overall benefits of the intern ship are not limited to the practical skill only. We
would like to group the overall benefits in terms of different categories such as: In terms of improving our practical skill
In terms of upgrading our theoretical knowledge
In terms of improving our interpersonal communication skill
In terms of improving our team playing skill
In terms of improving our leadership skill
In terms of understanding about work ethics related issues
In terms of entrepreneurship skill

In terms improving our practical skill

In this context practical skill is that we gain by applying different type of construction
method, and we can improve our skill by relating the different construction methods with the
theoretical lessons that we learned at school. In this internship we have exposed our self to
different practical skill and ask to learn more. As we tried to mention above there are around
five contracting companies under the supervision of MH engineering plc here in our site so
we gat the chance to work with all of them that means we gat also the opportunity to work in
the contractor side to.
Some of the practical skills that i gained or learned during the internship program
are: General office works as: Preparation of take off sheet
Preparation of payment certificate
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Final internship semester report

Quantity surveying
Supervision of different super structure items as: Supervision of elevation column
Supervision of intermediate and top tie beams
Supervision of suspended slab
Supervision of HCB walls etc...
Production and supervision of different construction materials such as: HCB
Pre-cast beams
Man halls
Field test of concrete such as: Cube test- compressive strength test
Slump test- workability test
Creativity of construction methodology for executing deferent items of work
Creativity and expression of idea in solving problems
The ability to read complex blueprints and point out some design defects

Theoretical knowledge
Thanks to this program we got the chance to apply our theoretical knowledge in the
real construction world. And this builds our confidence in theoretical knowledge. In order to
illustrate this we would like to list some of them
In arrangement and curtailing of reinforcement bars
Moment zero condition (that means one third rule) etc...
As we know Almost all the courses we took were focused on theoretical part, thanks
to this internship program; we are now able to upgrade our theoretical knowledge by practice.
So we can say that our knowledge is upgraded by the practical things we have seen at the

Interpersonal communication skill

Interpersonal communication is usually defined by communication scholars in
numerous ways, usually describing participants who are dependent upon one another and
have a shared history. It can involve one on one conversations or individuals interacting with
many people within a society. It helps us understand how and why people behave and
communicate in different ways to construct and negotiate a social reality. While interpersonal
communication can be defined as its own area of study, it also occurs within other contexts
like groups and organizations.
For any person communication is an important way of learning, which can be defined
formally as the act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skills. Cool
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Final internship semester report

communication is important in the real constructions world and it can appear in different
forms as speaking, writing, and listening.
During our internship we have improved my communication skill by communicating
starting from daily labour to project manager learning different type of construction term
Construction is team work, team work is work performed by not only by one person
rather than cooperation with other. This success couldnt be achieved without developing
good communication skill.
Project that we have been involved has different people with various back ground
came together. They are vary in educational level, economic situations, cultural backgrounds
and etc. Since the aim of the project is to accomplish the work in good way, we need to have
good communicative skills .
During our internship I have improved my communication skill by communicating starting
from daily labour to project manager learning different type of construction term which are
listed in the following table
Site words

Rough meaninng
Is a timber material used to join


two timbers
T shape like scaffold for slab






Timber material used to keep


the column formwork fixed.

keep some area rectangle or


make each angle 90

reinforcement bar

Team playing skills

At times, when different individuals come together to work for common goals of the
company for increasing productivity, The most important point is just reaching an agreement

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Final internship semester report

from different points on the work to be done. There are some key point which describe what
team playing skill , some of them are below relating to internship.

Demonstrates reliability
You can count on a reliable team member who gets work done and does his fair share
to work hard and meet commitments. He or she follows through on assignments. Consistency
is key. You can count on him or her to deliver good performance all the time, not just some of
the time. We have been reliable for the works that they gave during the internship program
.that means since we are three we onestly deliver our effert to the group work that is given.
this encourage our involvement in team playing skill .

Shares openly and willingly

Good team players share. They're willing to share information, knowledge, and
experience. They take the initiative to keep other team members informed.
Much of the communication within teams takes place informally. Beyond discussion
at organized meetings, team members need to feel comfortable talking with one another and
passing along important news and information day-to-day. Good team players are active in
this informal sharing. They keep other team members in the loop with information and
expertise that helps get the job done and prevents surprises.
In our period of internship the company staff member share information and we also
share information or knowledge that we gain to one another since we are three and we were
assigned in three different groups of building. this helps us to know what activity was going
on in all three categories of buildings each day and improve our team playing skill
Works as a problem-solver
Teams, of course, deal with problems. Sometimes, it appears, that's the whole reason
why a team is created is to address problems. Good team players are willing to deal with all
kinds of problems in a solutions-oriented manner. They're problem-solvers, not problemdwellers, problem-blamers, or problem-avoiders. They don't simply rehash a problem the
way problem-dwellers do. They don't look for others to fault, as the blamers do. And they
don't put off dealing with issues, the way avoiders do.
In construction project problem often arise with different reason , we have seen some
technical problem encountered during executing a particular item of work and design defaults
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Final internship semester report

at this time they let us involved in the problem solving procedure and we also put our effort
proudly without any fear. There also dispute arises between the contractor and consultant but
they have solved problem easily this helped me to improve my team player skill.

Leadership skill
A manager is the person in charge of commanding and running a business or a
project. Leadership deals with the interpersonal relations. Managing means planning,
developing and organizing. In the contemporary society leadership qualities along with
managing abilities are a must.
In our internship we have done some tasks which were related more of with leadership and
management. we were responsible to control and supervise some activity. A leader is basic
for the whole project to be hindered well. Leadership stated from planning. This helps to
know the progress of the work to be done and the required goal to be achieved. After having
a good plan by organizing the team and creating best strategies we could achieve our goal. By
doing so and getting more leadership experiences from the site supervisor we could improved
our leading ability.

Work ethics
Work ethics include not only how one feels about their job, career or vocation, but
also how one does his/her job or responsibilities. This involves attitude, behavior, respect,
communication, and interaction; how one gets along with others. Work ethics demonstrate
many things about whom and how a person is.
Work ethics involve such characteristics as honesty and accountability. Essentially,
work ethics break down to what one does or would do in a particular situation. The begging
question in a situation involves what is right and acceptable, and above board, versus what is
wrong, underhanded, and under the table
In our period of internship we understand what work ethics, one of ethics is
punctuality. To be punctual is duties of every worker so that they could achieve there task
with the time given and we have been punctual .
Other work ethics is to be anti corruption which not taking thing that benefited us in
illegal way .other work ethics

Punctuality- means keeping the companies work beginning and ending time and to
complete a given task within the given period. That was challenging to become
punctual for the 1st days of work. But gradually I began to start and end my tasks on

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Final internship semester report

Office disciplines- in work place you dont have to disturb the working atmosphere.
For example abstain from opening loud voice, loud music, songs and things which

disturb other workers working mood.

Reliability- The worker should be qualified for the part he is supposed to be
performing . He/she must have appropriate skill and knowledge for the task

assigned .
Honesty- Regarding this value each worker regardless of its status should

abstain from bad behaviors such as cheating , bias , corruption etc..

Cooperation- Each worker should interact and cooperate with each other while
working . That is because it is through such system problems could be easily

solved .
Avoiding potential or apparent conflict of interests

Entrepreneurship skill
Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth and job creation. It provides
many people with career opportunities that better fit their preferences than waged
After the completion of internship , we are more motivated to look forward in
construction business and to start taking sub contract with different technique.

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