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the new face of IP video

Integra2 in Sant Andreu

de la Barca (Barcelona)



M22 Cameras From MOBOTIX Monitor

A Complete Logistics Process
Integra2 is a transport company for industrial and commercial

to visually monitor goods that are entering our automatic sorting

package handling under controlled room temperatures

plant," explains Juan Carlos Snchez, Managing Director of

(between +2 and 8C) with branch offices in Spain, Andorra

Integra2 in Barcelona. At the beginning of 2007, Scati Labs, a

and Portugal. The company belongs to the Grupo Logista, the

partner of MOBOTIX AG, installed a video surveillance system

largest provider of total logistics services in Spain and Portugal

based on IP cameras. The system was intended to improve

as well as in Europe. In 2003, Integra2 handled more than 4.5

the traceability of products, thus offering customers a value-

million shipments in total, and today the company has 3 million

added service.

m3 of warehouse space.
"This provides us with an effective tool to visually check whether
After more than 20 years of experience in the industry - and

a parcel has passed through our plant or not. Even if the

always with positive results - the company achieved a turnover

company possesses enough package reader machines to

of more than 187.3 million Euros in 2003.

guarantee total traceability for all shipments, visual recording

In 2004, the consultancy firm DBK produced its eighth study on

offers increased security. This is an enormous help in finding

the package handling industry in Spain. In this study, Integra2

out how, where and why something unforeseen has taken

earned the third place in the ranking. The five largest companies

place: maybe a technical problem has occurred, or the

achieved a total of 46.1% of the turnover.

goods have been incorrectly allocated on the shipping

route, or perhaps something has been stolen from the plant",

Total Customer Satisfaction

says Snchez.

The service of Integra2 is focused on providing total customer

satisfaction. The customer should be able to track and locate
his package at any given time. Driven by this philosophy, the
company has installed various high-tech systems and developed
accepting, shipping and delivering goods. In the last two years,
the company has therefore, invested over 300,000 in recording
and surveillance systems. "We require a suitable technology




its own solutions to monitor the entire process of parcel

All images shown here are original images from MOBOTIX

cameras. For additional information and product specifications
on the different MOBOTIX camera models, see www.mobotix.com

Visual Package Tracing With MOBOTIX Cameras

Progressive Technology

Cost Savings With Cutting-Edge Technology

In this project, which took over four months in total, 35 M22M

Thanks to the special features of MOBOTIX cameras, companies

Secure Cameras from MOBOTIX were installed in the Integra2

get high-resolution images at a very low cost, meaning that

plant in Santa Andreu de la Barca (Barcelona). With

their investment quickly pays off. With the in-built high-resolution

approximately 18,000 square meters, this is one of the

sensors, these devices provide a resolution of 960 lines at the

customer's largest plants in Spain.

highest playback quality while offering the opportunity to

monitor a room using only one single camera installed in a

"The cameras were installed in the


entire plant. They enable packages

to be visually tracked from the

Praising High Image Quality

moment when they enter the

Scati Labs came to the conclusion that the M22 Secure camera

sorter, all the way until they drop

model from MOBOTIX was best suited to this project since "the

from the appropriate ramp,"

most important requirement for the customer was the image

comments Juan Carlos Snchez.

quality. The megapixel solution, the PoE support and the robust

He further remarks that the

design, which are ideal for use in industrial environments,

investments made will immediately

were the primary factors in favor of choosing these cameras."

guarantee a high level of

monitoring and control. Apart from

The robust housing and the lack of moving parts guarantee

this project, Integra2 is currently looking into possibly

a long life cycle for the cameras. They are suited to any

implementing the same systems for goods that are not

environmental conditions since their housing and design allows

automatically sorted.

them to withstand temperatures between +60C and -30C

(-22F to +140F).

Thanks to the use of the most comprehensive IP video

surveillance technology currently to be found on the market,

Scati Labs emphasizes that the Integra2 employees also have

the MOBOTIX cameras contributed to significant cost savings

access to a digital zoom feature with which they can differentiate

for Integra2.

2 MOBOTIX AG Security Vision Systems

between the type of packaging, labeling, and type of packaging

freight items and packages (digital cameras, laptops, etc.).

tape. If a problem is discovered, the application developed by

Mata adds that additional requirements involve tracking the

Scati Labs can be used to optically record the origin and

goods in the plants, monitoring the sorting procedure and

recipient of a sought-after package.

visual support for the disturbance management. In certain

situations, video surveillance is being used even in the

Simple Integration Into Other Systems

The project also demonstrated how well the MOBOTIX systems
can be integrated into other platforms and software types.
Scati Labs has used a web application to develop customerspecific software that searches for packages according to the
various filter parameters. This software makes it possible to
use a MOBOTIX camera to record a high-resolution digital
video linked to the package.
Part of the project also involved integrating the package sorting
machine in order to monitor the entire shipping process.

Maximum Range
The 35 installed cameras are currently monitoring all entrances
to and exits from the sorting machine. They are installed at a
height of 12 meters and are powered via PoE switches. One

preparation of the orders. This allows customers to access the

of the features of the MOBOTIX cameras is their low energy

picking service images from the preparation process - an

consumption of only 3 Watts, which is supplied to the system

added value to the Internet tracking options this company

via PoE. Depending on the specific requirements of the individual

offers its customers.

locations, 43 mm, 65 mm and 135 mm lenses were installed.

Together with the video recording devices and the management

Surveillance Software

software from Scati Labs, MOBOTIX cameras represent the

Scati Labs utilizes a team of logistics experts so that they have

perfect combination for high-performance video surveillance

the knowledge available to solve problems that companies in

solutions. The demands made on security technology are

this industry experience. According to Alfonso Mata, Commercial

growing every day, especially in the logistics sector. The

Manager of the logistics division, the primary demand arises

monitoring and tracking solution from MOBOTIX and Scati Labs

from companies in the distribution and logistics industry with

is being greeted with great enthusiasm on the market.

theft within the plant itself, especially of very valuable small

Integrated Telephone Features

All MOBOTIX IT and Secure models feature bidirectional audio
support. The built-in microphone and loudspeaker are used
for live audio transmissions and storage purposes. Voice messages with PIN confirmation and call forwarding via IP or ISDN
telephony have been integrated as well. Using the switch
outputs, you can switch lights or open doors from the phone

Covers RJ45 wall outlets

MOBOTIX ... the new face of IP video

D22 Mono
with in-ceiling mount

D12 Dual-Fixdome

M12 Day/Night


M22 Mono/CF

or from the computer.

Robust And Well-Protected

The fiberglass-reinforced housing is shockproof and, together
with the concealed cable duct, protects both the camera and

the network cabling against damage. Weatherproof (IP65) from

30 to +60C (-22 to +140F).


High Return On Investment

MOBOTIX Technology:
Cost Savings In Every Aspect

Since the number of cameras and storage capacity are freely

scalable and any kind of data connection can be used (ISDN,
DSL, Ethernet, Wireless, GSM, copper, optical), MOBOTIX
means high ROI, even years after installing.

High Resolution For Sharp Images

State-Of-The-Art Technology

All MOBOTIX cameras are high-resolution cameras with

Developed and manufactured in Kaiserslautern, Germany,

integrated image storage and up to 1536 images lines and

MOBOTIX produces image-storing weatherproof high-

2048 horizontal pixel resolution. The stored image thus con-

resolution cameras, including lens and wall/ceiling mount-

tains 30 times more detail for creating zoomed sections of the

for as little as 598 EUR ($798) excl. VAT. To date, more than

image than regular cameras with 288 lines (CIF, 2CIF). This is

100,000 cameras have been sold worldwide.

why one single MOBOTIX camera with a 90 super wide angle lens is sufficient to monitor an entire room and yet provides more detailed images than traditional technology. The
MOBOTIX Day/Night cameras feature zero maintenance with
one color and one B/W image sensor.

Intelligent Storage Technology Uses Fewer DVRs

The new, decentralized storage technology pioneered by
MOBOTIX reduces the number of recorders that store the
smooth high-resolution video by up to 90%. Up to 40 cameras store smooth video streams, including audio on a single
PC, with every camera managing its own ring buffer and image
database. Intelligent search features provide swift access to
the stored events. The professional MxControlCenter software
with research functions is available free of charge, no licences
required. Event-controlled recording and automatic increase

MxControlCenter alarm management software: free of charge with each

camera - no restriction on camera type, layout editor or research functions

of frame rates upon detecting movements drastically reduce

Low Power Consumption Means Enormous Savings

Since MOBOTIX cameras are anti-fogging, do not require
heating and only use 3 Watts each, power can be injected
into the network cabling using standard PoE products, year
round. This drastically reduces the amount of cables and the
power requirements for backup power.
4 MOBOTIX AG Security Vision Systems

Security Vision Systems
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the storage requirements.