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Milling and Grain attend the grand
opening of the new Bhler UK service
centre located in Manchester,
United Kingdom


by Rhiannon White, Milling and Grain Magazine

perating in 140 countries and

boasting 90 service stations
worldwide, Bhler has been at
the vanguard of industrial process
technologies and solutions for
over 150 years. Contributing
significantly to feeding the worlds
ever-growing population, Bhler
manufactures equipment for
processing of maize, wheat, chocolate, rice, pasta and breakfast
cereals globally. In fact, 65 percent of wheat milled around the
globe is processed on Bhler grain mills and around 30 percent of
global rice production is processed using Bhler equipment.
When considering the state-of-the-art technology Bhler has
to offer such as its NIR Multi Online Analyser that accurately
measures gluten, moisture or ash content of raw materials and
end products, or their new Matador Impact Machine which
is 99.5 percent guaranteed to destroy insect eggs in flour or
semolina, it is easy to digest such staggering statistics.

48 | November 2016 - Milling and Grain

Anders Kristensen, David Clegg and Carlos

Cabello opening the new Bhler Service Centre

Outstanding commitment to their customers

On the day of the opening, along with 84 of Bhlers customers

we were warmly welcomed by Carlos Cabello, Bhlers
Managing Director of Northern Europe, who gave the first of
a series of informative and thought-provoking presentations
showcasing the services to be provided at the new workshop, as
well as focussing on trends in the milling market and the future
for Bhler.
Amidst the buzz of sharing the latest technological advances
and innovation, we were exposed to perhaps Bhlers greatest
asset of all; their outstanding commitment to their customers
and the lifecycle of their plants and products. Carlos Cabello
announced that, We have opened this service centre in
Manchester because we want to be as close to our customers as
possible, providing them with easy access to expert know-how
and excellent services locally.
It quickly became apparent that the list of expert services the
workshop is offering is extensive, ranging from roll analysis,
servicing and exchange, to sieve tensioning including brand-new

The new Bhler high-speed fluting

machine that ensures optimal roll

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Novablue sieve cleaner, to retrofits and upgrades for ophthalmic

precision, 3D, web and glass coating plants.
It is also worth mentioning that spare and wear parts are
available on stock and that both Bhler and Leybold items
will be serviced here, given Bhlers acquisition of Leybold in
Bhlers UK and Ireland Area Sales Manager of Industrial
Grain Milling, Darren Frost, defined Bhlers investment here in
Manchester as primarily focussed on caring for our customers as
well as reinforcing our presence as a world leader in roll service
and maintenance of new mills.

Comprehensive roll service

Indeed, the roll service specifically includes the collection of

rolls to the Manchester workshop, inspection of rolls and shaftsjournals, fluting or grinding, or sandblasting of smooth rolls,
checking of the quality of rolls by rollDetect, then re-packaging
and transporting them back to the mills.
Head of Customer Service Worldwide for Grain Milling, Stefan
Kellenberger stated that, Our goal is preventive and predictive
maintenance and the benefits of using the latest technology
and servicing for the maintenance of rolls are far-reaching when
considering the results of improved performance of machines,




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Milling and Grain - November 2016 | 49

Doug Stewart
operating the
rollDetect with
analysis on

Operator Jeffrey
Davison explains
the process to
Rhiannon White
of Milling and

increased throughput and a precious ability to look forward, plan

and build stock.

High-speed fluting machine and rollDetect

After a delicious buffet, we were lucky enough to witness

first-hand Bhlers newest high speed fluting machine that has
been proven by the rollDetect to ensure optimal reconditioning.
Speaking to one of its operators, Jeffrey Davison, we learnt that,
The high speed fluting machine is three metres per minute faster
than previously, and provides more accurate results because it
offers optimal set up of parameters which can be easily adjusted
to the needs of the customer by CNC control, whether, for
example, it be spiral or angle.
Holding a strong commitment to after-sales services, Bhlers
one of a kind innovative rollDetect service seemed particularly
impressive because it offers both a rollReport and tecReport that
promises energy saving as high as 50 percent, optimization of
product yield and possibility of exact planning of roll changes.
Reminding us of the overwhelming statistic that more than 30
percent of all food is currently wasted, Remy Kriech, Bhlers
Area Sales Manager for Speciality Grain Milling presented a
comprehensive list of Bhlers sustainable new machines and
products. This included Bhlers Sortex A range of optical sorters
that detect anomalies in subtle colours and foreign material,
which ultimately reduces energy and waste in the food value
Managing Director of the service workshop, David Clegg,
stated that, Our objective is always to develop as a business
alongside the development of our customers. With the
introduction of the new fluting machine and rollDetect services
amongst a host of new products and future ones in the pipeline,
whilst Bhler is fulfilling this objective on a global scale, it is
also doing so sustainably and within a local and customized
environment such as here in Manchester.
50 | November 2016 - Milling and Grain

The future for Bhler

With regards to Bhlers future within the UK, President of

Europe at Bhler, Anders Kristensen confirmed that, Particularly
with Brexit upon us, we want to take this opportunity to show our
commitment to the services we are providing here in the UK.
Regarding the UK market, Darren Frost spoke about Bhlers
conscious effort to cater for the free from trend commenting,
We are ensuring every effort is being made to minimize
contamination of bacteria whilst simultaneously maximizing the
extent to which our products and services comply with the free
from checklist.
Expanding to a global context, Head of customer support
for Bhler Leybold worldwide, Patrick Binkowska, declared
that, The future is firstly keeping old machines going through
maintenance and gradual upgrading, and secondly, the Internet
of Things.
Subsequently, introducing Bhlers PocketPlant service to
become available in 2017, Stefan Kellenberger continued to
say that, We are fully aware that data is the new currency
and our future PocketPlant service will simply connect data to
make your life easier. Available anywhere, anytime and on
any mobile device, the app will be a convenient and continuous
way of monitoring production lines and maximizing high plant
In conjunction with the app, Bhler are introducing the
myBhler customer portal that offers an overview of equipment,
a direct way of identifying the right parts for your machine, as
well as streamlined purchasing of orders.
Therefore, as the day drew to a close, it was clear to us at
Milling and Grain that Bhlers comprehensive commitment
to customer service, food safety and sustainability through its
continual development of new and innovative products and
machinery, will lead to an even stronger future for Bhler and its