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Who should Americans vote for in this election?

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answering this questionAmerica should vote for Hillary Clinton as president. Trump has done nothing but
act and say inappropriate things. He has sexually insulted and harassed women.
Trump has continued to lie about the comments he has made to these women.
Trumps view of women is massively inappropriate and the way he treats women is
not the behavior of a president. Is this who you want as our president? Cosmopolitan
explains how Trump had questioned Fox News host Megyn Kelly. He questioned
her professionalism and suggested she had treated him unfairly at a Republican
debate last year because she was menstruating. Cosmopolitan also says that Trump
insulted Arianna Huffington. He wrote a tweet to her saying she is unattractive both
inside and out and told her he understood why her former husband had left her. The
text supports how Trump shouldnt be elected for president. He insulted Huffington
by calling her ugly and mean. He also brought her ex husband into it. What kind of
president would insult a woman by calling her unattractive and say such cruel
things. Trump brought her personal problems with her ex husband into the public
and used it to insult Huffington. The Daily Beast states, On Thursday morning,
libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson repeatedly admitted he had no idea
what AleppoSyrias biggest city, which has been pulverized by several years of
waris. America should vote for Clinton as president because Trump is clearly not
fit to be our president and Gary Johnson has no idea what is going on around the
world. Clinton is aware of the events going on all around the United States and she

would make a great president.