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Avaliao II - 2 Bimestre Lngua Inglesa

Aluno(a): ___________________________________________
Professor: Vitor Hugo

Data: __/__/16

Leia a prova com ateno;
Releia os enunciados para conferir se respondeu a tudo
que foi perguntado;
No autorizado nenhum tipo de consulta.

My Family
Hi, my name is Emily. I am ten years old. This is
my family. My father is Jason, he is a doctor and
my mother is Beth, she is a nurse. I have two
brothers, Anny and Joe, they are twins and
very funny. Ourhouse is very big, in front of it
there is a big swimming pool and a beautiful
garden, around it there are a lot of white and
yellow flowers and behind it there is awonderful
Everyweekend my
cousins come1 to my house. We are a very happy
family and we play a lottogether.
1. twins: gmeos
2. funny: divertidos
3. our: nossa
4. in front of: em frente
5. swimming pool: piscina
6. around: em volta
7. a lot of: muitas
8. behind: atrs
9. wonderful: maravilhosa
10. barbecue place: churrasqueira
11. weekend: fim de semana
12. come: vem
13. together: juntos

1) D respostas completas em Ingls de acordo

com o texto.
a) How old is Emily?
b)What is there in front of the house?
c) How is the family?
d)Who is a doctor?
2) Escreva true (T) ou false (F) de acordo com o
a) Anny and Joe are twins and very sad. ( )
b)The flowers are red and white. ( )

N: ____

6 ano Valor: 6,0

c) Behind the house there is a big tree. ( )

d)The family is very happy. ( )
3) Relacione as colunas de acordo com o texto.
(a) The house is
(b) They are white and yellow
(c) Im ten years old
(d) Anny and Joe

( ) are twins
( ) Emily
( ) The
( ) very big

4) Encontre no texto:
a) Uma frase com o Verbo To Be no singular.
b) Uma frase com o Verbo To Be no plural
c) Duas cores
Escolham a opo que melhor traduz os termos
sublinhados nas sentenas a seguir.
5) His boots were under the bed.
a) Bon
b) Botas
c) Chinelo
d) Camisa
6) Where are the gloves?
a) Chinelo
b) Luvas
c) Tnis
d) Bon
7) They need new shoes.
a) Sapatos
b) Calas
c) Botas

d) Vestido

d) We _______ here.
11) Complete as frases utilizando corretamente
as prepositions of place in, on ou at:

8) Neste exerccio voc ter que completar os

espaos em branco com this, these, that ou those.
Observe que em cada letra existem duas frases;
uma frase no singular e outra frase no plural.
a) These are my cousins and __________are my
b) That computer seems to
computers seem to be broken.



c) __________ student doesnt know how to use

an ATM machine. Those students dont know
how to use an ATM machine.
d) This movie was pretty good. _________
movies were pretty good.
e) That umbrella belongs to Andre. __________
umbrellas belong to Andre.
f) These carrots arent good. _________carrot
isnt good.
g)_________ bedrooms are too tiny.
9)Complete the sentences with: he, she, it, we,
a) A tiger can rum and swim. __________ is
from Asia.
b) Gustavo and Roberto are good tennis players.
__________ are Brazilian.
c) Carol and I are friends. ____________ study
in the same school.
d) John is 12 years old. ___________ is from
These calculators are from Japan.
__________ is very small!
7) My mother is in the kitchen. _________ is a
good cook.
10) Complete com AM, IS, ARE:
a) I _____ a student.
b) You _____ a teacher.
c) He _______ my friend.

a) ____ So Paulo
b) ____ America St.
c) ____ the door, ___ home
d)____ the classroom