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B.Tech - Electrical Engineerin from Rajasthan

University in 2011
Good knowledge of designing, testing, building &
maintenance of Electrical Machine & Power System.
Proficient in designing, implementing, maintaining
and improving electrical instruments, equipment,
facilities, components, products, and systems.
Completed academic project on electricity
A self motivated, well organised candidates with an
ability to analyse things and get creative solutions.
Strong interpersonal skills built through effective
communication and respecting other people.

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skills New

Well versed with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel &

PowerPoint), UNIX, Oracle & Internet Applications.

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Projects and trainings:

skills New

Manish Lohiya
24, Sector 5, Pratpnagari, Jaipur
E-mail: manish***@gmail.com
Contact: +91-84********
A dedicated, determined electrical engineer seeking
entry level assignments in the core field with an
organization of repute.

B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering) from Rajasthan
University in 2011 with 68% marks
HSC from ICSE Board in 2007 with 70% marks
SSC from ICSE Board in 2005 with 72% marks

Computer Skills:

45 days project on lacunae in electricity distribution

in the district of Tonk.
30 days training on best practices in Hydro electricity
A week long project studying advantages and

Cover letter

disadvantages in various sources of electricity

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Scholarship holder for 4 years during engineering

provided by the college trust.
Student of the year award for the year 2010.

Sample cover

Sample cover

Personal Information:

Date of Birth : 8th December, 19**

Languages known : English and Hindi
Hobbies : Reading, Riding bikes.

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Sample Engineer CV
Ajay Kumar
Email Mobile no. Address Objective
A position in a reputed engineering organization and
contributing to it by utilizing and sharing the technical
and interpersonal skills acquired and endeavor for
continuous improvement for the organization and self
Executive summary
Extensive experience in the field of execution of basic
and detailed engineering for EPC and LSTK projects
related to Oil and Gas industry.
Broad experience of managing multidiscipline
engineering design teams and coordinating with clients
and aiming for satisfaction of both client and
engineering team.
-Engineering project execution and control
-Engineering coordination
-Customer coordination
-Technical proposal preparation
-Enquiry review of engineering projects

-Man hours estimation assistance

Professional Experience - 6 years
Period - Company - Designation - ABC Pvt. Ltd., Navi
Mumbai ,Maharashtra
Sr. Project Engineer (Business Area - Process Industry)
Job responsibilities
-Responsible for technical content of projects and able
to quantify the work by estimating the man hours
-Prepare the scope document and responsibility matrix
-Lead and manage an engineering team
-Manage the engineering schedule
-Adherence to project scope and budget
-Document and manage the design change control and
technical query process.
-Coordinate engineering site support
-Manage the Package Engineering project activities
-Ensure proper project filing and document control
-Enquiry review and assistance in man hour estimation
Educational Training
-Undergone 1 month vocational training at KRISHAK
-Final year project at B.A.R.C on Design of
automatic inspection system for moderator heat
Professional Achievements
-Successful completion of engineering for the
complete Monolithics preparation plant for Tata
Refractories Plant.
Technical skills
-Microsoft office : Word, excel, power point.
-Microsoft Project Planning
-PDMS review reality
-Knowledge of 2D and 3D drafting in AUTOCAD
-Knowledge of C++
Personal details
Date of birth Address -

Sample Engineer CV 10-11-2012 01:56 AM

Sample Engineer CV
Mobile no. - +91-XXXXXXXXXXX
Email - XXXXXXXXXXX@yahoo.co.in
Career Summary
-Result oriented professional with over 7 years of
experience in Design and Engineering / Engineering
Procurement Operations, with 2 years extensive
exposure in technical sales.
-Excellent skills in mapping business requirements,
translating these requirements into functional
specifications, services & implementations and custom
designing solutions
-Adept in designing special purpose machines from the
concept to commissioning stage, modifying variety of
machines to meet customer requirement
-Hands-on experience across various disciplines of
mechanical engineering such as heat transfer, machine
design, detail engineering (engineering drawings),
fabrication, materials, steel, refractory, hydraulics,
automation, project management, EOT cranes, etc.
-Resourceful in implementing strategies after
reviewing & designing the architecture for
accomplishment of performance milestones
-Possesses the ability to think out of the box and
contribute ideas towards achieving operational
Core Competencies
-Taking independent action, looked into creativity,
gained a thorough knowledge of design practice and
adopting to good engineering concepts, completed
complex engineering assignments
-Observing, identifying and implementing changes to
achieve better efficiency.
-Interacting with client for requirement gathering,
system study & analysis, managing smooth
implementation and testing of the application
-Performing computations and aiding the design
process by permitting the modelling and simulation of
new designs.
-Engineering management, steel industry and reheat

Work Experience
Since Nov09 with ABC Pvt. Ltd. (CCF), Pune as Sr.
Engineer Design & Engineering
Job Accountabilities:
-Basic engineering of reheat furnaces, this involves
formulation of heating curves, thermal balance, design
of combustion system, calculation of time cycle,
hydraulic system sizing etc.
-Providing Inputs to the subordinate/s for the layout
drawing preparation and review/checking of layout
-Providing the technological solution according to the
customer requirement, preparing technical offer for
new furnaces and for modification/upgrade of existing
-Sizing of and technical specification preparation of
bought out items such as fans, hydraulic cylinders,
hydraulic systems, recuperators etc
-Technical offer valuation, certification and/or
approval of drawings and/or specifications, submitted
by venders
-Reviews / approval of drawings and technical
documents submitted by vendor during project
-Inspections and testing of key technological items
such as refractory, fabricated items, pumps, etc
Notable Highlights:
-Instrumental role in securing two new orders within a
span of a year; selection of technical solution,
technical offers preparation and estimation of a
reheating furnace for which CCF received orders
-Prepared technical offers for a new product, for centro
combustion, roller hearth furnace for heat treatment of
-Successfully developed methodology and tools for
quick estimation of refractory, combustion system pipe
sizes and weight
-Established new vendor contacts to support bidding
process and to procure special items
-Provided support to HR department in recruitment.
-New initiatives like starting library and storing
catalogues and technical data on server.

Dec08-Aug09 with ABC Pvt. Ltd., Pune as Sr.

Engineer (Design) Process Cranes
Job Accountabilities:
-Designing and engineering of process (customized)
-Preparation of general arrangement drawing, which
includes basic crane design from static calculations,
wheel and drive selection for long travel and cross
travel, winch selection from winch Designer.
-Designing and manufacturing drawings preparation,
detail engineering, of crane and cranes components
like girder, end carriage, hoist, etc.
-Technical offer valuation, certification and/or
approval of drawings and/or specifications, submitted
by venders
-Interfaced with:
-SAP system to update BOM and technical
requirement on network.
-Electrical, manufacturing, purchase, erection and
commissioning team
Notable Highlights:
-Completed design and engineering of 3no of EOT
cranes for Tata & ABB
-Developed new vendor for lubrication system
IT Skills
Basics : Microsoft Windows / Office
Design : AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical,
Pro/Engineer W4.0 & Inventor 11
Programming Languages: C; C++
Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
from College of Engineering Pune, University of Pune
in 2005
Electives: Internal Combustion Engines & Tribology
Personal Details
Date of Birth
Languages Known
Sample Engineer CV 10-11-2012 01:55 AM
Sample engineer cv

Amit Kapoor
Email - XXXXXXXXX@yahoo.com
Mobile no. - XXXXXXXXXXX
Summary of qualification
-14 years experience in software development.
-Worked on Systems Engineering for Touch and
Haptic sub systems on Phones and Tablets. Worked
with hardware engineering teams in designing Touch
and Haptic Sub Systems.
-Have performed comparative analysis on Touch
Controllers and worked with various vendors in R&D
-Worked on Touch Driver, Touch Controller bring-up,
power management and issue troubleshooting on
Windows HLOS running on Snapdragon 8960(Phone,
Tablet), 8064(Tablet), 8930(Phone).
-Have developed Robot based lab automation for
performance analysis, tuning and calibration on touch
-Worked on GOBI1000 ( MDM1000 ), GOBI2000
( MDM2000 ), GOBI3000 ( MDM6600 ),
GobiAnywhere ( MDM9600 ) Qualcomm products.
-Implemented new carrier/notebook OEM features on
GOBI product line mainly involving ATCOP, QMI
interfaces under CDMA, UMTS, LTE modes.
-Performed Analysis and developed fix on issues in
ATCOP, QMI, SMS, UIM, Data Services, GPS, PBM
for GOBI product line.
-Developed micro-controller firmware(Incl. RF
drivers), boot loader for Wideband RF Receiver and
digital boards.
-Developed embedded driver software for RS232,
RS422, NF Bus (NetworkFab proprietary), RF Driver
for Frequency tuning, scanning and sweeping
-Developed signal processing software and
digital/analog component control software for RF
Jammers and Wideband RF signal surveillance
-Experience in understanding schematics, board bring
up, soldering and hardware troubleshooting using
oscilloscope, signal generators, frequency counters,
spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers.
-Developed Software Sub-Systems to control and
program various hardware modules through GPIB,
RS232, RS422 and Ethernet to automate RF System

calibration and testing.

------------------------------Work experience
Sept-2008 TIll Date ABC Inc
To Design, Develop and Support Touch Interface
related solutions. Prior to the CoreBSP position,
worked on GOBI firmware team, to develop
carrier/OEM related requirements on MDM 1000,
2000, 6600 data modems.
-Performed Systems Engineering role on IO Devices
team. Performed comparative analysis on touch
controllers and participated in vendor selection process
for Snapdragon based platforms.
-Worked with Vendors on R&D projects involving
Snapdragon platform.
-Worked with Hardware team to design Touch sub
system on Snapdragon platform.
-Worked on Touch driver design, development, bringup and Issue troubleshooting on 8960, 8930, 8064
Snapdragon based platforms. Developed windows 8
kernel driver for hardware notification.
-Designed and developed new ATCOP requirements
for China Telecom, SPRINT, ATT, Verizon, DoCoMo,
Tmobile in GOBI2k and GOBI3k.
-Implemented the following new requirements.
--Implementation of UMTS SMS command set in
CDMA and unicode support to SMS for China
--Implementation of GPS ATCOP requirements for
--EONS, Unicode and double-name support for
+COPS command.
--Implementation of +CFUN in CDMA
--MIP error code support on QMI and ATCOP.
-Analysis on GobiAnywhere issues seen on 9k LTE
modem testing.

C, Perl, Trace32 JTAG, Perforce, QXDM, QRCT,

Feb-2003 Sept-2008 ABC ltd.
Responsibility Sr. Software Engineer (RF Systems)
To design, develop and test RF system software,
embedded software, networking system software,
graphical user interface. Performed System
Engineering and interfaced with Customers and
Technology vendors.
-Designed and developed RF system software and user
interface software for Wideband Direction Finding
(DF) signal collection system.
--Implemented core algorithms to process signals of
interests through alarms and frequency lists.
--Implemented data-acquisition and streaming of FFTs
(FPGA) /IQ (gray chip) data packets to remote clients
over TCP/IP.
--Developed Firmware for digital board that controls
the wideband RF tuner.
--Developed Calibration System Software that
communicated with Signal Generators, Power meters,
Positioners, RF Receivers, DF Systems, Relay Devices
over GPIB, Serial and Ethernet interfaces.
-Designed and Developed Data Acquisition System
Software to collect information on the RF environment
by integrating with VME SI8916 RF Receivers,
Direction Finding System, GPS receiver.
-Designed and Developed RF system software and
user interface software for RF signal jamming systems.
--Developed ATMega32 8-bit MCU firmware for the
digital board that controls the Wideband RF Tuner.
--Performed Systems Engineering, Troubleshooting,
Performance Measurements.
-Developed ATMega32 8-bit MCU firmware for
Remote PTT switch controller devices.
-Developed ATMega32 8-bit MCU firmware for
Digital board with support for third-party add-on
boards. Implemented NMEA protocol for
communicating with the device.
-Designed and developed system software and user
Interface software for Narrowband RF Direction
Finding Systems, GPS, compass and other signal

acquisition devices.
-Developed Controller/Bridge Software for SI8616
VME RF Receivers.
--Developed CGI interface to access the controller
over Boa embedded web server.
-Developed Control GUI to interact with
--Matrix Systems 11600 Antenna/Receiver switch.
--V/UHF, Microwave RF Receivers, Transmitters.
Personal details
Date of birth Address Sample engineer cv 10-11-2012 01:54 AM
CV for Electronics and communication

CV for Electronics and communication


Deepak Sinha
Email: deepak-sinha@gmail.com
Contact no. : 98334XXXXXX
Location: Delhi


To congregate my technical skills and develop

strategic approach within an organization that can offer
me a challenging opportunity to excel in a given task
through hardwork and dedication.

Educational Qualifications

-B.Tech from ________

-Diploma from ________
-Tenth from ________

Skill set

Languages - C, C++.
Core subject - Switching and Logic circuits,
Operating system - Windows xp, Windows-7

Key Projects Handled


Role - Team Leader
Team Size - 4
Environment - C, Microcontroller.


This project is designed for collision avoidance system

for automobiles using CAN protocol. Using CAN
protocol we can send data from one node to other
node. Here we are having two nodes each node
TRANSRECEVER). In first node we are interfacing
GP2D12 to find the object, in second node contains
DC motor. Initially motor is rotating with maximum
speed. If any object is found in front of GP2D12 in
node1 motor will stop in node2 by using CAN
protocol. For this we have to develop two different
application programs in embedded C.


-Participated in Robotic Wares on AUTONOMOUS

held at our college.
-As an event organiser in ELOQUENCE 10 for
conducting treasure hunt.
-Presented seminar on Fuzzy Based PID Controller
at DRDO.

Personal Skills

-Good presentation skills.

-Able to grasp new ideas, concepts and methods.
-Very flexible and adaptable.
-Ready to work at any place in any given environment
depending on need.

Personal Dossier

Marital Status
Languages Known
Date of Birth

Sample engineer CV 07-24-2012 10:08 AM

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