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The protection of plant is one of the most
important factors in the area of horticultural and
agricultural technology this is because it follow the
standard for MyGap(Malaysian Good Agricultural Pratices)
for better quality agricultural and horticultural product.
Crop protection has a very important role in maintaining
the quality, quantity, and continuity of agricultural
products. In addition, there are several other key roles
including the following:
Encourage increased quantity and quality of
Crop protection will overcome pest problems, such as
such as pests snorer lime leaves (Philocnitis citrella),
banana leaf rollers (Erionata trax) and so can be
controlled damage and yield loss as a result of the pest
attack. So with its control pests that damage the crop,
the quantity of agricultural products will increase. In
addition, the symptoms of plant diseases due to
pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses, can also
reduce the quality of agricultural products. This is
because fruits and vegetables are exposed to pathogens
so that it becomes rotten and quality is declining as a
result of consumers do not want to buy. For example the
symptoms of smallpox leaf tea (Exobasidium vexan) will

in general will maintain productivity. Maintain agricultural productivity at high level Plant protection activities by controlling the pest. Because of the intensity of pests and diseases can be reduced so that the quantity of production can be increased.reduce the productivity of the tea leaves and the quality of the product decreases. By estimating the pest attack will make effective use of pesticides so that the production costs will be reduced. If pests can be controlled then the focus and concentration on cultivation of the plant will . Reduce production costs and improve production efficiency it can create more competitive prices Control of pests and pathogens in agricultural commodities can reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. the success of agricultural commodities can be guaranteed success. Improve continuity of products and to ensuring the success of planting With the planting of crop protection. symptoms of late blight of potato (Phytopthora infentans) and so on. This is due to pests and diseases that attack the seed can be reduced and controlled so that the seeds will germinate and consequently the plants will grow well.

increase production so that quantity and quality can be estimated. .Building protection system for plant can increasing yield of better quality and indirectly the agriculture product that follows the standards for Mygap(malaysian agricultural pratices)will be exported to other countries and be able to compete in the domestic market. In conclusion.

The high productivity of Malaysian agriculture is complemented by producers ability to quickly bring their perishable and high value goods to market with a follow the standard procedure for MyGap(Malaysian good Agricultural practices) and Mygap logo on the product label can convince consumers of the safety of the product.move their commodities over large distance and access the globalmarket. .ROAD CONSTRUCTION FOR MASSIVE PRODUCTION FARMS Transportation systems are a particularlarly important form of infrastructure to agriculture because of the role they play in the distribution network.Better transportation infrastructure allows produces to more efficiently obtain inputs.

Figure 1:Example of a MYGAP logo in some of agricultural produk. THE USE OF MACHINERY IN AGRICULTURE Farming and agriculture have always been side by side man since recorded history. In earlier centuries. there is now an entirely different picture. Agriculture has helped civilizations thrive and grow in each of their times. Without agriculture. Harvest then was smaller and harder to yield. wheat and corn. men tilled their farms with primitive tools made of wood and stone. In our modern times however. Our modern farmers in the agriculture industry now sit in comfortable and air conditioned cabs of sophisticated machines that harvest hundreds of acres of oats. Modern . I doubt that the world we live in today will be the way it is.

Now with farm machinery. Farm machineries also help farmers and other large scale farm companies to save on capital and labor. There are many tractor loans provided in this market to foster its growth and long term viability.farm machinery and equipment have now become so indispensable that farming won’t be the same without them. plant. This is why it is very important that you always maintain your farm equipment regularly so they’ll be . When farmers make use of a tractor and plow. This has an environmental impact and contributes to the depletion of fossil fuels on our planet. With farm machinery to help farmers. One of the most significant contributions of farm machinery is time. and feed crops. Instead of spending huge sums of money monthly to pay workers. more work can be done in just a fraction of the time that it took before. disks. and more. Modern farmers use their money to purchase and maintain farm equipment and even expand their operations. farm machinery can be any equipment that help farmers till. farm machineries can do the same work that workers can do faster and easier. cultivate. harvest. To be clear. They can be tractors. One drawback however of farm machineries is that they require diesel fuel to operate. it will only take him a couple of hours to cultivate an entire field that would take him a whole day if he used a horse-pulled plow. wagons. farming time is significantly decreased. plowers. planters. These farm machineries play their own important roles in a variety of ways.

fuel efficient. In such cases. It’s a good thing there are bad credit lending specialists that make applying and getting approved for a farm tractor loan easier and faster. There are many however that do not have or lack to funds to complete their needed machineries. The problem of farmers however is that they have not enough credit or no credit at all to get approved for a loan. There are farmers that have just come to the point that they want to expand and make use of farm equipments and machineries.Malaysian government have given subsidies to low class farmers to own farm equipment and machineries to increase agricultural output for their countries. Farmers can apply for a truck loan or perhaps a small business loan to help them fund their expansion plans to equip their farms with machineries. . They can go to banks to apply for this loan. they can take advantage of farm tractor loans from different and reputable lending institutions.