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International Journal of Mechanical and Production

Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD)

ISSN (P): 2249-6890; ISSN (E): 2249-8001
Vol. 6, Issue 5, Oct 2016, 11-16
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Pillai Hoc College of Engineering and Technology, University of Mumbai, India
This project aims to research about the different kind of machinery available for the farmer and to make a
machinery which is affordable for every farmer,through this machinery it is aim to increase the productivity ,increase
yield and to reduce the fatigue to the farmer.
KEYWORDS: Farmer, Machinery, Increase Productivity, Reduce Fatigue

Received: Aug 10, 2016; Accepted: Aug 29, 2016; Published: Sep 02, 2016; Paper Id.: IJMPERDOCT20162

In the current scenario farmers are facing various problems like low rainfall, draught, and high cost of

eventually take out some burden from the farmers. As of now farmers are using three different tools for spraying,
dusting and cutting. Farmers have to carry the sprayer on back and it has its limitation due to its weight. Farmers
cant carry the sprayer for long time, so this reduces the efficiency and adds on fatigue and as of duster operation is
concerned a metal basin is used to carry the powder and then dusted by hands, and for cutting of weed a separate
cutter is used, which results in exhaustive human effort and work. Combine these three tasks and you have major

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equipments. While the low rainfall is not in our hand, something can be done to reduce the cost which will

workload which a farmer faces before harvesting season.

Problem Faced
As of now farmers are using three different tools for Spraying, Dusting and cutting. Farmers have to carry
the Sprayer on back, and it have its limitation due to its weight. Farmers cant carry the sprayer for long time, so this
reduces the efficiency and adds on fatigue and as of Duster it too have to carry by Hand which will too have its
limitation. Moreover,the cost will be too high for three different tools and will also require more manpower to
do this three operations.
Solution Approach
After conducting an exhaustive market survey for various types of available farming equipment used for
the purpose, it was evident that complete overhaul on approach of using these equipment is required. Focus of this
paper is to provide generalized idea of a platform to house the equipments which will be easy to use and economical
also. The proposed system will combine three tools sprayer, duster and cutter on a single platform which can be
easily moved. So farmers dont have to carry the sprayer on the back, which will reduce their burden on back and
they can spend more time on farm which will eventually increase the productivity. Similarly the system contains
duster and sprayer. It is all battery operated, solar panel is provided so that the battery get charged. The advantage of
putting all three tools on one platform is it will be compact and all three tools are available at the same time.




Akhilkumar Ajaykumar Mamparambath

This will reduce the use of man power as one man can do all the operations with it. This system will increase the efficiency
as farmer in earlier case has to carry the sprayer and duster
duster which they cant hold for prolonged period of time. and not as
an independent document. Please do not revise any of the current designations.


The design consist of the portable machine (ref figure.1),
which consist of all three tool duster, sprayer and cutter.
Duster contain blower which will blow the solid pesticides up on providing the electricity. Sprayer contains pump which
will be connected to motor, it will spray pesticides on providing the electricity. For making this
thi project as eco-friendly as
possible, it has provide with the solar panel to charge the battery. If solar energy is not sufficient tocharge the battery it
i can
also charge the battery by directly plugging into electric socket.

Figure 1: Generalized Layout

Sprayer System
A control button is used to set the desired direction of nozzle. Nozzle is connected to system pump which pumps

the pesticide via nozzle. Nozzle is connected to a precision motor which manipulates the position of nozzle. Another control
button is added to start and stop the system pump which in turn controls the flow of pesticides to nozzle.

Figure 2: Sprayer System Flow Diagram

Duster System
Duster system uses a jar or box like structure separated internally by a cutter. Cutter is used
use to crush and mill the

solid pesticide to fine powder form so that due to atomized particle size, higher coverage of pesticides can be achieved.
A control button will start the cutter and the powder will then sent to blower via an orifice eventually
getting the dusting
operation done via discharge pipe.
Impact Factor (JCC): 5.7294

NAAS Rating: 2.45

Concept and Design of Agricultural 3 in

n 1 Mechanical System


Figure 3: Duster System Flow Diagram

Cutting System
Weed growth in cultivated farmlands posses serious threat to crop yield as weed compete with cultivated crops for

nutrients keeping crops malnourished. Though this can be controlled by tillage of all kind, various herbicides and moving,
still sometime they just grow over farmlands. Making it inevitable to cut them manually and this can be facilitated by this
attachment. It is rather a simple mechanism where a high speed motor rotates the cutter and controlled by a button.

Figure 4: Cutter System Flow Diagram

Housing Frame
Housing frame is being designed considering anthropometric data for average Indian male. All the dimensions are

in mm.

Figure 5: General Layout of Trolley

e (eccentricity) = 520 mm, t (thick ness of weld)= 4 mm,
P (applied force) = 500N, l1= l3 = 25 mm, l2 = 33 mm
i. Direct shear stress, 1 = 6.02 N/mm



Akhilkumar Ajaykumar Mamparambath

ii. Secondary shear stress,

X =7.530mm Y =14.09mm r = (l1-x)2+(y)2
Hence, r= 22.44 mm cosine =0.778
2= P e r Ip
2= 98.23 N/mm2
3] Resultant shear stress,
r = s12+ s22+2s1s2cos
r = 98.86 N/mm2
Now, 98.86 < 185
Here, resultant shear stress is less than the maximum shear stress. Hence the design of the frame is safe.


As this system is semi-operated and have all the tools on a single platform, and perform the operation on a
command of a single button, soi s basically very use to operate.

As the nozzle of the sprayer is connected to the motor and the motor has given the two way connection, so that it
can rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, it has the freedom to set the nozzle of the sprayer in a desired

As it using a solar power to charge the battery it is non-pollutant


Solar energy will be less in rainy season, so at that time battery has to be charged by plugging in to electricity, this
will increase the cost for electricity.

As the machine work only on battery it require battery every time machine is using

If the battery fails then machine will work only if strong solar panel is used

Agriculture Three in one Mechanism System is best suited for farmers for performing spraying, dusting and
cutting operation simultaneously. This is the need of time that farmers should use such semi-automatic machines for
farming for the sake of reducing efforts as well as time.

Authors are greatful to the staff and guide for providing the support throughtout the project.

Impact Factor (JCC): 5.7294

NAAS Rating: 2.45

Concept and Design of Agricultural 3 in 1 Mechanical System



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