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For Immediate Release: June 16, 2010


Legislation Would Lift New Yorks Ban of Violent Ultimate Fighting Events
Misguided Senate Democrats Advance Bill Instead of Addressing 10 Week Late State Budget

New York State Senator Frank Padavan (Queens) expressed his strong opposition and voted against legislation
(S.2165-B) that would lift the current ban of mixed martial arts or ultimate fighting in New York and allow for the
barbaric events to take place throughout the state. The legislation received significant opposition and just passed with the
minimum amount of votes necessary in the State Senate.

Call it what you want-mixed martial arts or ultimate fighting- this is not a sport; plain and simple its barbaric,
Padavan said. The purpose of these so-called bouts are to render your opponent to a point of incapacitation and
unconscious. Even when an individual is down on the ground during one of these bouts, a fighter can continue to inflict
crushing punches and kicks to the head, neck and just about anywhere on the incapacitated fighters body. This is reckless
legislation that sends a wrong message that accepts and even glorifies violence.

With a budget that is now 10 weeks late and with no resolution in sight, to advance this misguided piece of
legislation just shows how misplaced the priorities of the Senate Democratic Conference are, Padavan said. The sponsor
of this legislation falsely contends that the state could see revenue upwards of $5 million, but neglects to mention any
potential revenue to New York will come at the expense of increased social costs that come with exposing our children to
the unbridled violence associated with ultimate fighting. The social cost is just too much to bear for New York.

Our time would be better spent in conference committees or in session addressing the state budget instead of
spending an hour debating this legislation. Make no mistake there is absolutely no real economic benefit from allowing
ultimate fighting events to take place in venues in our state, Padavan said.

The New York State Catholic Conference has expressed their opposition. A letter of opposition to state
lawmakers from Richard Barnes, New York State Catholic Conference Executive Director, stated: I urge the members of
both House to view a bout on cable TV or the internet, because I do not believe this human dog fighting can survive the
light of day. It cannot be worth whatever dollar value its promoters are pitching to us. Please dont show our children that
the well-being of the men and women caught up in this violent degradation are worth less than the animals such as
Buster that our laws have been so diligently designed to protect.

For floor comments from Senator Padavan during the debate on this legislation please visit the following link: