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There are two major parties in the USA Republican and Democrat. There are also smallest parties, but down through the
years the President has always represented one or the other of the two major parties.
Every four year there is a national election for President. First the person has to become the candidate of his own party. Then
each major party hods a convention to choose its candidate. It is a large and noisy party televised to all the country.
Everybody can hear the speeches and share the excitement. Delegates to the conventions are chosen in a variety of ways by
the state committes or primary elections. They are usually people with some political experience. The delegates vote for their districts
and states. After a number of rounds of voting, a candidate is nominated.
After the nomination comes the campaign itself. By this time there are committes working in support of the candidates who
have been nominated.
There are people who contribute to the cost of the campaign. And there are volunteers working in small districts, in counties,
cities, and states. Before a national election is concluded, thousands upon thousands of Americans have been working to persuade
people to vote for a particular candidate.
Opinion polls keep constant track of how the voters feel. Many thousands of voters feel intimately concerned and involved.
Actually, voters do not vote directly for President. They vote for electors who, in turn, will vote for President. The number of electors
from each state is based on its population. Thus a candidate receives votes of the Electoral College and the popular vote.
It may be confusing, but in any case it is all competitive. Everyone runs against someone. And it is part of the pattern that
keeps Americans involved in their government.
1 Quantos principais partidos existem nos EUA?
a) two.
b) three.
c) four.
d) five.

a) Aps a diviso dos comits.

b) Aps as pesquisas de urna.
c) Aps a escolha do Presidente.
d) Aps a nomeao dos delegados.

2 Com que frequncia ocorre as eleies nos EUA?

a) de 2 em 2 anos.
b) de 3 em 3 anos.
c) de 4 em 4 anos.
d) de 5 em 5 anos.

7 Como ocorrem as eleies para presidente nos EUA?

a) escolhido um representante de cada estado.
b) As pessoas votam nos delegados.
c) As pessoas votam diretamente para presidente.
d) As pessoas votam em eleitores que, por sua vez, votaro
para presidente.

3 Como os delegados para as convenes so escolhidos?

a) Atravs de comits federais.
b) Atravs de comits estaduais ou eleies primrias.
c) Atravs de eleies secundrias.
d) Atravs do voto direto.

8 Como baseado o nmero de eleitores por estado?

a) Atravs dos delegados.
b) Atravs da populao.
c) Atravs do presidente.
d) Atravs dos representantes dos comits.

4 O que os delegados fazem nas eleies?

a) Votam nulo.
b) Votam neles mesmos para presidente.
c) Votam por seus distritos e estados.
d) Votam para presidente.

9 Quem trabalha nas eleies?

a) Apenas os representantes dos comits.
b) Apenas os delegados.
c) Milhares de americanos: pessoas pr-estabelecidas e
d) Apenas o colgio eleitoral.

5 Quem so os delegados?
a) So geralmente pessoas com alguma experincia poltica.
b) So geralmente pessoas com alguma experincia
c) So geralmente pessoas com alguma experincia
d) So geralmente pessoas com nenhuma experincia poltica.
6 Quando comea a campanha propriamente dita para
eleio do Presidente?

10 Como escolhido o Presidente dos EUA?

a) Quem recebe o maior nmero de votos do Colgio Eleitoral
e da populao.
b) Quem recebe o maior nmero de votos populares.
c) Quem recebe o maior nmero de votos do Colgio
d) Quem recebe o maior nmero de votos dos delegados.

Love of my life
Love of my life
Youve hurt me
Youve broken my heart
And now you leave me
Love of my life
Cant you see?
Bring it back, bring it back
Dont take it away from me
Cause you dont know
What it means to me
Love of my life

Dont leave me
Youve stolen my love
You now desert me
Love of my life
Cant you see?
Bring it back, bring it back
Dont take it away from me
Cause you dont know
What it means to me
You will remember
When this is blown over
And everythings all by the way
When I grow older

1 A temtica da msica nos mostra que houve:

a) uma separao.
b) uma reconciliao.
c) uma troca de juras de amor.
d) uma anlise terica do amor.
2 De acordo com a anlise da msica, julgue os itens
C (certo) ou E (errado) e em seguida marque a alternativa com
a sequncia correta.
1 Mesmo depois de todas as decepes o amor ainda continua.
2 O ser amado em questo pede para que traga de volta o amor
que foi roubado.
3 O ser amado foi abandonado pelo grande amor de sua vida.
4 O ser amado faz um apelo ao usar a expresso Dont take it
away from me

I will be there at your side

To remind you
How I still love you
I still love you
Hurry back, hurry back
Dont take it away from me
Because you dont know
What it means to me
Love of my life...
(by Freddie Mercury)

3 Usando o Genitive Case na frase Love of my life

a) Loves life.
b) Loves my life.
c) My lifes love.
d) Mys life love.
4 Analisando a palavra em destaque da frase Love of MY
life, qual a classe gramatical dessa palavra?
a) Pronome Possessivo.
b) Adjetivo Possessivo.
c) Substantivo.
d) Adjetivo.

Moon Craters
The moon has attracted mans attention since the beginning of civilization. Ancient Greeks discovered the influence of the
moon upon the tides. Poets have looked at the moon with romantic eyes. Space scientists have not only studied it with their
telescopes, but have also sent astronauts there. Nobody however, has found out all the answers to the mysteries of the moon. The
origin of moon craters, for example, is still obscure.
According to one theory, thousands of meteors have crashed against the surface of the moon. The impact of these crashes has
formed the craters. They are pits and depressions on the lunar Editora Exato 26 surface. They have many sizes and forms. Some
scientists have tried to prove this theory with plaster. They have drooped objects into wet plaster, trying to reproduce the formation of
craters. Unfortunately, they have not been successful.
According to other theories, the craters have appeared because of eruptions either of gas or lava.
English physicist Robert Hook said, The craters are the solidified residues of enormous bubbles.
This dispute has not ended yet. It has been very difficult to prove these theories. Scientists have already progressed a lot, but
poets can be glad the moon is still a romantic mystery to man.
1 Julgue C (certo) ou E (errado) as afirmaes abaixo de
acordo com o texto:
1 The moon appeared because of eruptions of gas and lava.
2 Astronauts went to the moon.
3 The moon influences the tides.
4 Space scientists consider the moon a romantic mystery.
5 Robert Hook agrees about the meteoric impact theory.

d) studied the poets.

2 A long time ago the Greeks:

a) attracted the moon.
b) attracted mans attention.
c) studied the moon.

4 Scientists have dropped objects into wet plaster

a) prove the formation of craters.
b) prove the size and form of the craters.

3 For the poets the moon:

a) is the solidified residue of bubbles.
b) is not a scientific mystery.
c) is an obscure crater.
d) is gas and lava.

c) prove the origin of the meteors.

d) prove that the poets are right.
5 The surface of the moon:
a) has wet plaster.
b) has crashed against enormous bubbles.
c) has no depression.
d) has suffered the impact of meteors.