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Philosophy of Teaching

My philosophy of teaching stems from my beliefs that learning needs to be student

focused, and students are provided with an opportunity for continual learning and growth. I
believe that education is unique to every student and teacher. The purpose of education is to
expand the minds and enhance the knowledge base of every student. My classroom will be
continuously evolving with new knowledge that I will provide my students. My goal is to create
a safe, engaging, respectful, and didactic learning environment. As a nurse educator, I must
assist students in identifying their own unique learning styles and utilize teaching methods that
promote student learning. I hope to challenge my students to think in new, creative ways. I feel
it is important to provide a solid knowledge foundation and assist students in developing deep,
critical thinking skills.
In order for the nurse educator to be successful, he/she must be continuously open to new
ideas, new knowledge, and continue their own education. As a nurse educator, one must be
committed to lifelong learning. It is necessary to maintain proficiency in the latest trends and
evidence based practices as the healthcare system continues to rapidly advance in both science
and technology. The educator plays many roles such as a facilitator, counselor, information
provider, an assessor of learning needs and preferences, and a role model. The educator provides
guidance to students and provides tools that will help the students be successful.
I feel that the role and expectations of students are also important to discuss in my
philosophy of nursing. Students must be engaged in subject matter and strive to do the best of
their ability. It is important for students to challenge their minds and think outside of the box.
Engaging with the teacher and other students is also important, as it helps students create a more

effective learning environment for themselves; students need to be equal partners in the learning
I chose the career path of a nurse educator, because I feel that I can touch the lives of
many students and help them reach their goals they have set out to achieve. Tosteson (1979)
stated, "We must acknowledge again the most important, indeed, the only, thing we have to offer
our students is ourselves. Everything else they can read in a book or discover independently,
usually with a better understanding than our efforts can convey." I feel that I can teach students
the skills to develop, refine, and further advance their nursing practice. It is my goal that by
sharing my talents and experiences, I will make a difference in the lives of other nurses and the
lives of their patients and families.

Tosteson, D.C. (1979). Learning in medicine. New England Journal of Medicine, 301(13), 690694.